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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Bujold, Lois McMaster. Captain Vorpatril's alliance / Lois McMaster Bujold. p. cm. — (Vorkosigan saga). Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (eARC). Read more · Captain Vorpatril's Alliance ( eARC) · Read more · Alliance. Read more · Alliance · Read more · Alliance. [KINDLE] Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (Vorkosigan Saga, Book 15) by Lois McMaster Bujold. Book file. PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can.

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Captain Vorpatrils Alliance Pdf

Fiametta Beneforte dreamed of making beautiful and enchanted "objets d'art, " but alas her magician-goldsmith father was more likely to have her scrub the kiln . Captain Vorpatril's Alliance Captain Vorpatril s Alliance Wikipedia Captain Vorpatril s Alliance by. Lois McMaster Bujold Captain Vorpatril s Alliance builds on. Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (Vorkosigan Saga) [Lois McMaster Bujold] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER.

Last download: 10 days ago Read full description of the books A new installment in the New York Times best-selling, award-winning Vorkosigan science fiction adventure series! Captain Ivan Vorpatril sometimes thinks that if not for his family, he might have no troubles at all. But he has the dubious fortune of the hyperactive Miles Vorkosigan as a cousin, which has too-often led to his getting dragged into one of Miles' schemes, with risk to life and limb - and military career - that Ivan doesn't consider entirely fair. Fortunately, his current duty is on the planet Komarr as staff officer to Admiral Desplains, far from both his cousin and his mother back on their homeworld of Barrayar. It's an easy assignment and nobody is shooting at him. What could go wrong? Plenty, it turns out, when Byerly Vorrutyer, an undercover agent for Imperial Security, shows up on his doorstep and asks him to make the acquaintance of a young woman, recently arrived on Komarr, who seems to be in danger. It is but a short step down the road of good intentions to the tangle of Ivan's life, in trouble with the Komarran authorities, with his superiors, and with the lethal figures hunting the mysterious but lovely Tej! Posted: ,

Tej's grandmother, a former Cetagandan haut lady, knows of an underground bunker forgotten since the Cetagandan invasion of Barrayar had been defeated a century before. It is filled with looted treasure, but they discover that Imperial Security's headquarters have inadvertently been built just across the street from where the bunker is buried.

They use a genetically modified fungus to dig their way into the bunker without noise or electronic signals that would alert Imperial Security. Right when they're ready to vacate the bunker, Ivan figures out the scheme and confronts Tej, who manages to secure his help. The scheme falls apart when the smuggler the baron had hired to transport the treasure trove proves to be more interested in the bounty on the family, and in the confrontation a buried bomb explodes, trapping them all in the bunker.

While the bunker is flooding, Ivan and Tej confess their mutual feelings for each other and resolve to stay together.

Captain Vorpatril's Alliance by Lois McMaster Bujold

The Imperial forces rescue them and secure the bunker and its contents, but the foundations of ImpSec HQ are so compromised that the building sinks several levels below ground. Emperor Gregor negotiates a deal with Baron Cordonah: in exchange for one tenth of the bunker's contents and a ship to return to Jackson's whole, House Cordonah becomes a covert ally of Barrayar, offering Barrayaran agents safe haven in Jackson's Whole.

To avoid the scandal of the attempted theft, Byerly is exiled to Jackson's Whole with the Cordonahs, while Ivan is assigned as a diplomatic aide to planet Ylla. And Ivan proves that he is not without a share of the family ability to produce insane-plans-that-turn-out-brilliant-in-the-long-run: when placed into a situation that, on a smaller scale, greatly resembles some of Miles's, he panics, and then produces a workable, spur of the moment solution.

What turns this on its head a bit, however, is the fact that there is, overall, a notable lack of angst. To be sure, Ivan is faced with a little bit when he realizes that, despite years of avoiding it, he quite likes being married, and to his wife in particular, and he ends up with a bit of worry over whether or not he can convince her to stay put.

She has some of the same angst, and like previous Vorkosigan saga heroines who are not Cordelia, she has Relatives, and they are a Pain. Loveable, but a Pain.

Insofar as suspense goes, there really isn't much in the book. Because it's set a good six years before Cryoburn, we all know that Ivan gets out of any serious danger.

Captain Vorpatril`s Alliance

I'm racking my brain though--I've only read Cryoburn once so far--and I don't recall there being any hints in there about the events of this book. But as it's about Miles, and as it's six years down the road, well It's not as though the Vorkosigan books were written in order, after all.

And, considering the light, fluffy fare of Alliance here, it's really a very good thing that it's not set after Cryoburn, as one would expect any follow-up to THAT one to deal with the bombshell dropped at its end.

It's fairly clear, too, that things will work out for Ivan, despite his romantic frustration as we last saw it in A Civil Campaign.

Captain Vorpatril's Alliance

Like his uncle, he had better luck in marrying a galactic--and unlike Miles, he had no trouble convincing her to stay on Barrayar. Some reviews I have seen found Tej to be a bit mild and boring and unworthy of Ivan. I have to disagree, at least on the boring and unworthy-of-Ivan part.

Granted, compared to most of the sites that Miles tended to hook up with--and even bearing in mind her quiet nature, Ekaterin is still a warrior woman, albeit of the Vor type--Tej is a bit "dull. Ivan likes order, and stability, and organization, remember? I think many of us and I admit to falling for it myself from time to time often forget that Ivan is not, in fact, an adrenaline junkie like Miles. To be sure, he popped up in many of Miles's insane adventures, particularly early in their careers, and he pulled through more than adequately.

Ivan likes order, and stability, and organization, remember? I think many of us and I admit to falling for it myself from time to time often forget that Ivan is not, in fact, an adrenaline junkie like Miles. To be sure, he popped up in many of Miles's insane adventures, particularly early in their careers, and he pulled through more than adequately. And no one can fault his brilliant method of dealing with depressed Miles in Memory, when Ivan hauled Duv Galeni an extremely dubious and half-terrified Galeni in to shock Miles out of his funk.

But Ivan has never, over the course of the books, stopped voicing his dislike of being dragged into Miles's messes. He still, more than a decade after the events of Brothers in Arms, loathes dark enclosed wet spaces and it isn't claustrophobia, dammit!

It's a perfectly reasonable fear! He still clings happily to his job as a "secretary" albeit at this point its for the head of Barrayaran Military Ops, arguably one of the single most important positions in the empire and does his damndest to avoid promotion which brings with it jobs that do not entail organization and flowcharts.

It makes sense, therefore, that Ivan would fall in love with a woman who comes from an extremely colorful family of overachievers but who herself would really like to be left alone to pursue quiet, calmer interests. In other words, Ivan's love affair is NOT a case of "opposites attract" which I always find a bit unbelievable but rather a case of "Oh, hey, we share definitely compatible views on life and life-goals.

It is, really, a pretty calm and realistic story of two people falling in love. Byerly Vorrutyer being snarky! There are also Jacksonians, bounty hunters mostly, as Ivan calls them, "bargain ninjas" who suck at their jobs , a pretty exciting treasure hunt and, in what is perhaps a disaster that might just top Miles's Epic Failed Dinner Party, the hilarious Sinking of the ImpSec HQ building.

Download Captain vorpatril's alliance epub free

More excitement than Ivan likes, but nothing approaching Miles Vorkosigan-levels of excitement--fortunately for Ivan's state of mind. Overall, it's a farce much like Civil Campaign: no empire-threatening plots, and no real casualties other than people's pride or expectations. Simon Illyan's pride being one of the most notable--the man finally gets bored enough to screw up, and Gregor is forced to quietly suggest to Lady Alys that she take him on a long vacation.

Off planet.


What I loved best about this book was the fact that, at long last, we get to meet the "real" Ivan Vorpatril. And no, he is not a superhero commando.

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