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site, Apple, Facebook, and Google are four of the most influential companies on the planet. “This is that rare book that not only informs, but entertains. The first story of the collection, Free Four: Tobias Tells the Divergent Knife- Throwing Scene, was released as an e-book on April 23, The second story, The. The Four: The Hidden DNA of site, Apple, Facebook, and Google (Random In the end, while the book admires what each of the Four has accomplished.

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Four Book

osakeya.info: Four: A Divergent Collection (Divergent Series Story) ( ): Veronica Roth: Books. The Four book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER USA TODAY BESTSELLER site, Apple. Four book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Two years before Beatrice Prior made her choice, the sixteen-year-old son.

One for all, all for one. I added the Four to my team to select my cabinet when elected Governor of the State of Washington. The Gang of Four's internationalist perspective was reflected in their everyday work - opposing apartheid in Africa, fighting against the Marcos regime in the Philippines, ending the repression against the US based anti-Marcos movement and supporting the Sandinistas in Nicaragua - they were there making their voices heard! They believed in creating and sustain an environment where all people should not be denied an opportunity to reach their dreams and potentials. They took risks to make a difference, to change our world knowing that only by having our voices heard could we be agents of change. With their strength and integrity they make our communities a better place, I am so proud they came into my life and the lives of so many. The book will leave a lasting legacy for the many hundreds of students mentored by these four civil rights leaders. With even more enlightened students and activists to follow. When they worked as a coalition in pursuit of human rights and self-determination, whether fighting for laborers in Seattle, or against our government's misguided intervention in other countries, they were unflappable if not unstoppable. In addition to their shared committment to fight relentlessly for justice and dignity for all, another endearing, valuable trait was their collective ability to not take themselves so seriously that they couldn't take time to laugh, sing, dance and enjoy life. Decades of social progress in the Pacific Northwest have been shaped by four impatient men and their tumultuous friendship, audacious leadership and unrelenting commitment to build a better world. Gang of Four tells an important story of how we will make our Country stronger.

This kid. The Son - Four trains for a leadership position. He spends most of the time waffling on whether or not he wants to do it. Then decides not to "because reasons.

Whine whine whine. The Traitor - honestly just filling in plot holes.

How does he get into the computer room? How does he know about the abnegation attack? Then, he meets Tris and falls in love with her because reasons. Blah blah blah. Extra scenes from Four's perspective - talk about a waste of paper. Evelyn responds nonchalantly when Four brings it up, and makes Four reconsider his position on his old faction.

Throughout the story, Four begins to get closer with Tris, helped by his admiration of her bravery and selflessness. He becomes protective of her, growing concerned when he learns that she is also a Divergent, and also saves her from an attack by her desperate fellow initiates. He also eventually allows her to know more about him by going through his fear landscape together. Four realizes that he will have to betray his new faction to protect his old faction: by attempting to warn his father, Marcus, about the upcoming invasion, which the latter quickly brushes off.

Seeing another option, he looks to Tris for assistance. Cover[ edit ] The cover of The Traitor features a greenish circle of crows flying away.

Like all the previous covers in the Divergent trilogy, Joel Tipple designed this cover. Jeff, show some real fucking vision. It fuels unsubstantiated FUD fear, doubt, uncertainty in the already suspicious but uninformed reader.

I put the book aside when the author "discussed" the issue of Apple not willing to comply with a court order for the government to be able to unlock the iPhone. This is how the author wrote down his view of one of Apple's arguments here: The author brings this up and belittles the whole point, instead of reflecting on the impact on the right of privacy 4th amendment.

The final nail in the coffin in which I'm going to bury this book in for me was his further thoughts about Apple's argument above: If Apple was creating a back door for others to use, it was a pretty unimpressive door. More like a doggy door. Apple estimated that it would take six to ten engineers a month to figure this out.

Apple also maintained this key could end up in the wrong hands and prove hugely dangerous.

Four: A Divergent Story Collection

The impact of a product is unrelated to the time it took to build it. How is that even related to this point? The problem of a backdoor like this is that it could lead into a potential scenario, which is concerning on its own, but undoubtedly horrible when viewed in the context of everything Edward Snowden revealed in the past.

Snowden is not mentioned even once in the whole book. I was looking forward to reading a book that is intelligently critical about the Four. Instead, this book only rambles against cliche views of technology companies on rainbow press niveau. Nov 29, Gretchen Alice rated it really liked it. My library is the coolest.

This is exactly the kind of book where I would read the jacket copy, think "oh, that looks interesting," and then never get around to reading it. Scott Gallowa My library is the coolest.

Scott Galloway presents a convincing argument for the legitimacy and domination of Facebook, Google, site, and Apple. He calls them "the four horsemen" and goes into how each of them became such a massive world power. They each appeal to different needs of ours--social connection, information seeking, product acquisition, and luxury.

Galloway acknowledges the fact that none of them are inherently good, so to speak, but none of them are necessarily evil, either. Well, maybe Facebook. I rely on each of these things on a pretty much daily basis and it was strange to confront how much I depend on them. I'm trying to wean myself off of my personal facebook, but it's still a thing I need for work and that kinda sucks!

Eventually, other companies will likely come along and upset the balance of power, though that might take a while. Some of Galloway's analogies were overdone and lots of the finance stuff went over my head, so I'm not a total nonfiction convert just yet.

But I did greatly enjoy getting outside of my comfort zone. I loved reading and thinking about something different. View 2 comments.

Apr 29, Phillip Saginario rated it it was ok. Feel weird about downloading this on site 2. Too many fun facts 3. Disorganized and surface level Pockets of insight. View 1 comment.

Four: A Divergent Collection Book Review

Oct 07, Stef rated it liked it Shelves: Engaging and interesting but the humor might not be for everyone. The Four ale nie je len Timesoch. Jan 28, Diego rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is excellent. Galloway deep dives into how these companies know how to exploit our primal instincts.

Extremely interesting take. site will take over the world; many jobs in retail will disappear. Bezos is a genius, and secretly and in plain sight, evil. Very difficult since site has so much capital to do whatever the hell they want. Apple is the luxury branding prime example. The Facebook section could really freak some people out. I knew they personalized ads based on what you are looking at and typing, but not that it can hear background noise.

The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google

This is a problem as evident by perceived fake news on Facebook. Wrong info can radicalize idiots and push their beliefs into what they think are facts. Trump being elected. Pretty much sounds like Facebook will be the contributor to the end of the world by feeding what people are interested to see based on their beliefs. They only take a platform stance which is irresponsible. At some breaking point, government would have to step in.

The Google chapter is not as clear, it seems to be half a story about the search engine being God and his story in the New York Times board They are intriguing. The Four will continue to push boundaries, but also control their industry since they are the only one of their kinds. Eventually they will be beaten. His next chapters are about the next potential companies that could derail the Four.

His common standards for company success is brilliant in regards to these similar companies, though most of them relate to all businesses. Cheap capital, product differentiation, talent, etc.

The relatively new outlier is big data and A. I also like the section on what it takes to be part of the Four and to be exceptional in a world of average individuals. A sort of self help portion. He owns six businesses, so he has empirical evidence of talent. That is the basic level, but still billions can do this. Next is emotional intelligence or maturity, this determines how you are able to handle stress and work with others on tough projects.

Women are more emotionally mature and at an earlier age. I agree with him that women are the future. Another skill is always challenging the existing process, being curious. Growing companies that handle change need this otherwise complacency will kill it from the inside. Extreme ownership. Similar to the book by the navy seals. Own up to everything.

Four: A Divergent Collection

Ego, failures, team, change, etc. This can also show that a person has grit, the ability to see something through until the end no matter how hard it is. This also assumes that you need to go to college. That is important. You make more in a lifetime just because of it. But a major portion is that a person grows the most there. I thank college for my personal growth, not just education. I was extremely immature and culture shocked, my grades were mediocre, but in the end, it helped me mature and realize the real world is out there.

Education is assumed and many smart people exist, but these traits are what separate you from the pack. College helps with that. One major problem is college is getting way too expensive. I firmly believe that rising tuition will be a major contributor to rising income inequality.

Other tid bits: They are hubs of innovation and investment. Improve your weaknesses just enough so they no longer hold you back.

People help one another if you help them. If your boss is not helping you, you either have a bad boss, or you are a bad employee. Follow your talent. I appreciate he recognizes that these four companies are contributing to income inequality and are dangerous to our economic society. They employ K employees together, but are worth 2. The same as the GDP of France. But he is not a political analyst, so no further is mentioned.

Again, this book is excellent. Confirms my stock holding positions. Only reason I may not be downloading more is the impending impeachment, which may dip the market.

Oct 01, Susan rated it liked it. Not particularly new information, but a nice clear analysis of how these companies came to be as big and successful as they are. On the one hand Galloway seems to be primarily impressed by their succes, on the other hand, luckily, he's also critical: Apparently it would be worth it to work a Not particularly new information, but a nice clear analysis of how these companies came to be as big and successful as they are.

Apparently it would be worth it to work at least 80 hours a week. I sincerely hope our youth realizes there is more to life. Winners recognize other winners; while also-rans can be threatened by competitors. This examination takes place at a very interesting time for, as author Scott Galloway makes abundantly clear, the only competition the Four face is from each other, and the race is now on between them to become the premier operating system.

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