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God Of War #1 () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Download FREE DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Dynamite, IDW, Oni. God of War is a six-issue American comic book limited series set in the God of War universe. The series was written by Marv Wolfman. 6 Articles. The Art of God of War (). Other Comics God of War is a six-issue American comic book limited series set in the God of War universe. The series.

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Read God of War () comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Kratos, God of War, has returned! His war on the gods of Olympus long past, Kratos builds a new life for himself in the remote Norse wilds. God of War ( series) Complete. Add favorites. , 0. God of War ( series) Complete. Publisher: WildStorm / Collections Pictures: 6 Issues.

Gamereactor uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best browsing experience on our website. If you continue, we'll assume that you are happy with our cookies policy. Dark Horse has revealed in a blog post that they're making a comic miniseries based on the highly successful God of War game from Sony and Santa Monica Studios, which will be split into four parts and chronicle the life of Kratos before we meet him in the new game. Crisis in Mid-Life! Seeking to put the rage that defined most of his life behind him, Kratos inadvertently sparks a feud with a mysterious cult of berserkers after attempting to save a stranger being mauled by a monstrous bear. But for the former Ghost of Sparta, no good deed goes unpunished," the description reads. The game is also getting a novelization written by none other than J. Barlog, Cory Barlog's father, which will be published by Titan Books, and is slated for release in two week's time, on August Thanks, WarpZoned. Cookies Gamereactor uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best browsing experience on our website. If you continue, we'll assume that you are happy with our cookies policy OK.

The two narratives are told simultaneously; Kratos first attempts to save his dying daughter, Calliope, and years later, he is seeking to destroy the Ambrosia to prevent the resurrection of the former God of War, Ares. The series received mixed reviews. Some critics praised Wolfman's writing, while others said that although the setting was a good comic book incentive and a good prequel for the video game series, the story did not make sense.

Sorrentino's interior artwork was criticized for being "muddy" by critics, but some did praise it for being distinctive and did a good job at setting the tone and atmosphere. The comic book series was announced at the Comic-Con International , and was scheduled to debut in October , but its launch was delayed to coincide with that of God of War III in March Steinberg, Vice President of Product Marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America said, "we are thrilled to work with the world's largest comic book publisher to bring one of our most beloved PlayStation franchises Wolfman said that he had already played the first two games, so there was no research to be done and "it's because [he] loved the game that [he] wanted to do the comic.

Wolfman said that Santa Monica ensured the mythology was consistent while revealing new facts about Kratos' past.

In an interview with Comic Book Resources , Wolfman stated that Santa Monica suggested the use of two time periods, with past events affecting the narrative present.

He introduced new characters, including Kratos' wife—who appeared in the games but was never named. He stated the final script was a combination of his ideas and Santa Monica's character-appropriate dialog. So I just took my usual style and added to it something new, like new colors from the videogame palette. The series was published on a bi-monthly schedule between March and January As with the first seven video games in the series, the comic book series is set in an alternate version of Ancient Greece , populated by the Olympian Gods and other beings of Greek mythology.

The story is split between two chapters in the video game chronology; a period before Ascension , and a later period between God of War and Ghost of Sparta For the majority of the series, it narrates the events of the past via flashbacks with occasional focus on present events. As in the video game series, the comic book's protagonist is Kratos. The story references two periods in Kratos' life; his boyhood training and life in the Spartan Army as the unwitting champion of Ares , and the narrative present, in which he has assumed the role of God of War after defeating Ares.

Pothia, champion of Artemis and the warrior-queen of an siteian tribe; [20] Cereyon, fiery champion of Helios; [21] Danaus, champion of Hermes who can magically control beasts; [22] Herodius, champion of Poseidon from the village of Thera ; [23] and Alrik, champion of Hades and prince of the Barbarians. The story is set after Kratos' defeat of the former God of War, Ares. During his quest, Kratos has flashbacks to this period, as he searches for the Ambrosia to save his newly-born daughter, Calliope, who is suffering from the plague.

Given until the next full moon, General Kratos travels with a host of Spartans to find the Ambrosia. During this period, he takes counsel from Captain Nikos, his superior in the Spartan army who instructs him about the Spartan code of honor.

Each will choose a champion who is in search of the Ambrosia, with the successful god receiving an award e. A desperate Hades kills Nikos, who sacrifices himself to save Kratos, passing on the rank of Captain.

Dark Horse Comics

After being almost burned alive, Kratos drowns his foe and successfully retrieves the Ambrosia, but as he leaves, he and his Spartan troops are ambushed by Alrik's horde of barbarians.

Alrik uses the head of Danaus to summon rocs to attack Kratos as he flies away on a similar bird with the stolen Ambrosia. Kratos pursues Alrik on a captured roc, knowing that although his men will be taken to the Underworld, they will be honored in Sparta for their sacrifices. Alrik and Kratos battle, during which, the waterskin containing the Ambrosia is punctured, spraying both men.

Alrik critically wounds the Spartan, who is subsequently healed thanks to the Ambrosia. Kratos gains control of Danaus' head and uses its power against Alrik, who is torn apart by rocs.

Having also been covered with the Ambrosia, Alrik is revived only to be killed once again until the Ambrosia is spent. Kratos then escapes and returns to Sparta with the Ambrosia, saving his daughter, and giving the King of Sparta the rest of the elixir, who then officially awards Kratos the rank of Captain in the Spartan Army. In the present, Kratos overcomes several obstacles in his quest to find the Ambrosia, including defeating a giant spider, [33] ignoring Athena's pleas to stop his quest, and overcoming the reanimated corpses of Captain Nikos and his men—a final attempt by Hades to stop the Spartan.

God of War #1 – 6

An outraged Gyges explains that Kratos had thwarted the Giant's plan to use the elixir to resurrect his brothers Briareus and Cottus , and then reclaim the world. In his fiery battle with Cereyon, Kratos inadvertently burned off Gyges' one hundred arms, and then stole the Ambrosia.

Without arms and now unable to reach the Ambrosia, Gyges was forced to wait for Kratos' return. During the battle, Kratos reveals that he seeks to destroy the elixir to prevent the worshipers of the slain god Ares from resurrecting their master. The God of War comic series received mixed reviews. Mike Murphy of Platform Nation stated that although the comic series serves as a good prequel to the video game series, "the story is bogged down by horrible art After reading God of War 1, Joe Juba of Game Informer said "If you have a choice between reading this comic and doing something else, you should do something else Despite being written by Marv Wolfman, he said the story does not satisfy fans of the video game series: That right there is a premise to a whole new God of War game.

GameSpot stated that the art appears moody, but also said it is "muddy They said it is very murky and washed out with black. Although there is some realism in the art, it does not match the art of the games. They also noted a mistake with the flashback scenes, as in these scenes, it shows Kratos with his ash-white skin, but this complexion did not occur until after he slayed his family.

Kratos then became Ares' servant, leading his Spartan army in conquering much of Greece. In one battle, they came across a village that worshiped Athena and put the residents to the sword, and their homes to the flame.

There, Ares put Kratos into a rage driven by bloodlust, making him kill anyone standing in his way. Despite his own foreboding feelings and the warnings of the local oracle, Kratos entered the village's temple and slaughtered all within.

Unfortunately, after his blood-lust cleared, he realized that his two last victims had been his own wife and daughter ; Ares explained that this village had been a test of Kratos' power, severing the last of his humanity.

The village Oracle cursed Kratos, binding the ashes of his dead family to his skin; this new pale coating gave rise to Kratos' new title, "the Ghost of Sparta.

Kratos renounced his service to Ares and began to wander the Earth, lamenting his deeds, while serving the other gods of Olympus for ten years.

The player becomes involved in Kratos' story as he is approaching Athena's city, Athens , under siege by Ares' army. While in the Aegean Sea, Kratos's ship is attacked by Ares's forces. After impaling the massive heads of the fearsome Hydra , Kratos is approached by Athena, who wants him to stop Ares and save her city.

Kratos agrees on one condition; that the gods relieve him of the nightmarish memories of his past crimes, as well as allowing him a chance at redemption.

Kratos fights his way through the attacking forces to find the Oracle of Athens and learns from her that only Pandora's Box can give a mortal the power to kill a god. Unfortunately, due to the gods' fear of this power, the box is locked deep within Pandora's Temple , constructed on the back of the Titan Cronos , whom Zeus cursed to wander the Desert of Lost Souls until the sands rip the flesh from his bones. Kratos makes his way to the Temple, defeating many foes and evading the many traps built into the Temple by its crazed architect, Pathos Verdes III.

He recovers Pandora's Box, but Ares senses his success, and throws a pillar from Athens to the Temple, impaling Kratos on a wall and killing him. As Kratos was pinned to the wall dying, Ares steals Pandora's box and Kratos is sent to the Underworld.

However, Kratos is able to escape the Underworld with help from a mysterious gravedigger , who refers to Kratos as "my child". He returns to Athens, regains Pandora's Box, and confronts Ares. When Kratos proves that he isn't just a mortal, after all, Ares makes a desperate attempt to drive Kratos mad by making him relive the death of his family.

Opening a portal, Ares traps Kratos in an illusion. Ares recreates the temple where Kratos slew his wife and child, along with images of Kratos' Family. Ares then creates doppelgangers of Kratos which attack his wife and child.

After this fails, Ares strips the Blades of Chaos from Kratos' arms, taking back the weapons he had given him after he proclaimed that he rejected a God like him, and impales Kratos' family with them with Kratos watching in horror. Freed from his own mind but without weaponry, Kratos is at the mercy of Ares until he spots a very large metal sword , which was formerly used as an ornamental bridge inside Athens. With it, he engages, defeats and kills his former master, the God of War.

After receiving the congratulations from the gods, Kratos asks Athena to remove the nightmares of his past. Athena explains that although the Gods mourn the death of Ares, the Gods are indebted to him and proceeded to forgive him for his sins; the nightmares, unfortunately, was not apart of what the Gods have offered to him for completing this task. Feeling abandoned by the gods, Kratos climbs back to the bluffs overlooking the Aegean Sea and, as the game comes full circle, tosses himself over the edge.

However, as he breaks the waves below, he is pulled out by Athena. He has served the gods well, she explains, and there is a throne waiting for him that currently has no occupant: Kratos makes his way to Olympus through a mysterious portal and claims the throne of The God of War. The game contains three unlockable cut scenes which are intended as potential avenues of continuing the story. Additional costumes for Kratos are also unlocked by beating the Challenge of the Gods.

Other features unlocked upon beating the game and doing certain tasks are documentaries surrounding the game's creation like Deleted Levels and secret messages from Kratos himself.

God of War received strong praise from gaming critics and is widely considered one of the best PlayStation 2 games of all-time. The game was praised for its strong gameplay, graphics, and sound.

God of War #1 - 6 – GetComics

A CNN review stated that God of War is the type of game that makes you remember why you play games in the first place. Reviews did find that some of the puzzle and platforming aspects, particularly while escaping Hades, were not as strong as the rest of the game.

Chains of Olympus , and God of War:

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