Kusudama ball origami pdf


KUSUDAMA is a decorative paper ball for festive occasions. Originally it was one piece of square paper, but Kusudama Origami is different. It combines. Origami works are usually made from one piece of square paper, but Kusudama Origami is different. It combines several units of ongaml. Folding each piece. Kusudama Ball Origami - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. kusudama.

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Kusudama Ball Origami Pdf

Kusudama Ball osakeya.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Kusudama Ball osakeya.info - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. How to fold cute DIY kusudama paper craft flower balls step by step tutorial instructions How to fold cute DIY kusudama paper craft flower balls step by step.

Kusudamas are modular origami models where multiple units are fit together to form a ball-like shape. They were originally used for incense and potpourri which I guess is where the name comes from. You often see kusudamas hanging from a string and a lot of them have fancy tassels hanging from the bottom as well. Because kusudamas are made from multiple units you can use different coloured paper for some absolutely beautiful results and patterns. The colours of the paper you use have a huge impact. Basic instructions for the units are available here. Multidimensional Transformations. The red and silver colours in this design are awesome. Lots of designs like this one curve the paper for an elegant look.

Roberto Alves. Marina Apostu. Luciana Valsan. Jesse Greer.

Caramel Kusudama

Popular in Popular Scholarship. Arron Turner.

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Alex Lobos. Muhammad Adam. Nor Azmah Samin.

Oprina Monica. Adrian Iancu. Luis Torres. Make InSide reverse lolds. Fold so that all the triangles open. OutSide unit Inside unit See slep 29 on page 49 for 50 the outside unit. The ra tio 01 paper sizes. Make 40 of this unit Insert Into the outSIde unl!

Make 40 of the unl! Insert lar Into the bottom. Fold over to the crease. The same triangle as step 2 on page Use a dab of glue to ensure firm assembly. Make creases. Ma ke 2 01thIs assembly. Make 12 of thIs Unit. Unfold the corners. Fold over. Ix the Other Units. Insen and fix the other assembly Completed.

Kusudama Ball Origami.pdf

Make 6 units on page 53 and Insert them Into each corner. Fold along creases. Assemble like 1. I Unfold the triangles. Fold along creases Fold behind. Fold In half Open and Iiallen. Make an Inside reverse told Lltlthe! View trom the bollom Make 24 01 this unit. Place of Insertion. The pocket to be Inserted Make a crease Insert the point and glue.

Kusudama Ball Origami

Insert like this Make 6 of these 4-unlt groups JOin 4 of the assembled units In a link. Insert each of the 6 into another, and glue, Join the top group and bollom group.

Fold in hall again. Open the upper layer and Fold the other corners in the same way. Make a crease on the center line.

Fold to the left. Fold along the crease. Open the layer and flatten. Make a crease. Make 4 of this assembled group JOin 4 units with care. Fold Into shape of a triangle. Unfold Fold to the right Untold. Fold up to the line.


Fold along center line. Bring down the two flaps. I really like the pattern here and how it looks when you use two colours for the paper. I really love the design and colours used here. It almost reminds me of chocolate icing. The paper used here is regular kami paper that has been spray painted. Apparently the paper becomes silkier after being spray painted.

I really like the colours used here, especially how they look quite faded. This one is a bit different and I quite like how the star parts stick out from the rest of the ball.

Instructions available here. This is another very unique design. This totally looks like some kind of party decoration.

Diagrams available in Floral Origami Globes. This is another excellent example of how you can incorporate paper with a pattern on it into a kusudama design.

This next one took a bit of extra work to figure out a way to keep it assembled without using glue.