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Crocodile Tears / [eBook] Anthony Horowitz. (Series: Alex Rider ; 8). Compre Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider Book 8) (English Edition) de Anthony Horowitz na Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos. Alex Rider is an orphan turned teen superspy who's saving the world one mission at a time—from Crocodile Tears by Anthony Horowitz download the Ebook.

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Alex Rider Crocodile Tears Ebook

Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade 6–10—Alex Rider is only 14, but that hasn't stopped MI6, the British espionage organization, from. Crocodile Tears: eBook (Reflowable). By Anthony Horowitz. Alex Rider's eighth, adrenaline fueled adventure in the number one bestselling. Alex Rider's eighth adventure and the most action-packed yet Targeted by a hitman and under threat of his past being exposed by the media, Alex reluctantly .

Alex, the main character, is recruited by MI6 after discovering the truth about his uncle's life and death. He is sent to complete his uncle's latest mission: To investigate a multimillionaire named Herod Sayle and his creation, the revolutionary and newly developed computer called Stormbreaker, which Sayle is donating to every school in England. Alex later discovers that the Stormbreakers contain a deadly virus and that Sayle is planning to kill British schoolchildren. In the end Alex foils his plan and succeeds in his first mission. After the death of two billionaires, MI6 discovers a connection: the two men who died both had a son attending Point Blanc, a school for rebellious sons of billionaires located in the French Alps , owned by a scientist named Dr. Hugo Grief. MI6 sends Alex to investigate Point Blanc and Alex discovers that Grief is replacing the students with clones of himself, altered through plastic surgery to resemble the students, so that Grief can inherit the fortune and have complete power to rule the world. However, Alex foils his plan and succeeds again. Main article: Skeleton Key novel Skeleton Key was published in After foiling a Triad plot to fix the Wimbledon tennis tournament by knocking out one of their members with a carbon dioxide tank, Alex is in grave danger of assassination. Forced to leave the country, MI6 sends him on a mission to Cuba with two CIA agents one of which believes that he isn't helpful , where he is the only one of the three to survive. He encounters a former Soviet general, Alexei Sarov , with ideas for a nuclear holocaust and world domination under communist rule and who tries to adopt Alex Rider.

It is up to Alex to discover the connection between the pop star, the video game, and the bombing of his vacation home. In the end, he will uncover a much larger plot, one involving the US government and the world's security.

Alex got caught spying and was forced into a real-life version of 'Feathered Serpent' and manages to escape by cheating the way only a real human can unlike an avatar. He leaves Damian Cray's mansion but not before stealing a vital piece of equipment that Damian needs to make his plan work. He is then forced to give it up because Damian had kidnapped Sabina who is his love interest.

Main article: Scorpia novel Scorpia was published in Following the advice of the assassin Yassen Gregorovich , Alex tries to find the criminal organization "Scorpia" to find out the truth about his father. He is soon recruited by Scorpia and trains as an assassin where he discovers that he will assassinate Mrs Jones. He fails in this mission, but then is turned back onto MI6's side and returns to Scorpia as a double agent.

He discovers their plot to kill British school children and foils it. After nearly dying from being shot with a sniper rifle courtesy to the villain organization Scorpia , he investigates Nikolei Drevin who builds a hotel in outer space called "Ark Angel".

Drevin secretly tries to destroy Washington D. Alex is forced to go into space and destroy ark angel. Main article: Snakehead novel Snakehead was published in Alex meets his godfather, Ash Anthony Sean Howell , and confronts the organization Scorpia for the second time.

He learns that Ash was actually working with Scorpia and Major Winston Yu the main antagonist and then escapes from the trap. Main article: Crocodile Tears Crocodile Tears was published in MI6 coerces Alex into spying on activities at a GM crop plant during a school trip, which then leads to a far more serious adventure in Kenya, in which Alex has less than 24 hours to prevent a GM disease causing a deadly massacre.

Main article: Scorpia Rising Scorpia Rising was published in In the book, Scorpia is hired to return the Elgin Marbles to Greece. Scorpia's plan includes the laying of a false trail to Cairo, Egypt and blackmailing MI6 into returning the Marbles. MI6 falls for the trap and Alex is sent to Cairo, where he is dismayed to find that Scorpia has been pulling the strings all along. Alex is captured by Scorpia and manages to help his long time friend and carer Jack escape.

Scorpia anticipated this and laid a trap for Jack. Alex is destroyed by the news that she is killed.

The book ends when Alex escapes and moves to America with Sabina's family. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. On 17 December , the title was revealed in code to be Crocodile Tears. The book was succeeded by Scorpia Rising, released in March A nuclear technician in India planted a bomb on a dumpster in a nuclear power station in Jowada but was killed when he activated it.

A cloud of nuclear steam slowly travels out of the nuclear plant and into the outside world because the technician opened the emergency door. A charity called First Aid quickly reacts to the disaster. As Alex, Sabina, and her father drive home, a sniper shoots the tire of their car, causing them to lose control and crash into a loch. Alex, Sabina, and her father barely escape from the vehicle.

Their escape is helped by an Indian man who is unidentified and unknown to them at the time. Dec 13, Monola rated it liked it. Another awesome book in the series! I've been reading them for 2 years ever since a librarian recommended his first story in the series.

Villians that seem more like a joke then a threat. What I mean by this is the 'Im going to tell you all my plans and let my minons kill you instead of killing you myself. I will not kill you at thi Another awesome book in the series! I will not kill you at this exact moment, even though it probably would save me alot of trouble.

I mean come on! If it wasnt for the idiot villians telling their plans, Alex would have been dead a long time ago!

And while that is not a satisfying thought I dont want the series to end! Get on the internet. Search and read 'Peters overlord list' or 'Stupid Plot Tricks' the extended version of Peter's overlord list. Its a neat list that tells you what you SHOULD do to carry out your evil plots, cause' whatever you all are reading is obviously not working! Take a hint! View all 9 comments. In his 8th outing, Alex begins the book in Scotland where he is vacationing with the Pleasures and attends a New Years Eve party where he meets his new adversary, the Reverend Desmond McCain, a rich philanthropist whom he beats in a poker game in true James Bond style and in true Alex Rider style he ends up welcoming the New Year not by enjoying the fireworks but once again working against time and the elements to save himself and Sabina and her father from an icy grave Mar 10, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: James Bond I had picked up Stormbreaker the first book in this series.

There's also a movie, but don't waste your time. I wanted to see how and why a 14 year old boy would be recruited to be a spy for M Much to my surprise it was a perfectly plausible reason.

This series is a lot of fun. Lots of cool spy stuff and some over the top action. In one of the books Alex goes into outer space. Jumping the shark? Did I still read it. You bet. My only complains are after a James Bond My only complains are after a while the villains are pretty cookie cutter and again the plot fluctuates between believable and fantasy.

They're spy adventure books for teenage boys, so I mostly let it slide. Anthony Horowitz is pretty creative in coming up with new ways to keep bringing an increasingly reluctant Alex back to M I also like his writing style--descriptive, but efficient. I am not sure how many more of these Horowitz is planning on writing, but every time I finish a new one I cross my fingers that it's not the last.

Apr 20, Ryan Buckby rated it really liked it. You cannot defeat your enemies until you know who they are When i think there really couldn't be any more you could throw at Alex and continue this series Anthony finds another way to extend this story even more. Alex is trying to live a normal life away from MI6 after telling them once again that he didn't want to be used again by them at the end of book seven.

However Alex is once again brought back into this world after almost dying in scotland along with Sabina and her father in a c You cannot defeat your enemies until you know who they are When i think there really couldn't be any more you could throw at Alex and continue this series Anthony finds another way to extend this story even more. However Alex is once again brought back into this world after almost dying in scotland along with Sabina and her father in a car accident that wasn't an accident.

Alex has been through so much in a year and i feel so bad for this kid because he keeps getting brought back into this world and after telling himself again and again. Alex has come up with some clever ways on how he gets out of situations and i'm always surprised when he does because so many of these situations are impossible to get out of but Alex always does. After another hard mission that he wasn't supposed to be on at all i really hope that Alex can get away from the spy life and lead a normal one.

I don't think this will happen since there is a another book after this one. It's so hard to believe to find out Alex is only just about to turn 15 after there being 7 other books and it's crazy to believe this storyline is only set over the course of a year, it just goes to show how much one 14 year old has gone through.

Nov 27, Tigger rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Anthony Horowitz needs to realise that eight books on, his formula is starting to get a liiiiitle bit old - it works when you are younger, but I guess the series just doesn't hold the same appeal for me anymore. It seemed like there w Anthony Horowitz needs to realise that eight books on, his formula is starting to get a liiiiitle bit old - it works when you are younger, but I guess the series just doesn't hold the same appeal for me anymore.

It seemed like there was no character development or anything, really - but I guess it was an okay quick read, and there were some awesome stunt! I also thought the message about the corruptness of some charitable organisations, and that a person's humanity not their circumstances make a man, was quite interesting.

And one is able to relish in it's predictability - action, action, science and more action! May 02, Tien Dao rated it really liked it. Do you like action? James Bond?

Buy for others

If you do, it is a great book to read. It comprises of high octane action and surprises in all corners of the story. It will leave you suspended, heart broken, and joy. So this book is basically about a 14 year old boy named Alex Rider. He works for MI6, which is a spy agency for Great Britain. He tries to stop bad people from doing things that would create crisis throughout the world.

Anthony Horrowitz also loves to use syntax throughout his book to exc Do you like action? Anthony Horrowitz also loves to use syntax throughout his book to excite and rush readers which is crucial to a book like this such as the quote, "If he fell!

He could imagine it. Smashing into the shingles. It shows that syntax is used for a very good reason and Horowitz use them so good and masterful. Horowitz also loves using a lot of figurative language to describe things that Alex encountered. Like when Alex is describing the crocodiles that he was supposed to get eaten by, "They were really the eyes of death," and, "They twisted and sliced their way through the water like two knife wounds.

One point of the book that was a big hit for me was the problem of food scarcity for the Third World today, and the author demonstrate it very clearly that they need him because Desmond Mccain wanted to create the poison ricin to kill the people of the Third World, specifically Africa.

To destroy the population of Africa would make Mccain a very rich man because he would be able to scam people out of their donations.

However, throughout the Alex Rider series, I didn't really like the ideas that at some point in the story, the villain will eventually reveal their plans.

I would like it to be a surprise, diving into Alex's mind to figure out what he thinks and ultimately the whole plan. This is pretty much the one point that i did not like about the book and the series. As just previously mentioned, ricin which is a genetically modified food and a very powerful poison that could kill a person very easily. It is the exact poison that a man from Mississippi tried to sent to President Obama and a Congressman from Capital Hill recently.

After reading this book, it made me think how difficult life is in other parts of the world and how some people are exploiting it for personal gains and it is just not right. I would definitely recommend this book to those who love actions.

View 1 comment. Dec 02, Mariah Mccashland rated it it was amazing. Alex Rider is a forteen-year-old spy who works for M16, even though he never chose to be a spy.

He was first introduced to the British intelligence agency when his uncle was murdered on a mission, and Alex was recruited to go and finish the job.

Since then, he's been on six missions for M Alex doesn't want to be a spy. He just wants to be a normal boy, but somehow, he's always tangled in the middle of another mad-man's schemes and impossibly saving the world. In Anthony Horowitz's latest action-packed Alex Rider adventure Crocidile Tears , Alex finds himself looking at a possible wrecking ball to his struggle for a normal life that goes by the name of Harry Bulman.

He's a reporter who has found out Alex has been working under cover as an M16 agent, and he wants to tell the world. Alex would be a celebrity! That's exactly what Alex doesn't want. He wouldn't even be able to walk on the street without people pointing him out with curiosity, and all his struggle for a normal life would be a waste.

He has to do the very thing he never ever wanted to do again. He has to go ask M16 for help. They make a deal with him, if he hacks into the computer of a man that works for Greenfields, then it will be as if Harry Bulman never existed. Anthony Horowitz offers a unique writing style. He has a distinct voice that makes me feel like I could pick out his writing anywhere, even if I didn't know who the author really was. Because he is so vividly descriptive, I feel like I'm living the adventures of Alex in in the book.

The book is filled with action and suspense. It's a page-turner that will have you on the edge of you seat reading in the middle of the night until Alex gets himself out of the very last impossible situation. Jan 29, Moe rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Three Words: Awesome, Amazing, Fantastic. I haven't read any others yeah I know that it is bad to start a book in the middle of a series but I must say that I am very excited to read the others.

The whole agent-under-cover takes reading to a new level. This is definitely going to be a new and unique series that I can probably relate to from when I was a kid. Jan 07, Lola rated it really liked it.

Whenever I get a bad read—a read that really disappointed me and even made me question whether I enjoy a genre or not—I like to turn to an all-time favorite or a book that I am quite certain I will enjoy. In this case, I needed action more than I needed fantasy, so I decided to continue with this series. The book in question that bummed me out was Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson, and Alex reminded me that a reader can become very attached to Whenever I get a bad read—a read that really disappointed me and even made me question whether I enjoy a genre or not—I like to turn to an all-time favorite or a book that I am quite certain I will enjoy.

The book in question that bummed me out was Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson, and Alex reminded me that a reader can become very attached to a fictional character. I will never read this series because I find the mystery cases to be astounding. This is a character-driven story as much as it is an action-driven one. In this tome, Alex Rider has to stop a villain—someone who everyone believes is a saint—from causing more damage to the population and the earth itself.

He needs people on his side. Even though Ash turned out not to be the one Alex thought he was, it was interesting to see Alex interact with him on their mission together.

On to the next one! Alex Rider will be fifteen in the next book. May 28, Elsa Qazi rated it liked it Shelves: There is indeed only one Alex Rider and only one Anthony Horowitz. In this book Alex takes on another vile and cruel villain. He would then use the money people send in to his charity to become rich. Now here's what I love about the book: Alex Rider is amazing. He is talented and has a knack for what he is forced to do in the series. But what makes him one of my favorite characters is the fact that he does not like being forced.

Ideally kids love spies and characters like these are patriots. Let's be honest. A child would. The drama is almost nerve-wracking. Anthony could make the best thrillers out of the most futile of plots. I promise you, you are going to be on edge throughout the series. Here's the reason this one didn't get five stars: The villains tell Alex everything Why, oh why, do you have to tell your top secret plans to a boy who is now very well-known in the criminal world as a dangerous spy?

Just get the fact that you can't kill him into your thick heads. He will live to see you go to jail or see you die He may even kill you Why can't Alex ever find something on his own? Alex's luck is something you get tired of.

Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider, #8) by Anthony Horowitz

People get lucky, some do have the "devil's luck" but Alex got lucky so many times you get bored by the time you reach this far in the series. Alex's stunts were a little too far-fetched.

Grabbing a rope hanging from a helicopter that is flying by when you are on a wobbly roof about to fall is hard enough. How on Earth can a fourteen year-old grab hold of a rope hanging from a plane while on a wobbly roof about to fall off? And how can he pull himself up when he is was feeling fatigued twenty minutes ago and don't forget the wind pushing on him.

I know. Don't get me wrong. I don't want Alex Rider to die but seriously a little less unbelievable stuff because this gets boring after some while. Nov 04, Mara rated it really liked it Shelves: I've looked for a good spy series and I was simply delighted when I finally picked up the Alex Rider series. Seven books later and I was dearly wishing that poor Alex would get a break from everything. I was glad when Anthony Horowitz ended the series with Snakehead.

But then this one came out and I was a little worried. Series, even good ones, can carry on only for so long! From the very beginning, Crocodile Tears was not my favorite, but I wasn't disappointed, either. The very first page contai I've looked for a good spy series and I was simply delighted when I finally picked up the Alex Rider series.

The very first page contained the action and sinisterness that is so trademark of Alex Rider, and it didn't stop. I wouldn't say that I was ever held in suspense because the books are pretty predictable , but I was certainly interested.

Alex himself is a good character. I don't say that often about teenage boy characters - they are almost always as annoying as real-life adolescent males. But I liked Alex from the start and still do. I felt terrible that Alex was once more wrenched from his life. And while I was never in alarm for his life, I felt sorry every time he was injured. This wasn't Anthony Horowitz's masterpiece.

Those dealing with Scorpia are my favorites. But after a rest, this was a good comeback. His writing style was still very much the same - movie-ish. Normally I don't like that, but for a series like Alex Rider, it works. He still went into great mechanical detail, showing off the research he did, knowing full well that his Readers don't know what he's talking about, but hey!

It sounds cool and we Readers get the general jest of it, right? There was one scene, though, that sent chills up my spine: Chapter 9 - Invisible Man. When MI6 deals with the journalist. It did creep me out and it was my favorite chapter. I re-read it when I finished the book. It is like a nightmare. What would it be like if it happened to you?? Two thumbs up for Crocodile Tears.

Normally the 8th book in a series doesn't turn out well, but Anthony Horowitz was successful in his comeback. However, I do hope he gives poor Alex a rest sometime soon in the future. Feb 21, Jaap Akkermans rated it really liked it. The wanted spy named Alex finds himself going to a party with his girlfriend in Scotland in a house of someone very rich who owned a charity called first aid.

Alex wanted to enjoy this party as much as he could. He somehow got into a game of poker against the rich guy called Desmond and 5 other people. He didn't want to play, but he couldn't refuse because Desmond was inviting him. Alex made a spectacular move and won the game. After the party, Desmond sends a sniper to blow one of the wheels of The wanted spy named Alex finds himself going to a party with his girlfriend in Scotland in a house of someone very rich who owned a charity called first aid.

After the party, Desmond sends a sniper to blow one of the wheels off of the car where Alex, his girlfriend and her dad were and they get into a terrible accident. Then, Alex finds out that he is evil and gets sent into a mission against him and his evil plan. This book is about evil and betrayal. Nov 22, Amy rated it it was ok Shelves: I think this is the 7th or 8th in the series and I am getting a little tired of Alex Rider.

He is still a 14 year old boy and still a fantastic spy. The plot is pretty similar to the other books. There is a crazy madman who is plotting to do something horrible. Alex must stop him. What drives me nuts is the bad guy always catches Alex and then proceeds to tell him exactly what he is going to do thus revealing his genius plans.

Alex always escapes and is able to stop the plan. Maybe if the evil g I think this is the 7th or 8th in the series and I am getting a little tired of Alex Rider. Maybe if the evil genius wasn't such a blabbermouth he would get away with it.

This book also has some violence. Alex is now killing henchmen left and right and nothing is ever said about how the violence is affecting him. The boys and girls who love Alex Rider will love this book. I don't know if I want to read another one. View all 3 comments.

Crocodile Tears

Sep 17, Nick Pearson rated it liked it. Alex Rider was sent on a mission to infiltrate a base but gets caught up in a room full of poison flowers, plants and animals. This room was meant for studying poison but also can be used for a death building. The British slang is difficult to learn. Alex has to go through all of this a In the book, crocodile tears, by Anthony Horowitz is about a teen who is being used by the m16, the British CIA. Alex has to go through all of this and have to try to keep a normal life.

He is faced with many struggles and he learns to over come it. Nov 20, Rachel rated it liked it. When I first heard of its existence, I refused to believe it. I'd rid myself of the Alex Rider series at last, and Anthony Horowitz had said that Snakehead would be his last, and it ended satisfactorily. I don't even remember the ending anymore! I can't remember where I read him saying it, but damnit he did.

And then, when I saw this at the book sale, I was furious. There was a total dramatic "Nooooo! Damn When I first heard of its existence, I refused to believe it. Damnit he promised. But I bought the book anyway, because I couldn't not do it. OCD and all First off, we're introduced to Ravi Chandra, who plants a bomb in a nuclear power station and doesn't live very long.

I was okay with this part, other than the fact it seems quite obvious than Anthony has never really been to India. And then we cut to Alex, who's on holiday in Scotland with the Pleasure family I'm serious. That's their last name. He seems to be spending a lot of time with this Sabina Pleasure girl. And here's where you're expected to check your brains at the door, if you haven't already. One, Sabina's dad is a journalist. How is he able to afford so many family vacations every time we're introduced to his family, they are on a vacation , and take along a boy who is a friend of his daughter's for most of them?

Sure, he did save her life. But he's a teenage boy! Perhaps it's just me. I do after all, come from a family where my mom shrieked the first time she saw me hug a male school mate. Back to the story. Things start moving pretty slowly, and initially it seems as though once again Anthony has no qualms in boring his readers with overly descriptive passages.

But then, for the first time, he doesn't go overboard and suddenly it's fun to read again. In typical Alex Rider style, he wins a round of Texas Hold 'em on someone else's money, donates it all back, and half a dozen or so pages later, the car he, Sabina, and Mr. Pleasure are in plunges into the Loch Arkaig, and they are then rescued by a foreign-looking person. I think it was Indian. And it was going so well, too!

Apparently, Mr. Same rule applies if you know they have connections to an intelligence agency. So of course, Alex pays Mi6 a visit, and in return for helping him make sure his spy-life remains a secret, he has to steal some files from a GM foods research facility. Both bits are actually quite interesting. The journalist gets a taste of what life would be like if he ever mentioned the name Alex Rider again. To sum up, all his accounts would be frozen, the locks to his apartment changed, his car repo-ed, his identity replaced, and he would be arrested and charged for his own murder.

Scary stuff. Alex, meanwhile, has the time of his life dodging bullets, running from guards, trying to navigate his way out of dome full of genetically modified toxic plants, murdering a dude, bombing up a chimney and falling onto the top of his own school bus as it leaves the compound.

This in itself is a little odd. It seems the inside of the bus is sound proof, or everyone just ignored the loud thud that came from the top of the roof. Alex gets suspended from school after he comes back onto the bus looking like he's just been through a war the excuse given is that he fell out of the emergency exit. What, were the teachers born yesterday? He nearly gets roasted alive, but somehow or another, he is immune to such things as toxic smoke inhalation and limps off homewards, all fine and dandy.

He gets kidnapped. And he gets kidnapped well. The gist is that the same idiot journalist ratted Alex out to the bad guys, and was shot to death for his effort. Bad guy wants to know how much Mi6 knows about his dastardly scheme, wasting quite a long time doing it, I might add and this is how Alex ended up hanging on to the handles of a pole with 2 or 3 hungry crocodiles snapping at his buttocks.

So far, what I have pictured is this: Given that this is so, how come no one, including the ever-brilliant Rider, ever thought of hooking their legs onto the pipe to take most of their weight? He works for an Indian Intelligence Agency hell-bent on taking revenge on the bad guy for orchestrating the bombing in India.

Deviating from his missions like that to save random people. Skip, skip, Indian spy passes out from his fever, that he got after his wound got infected, a wound that he got from parachuting in the night, and landing somewhere sharp and pointy. Indian spy rather conveniently wakes up in time to steal a plane and rescue Alex before he falls into the newly made waterfall and dies.

They stop off at some African village-ey place for fuel, and as Indian spy is lecturing Alex, his brains get blown out by bad guy, who has also stopped for fuel. What are the odds! Bad guy dies, and Alex is badly burnt. Winds up in the hospital. It's his birthday on Thursday, and he can't remember, but yay for him blah blah. The end. When will he put me out of the misery that is the Alex Rider series?

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