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Dark Cloud 2 wiki at IGN. Dark Chronicle Wiki Guide. Welcome to the Dark Cloud 2 wiki guide. The original Dark Cloud RPG was a huge success on the PS2. Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough Videos (Completed)Total number of videos by Mangadude (). Title, Duration, Date. This is the index page for all of my Dark Cloud 2 Walkthroughs. Every guide for Dark Cloud 2 I have written can be found here. If by chance you're here looking.

If you see that this FAQ has been posted on another website, please contact Marion Beauchamp at mbeau hotmail. Thank you. Minor changes to certain strategies. July -- v. Other minor wording changes. Added a few questions to FAQ section. Slight rewording and reformatting. Redid section 2.

If you want to throw an explosive. These stones cannot be downloadd anywhere.

Dark Chronicle - Wikipedia

That way. For monsters other than these two types. Late in the game. This is the toughest and most time-consuming type of medal. And for some people. Another method that is particularly useful against Bats. Remember to lock onto the enemy. Since you can only carry 10 Final Bombs. Even in the final dungeon.

Using this method. Something important to remember about flying enemies is that if you have enemies present that can be picked up and thrown. Wind Stone. Quickly lock on and throw something. Here's how to do it: Get your Bomb badge Ch 5.

Following is his original post: Since this board still appears to be active. Gooey Peach. The best way to take advantage of this fact is to save all of Monica's Fruit of Edens until after the game.

The randomly generated rocks.

Dark Cloud 2 Zelmite Mines Btc Mining Company

Chill Stone. Stock up on as many health items as possible bread. Stone Berry. If you're a decent player. Holy Water only for undead-types.

This will leave her with her starting health stat making it -incredibly. Flame Stone. You get one explosion per full health bar. Lightning Stone.

These explosions count and do the same damage as Improved Bombs. Improved Bomb. Final Bomb. I'd like to let everyone in on a little secret of mine.

The Bomb badge monster transformation is the best way to complete Item Only levels. During this pause. Heart Throb cherry. This can be a very easy way to get rid of flying enemies. It will follow this up immediately with a breath attack. Go into a level and use Self-Destruct Bomb transformation "strong" attack on a monster and then heal with food using cheapest first.

As your game progresses. You'll have to fire and quickly run to the next enemy. When you see an aerial enemy.

Dark Cloud 2 (Prima's Official Strategy Guide)

You might want Donny in the party. The easiest way to get Time Trial medals is to use the Ridepod with fast legs. Since you have so little time. It's your choice which character you choose to have with you. When you need to use explosives or stones. The last two levels are harder because of the mimics. The easiest way to hit the bats is to pick up an enemy and hit the bat with it. If you are not using the Ridepod. Just hope that you find the mimics quickly. You might need a key.

When you've found everything you need. You must skip picking up your ABS spheres and money. Remember that you can throw enemies at each other. You might also consider having Pau. Then throw a Bombnut at the bat while it's still stunned.. Remember that the rocks. If poisoning does not work.

This way you can skip opening all chests in the level until after you've finished getting the medal. Do not stick around to watch the enemy die. Propeller legs are available in Chapter 4 and are fast enough for these medals. No matter how weak your weapons are. Just watch their movements. I don't really talk about the weapon only wipe-out medals because these are pretty straightforward.

If at all possible. The first three levels are easier because there are no mimics in these levels. As mentioned before. At that point. The easiest way to get these medals is to put Pau in the party. I suggest you skip your ABS and money. One easy way to deal with the Pixies is to pick them up. Something has to go. Moonflower Palace. Most likely you'll kill both.

At that level. Even if you have to look for a key. Just do not dawdle anywhere. Erik will make 6 Improved Bombs every 24 hours. While both are stunned. It can be annoying to hit the Molers. That way you have the map and can plan an efficient route. If you do start to open chests. Before Chapter 7. From this chapter onward.

Remember to throw or herd enemies together to minimize your use of bombs. You should even have time to throw all the rocks in the level to look for items. The Golems are still alive after 1 Improved Bomb. There are too many enemies in this level to use 1 Improved Bomb for each one.

For the King Mimics. Your strategy is to stop them. To economize on item usage. Holy Gemrons and Thunder Gemrons can all be poisoned. You can also use 1 Lightning Stone against the Wind Elements if you need to. Remember that the Smiling Fairies can be poisoned so bring along some Poison Apples in case you get worried about your supply of bombs.

The Nikapous. The Yo-yo Barrels will die to 1 Improved Bomb. Remember that both the Smiling Fairies and the Mimics can be picked up. If you are running out of bombs. Monster Transforms. The Sand Molers will die to Poisoning plus a Bombnut. The only annoying thing about this level is trying to hit the Sand Molers with a Poison Apple. And remember that the Sand Molers will be hurt by a bombnut or bomb even if they are underground.

The Gundrons here are easy to defeat by poisoning. For the Stick Joes. Each King Mimic will take 2 Improved Bombs. They readily shoot out those cannonballs. All enemies but the 2 Steam Tores can be poisoned. Quickly throw a Stone Berry at them before they can shoot. The Hornheads and the Sootys will go down to Holy Water. Just remember the Gemron method outlined elsewhere in this guide -. Deathtrap Savage Ram Steam Goyone x 6 x 6. The Mimics and Statues will die with one Improved Bomb. Savage Rams and Steam Goyones can all be taken care of by poisoning.

You can take care of the Bone Lords with Holy Water. The Mummy. Just remember that Bombnuts are no longer of any use. Not THAT bad of a level. What you should do about the Ultrasonic Bombs and the Lava Bats. Ocean's Roar Cave. The Mimics will die to 2 Improved Bombs. The King Mimic will take 2 Improved Bomb and a few fruit or rock. The nice big blast radius will kill any nearby bat and the explosion from one Final Bomb will take care of each Ultrasonic Bomb caught in the blast.

The 4 Mimics will each die to 2 Improved Bombs. The Ultrasonic Bombs take more than 3 Improved Bombs each. The Iron Mask and Balalla can be poisoned. The bats are annoying to try and hit. You can minimize your use of Improved Bombs by throwing the Mimics together. The Star Tortoise and Arkerath will all die. If you have Final Bombs.

It's just easier to use Final Bombs. I find them especially useful against the rock-man enemies and the living armor. Then throw one Final Bomb at them.

The King Mimics will die to 3 Improved Bombs or 3 elemental stones. The Bundy will go down with 2 Holy Water each. If you choose to use Final Bombs. One Final Bomb will take care of those. The two Mimics will each die to 3 Improved Bombs. Monica lifts up a rock to throw at an approaching enemy.

Dark Chronicle is an action role-playing game played from a third-person perspective. The player moves through procedurally-generated dungeons, battles monsters and collects items. Monica uses a sword and a magical bracelet. As weapons level up, their number of "Synthesis Points" increases, determining how many "spectrumized" items can be attached to it. Most items in this game can be broken down, or "spectrumized", which turns the item into a "SynthSphere" that can be attached to a weapon to raise specific stats, depending on its properties.

Weapons can also be spectrumized but the resulting SynthSphere will be unstable unless the weapon is level five or higher. When attached, instability will result in minimal stat growth. A spectrumized level-five weapon will result in considerable stat growth. Built-up weapons gain strength and revert to level one; building up is the only way to acquire each character's most powerful weaponry.

In contrast with Dark Cloud, broken weapons do not disappear from the players' inventories but become unusable until repaired and lose some of the ABS they have accrued. Georama mode in Dark Chronicle. Here, the player places a house on a previously placed hill in Sindain to affect events in the game's future world. A major component of Dark Chronicle's gameplay involves special items called "Geostones" which are used to rebuild the world outside the dungeons.

Buildings can then be populated with villagers recruited from other levels throughout the game. Certain conditions must be met for each village; when each condition is completed, something significant in the future changes. The player's completion of these conditions is recorded as a percentage.

These characters are never controllable and do not appear in battle, but players can access a party member's special ability through the "Characters" portion of the menu. Each character has a different ability and only one can be active at a time. Some characters can influence a battle, such as increasing item drops and adjusting enemy behavior; others can produce certain items inside or outside dungeons.

9780761542636 - Dark Cloud 2 (Prima's Official Strategy Guide) by Prima Games

Later in the game, players' fish can be entered into weigh-in competitions and races. A group of creatures attack her; she defeats them and enters the room, where she finds a man standing over her dead father's body. The man disappears in a ball of light.

Flotsam sees Max and realizes Max's red pendant is the stone he is seeking. Max flees and leaves town to find out what is going on. But actually, I did play Zelmite Mines, just cause the Dark Cloud series have always killed every other game, and the fun never ends. For the boss battle with the Flappin' Brothers, see Sphinx.

This action research project describes the impact a love for reading and access to books had on incarcerated King Arthur and his Knights of the R A Novel advanced textbook pdf Wolf Hall: Defeating the final boss will play the second ending to the game. Find Caring Elderly Results on Alothome.

A Novel Audiobook, get it here! Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The Ridepod has surprisingly little defense against the stronger enemies, and so it is imperative that you build up your ultimate weapons to its maximum possible stats.

October 25, 2: Study online flashcards and notes for Geriatrics -caring for older adults holistically- mary ann anderson-ch. But other than that, there are very few off-course areas.

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