Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography. EB Garamond; Roboto. Load Time: fast. embed customize embed customize. Yep, Google Fonts has two types of Garamond! the Berner specimen from , EB Garamond is the first open source Garamond typeface.

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Eb Garamond Google Font

Explore EB Garamond designed by Octavio Pardo at Adobe Fonts. Garamont's fonts have set a milestone, on which font designers have been recurring ever since. EB Garamond is an open source project to. fonts/'); /* IE9 Compat Modes */ src: local('EB Garamond Regular'), local('EBGaramond-Regular'), url('.

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Well, there is a combo of Google Fonts that gels well.


Roboto Slab is the most versatile and classical font style, that is compatible with the bold and unique Raleway font. When they both are combined, you get refined typography. Unless and until you give a try to the combo, you will not be able to realise the magic they both can create together and provide a next level appeal to the typography. Some striking aspects: The sophistication of Raleway and the simple text style of Roboto Slab together makes it perfect for elite e-commerce sites like designer clothing, upscale jewellery and similar products.

Both the fonts can be used interchangeably as headlines and body texts. You have to find out what works best for your branding. The versatility and the extensive range of font weights make the fonts the preferred choice. Furthermore, the user-friendly and the modernity of the fonts make it dependable for website content usage on several occasions.

Several start-up companies are favouring the use of the pairing. Striking features: You simply cannot go wrong with the combination of both the Google Fonts. The fonts work great for any tech start-up company, a contemporary small-scale business venture. They will work great with any brand identity with a massive value in the future. The font no doubt displays an old charm, but with a modern touch to it.

When this old charm font is combined with the futuristic, Source Sans Pro font, there is a creation of engaging typography that is creative, but still practical.

Some points about the combination: The combo gives a personal touch to taglines and product descriptions.

Free Sabon font alternatives in 2019

It is apt for web pages that deal with products and graphic design services. There is a clean and modern appearance. If you look at both the fonts independently, you will find that they both have their unique attributes. Despite being so different from each other, their combination is just killer.

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EB Garamond 08 Regular Glyphs.

Ashler Design | EB Garamond minisite

EB Garamond 08 Italic Glyphs. EB Garamond 12 Regular Glyphs.

EB Garamond 12 Italic Glyphs. EB Garamond Initials 13 Glyphs. Show Language Support. Upload a photo to scan for similar type. From Georg Duffner.

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