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bahasa indonesia epub novel the hunger games catching fire bahasa indonesia ebook, novel the hunger games catching fire bahasa indonesia pdf, novel the. Download Novel The Hunger Games Bahasa Indonesia. Oke kali ini aku posting link Novel The Hunger Games Bahasa Indonesia. Ini gak php. The Hunger Games is a dystopian novel by the American writer Suzanne Collins. It is written in the voice of year-old Katniss Everdeen, who lives in the .

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Indonesian Pie: Unseenable - Tidak Terlihat - Ebook written by Rudiyant. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android. Quizlet provides the hunger games chapter 6 activities, flashcards and games. Learn more at Biography. Tempat kamu Download Novel, Download Ebook, buku. Free Download Ebook Trilogy The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins.

Six months later, prior to Katniss and Peeta's "Victory Tour" of the country, President Snow visits and tells Katniss that her televised acts of defiance in the previous Games have inspired rebellion among the districts. Snow demands that Katniss convinces the country that she was acting out of love for Peeta, not against the Capitol, or her entire family and best friend Gale Hawthorne will be executed. Katniss reveals this threat to her mentor, Haymitch Abernathy , but not to Peeta. Peeta announces that he will give part of his winnings to the families of Rue and fellow tribute Thresh , and Katniss delivers an impromptu, heartfelt speech expressing her gratitude to the fallen tributes. An old man salutes Katniss, joined by the crowd; to her horror, the old man is immediately executed. Hoping to placate Snow, Peeta proposes to Katniss during a televised interview in the Capitol. Katniss accepts, but Snow is dissatisfied with her performance, leaving her fearing for her loved ones. Returning to District 12, now overrun with harsher Peacekeepers to enforce the Capitol's rule, Katniss discovers an uprising has broken out in District 8. Gale is caught poaching and is whipped in the town square until Haymitch intervenes. While hunting in the woods, Katniss meets Bonnie and Twill, refugees from District 8 whose uprising has failed. They plan to reach District 13 — believed to be destroyed in the first rebellion against the Capitol — in the hope that the residents are actually underground. Preparing for her upcoming wedding, Katniss learns that Districts 3 and 4 have also risen up against the Capitol. The Capitol announces the 75th Hunger Games, with a twist —tributes will be selected from the surviving victors of the previous Games. Katniss realizes she must compete alongside either Haymitch or Peeta.

As a matter of fact, they want the other one to survive more than they do themselves. After suppressing the first rebellion, the Capitol establishes rules in order to restrict and control the citizens' lives. Examples noted by Dill include that, "the 75th annual Hunger Games have 'new' rules that cause Katniss and Peeta to be in danger once again. More 'Peacekeepers' are placed in districts to diminish any hope that the citizens started to have after the last Hunger Games.

Other themes in the book include morality, obedience, sacrifice, redemption, love, and law. An eBook version was also published on June 3, Publishers Weekly wrote, "If this second installment spends too much time recapping events from book one, it doesn't disappoint when it segues into the pulse-pounding action readers have come to expect. She has written a sequel that improves upon the first book.

As a reader, I felt excited and even hopeful: could it be that this series and its characters were actually going somewhere?

Not to mention primed for part three. The same review from The Plain Dealer expressed displeasure at how, "after pages of romantic dithering, I was tapping my foot to move on.

There's little distinction between the two thinly imagined guys, other than the fact that Peeta has a dopier name. Collins conjures none of the erotic energy that makes Twilight , for instance, so creepily alluring.

In April , it was announced that Gary Ross , director of The Hunger Games, would not return due to a "tight" and "fitted" schedule. Several District 11 scenes were also filmed in the rural areas of Macon County, Georgia , and the rest of production took place in Hawaii. Real SHOCKING Now without spoiler ,and to cut this review short Catching Fire tops the first part The Hunger Games by adding to the thriller, drama and the semi romance theme that were at the first book a new element "Mystery" The story here start after few months of the Games,slow beginning with how the life became, the preparing for the tour..

The straggling ideas at Katniss mind between the fleeing away or stand for the rebellion.. The consequences of her talk with Gale.. The rumors of the last hope.. The Quarter Quell.. The shock.. The Power Points of the books: The repeated Events The author did a great job in here to not repeat herself,and when necessary since some of events that must be happening again as the first book it's different,deeper,got real meaning and emotional than the 1st book.

For example the tour was very detailed at Distract 11 -which it should be since it's Rue's from P1- and then the next ones are brief. The Games itself got a new element as I've said at the beginning which is the Mystery of the characters The Characters Katniss: Now she's struggling since becoming in the spot light ,The pressure President Snow makes on her, her feelings for Peeta and Gale.

It's real deep at this part and very confused.. The Mother,Effie,Haymitch are getting deeper this book.. And the new characters Finnick Odair ,Johanna Mason are the best add.. Every chapter end with a cliffhanger make u "What the View all 32 comments. Another enjoyable entry in the Hunger Games Saga! Soon I can pretend that I didn't wait forever to read these because I'll have flown through. Full review to come. View 2 comments.

Jan 10, Wendy rated it it was amazing Shelves: I know it's popular and over-saturated, but it's not Twilight At all. Read it asap. Re-reading the series because I just want to, darn it. I bought the books for that reason, right? It was for me, just as hang-on-to-your-hat as the first time.

I should have put it down at 11 and went to bed, but no. But really, in this terrible dystopian world, I think things had to get worse for Katniss before she decided that something had to be done. Things decidedly get worse. Her second worst nightmare happens: I totally remember the first read through around that that was the last thing I expected. She realizes her first worst nightmare will probably come to pass in one way or another: She can't protect everyone major foreshadowing , but she'll die trying.

I'll amend something I mentioned below: I do think this is maybe slightly better than HG. I can't really pin point it. It's a great book. Both are. HG introduces us to a world we can't imagine, and Catching Fire starts to show the cracks. The growing pains have begun.

You can only suppress and oppress people for so long until they say "enough".

The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset

Twelve districts live for the single benefit of the Capital. Did you get it the first time? She's the girl on fire, so they put in in the one place where fire can't burn: And lots of it. I thought the idea of the clock was genius, not only in it's written execution but also in the metaphor. Your time is short. Your life is short. I think I even learned a thing or two about human nature. Also, don't pre-judge people. They might be brave and noble hiding behind snobby and aloofness.

Totally not what I expected, but a good story. Although not as jaw-droppingly good as the first book. Less action, especially in the first act of the book. Action picks up later, but is still not as good as the first one. Still, a good 'middle' book, for what I expect to be a trilogy. Provided a little more backstory, and certainly a lot more foreshadowing of what will be happening next. Can't wait for the next one!!!

View all 17 comments. Jan 07, James rated it really liked it Shelves: Every so often, I select a Young Adult book to read. After I read the Hunger Games, I had to finish the trilogy I mean, how could you not, right?

Let's back up a bit I love challenges. I am totally in my element watching serial killers on TV shows. I didn't mean that in a sociopath-kinda way I just mean the thrill of trying to guess who the killer is and who's gonna go next is the fun part I'm honestly not a serial killer It's total cheesy fun, but I could watch it anytime The point is THAT is a fun book.

So I had to read The Hunger Games. She'd already been through so much. And I couldn't take the stress of guessing which character would go and in what horrific way. My reaction was like: I really, really liked this book. And if it wasn't already done in the first edition, I would have given this a Peeta seemed destined to be with Katniss in the books. And I was good with that. We all need someone to bake for us, right? Losing Mags and Rue was awful.

But the imagination in these books is incredible.

This is is how I felt: I recommend reading the series. It may totally be commercial young adult fiction, but if it gets you to read, it's a good thing. And it's full of moral lessons and a challenge to think critically about life. All around I think it's a must read! About Me For those new to me or my reviews I read A LOT. I write A LOT.

First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at https: Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Vote in the poll and ratings. Thanks for stopping by. Feb 20, Natalie Monroe rated it it was amazing Shelves: Testing, testing Before reading: Nice Natalie: I hope it's as good as The Hunger Games. Cynical Natalie: Eh, I'm not holding out much hope. The Hunger Games wasn't that good this time around.

The pacing lagged in the middle and Katniss comes off bitchy sometimes. Catching Fire and Mockingjay didn't come close to the high it gave the first time we read it. Katniss flashback of Gale: Nice Nat Testing, testing I prefer to leave that memory in the murky marshes with Twihard tween Natalie. God, he's a selfish asshole.

How did we not see this before? He's the broody, smouldering jerk we roll our eyes at now. Can you spell cliche? It's symbolic. Of cliche. Train ride to Capitol with Peeta: I am not with her. District Has Katniss always been this Like she's charitable and can't stand to see pain. I like it, it gives her character depth. You can't pin her down because she's both a killer and Mother Teresa. The whipping: There it is.

The love triangle. Oh, let it go! Katniss's confession was a heat-of-the-moment thing. Remember what she said later? All I can think about, every day, every waking minute since they drew Prim's name at the reaping, is how afraid I am.

And there doesn't seem to be room for anything else. If we could get somewhere safe, maybe I could be different. Calm your emotions, woman. Finnick's appearance: Tribute interviews: I love the movie's special effects. Actually, I love everything about the movies. They stick to the book. Where's Madge?

Must you ruin everything? Mags during the Games: For God's sake This scene: Put our faces right in front of his. We position ourselves on either side of Peeta, lean over until our faces are inches from his nose, and give him a shake. Peeta, wake up," I say in a soft, singsong voice. His eyelids flutter open and then he jumps like we've stabbed him. Every time we try to stop, we look at Peeta's attempt to maintain a disdainful expression and it sets us off again.

I am allergic to joy. Moving on! This scene is problematic. It's true his family doesn't need him. They will mourn him, as will a handful of friends. But they will get on. Even Haymitch, with the help of a lot of white liquor, will get on. I realize only one person will be damaged beyond repair if Peeta dies.

So before he can talk, i stop his lips with a kiss. Two, Katniss kisses him to shut him up. She admits it. Him talking makes her confused, so she basically uses sex to manipulate him. How's that different from Christian Grey using his dick to silence Ana? We don't know much about Peeta's family life since Katniss never bothered to find out. I'm willing to admit that scene is little weird, but Katniss doesn't do it all the time.

It's only a problem if she frequently uses her body to shut Peeta up. She's obviously overwhelmed and unsure of her feelings towards him, so she acts on instinct. Katniss isn't good with words, she's all about action.

The ending: Why are you talking like you're in a Shakespeare play? After reading: Five stars. The writing's better, and Katniss has become a very complex character. The stakes are off the charts. I concur. But if you ever tell anyone I agreed with you, I'll beat you with an orange in a sock. View all 14 comments. May 09, Sean Barrs the Bookdragon rated it did not like it Shelves: This book annoyed me so much. Not just because it was bad. But, because it made me want to storm through it to see what happened in the ending.

I hated the effect it had on me because this books is terrible and not worthy of my enthralment. When I finished it, I looked back and realised how cheap the book was and how, essentially, it is the first book again. I hated the first book, and to have it repeated on myself again was frustrating and poor taste.

Did I say cheap already? It was like th This book annoyed me so much. It was like the author had only one trick up her sleeve, so she reused it on me. The first book in disguise The capitol fears uprising in its districts. The Capitol then, in an incredibly idiotic move, tours the beacon that they detest around the districts. The districts see their beacon and, quite naturally, are inspired by the flame.

They are fuelling the fires of the rebellion they wish to quench. Why not simply kill Katniss and make it look like an accident? The Capitol is absolutely terrible at being an overlord, again. Therefore, you would naturally suppose that this next batch of contestants would be quite effective killing machines.

These guys are supposed to be experts. The only ones that actually manage to do some killing are just characterised as generic brutes, so not really survival experts. Cheap writing Katniss really began to grate on me in this novel. I found her flat to begin with, but now I just hate her entire characterisation. He is clearly in love with her. And she clearly will be in love with him eventually. This was such an obvious route to take with the story. I think it would have been much more interesting if Katniss has continued to have proper feelings for Gale.

Or somehow fell in love with the enemy. I hate this predictable book. Katniss seems to think in a series of questions at points. She has no meaningful thoughts or observations of the world, and she comes across as quite detached and stoic when describing the games. She really is a weak protagonist because she is written so badly.

Moreover, the idea that she has become, essentially, a messiah and a leader of a rebellion is even harder to accept. I think her actions are completely uninspiring and are, of course, self-serving because she is just fighting for her own survival.

Thus, I gave this novel a very low rating; it is essentially a verbatim repeating of the first book. I do not feel like believable progress was made nor has any of the characters has any believable development.

For me, this is another terrible book by Suzanne Collins. The Hunger Games 1. The Hunger Games- A transparent one star 2. Catching Fire- A cheap one star View all 9 comments. Feb 17, Kat Kennedy rated it it was amazing Shelves: So I've finished the book and all I can say is: Catching fire has broken my heart with the events that have unfolded and I am desperately holding out for more.

As usual, the writing is flawless, the characters beyond fantastic and the plot will leave you on the edge of your seat. This is, hands down, my favourite series View all 3 comments.

Sep 15, karen rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all 13 comments. Aug 26, Kemper rated it liked it Shelves: After President Snow threatens her family and friends, Katniss tries to put out the fire she stated, but her efforts only seem to encourage more dissent.

There was a lot that could have been done with Katniss in that role, and the book seemed poised to follow through with that story. So while the new death match is a bigger and badder version of what we saw in The Hunger Games , it ends up seeming familiar and a letdown kind of like The Hangover Part II.

View all 27 comments. Apr 11, Lyn rated it liked it. The Hunger Games trilogy continues with Catching Fire. This is a book that was hard to put down. I nibbled at it for a few days because I was busy with other things but once the weekend came, I did little else until it was finished. Taking up where The Hunger Games left off, author Collins continues using the first person, present tense narrative but the story is expanded as Katniss gets to see more of the behind the scenes action in other districts and in the Capital.

Collins also throws in many twists and turns, some expected, and others completely taking the reader off guard. This is excellent story telling not just in how it is told but in Collins' exceptional imagination.

I joined the millions of others who went on to read Mockingjay and finish the series. Feb 17, Kiki rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Is it just me, or is anyone else really starting to like Haymitch? Bet you didn't see this coming. Moi, Kira, reading Catching Fire and giving it four stars!

The Hunger Games earned an uneasy 2. The most annoying part? Katniss, probably. The almost absurd seriousness of her voice and her behavior toward Peeta tipped me though I did have to give her kudos for being absolutely kick-ass. The cavalier treatment of Haymitch's alcoholism, the total lack of sensi Is it just me, or is anyone else really starting to like Haymitch? The cavalier treatment of Haymitch's alcoholism, the total lack of sensical world-building and the sentence fragments grated on me.

I enjoyed it, yes; but love it, I did not. I was all set to throw in the towel with this series. It's been a year since I read The Hunger Games , and I wasn't on any kind of tenterhook to find out what happened next. I'll admit, when I picked up Catching Fire it was with a sort of do-I-have-to groan, because it was practically thrust into my hand by a friend who is totally batshit crazy about these books and demanded I keep reading or die.

So I cracked it open on pain of death and started reading. The first seventy or so pages are ridiculously boring. Katniss and Peeta literally do nothing but travel around and eat. It was during this time, when there was no violence or gratuitous nudity or mildly sexual romantic tension to distract me, that those absolutely heinous sentence fragments really caught up with me.

Look, this book is obviously intended to be written as a stream of Katniss's consciousness, so I absolutely understand an abundance of fragments. But these fragments are nonsensical. I literally had to read some sentences five times just to understand what Katniss was trying to say, and let me tell you one thing: The fragments would cut a perfectly comprehensible sentence into two incomprehensible halves.

Welcome to Logicville. So why'd I give this book four stars? Because I read it in something like two and a half days, and although the plotline felt repetitive, half-hearted and sort of a caper, it was just great. So much better than the first book. Let me say something: This is the plot of this book. Like, how much more convinced does he think the people need to be? So this creates a lot of unnecessary conflict, while Katniss bounces between Gale and Peeta, even though she knows herself that she's not sexually attracted to Gale and at this point the reader is already fully aware that in the end, she's going to pick Peeta.

How could she not? He practically has "I am a non-threatening love interest" tattooed across his forehead. This series is a lot of things, but unpredictable it is not. So anyway, a Quarter Quell is announced, in which a male and female tribute from each District will be selected from the existing pool of victors, ergo, the folks who won will be in the arena again and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what makes this book fucking great.

The feeling of sheer betrayal from the Capitol's decision to haunt the victors with another Hunger Games is what carries this whole book. Yadda yadda, lots of violence, and then a bad guy turns out to be good and Katniss and Co. Let's start with the love triangle, which this book pretty frequently relies on to supply tension. I've been pretty hard on the love triangle, but I really shouldn't have been: It felt premeditated and it does forward the plot, so kudos for that.

Plus, the Katniss in this book is much more human, a Katniss I could better relate to.

She's tough but emotional, self-assured yet apologetic, compassionate but practical. Her voice held a little note of sarcasm which I just loved , because I always felt that the maudlin narrative of the first book really did border on angsty and I can't deal with that shit. You feel me? I better felt who Katniss was in this book, and as such, I felt like I could grow to care about Peeta and Gale as characters, though not as love interests - like I said before, I could've cared less who Katniss ended up with because none of the romantic relationships ever really interested me.

Note that it is true what they say, that Gale and Peeta are practically the same character, except Gale tends to be irritatingly convenient in his reactions and tends to jump to the most nonsensical conclusions, so I do tend to prefer Peeta.

I don't know what it is; Peeta's just lovely. And he's a little clumsy and awkward, which I find incredibly endearing. It's a Quarter Quell, which occurs every twenty-five years, and means the Gamemakers toss in a curveball to freak everyone the fuck out. These Games were nowhere near as threatening as those in The Hunger Games. That was mainly what warmed me to the first book: In this book, the reaping happens in one paragraph, there are two pages of meals and dresses, and then they're straight into a particularly creative arena which was thrilling, but not frightening.

My problem with these Games was that everything felt like it was moving very slowly. After the gong sounds, there wasn't the jump of the heart that occurred with Katniss's first Games.

The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset by Suzanne Collins

There was just Katniss falling, Katniss running, Katniss swimming, Katniss doing this and that. After she reaches the Cornucopia, there's time for some witty dialogue between her and the unspeakably fabulous Finnick Odair, and then they mosey on over to Peeta, pick their weapons with strategy, then wander into the jungle. Oh, please. So why was this book such a success, in comparison to the previous and more tense installment? Well, because the character development in this book is far superior to that of first one, in that each character feels more complex, each exchange of dialogue feels more natural, and somehow, for some reason, Peeta and Gale began to actually interest me as separate people in their own right.

In the first book, all of the characters go through the entire book without changing at all by the end. Katniss was already a hunter, Peeta was already a baker and painter, and Gale was already brooding and angsty. By the end of the games, nothing inside the characters had really changed. Katniss was still a hunter, Peeta was still a wet rag, and Gale Who cared about Gale at the end of the first book?

There wasn't a single character arc to be found. Just people doing stuff and that stuff causing other stuff. So while The Hunger Games excelled in candy gore and adrenaline-charged action, this book has more substance. I felt like it mattered. I read the book like a year before the movie came out, okay? In essence, I felt like a lot of this book was kind of a caper.

Well, maybe not quite a caper, but it was more like an adventure novel than a terrifying thriller. I loved the twists, especially Plutarch Heavensbee, which I did not see coming, not for a second. There was a lot of clothing description, which was great fun hurrah for Katniss's mockingjay outfit!

That was dope and while a lot of the arena time felt sort of Tomb Raider -esque, it was wildly entertaining. That's the essence of Collins' writing, at least for me.

Technically, it's kind of lame, but she knows how to put across a story with just enough heart to convince the reader to give a shit.

Despite the somewhat sweet-shoppish atmosphere of the Games, there were plenty of darker areas to this book. The Capitol's killing gentle Cinna, Katniss's hopeless entrapment in the Quarter Quell, Mags's death in the arena, the morphlings, Finnick's love for Annie and, most pungently for me, the glimpse of Haymitch's time in the arena.

It was sickening, really; to throw back to teenage Haymitch, his connection with Maysilee, and his victory in the games after a disgustingly bloody battle with his final opponent.

Guys, his intestines were literally hanging out and the girl was killed with an axe to the head. How anyone can still not like Haymitch after this is beyond me. This is the reasoning behind his alcoholism, his anti-social personality, and eventually view spoiler [his rebellion as he collaborates with Plutarch Heavensbee to get Katniss out of the arena and into District 13 hide spoiler ]. Oddly, Katniss was one of the very people who expressed no sympathy whatsoever for Haymitch, despite witnessing his disturbingly awful stint in the arena when there were twice as many tributes as usual Haymitch competed in the 2nd Quarter Quell.

She's horribly judgmental, and apathetic toward him, and frankly, it left me irritated. I may be the only person on the planet who actually likes Haymitch, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Needless to say, I absolutely fell in love with Finnick.

Do I even need to say why? No need. On the day before the games, in the televised interview with Caesar Flickerman , Peeta reveals his long-unrequited love for Katniss; she is initially shocked by this and believes this is a ploy to gain sponsors, but later accepts this as sincere. Haymitch then promotes their image as " star-crossed lovers ". The Games begin, and nearly half the tributes are killed in the bloodbath at the start, fighting over the weapons and supplies throughout the arena.

Katniss disregards Haymitch's earlier advice to flee immediately and nearly dies, but uses her well-practiced hunting and survival skills to hide in the woods. After a few days, an artificial fire drives Katniss toward the others. She is spotted and treed by the "Careers" tributes and Peeta, who seems to have allied with them.

Catching Fire

Their venom kills one of the careers and drives the others away, but Katniss is stung and begins hallucinating. Peeta returns, but instead of killing her, tells her to run away. Katniss later forms an alliance with Rue, but Rue is fatally wounded by another tribute while Katniss destroys the careers' supplies.

Katniss kills Rue's killer with an arrow, and accompanies Rue as she dies and spreads flowers over the body to show her defiance against the Capitol. In gratitude, Rue's district sends Katniss a loaf of bread. A rule change is announced, allowing the tributes from the same district to win as a pair. Katniss finds and nurses a wounded Peeta who later revealed that he formed an alliance with the careers to protect Katniss , acting the part of a girl in love to gain gifts.

When the Gamemakers send a delivery of what each contestant needs most, Katniss risks her life to obtain medicine for Peeta. She is intercepted by a career tribute Clove, who gloats over Rue's death and tries to kill Katniss, but is killed by Thresh, the male District 11 tribute, who spares Katniss for Rue's sake.

The medicine saves Peeta's life, and they both spend time hunting and collecting food.