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Hanuman Sundarakanda Telugu Pdf

Sundara Kanda literally "beautiful episode/book", is the fifth book in the Hindu epic the Ramayana. It depicts the adventures of Hanuman. The original Sundara. Sundarakanda Parayanam Book In Telugu Pdf Sundarakanda is the story of the determination of Hanuman in achieving the task he set out. at the end of this page we can download telugu or english Sundarakanda pdf books.

February 24, Dear All, This is the preface to the posting on Sundarkanda Regards, aavesh Dear friends and devotees, Bhakti is eternal. It reads as: - The history is of Rama! Writer is Maharshi Vaalmiki! Singers are Kusha and Lava, whose voice is so melodious kinnera kanta! Then what is there that will not relish the minds of hearers? This is how the famous poet Kalidasa had praised Maharshi Valmiki the writer of Ramayana. Ramayana is divided into 6 kandas with an additional one named Uttarakanda. They are 1. Balakanda, 2. Ayodhyakanda, 3. Aranyakanda, 4. Kishkinda kanda, 5. Sundarakanda, 6. The names of all kandas, except No. The name of No.

The king and the queen followed his advice and as a result a good son was born to them. They named him Balachandra and the prince grew up as an extremely learned and able man. When he became old, the king decided to give his kingdom to his son and make him his successor and retire to the forest.

Unfortunately the terrible disease of Tuberculosis afflicted Balachandra. In spite of treatment by the foremost expert doctors of the world and daily prayers the prince was not cured.

When the king and queen were terribly worried and knew not what to do, the sage who had earlier blessed them with the child came again to that city. The king and the Queen fell at his feet and requested him to cure the disease of the prince. But later realizing his sin, he daily read Ramayana and worshipped Rama and that is why he has been born to you. I would tell you, how to get rid of the effects of that sin. Spread a white silk cloth in that stage.

Sundara Kanda - Wikipedia

On that cloth, spread six measures of Paddy and on that half the quantity of raw rice. On that keep a golden vessel made of one pound of silver full of pearls. Cover that vessel with a silk cloth. On that keep a gold plate in which the Sri Rama Yantra is drawn. Over that keep the golden statue of Sri Rama accompanied by Sita and Hanuman. Worship this statue using Rama Sahasranamavali.

Then read the entire Sundara Kanda. This worship and reading should start in the early morning and end at noon. A non fading ghee lamp also should be kept burning for 68 days and the above procedure should be repeated 68 times.

On each day, Payasam should be prepared and offered to God Rama. Though this is the best, completing the repetition 68 times can also be done in four months.

It is best for the individual himself to read the Sundara Kanda, and it is of medium effect if it is got read by single Brahmin, and worse if it is got read by many Brahmins.

After completing the above, The Yudha Kanda should be completely read either by 5 or 6 days.

hanuman-chalisa in kannada.pdf

All the 73 days, in the evening a great scholar should retell the stories of Sundara Kanda. The name of No. In Sundarakanda, the main character is Anjaneya, whose growing despair in the early chapters, after his colossal leap over the mighty ocean in his gargantuan form has reached its nadir and turning point with the discovery of beleaguered Seetha in the Ashoka grove but spread fast the momentum of the narrative is suddenly reversed.

The reader or the hearer of this Kanda, too, cannot but be moved by the general exuberance of the episode.

Anjaneya is the destroyer of enemies. The enemy to Jnana wisdom is Ajnana ignorance. Anjaneya who is also called as Hanuman is the one who makes us to conquer Ajnana and therefore he is in the place of Guru. Seetha is nothing but Lakshmi Devi. Goddess Lakshmi is considered to be most beautiful and worshiped by the entire Universe.

This Goddess, in disguise of Seetha was sitting under an Asoka tree with a worn-out dress, sad face and getting prepared even for self-destruction having disgusted on the life, due to continuous harassment of Ravana.

Inside the story, there are more dhyana slokas, by reading of which, one is getting out of all kinds of troubles.

It invigorates the reader. When Goddess Parvathi asked, Lord Siva told her the value of reading sundarakanda for 68 times. From ages it is believed that reading of Sundara kanda gives immense benefits. It is said to be the ultimate, to overcome all hurdles in the life and attain moksha liberation.

This contains 68 sargas parts consisting slokas verses and the tradition says that the dhyana slokas should be read prefix and suffix to every part. As such reading the same with full tradition is time consuming in the present days, where the life has become mechanical.

Sundara Kanda

Keeping in view of the above, I requested my beloved Guru Paramacharya some years back, to suggest something to the present generation.

He smiled and gave an alternative. If one reads a brief of the same with dhyana slokas, it will give the same result. Then I heard and kept quiet.

Some how after two decades, there raised an intuition in my mind about the orders of my Guru in the night and the very next day I happened to see a small version of Sundarakanda in English and decided to write. Then a question arises. What type of brief?

Is it of the entire chapter which also runs into pages? I also got an extrasensory perception that I will be receiving some details also in this regard. Raghava Rao Garu of Hyderabad.

Sundara Kanda

Then I concluded that my friend acted on behalf of H. Holiness Paramacharya. By reading Ramayana, Maharshi Valmiki makes us to walk through out the episode with all the characters. Where as the Pravachana Discourse of Sri Chaganti Koteewara Rao Garu takes us not only with the personas of the episode but also into the fundamentals of Vedic Philosophy, Puranas, basic principles of Hindu Mythology with illustrations and the idiosyncratic rudiments of Divinity.

As such, I am giving a short summary, with some illustrations of both in different facets, which of course is known to almost all parts of the world and India in specific, as introduction, under the following heading: Ramayana. The reminiscences of the creator of Ramayana. The synopsis of Ramayana. The compendious of Ramayana. The historical evidence of Ramayana. Ramayana — Ramanama is Tharakanama. Synopsis of Sundarakanda. The symbolism of Sundarakanda. The resplendence of Sundarakanda. The beauty of Sundarakanda.

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