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Click link bellow and free register to download ebook: THE KAOBOYS OF R&AW: DOWN MEMORY LANE BY B. RAMAN DOWNLOAD FROM OUR ONLINE LIBRARY. The Kaoboys of R&AW: Down Memory Lane and Terrorism: Yesterday. RAMAN PDF Considering that of this e-book The Kaoboys Of R&AW: Down Memory. How We Killed The Kaoboys Mallika Nawal| Date Feb, Comments Operation Kahuta was one of RAW's most ambitious and daring. DOWN MEMORY LANE BY. B. RAMAN PDF book The Kaoboys Of R&AW: Down Memory Lane By B. Raman now! About the Author . He also offers a perspective on what RAW needs to do in future. His tone is politically.

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Kaoboys Of Raw Pdf

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. B. Raman joined the Indian Police Service in and The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI and the Illusion of Peace · A.S. Dulat. Be the first to ask a question about The Kaoboys & R&AW Rameshwar Nath Kao, was asked to head it, and so the book gets its name, the Kaoboys of RAW. THE KAOBOYS OF R&AW Down Memory Lane by B. Raman, , Lancer Publishers edition, Hardcover in English.

This kind of book is almost inconceivable in the United States or Europe. We will just not see this open endorsement of scrutiny of a spy agency and its activities. Journal "The book is replete with material that should force a re-assessment of the operations of intelligence services by our policy-makers and political leaders. Whether that will happen is difficult to tell. While many would like to see the deficiencies noted in the book disappear, still others would merely like to see them disappear from the public discourse. Raman's anguish, so evident in the book, appears partly the despair of one who holds very little hope that things will change, even while arguing that much is needed.? Raman's book is a timely and valuable contribution which deserves the attention of decision makers at the high levels of the government. The book is a tribute to RN Kao,

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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The organization has been given credit where it is due. And it has been criticized where such criticism was warranted. This book is objective in its commentary and assessment. In India, retired intelligence officers have written books on general aspects of intelligence and security. However, there has been a reluctance to write on the functioning of our intelligence agencies by its retired officers. Such reluctance was there even in other countries till the early s.

This has since disappeared.

The public in general and the research scholars in particular have benefited from such writings. This book seeks to break the reluctance in India in public interest, so that the nation as a whole may benefit from a well-informed debate.

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How We Killed The Kaoboys

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The Spy Chronicles: The Unending Game: Vikram Sood. An Indian Spy in Pakistan. Open Secrets: Maloy Krishna Dhar. True Stories of Modern Military Heroes. Shiv Aroor.

Amritsar Mrs. Gandhi's Last Battle. Mark Tully. Editorial Reviews About the Author B.

[PDF] Reviews - The Kaoboys of R&AW - Down Memory Lane - Free Download PDF

He is the author of four books— Intelligence: Down Memory Lane and Terrorism: Product details File Size: May 22, Sold by: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: But Kao's team were no cowboys, their work was silent, no question of showing off, no tall claims 'tall claims have a nasty way of coming back home to haunt you' , no weekly appearances on television panels commenting on every topic under the sky!

However, under Kao's leadership, the 'boys' managed, amongst other feats, to free Bangladesh from Pakistan's yoke.

Raman recounts an incident which occurred in Celebrations were held in Delhi to mark the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Bangladesh. While politicians were speaking, a Bangladeshi gentleman 'noticed a tall, handsome and elegant man sitting inconspicuously at the back of the audience. The Bengali went and told the man Kao : 'Sir, you should have been sitting at the centre of the dais.

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You are the man who made possible. They resumably the boys deserve all praise. Through the pages of the Kaoboys, Raman goes into some details on the Bangladesh war and several other operations in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Sri Lanka [ Images ] as well as his postings in Paris and Geneva. There are two ways to go about reviewing a book like the Kaoboys.

One is to pick up a few 'scoopy' details and highlight them. This has been done by many reviewers. However, as Raman himself pointed out in one of his Rediff columns, the 'breaking the news' type of commentators are often illiterate and what they perceive as the scoop is simply due to their appalling ignorance. For example, headlines about 'French intelligence penetrating the PMO' became recurring.

What was known as the Coomar Narain case in the early eighties remained in the press for several weeks at the time of its discovery. French intelligence officers used to visit the prime minister's office on Sundays and other holidays, select thousands of documents and take photocopies of whatever files interested them, of course on the PMO's machine.

What Raman does not mention is that when it was discovered, the French ambassador was declared persona non grata and given 48 hours to leave the country. He was later promoted to director general of the French ministry of external affairs equivalent to foreign secretary for his 'good work'.

Dr P C Alexander, Indira Gandhi's principal secretary whose office was looted, was not rewarded, but only 'kicked up' as high commissioner in London [ Images ]. This book seeks to break the reluctance in India in public interest, so that the nation as a whole may benefit from a well-informed debate. Most helpful customer reviews 7 of 8 people found the following review helpful.

Not exactly the Wild West By Sanjay Agarwal The 'Kaoboys' in the title is a pun on the name of legendary chief of RAW who saw it through its formative years, and to whom this book is a kind of tribute. Apart from this, there are few cowboy antics, if any, in the book.

The book is mostly quite sober, and measured, even in its criticism of the other countries and agencies, though of course he has a special grudge against the Americans.

If you expect Mr. Raman, a veteran 'Kaoboy' himself, to be sharing any family secrets, you are sadly mistaken. The book is written in a kind of flashback. There are 19 chapters in all, beginning with the Bangladesh war and stopping somewhere around the early nineties, when Mr. Raman retired from the service. In between, he covers a lot of ground geographically actually only South Asia, and little bit of France , but touches on almost each significant aspect: Bangladesh, North-east, Emergency, Khalistan, assassination of two Gandhis mother and son , Bofors, and terrorism.

Each topic is dealt with in a fairly detailed manner, offering a perspective from inside RAW. There is a lot of useful information, though there are quite a few repeats, where he has reproduced his earlier comments almost verbatim. Raman's English is fairly good, though it is not idiomatic, and sometimes downright quaint. However, this does not detract from the overall quality of the book, though the lack of a good editor is sorely felt.

He also offers a perspective on what RAW needs to do in future. His tone is politically neutral, as it has to be for someone who served under at least two different political dispensations. His focus remains throughout on protecting Indian territory and interests. At places he offers interesting tidbits, such as the dilemma the Indian embassy in France faced when Sh.

Morarji Desai stayed with them and presumably used one of the glasses to drink his own urine. The ambassador's wife had the entire set of glasses replaced!

Another interesting incident is when Mrs. Gandhi had her own staff pay customs duty for smuggling in goods from a foreign trip with her.

He also shares his perspective on how the vanity and foibles of our leaders were manipulated or affected the country. Again this comes through in quite a balanced manner - without any special favorites or axe to grind.

The book has been printed on expensive, glossy paper. This makes it difficult to read at times, as the paper reflects light. The type face is good, the book is a fairly slim volume, though relatively large in size.

Overall an objective, and interesting view from inside the administration. download and read this book, quite rare in India where most officers are quite reticent about their years with the Government. In the world of spies Santhanakrishnan How secretive should sleuths be?

Secretive enough to not let our strategies become public domain information for adverse interests; yet not so secretive to escape public scrutiny completely. At last some of our sleuths have started publishing books about their life and times in RAW. Raman does not succumb to the temptation of spilling secrets. He provides the insightful analysis one can expect from him: a There are no friends or enemies amongst sleuths. Strategic interests dominate everything else.

CIA was wary of Indian sleuths helping Soviets in Afghanistan and kept them busy by supporting the Khalistan movement.

PM Narasimha Rao summed it up nicely when he said in a reference to US : "We have to get along well with them; but we have to be careful with them! It started as early as when Naga rebels crossed over to Burma to get trained in rebellion. The rebels' dream of a Greater Nagaland, including bits of Burma, led to Burma turning hostile and stopping this.

Pakistan helped Mizo rebel Laldenga conduct a campaign from Pakistan for Mizo separatism.