This book has been optimized for viewing at a monitor setting of x pixels. The Sugar Queen Also by Sar Sugar. About the Author Karin's first crush on. Random House Reader’s Circle: What inspired the story of The Sugar Queen? Sarah Addison Allen: I know someone who retired from the postal service after thirty years of running a rural route. My next books will have all the magic, romance, food, and Southern settings that readers. The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen Twenty-seven-year-old КБ. Нравится.

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Get Free Read & Download Files The Sugar Queen Sarah Addison Allen PDF. THE SUGAR QUEEN SARAH ADDISON ALLEN. Download: The Sugar Queen. THE SUGAR QUEEN BY SARAH ADDISON ALLEN PDF - In this site isn`t the same as a solution manual you download in a book store or download off the web. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Ariadne Meyers's warm and whimsical performance invigorates a colorful cast of characters. Since most of them.

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I didn't get the Meringue, but Have you ever finished a whole plate of chocolate cake while binge watching Revenge to fill the emptiness of your nights? The Sugar Queen is about three women from a resort town going through a quarter-life crisis quarter life crisis is real. They unexpectedly find each other and themselves in the process. I liked the characters in this book, they feel authentic, especially, Josey.

She's a shy, twenty-seven year old woman who lives as her mother's PA. She dreams of travelling, but her perceived obligations to her mother hold her back, so she gorges on clandestine sweets and pastries for comfort, until she finds Della Lee.

Della Lee and Chloe were colorfully written as well, but Josey is the star. Overall, The Sugar Queen is a pleasant read, a good, relaxing option while in between reading more intricate novels. This is my first book from the author, and it certainly won't be the last. View all 6 comments. Anyone who loves sweet tales with hints of romance and magic.

I love this story! It's a very strong character-driven tale with all of the ingredients I personally enjoy in a book, a little magic, a little fantasy, romance, conflict, and dream fulfillment. The author chose a very simplistic style of writing and spent very little page space describing the weather, the people's description, and atmosphere which doesn't bother me one bit, since she mastered the storytelling element.

She DID describe the main characters enough for you to get a good picture of e I love this story! I'd rather read a book written simply that engages me, than read a beautifully written poem with poor story and character development. The main character, Josey, made herself a warm spot in my heart the same way Della Lee got all cozy inside Josey's closet.

But Josey, of course didn't enter my heart in a commanding way. I didn't feel sorry for her because she felt like she was doing something good; and people shouldn't feel bad about doing good things.

Sarah Addison Allen

I just wanted more for her and this desire pulled me into the story. I cared about her and that's important for me as a reader, to care about the main character in some way.

The events that unfolded were so natural and made so much sense while still possessing a unique quality. One example of this is the unexpected connection between all of the characters. I am so happy I found this one at the library in hard cover. I think Sarah Addison Allen might be my new favorite author. I'll be picking up Garden Spells next. This excites me greatly as I have a high affinity for sweets which drew me to The Sugar Queen and I'm obsessed with gardening, which is drawing me to Garden Spells.

I hope it's just as enchanting as TSQ. You know how when you are not feeling well you are told to each chicken soup? Well, this is my chicken soup. I love reading books by Sarah Addison Allen, they are comforting, and in an odd way, familiar. Yes, its not as good as Garden Spells, but this one is different. Allen's books have magical realism, southern traditions, quirky characters This book tells the story of lonely, isolated Josey and the other people who come into her life from town, and how she changes over You know how when you are not feeling well you are told to each chicken soup?

This book tells the story of lonely, isolated Josey and the other people who come into her life from town, and how she changes over time. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and look forward to reading more books by Allen. This book was so sugary sweet that I felt like I was reading the Hallmark channel. Yes, I am not that into you! So, in the future, I need to remind myself to stay far away from the pitter patter of love books. Perhaps I am super spoiled by the love story of Ross and Demelza Pollack that I am currently reading, that I find The Sugar Queen to be so implausible that it is laughable.

Sorry Ms Allen, but your books are just not my cup of tea View all 7 comments. May 04, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: The Sugar Queen is a mix of chick lit, fantasy, and contemporary romance, with some more serious elements related to family dynamics and self-esteem.

It didn't "wow" me, but overall I liked it and it held my interest well. I thought it was funny how a lot of the main character, Josey's experiences were described like some kind of sugary sweet.

It felt like hunger but deeper, heavier. Like the best kind of expectation. Ice cream expectation. Chocolate expectation.

If you're a fan of chick lit with a magical element then you should check it out! My favorite quote: This was picked as the first reading selection for a new book club at my local library--probably as counterpoint to the heavier reads of the 'other' book club. Josey Cirrini, 27 and still living at home under her wealthy mother's thumb, takes solace in her hidden closet of indulgent sweet treats.

But one day she discovers something else in that closet This treacly romance was lauded by reviewers, but I found it as difficult to swallow as a spoonful of raw sugar. Two young sheltered women in their twenties struggle with their pasts and their current romantic relationships in a small North Carolina resort town. Nothing unusual there, except the author adds elements of magical realism that are not quite successful.

For example, there is a strange woman living in the closet of one of the women who may or may not be real. When her presence is hurr This treacly romance was lauded by reviewers, but I found it as difficult to swallow as a spoonful of raw sugar. When her presence is hurriedly explained at book's end, it feels abrupt and odd. The author's clumsy foreshadowing doesn't adequately prepare the reader for the supernatural revelation that doesn't really match the rest of the novel's traditional tone.

The dialogue is nothing special, the arch of the parallel romances predictable. If romance is your genre, take a look, but this book doesn't rise above type enough to make it universally appealing. I usually have to be in a special place in my life to receive sweet stories well and even then, my pessimistic side usually takes over and thwarts any enjoyment that might have been there. But for whatever reason, Sarah Addison Allen is batting 2 for 2 with me at this point.

And I suspect the elements of magical realism have something to do with this. And reading a happy story where a bond can form between women who would otherwise be at odds with each other was like balm for my soul.

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Unrealistic as all get out but hey, sometimes that is how the cookie crumbles and sometimes, just what this cookie needs. Books come to Chloe when she needs them to tell her things; Della shows up in Josey's closet which holds the stash of sweets, romances, and travel inforama that Josey hides from her domineering mother to tell Josey to get a life, and Josey?

Josey nurses a secret love for the mailman. It's Della who brings the three of them together as Chloe's long romance is collapsing and Della's trying to decide what to do about the boyfriend who hit her. Allen's books about nice Southern girls, magic, food, Books come to Chloe when she needs them to tell her things; Della shows up in Josey's closet which holds the stash of sweets, romances, and travel inforama that Josey hides from her domineering mother to tell Josey to get a life, and Josey?

Allen's books about nice Southern girls, magic, food, and romance are utterly dear and beguiling. Maybe you can see the ending coming, but who cares? View 1 comment. I will get a red cardigan - and think of Josey's. I enjoyed this even more than Garden Spells! I liked the chapter titles! And the way books inexplicably appear when Chloe needs them or when the book thinks Chloe needs it. And the big laugh I got from the Cirrini's new maid near the end!

I recommend it!

I am so excited I must get her latest book!!! I was shocked when I finished this last night. I mean I read fast, but not that fast, and than I saw that the ebook was only pages.

I think the shortness of the book actually impacted some of the story-lines. Sarah Addison Allen is always a good read for the most part, so this book was very quirky and cute. The name of the town threw me the entire time I was reading this by the way. I wanted to keep calling it Bad Slope. One day Josey is surprised to find Della Lee hiding in her closet and refusing to go. Josey is the daughter of a man who ended up bringing Bald Slope back to life. Having a lot of money doesn't make her happy though.

She's a slave to her mother's whims and lives to wait for the mail to be delivered everyday by a man named Adam. Della Lee ends up pushing Josey to go to Chloe's cafe at the courthouse to get her food and the two women Josey and Chloe end up becoming friends. I have to say that I loved how the friendship between Josey and Chloe developed.

Heck, I even loved how Della Lee pushes Josey to get out more and stand up to her mother and not be cowed by what other people think. Chloe is dealing with breaking up with her longtime boyfriend Jake after he tells her he cheated on her, but loves her, he really does.

Sorry, I didn't care for Jake and hated the entire resolution to this story. It was such crap. I really wish that Allen had went a different way with this plot line. I actually thought she was at one point, but she veered to everyone must have a HEA even if one of the character's kind of sucks.

I hated how everyone acted as if Chloe just needed time to get over what Jake did, and also why was he dumb enough to tell her about it. The writing was lyrical at times and seriously the entire book made me hungry.

There is a lot of descriptions about cookies, snack cakes, chocolate, fried egg sandwiches, grilled cheese with tomato, etc. I was starving and eventually got up out of bed and made myself a small cheese and crackers plate. The flow works throughout the book, but as I already said, I wish this had been longer.

I thought the resolution to all of the story-lines came just a bit too quickly. I felt like I was missing some key chapters or something. Maybe one day Allen will revisit Bald Slope.

Oct 04, Kate Olson rated it it was amazing Shelves: Loved loved loved! Sweet magic, body and food positive. Adorable and heartwarming. Sep 30, Evelina AvalinahsBooks rated it really liked it Shelves: Sometimes I feel like if I only read Sarah Addison Allen's books, my moods would be so much lighter, brighter.

Because even if bad things do happen in her books, you know it's not for keeps. There's an unspoken belief of the world actually being better than it looks, of powers secretly out there to help you or save you. And there's always that magical thing or two that just colors the story with glittery sprinkles.

It's a world in which books with things you need to read at that moment simply ap Sometimes I feel like if I only read Sarah Addison Allen's books, my moods would be so much lighter, brighter.

It's a world in which books with things you need to read at that moment simply appear out of nowhere and follow you around. It's a world where water boils in kettles when a man you love walks up to you, even if you're not together.

It's also a world where well meaning, even if lost souls appear in the weirdest of places to nudge your life in the direction you know you need to get nudged in.

And it was just so with this book. I could call it a clean romance, but it wasn't all romance. It's what I'd call a woman's book though. It encompasses so much more than just romance - it's about finding forgiveness, sisterhood, your place in life and what you want to make of it.

It's about so many things you'll be able to relate to, even if you haven't actually been in one of those situations yourself. The Sugar Queen is built on unreliable narrators and clueless people, or perhaps lost people, and it's written so that you're always a step ahead of the characters - even if you're a gullible reader like me! It makes you worry about them all the more. It makes you want to lecture them over the page, cause maybe they'll hear you if you're loud enough!

Then there's another thing about this book. It's the amount of curly haired characters and them not being shamed for being naturally curly. I will never stop appreciating that in a book. This was a great, comforting read.

Very recommended. I think this is now my favorite Allen book. Part of the reason I liked this so well is because it was exactly what I needed right now Well, if I had a soul. It helped calm the oozing, black miasma that takes the place of my soul, is probably a more-accurate statement. This is a story about oppressed women, people who are kept in l I think this is now my favorite Allen book.

This is a story about oppressed women, people who are kept in little boxes closets? These boxes are dismantled to varying degrees in a number of ways throughout the book, though only for the main women of the story that we know of.

Olivia's granddaughter is probably still under the old woman's thumb So! That's all fine and fun but what I liked was the friendship Della orchestrated between Josie and Chloe which was followed by a reluctant bond between Josie and Della. Female friendship is such a strange thing; I find that many women can't do it. They have this idea that women are essentially evil and untrustworthy. I get that; I thought the same thing all through college because my female peers were often catty, untrustworty, horrible people.

You get burned enough times by girls and you avoid them. But that's not actually how female friendship really works. If you can find it, it is so worth having and keeping forever and I like that this is a theme throughout the book. The InstaFriend thing is explained which didn't do anything for me one way or another but does magically make sense of the super blossoming adoration between Josie and Chloe.

The whole idea of books appearing as needed is charming! I guess I have the next best thing in that I work with books all day, four days a week, but still. This is like magical readers advisory and I completely loved that. The romance is probably really nice and wonderful. I hate romance so that was just background noise for me but I'm sure people who like romance will think the two main and one side love stories are adorable and sweet, etc.

I couldn't connect with Chloe and Jake; I don't download the whole "accidental moment of indiscretion" thing and I've always believed that if he cheats once, he'll do it again but I was torn on my feelings about Helena. How much of her is a big stereotype? Is it a racist stereotype? I don't know; I'm not the one to answer that. It's not like I haven't met people who speak broken English and who are highly superstitous.

This representation just bothered me for some reason, maybe because she was a pivotal background character and I wanted more from her? I don't know. It was the overall feeling of the story, the building of friendships which lead to the breaking down of walls which lead to new experiences and richer lives, that had me all in love with the story.

It makes me feel good to know that, at least in FictionLand, tiny touches of everyday magic can help move a body along to a healed place. That was a message I needed to hear right now. First, can someone please tell me where to find the radioactive spider that will give me the superpower of having books randomly appear when I need them?

Now, if any of you follow what I have been reading lately, you might question my choices and opinions of books, especially considering that I jumped from reading a whimsical, southern love story to gobbling down the memoir of a teenage meth addict. My reading psychosis is bipolarity: I need the light and d First, can someone please tell me where to find the radioactive spider that will give me the superpower of having books randomly appear when I need them?

I need the light and dreamy qualities of Sarah Addison Allen just as much as I crave the intellectual, the depressing, the humorous, and the ridiulous. Her books appear right when I need them, this one in particular revealing itself in the clearance section of a half-priced bookstore, and I have concluded that her novels are always a welcome breath of fresh air.

It may seem unfair that I am much more critical of other books than I am of Sarah Addison Allen's novels. I have been known to pick apart books mercilessly, to fixate on minor hiccups and tear literature apart for them. In all honesty, I could probably do that with most of Allen's works if I so chose.

However, this author in particular allows me to suspend my critical thoughts and escape from reality so completely that I cannot give her books anything but praise. When I pick up an SAA book, I immediately fall in love, swept away in her worlds where magic is a fact of life and love is always coming. Her breezy, southern charm envelops me like a warm, soft blanket, and I revel in the sweetness of her work.

Josey, Chloe and Della Lee were a pleasure to get to know and to walk with, even for a short time. If you are looking for a light, fun, whimsical novel that will counteract the stress of your life, I highly recommend reading "The Sugar Queen.

When I started it I actually said to my mother "I don't think this is for me". I was actually pleasantly surprised. It is a cute fluff book perfect for weekends spend on the sofa or the beach. Sure, it was quite predictable all the way through, which is the main reason why I couldn't give it more than 3 stars. But it had some bright moments of sweetness and romance.

There were some sweet characters with relatable problems. So, all in all, it was sweet and nice - better than I expected - but without any wow-moments. Will you help me? Eat, of course. Her life was supposed to be simple and uneventful, and she was happy that way, with her chocolate, with her creme-filled cookies, or so she thought. The author injected a wit and magical realism that set it apart from a typical romance, and the ending though somewhat unrealistic, even in romance terms, was still satisfying.

So, as far as this type of novel goes, this one is in league with many, many others, in that, we suspect love will conquer all. I devoured this story as easily as a warm chocolate chip cookie I totally craved one while reading this book! Overall, an enjoyable read. I'd really like to give this book three-and-a-half stars if possible! I did enjoy it but took a while to get into it - I wasn't too keen on the beginning, but became hooked about halfway through.

There are a lot of similarities with her other book, 'Garden Spells' - again it is a story with elements of magic realism, where the magic seems benevolent and determined to help people, but this time there are also some darker moments and it isn't pure escapism.

I discovered this author because Laura r I'd really like to give this book three-and-a-half stars if possible! I discovered this author because Laura recommended her, so thanks, Laura. I just visited Sarah Addison Allen's website, which is a lot of fun www.

Website tidak ditemukan

More than once. For the sake of research, of course. I gained eighteen pounds while writing the book. Oh I loved this book!

The Sugar Queen Five stars! This is a delicious book! A tantalizing, sweet story that you will want to savor. Reading this book is like assembling a large jigsaw puzzle that represents four sides of love. The corners of the puzzle symbolize the four women of the story. There is Josey, a twenty seven year old women, who is living under her mother's thumb.

She is still punishing herself over bad behavior committed as a young child. To atone for her supposed transgressions she h Oh I loved this book!

To atone for her supposed transgressions she has given up on a life of her own and has become her mother's primary caretaker. She is lonely and trapped. She escapes to a secret compartment in her closet that she has filled with sweets, travel magazines and romance novels.

She dreams of her mailman, Adam, with whom she fell in love at first sight but she is too scared to act upon her feelings. Josey's story is about the hopeful beginnings of love. Margaret, Josey's mother, is the second corner. She is an ice queen; a woman who is confined by the strict ideals of Southern society. These constraints force her to to give up her one great love. She has a frozen heart that prevents her from showing affection to anyone, including her daughter.

She embodies a lost love. Chloe Finley, our third corner, is a lovely, young lady in the perfect relationship; until her lover, Jake, admits he cheated on her in a moment of drunken, reckless abandon. Her world is shattered. She is left trying to pick up the remnants of a broken love. Finally, in the last edge of our puzzle, there is Della Lee. She is a thirty eight year old woman, who has had a hard life. She is someone who has never been lucky in love.

The Sugar Queen

She has struck out and given up on love. She mysteriously appears in Josey's closet to find redemption and perhaps grasp at a glimmer of hope that love may still exist. Her arrival is "the moment that changes everything. As you read the book you find that every scrap of information, each story and interaction, no matter how trivial they seem are all a part of the big picture.

The magic of this story lies in uncovering each piece and discovering how and where it fits into the puzzle. At the end you have finished a masterpiece, that interlocks all the characters. Completed with amazing writing; delicious, delectable descriptions and a tiny taste of magic. It is a beautifully crafted work that will linger with you like a piece of spun sugar that slowly coats and melts over your tongue.

What I Liked: This book has alternating points of view; this allows you to see inside the character and to learn them inside and out. Observing through the eyes of each person provides an understanding for their motives and behavior. Addison creates such intriguing characters; I was fascinated and invested in each person. The secondary characters, Jake, Adam, Helena and many others are just as complex and interesting. It is wondrous to watch them transform. This book is filled with detailed, sensory descriptions that make your mouth water.

I love Ms. Addison's writing. She has vaulted into my top tier of writers. It takes it's own sweet time to develop.

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