GOODBYE, MR. HOLLYWOOD • 1. CHAPTER ONE. Mystery girl. It all began on a beautiful spring morning in a village called Whistler, in Canada - a pretty. 'The girl suddenly took Nick's face between her hands, and kissed him on the mouth' "Drive carefully, Mr. Hollywood. Goodbye," she said, with a big, beautiful. 1 T. 2 F It was a very big hotel, with three hundred and fifty rooms. 3 T. 4 F Nick saw the man with white hair at the hotel desk. 5 F A small boy ran in front of Nick .

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Goodbye Mr Hollywood Pdf

and says: 'Goodbye, Mr Hollywood.' Nick gets into his car and a white-haired man follows him. Nick drives to Vancouver where someone pushes him in front of a. Goodbye, Mr Hollywood - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Book. a. The man's hand came out of his pocket. – with a gun. b. 'Oh, no!' said Meg. ' Look over there by the door.' c. The shot went over his head. d. The teatable went .

Goodbye," she said, with a big, beautiful smile. Then she turned and walked quickly away. He oiily met the girl ten minutes ago when she came and sat next to him in the caf6. So why does she kiss him when she leaves? And why does she rcall him 'Mr Hollywood'? He thinks about these questions when he is driving to Vancouver, but he doesn't find the answers. And there is one more thing that Nick doesn't know. Somebody is listeriing when the girl says goodbye to him - somebody who is very interested in the name'Mr Hollywood'. And in Vancouver Nick soon learns that it's not a friendly interest. There was a caf6. He finished his breakfast, drank his coffee, looked up into the blue sky, and felt the warm sun on his face.

I don't go to parties very often, and never in Toronto. But she didn't get up or move away. The story about the party in Toronto wasn't true, but it was a beautiful morning, and she was a pretty girl. Or New York. Maybe it was. And yes, I'd love some coffee. Or do you live here? And what are you doing here? But her face was worried, not interested, and she looked across the road again. A man with very short, white hair walked across the road. He was about sixty years old, and he was tall and thin.

The girl watched him. Then she asked, 'Where are you going next, Nick?

There was a letter in the top of the girl's half-open bag. A tall woman in a blue dress stood next to him. She turned and smiled at him.

Nobody pushed me. Nick sat on his bed and thought. He looked at the picture very carefully.

Goodbye Mr Hollywood by John Escott

There were four or five magazines in the hotel room. Nick read it again. Then he remembered something. Meg Hutson! Not Jan. Now where did I see it before? Howard Hutson.

Nobody wants to kill me. Meg Hutson. Why did she do it? What did she want? He remembered a man at a table near them in the cafe. A tall thin man She was next to a man of about fifty or fifty-five. Not Mystery Girl. Thanks for your help. He got back into bed. But the man did not stop. They smiled at the camera. He listened to the cars in the road.

A man with very short white hair. Then he sat at the table and tried to write some more of his book about mountains. They were not very interesting. And there are hundreds of men in Vancouver with white hair. Canadian millionaire. There was nobody here. Drive carefully. He thought about Meg Hutson. Did he know Meg Hutson? Did she know him? He could still hear the gunman behind him. There it is again! Then he drove to Stanley Park in the afternoon.

And somebody began to run after him. Nick ran through the trees. Nobody to help him. It was all quiet. He turned and ran.

He stopped. He sat and read a book for an hour. After three or four minutes.

It was quiet. There was no sun in here. And there were no people. Nick stayed in his hotel room and wrote about mountains all morning. Why did she say that? Why did she call him Mr Hollywood? Then he saw people. But nobody came out of the trees.

Nick walked out of the police station and drove to his hotel. He waited for half an hour. Nick read it. He was angry. In the next room. Colour of eyes? Long hair.

But no answers. Mr Lortz. He began to feel better. He was very careful. There was a letter on the window. Was it a man. Maybe it was an old girlfriend. Nick was afraid. First a hand pushes me in front of a car. And now I get a letter to Mr Hollywood on my car. With his gun. Is he following me now? Nick told his story.

Goodbye, Mr. Hollywood

Who is this Mr Hollywood? It said: He looked and listened all the time. And tomorrow was Friday. And then he remembered something. He looked carefully before he got out. He half-ran through the hotel doors and went to the desk inside. Nick could see the white head above the other heads near the desk. The man was at the hotel desk. He pushed past the people in the hotel restaurant.

The boy began to cry. Nick moved quickly. Please help me! He arrived in Vancouver yesterday. How can I remember all their names?

Nick walked away from the desk. He finished eating and got up from his table. The boy and Nick fell down on the floor. A small boy ran in front of him and Nick ran into him. I need some answers. Nick moved away quickly.

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He got up and helped the boy to his feet. Where did he go? The woman turned away to answer the telephone. Is that his name? Nick went upstairs to his room. He pushed through the crowd of people.

The road was busy. Swartz Bay was twenty miles north of Victoria. More people came in. At Tsawwassen Nick drove his car on to the ferry. Every five minutes. Soon he was in the busy streets of Victoria.

Goodbye, Mr Hollywood

Nick got out of his car and walked up and down the ship. Ninety minutes after leaving Tsawwassen. Nick looked at the faces of all the older men.

He found the Empress Hotel. There were a lot of cars and crowds of people.

Nick walked around the ship again. I've got some great pictures of your mountain. It looked very beautiful in the morning sun.

Have a nice day! Nick looked at the girl across the streer. She was about twenty-five, and she was very pretty. Then the girl rurned and looked in one of the shop windows. After a second or rwo, she looked back at Nick again. Nick watched her. Is she waiting for somebody? Then she walked across rhe street, came up to Nick's table, and sat down.