1. V20 COMPANION .. of the titles chapter of the V20 Companion, an un- deniable ing PDF and Print on Demand versions of both our newest PDF products. osakeya.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Magus Vaughn. Matthew Sanderson Alessandro Kellis V20 COMPANION 7. V20 Companion - Can a Prince command a Priscus? How have the Anarchs fared PDF + Hardcover Color Book (Premium). $ $

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We'd already planned that the V20 Companion would be sold in PDF and Print on Demand formats, but then we began to hear that folks. V20 Companion is a sourcebook that expands on Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition. V20 Companion. Edit PDF: $ V20 - Becketts Jyhad osakeya.info, , KB. file, V20 - Children of the osakeya.info, , KB. file, V20 - osakeya.info

But, really, it never could have been, because the V20 core book was such a massive compendium that everything that normally might have been saved for something like a companion ended up in the core book all of the bloodlines, an appendix full of merits and flaws, high-level Disciplines, etc. So the V20 Companion turned to more narrative topics — titles, prestation, technology, and some locations. Oh, and they squeezed a splat in there for Caitiff. Most of these titles are familiar, distinguished by a point value of the title so, if your Storyteller is a closet Malkavian, you can use 7 xp to be a member of the Inner Circle. The prestation chapter talks generally about boons and vampires especially elders play the game to hold the strings of their compatriots. Putting someone in a bad spot and then getting a boon out of them to fix the situation? Perfectly acceptable. Killing a vampire to whom you owe a boon in order to get out of debt? Not so much. So you have some on-point content like the possibility of video of vampires ending up on the internet, wireless access in havens, questions about cross-Domain jurisdiction when vampires can use the internet to mess with each other from the other side of the globe. And then you have other content like keeping up with style, finance, weaponry, transportation, and mercenaries, which seems to have little or nothing to do with technology. Sometimes these are truly focused on the location. As often they have little to do with the location and are more of a way of providing an update on that part of the world.
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V20 Companion Deluxe Edition by Richard Thomas — Kickstarter

Realms of Terrinoth. Why Kickstarter? We like that Kickstarter will enable our fans — and anyone who loves beautiful books and vampires — to be part of the creation of the V20 Companion. We're pursuing the same philosophy started with the Open Development process of creating the book in concert with the players' feedback. Additionally, we really like that the tiers of contributions and rewards let fans be as involved as they want with the making of this deluxe book.

So How Does This Work?

[V20 Companion] First Impressions

It's pretty easy. Contribute any amount you want, bearing in mind the levels of contribution and their commensurate rewards over there on the right. The power of the Blood dove- portant. Without titles, if the whole of the society of tails nicely with concepts familiar to elders such as Di- the Damned comprised unrelated Autarkis, the night vine Right and mandated despotism.

Theres even an would be an even more anarchic place. Indeed, to element of predestination to it all: If a vampire was in- many Kindred, the only thing more important than a tended to make a difference in Kindred society, well, sense of superiority in the night is blood itself.

Titles are tion. Whatever the case, a title comes with certain simply the social trappings of this call to destiny. A Kindred may pos- Ancillae may find themselves straddling the line of sess a title as long as shes fulfilling the terms of the these vastly different perspectives in the War of Ages.

On the other hand, unless those elders must have done something during a chronicle that die off, ancillae find themselves in the same position warrants her consideration for the title. A Storyteller as many neonates, locked out of the ability to gather has three options when it comes to granting titles and the unlimited wealth, blood, or power that seems to indeed may employ any of them in a chronicle de- be the Caine-cursed privilege of the most venerable pending on how he wishes to see the title used in play.

Bestowment: The Storyteller may decide that, It is within the dangerous mix of personal domains, purely as a result of the chronicles events, a ranking local politics, and the War of Ages that titles play such Kindred bestows a given title on the vampire. This is a prominent role.

Kindred titles reflect the weight commonly the case in chronicles in which the players of the Kindred social contract, the timeless, deadly characters are charged with a task by, say, a Prince or ballet of vampiric cohabitation that has erected the Archbishop, or in which theyre drafted by a Sheriff order that Cainite domains require for stability and to bring that Anarch menace to heel, for example. Since time immemorial, since Caine first In the case of bestowment, the title lasts so long as spoke the Traditions, the rules have existed and have the granting Storyteller character allows it to exist or needed someone to be their shepherd.

Sects like the so long as the character is competent or conniving Camarilla exist to reinforce the social order while fac- enough to maintain it. Indeed, savvy Kindred may tions like the Sabbat seek to remake these constructs be elevated to titles persist longer than the vampires into something that benefits their own outlook.

The who granted them. In these cases, story events dictate modern notions and technological acumen of the An- the term of the title, and the Storyteller may revoke archs, the transcendental mysticism of the Inconnu, them with story context, obviously as the chronicle and the bloody gnosticism of the TalMaheRa all requires.

In certain circumstances, a boon see Chap- of these exist to keep in check the ravages of the Beast ter Two may be discharged with the bestowment of a and the ego of lesser Kindred. Titles imply rules and title. Such favoritism is rife in Kindred society. Anything else is chaos, and irrevers- Character Advancement: Titles are a bit like the ible damnation. Status Background, and if the Storyteller chooses to From the rankest neonate granted the duties of the allow, may function similarly to that Background see Scourge to the most terrible Methuselah Prince, each below.

A player may download a title with experience vampire has a duty to one another, a station above or points at a rate of one experience point per dot of the below one another, and privileges or responsibilities titles ranking. This is a perilous undertaking, however, he can expect from the calcified hierarchy of vampiric as titles reflect something that another Kindred may custom.

The society of Kindred is greater than any declare null at any time. Having the chance to pur- individual Cainite herself. Storytellers should allow Kindred who download their titles with experi- Acquiring a Title ence points a bit more leeway in success or failure in determining whether they may continue to keep their Normally, a Kindred acquires a title over the course titles.

After all, theyve paid for the privilege with the of a chronicles events, either earning the title or be- character advancement resource, and failure in a titles ing placed unceremoniously in it by a vampire who responsibilities can yield as many storytelling opportu- wishes to see her fail publicly.

A title may be a reward nities as success. It is recommended that no character or a punishment; it may be an ambition or an obliga- be allowed to begin a chronicle with a title unless the Storyteller determines otherwise.

If this is the to create titles that reflect the unique state of their case, a character with a title doesnt pay anything ad- chronicles and home domains. So long as the result ditional for it, but the Kindreds Status is tied to the is something that can create a story hook or impress title, and if she loses that status, she loses the title another vampire with its formal recognition, some as well.

Using this option adds a high-stakes politi- Kindred somewhere probably calls it her title. Some ambitious Kindred is always waiting Some titles are classified as negative. Such titles in the shadows to take advantage of a fallen leaders are invariably detriments to their holders, whether so- decline.

Naturally, this makes Status a double-edged cially or as indicators of a caste system that marks the sword, conferring duty upon esteem, and such meri- individual as a second-class or worse Kindred.


Nega- tocracy isnt always appropriate to every domain. If the Kindred is able to hide her negative title, she suffers Titles as Status Bonuses no drawback from it, though if her title is revealed, Given that vampire society reveres status and ac- she may have more severe consequences than her title complishment, its not a surprise that those who ac- carries on its own.

For example, if an Outcast in a Ca- quire titles can bring those symbols of accomplish- marilla domain claims a privilege that belongs only to ment to bear in the social arena.

Provided the Kindred recognized Kindred, or if a True Hand Quli disobeys in question doesnt mind name-dropping or laying it her orders, these vampires may well find themselves on thick, a Kindred can invoke her title for a Status banished, imprisoned, or even destroyed.

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