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Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Paul R. Murphy and others published Contemporary Logistics, 11th edition. Full file at Test-Bank PART II ANSWERS TO END-OF-CHAPTER QUESTIONS CHAPTER 2: . new PDF Contemporary Logistics (11th Edition) Full Online, new PDF Contemporary Logistics (11th Edition) Full Page, new PDF.

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Contemporary Logistics 11th Edition Pdf

Contemporary Logistics (11th Edition) Paul R. Murphy Jr., A. Michael Knemeyer. For undergraduate and . Knemeyer ebook PDF download. Contemporary. Lembaga pendidikan, pelatihan, konsultasi, penelitian, dan pengembangan logistik dan supplychain. #SupplyChainIndonesia. Download contemporary logistics 11th edition ebook pdf pdf.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Full file at https: In what ways can information be helpful in logistics and supply-chain management? There are a number of ways in which information can be helpful in logistics and supply- chain management. These include, but are not limited to, greater knowledge and visibility across the supply chain, which makes it possible to replace inventory with information; greater awareness of customer demand via point-of-sale data, which can help improve planning and reduce variability in the supply chain; better coordination of manufacturing, marketing, and distribution through enterprise resource planning systems; streamlined order processing and reduced lead times enabled by coordinated logistics information systems. One type is office automation systems, and a logistics application could be spreadsheets that calculate optimal order quantities. A second is communication systems; one logistics example is voice-based order picking. Transaction processing systems are a third general type, with point-of-sale systems being a logistics application. Management and executive information systems are a fourth general type of information systems; a logistics application involves logistics information systems. A fifth general type of information system is decision support systems, with warehouse management systems being a logistics-related application. The sixth, and final, general type of information system is the enterprise system, represented by logistics modules of enterprise resource planning systems.

In addition, the smaller order quantities occasioned by online retailing tend to favor transport companies with extensive delivery networks and expertise in parcel shipments. However, these receptacles might not be feasible for large items such as a refrigerator , perishable items such as certain types of food , or extremely valuable items such as jewelry.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing. Its pay-per-use formula allows customers to avoid high capital costs, and thus becomes a viable option for many companies that could not afford to download, install, and maintain application-specific software. Other advantages include faster and less costly installation, a smaller information technology staff, and regular upgrades and updates from the software provider.

One drawback is that the regular upgrades and updates can be too frequent and numerous, and customers struggle to keep up with them. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks to electronic procurement.

Four types of benefits, transactional, compliance, management information, and price, are associated with electronic procurement.

As an example, transactional benefits measure the transactional benefits, such as a reduced invoice-to-payment time, that come from e- procurement. One concern with electronic procurement involves the security of information that is being transmitted; there is a risk that sensitive or proprietary information could end up in the wrong hands.

Another concern is that e-procurement can be impersonal in the sense that human interaction is replaced by computer transactions.

What is an online reverse auction? Why do downloaders like them? In a reverse auction, a downloader rather than seller invites bids from multiple sellers, and the seller with the lowest bid is generally awarded the business.

What are some of the macro-level information technology challenges that managers face? The text identifies three macro-level information technology challenges, the first of which is that information technology is a tool that can help managers to address organizational problems and not a panacea for them.

A third information technology challenge involves human resource issues, and employee resistance has been identified as a major cause of information technology implementation failure.

Which of the following is not a benefit to utilizing information in logistics? How do data and information differ? Which of the following is not considered a general software package? What has emerged as the measuring stock for logistics information technology in the 21st century?

Facebook b. Electronic data interchange represents what general type of information management system? Which of the following statements about EDI is not true? EDI can have high setup costs b. EDI can result in increased inventory carrying costs c. EDI can lead to increased billing accuracy d. Which of the following statements about radio-frequency identification RFID is false?

RFID only offers read capabilities b. Walmart has been a major catalyst for RFID usage in logistics c. RFID can store large quantities of data d.

RFID has helped to reduce the occurrence of inventory stockouts e. A logistics information system begins with: All of the following statements about logistics information systems are true, except: Which of the following is not a logistics-related decision support system?

Warehouse management systems represent an example of what general type of information management system? Which of the following is not a potential benefit of transportation management systems? Which of the following statement about ERP is false? In recent years, ERP vendors have begun to provide high-quality application- specific logistic capabilities b.

ERP implementation costs can easily reach tens of millions of dollars c. ERP glitches often have a logistical component to them e. All of the following are potential costs associated with ERP implementation, except: Which of the following statements is false?

What has emerged as the most popular application of on-demand logistics software cloud computing? Which of the following is not a type of benefits that comes from electronic procurement?

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The effective and efficient use of information allows organizations to either reduce costs or improve customer satisfaction. False 2. False 3. Big data refers to large amounts of near-real-time data collected through a variety of sources such as sensors and smart phones, among others. True 4. Office automation systems provide effective ways to process personal and organizational business data, to perform calculations, and to create documents. True 5.

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A transaction processing system helps people work together by interacting and sharing information in many different forms.

False 6. The Internet has emerged as the measuring stick for logistics information technology during the first decade of the 21st century. False 7. Transportation companies that have implemented global positioning systems have reported increased worker productivity, reduced operating costs, and improved customer relations.

True 8. Global positioning implementations often pay for themselves within six months. False 9.

EDI is an example of a logistics-related transaction processing system. True EDI is no longer an important logistics technology in the 21st century. The idea behind point-of-sale systems is to provide data to guide and enhance managerial decision making. Radio-frequency identification is the most popular automatic identification system currently in use.

False One prominent drawback to radio-frequency identification RFID involves privacy concerns. A logistics information system begins with a logistics manager requesting information and ends with the manager receiving regular and customized reports.

Internal sources of logistics information are not always as plentiful as might be desired. The primary advantage of simulation is that it enables a firm to test the feasibility of proposed changes at relatively little expense. Application-specific software is a type of decision support system. One benefit to transportation management systems is fewer stockouts. Activities that can be controlled by a warehouse management system include inventory management, determination of storage locations, and order shipping.

Wal-Mart and its vendors make extensive use of data mining to improve supply chain efficiency and effectiveness. The attractiveness of ERP systems comes from their potential for lower costs as well as increased productivity and customer satisfaction. The origin of ERP systems can be traced back to finance and manufacturing. There are suggestions that consultant fees for ERP implementations may be three times as costly as the software itself.

In recent years, ERP vendors have begun to provide high-quality application-specific logistical capabilities. There are few logistical similarities between online and in-store retailing. The smaller order quantities occasioned by online retailing tend to favor transport companies with extensive delivery networks and expertise in parcel shipments. The return rates associated with e-commerce are quite similar to those associated with other kinds of retailing.

Contemporary Logistics, 11th Edition

The worldwide public market for cloud computing grew nearly 20 percent between and One reason for the popularity of on-demand software is that is pay-per use formula allows customers to avoid high capital investment costs. Cloud-based software allows for a great deal of customization. The Internet is the primary transaction medium for cloud-based software. Electronic procurement uses the Internet to make it easier, faster, and less expensive for an organization to download goods and services.

In a reverse auction, one seller invites bids from multiple downloaders. Information technology should be regarded as a tool to help managers address organizational problems. Software viruses are viewed as the most important information technology issue that companies face today. People-related factors such as employee resistance have been identified as a major cause of information technology implementation failure. Bookmark it to easily review again before an exam.

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[PDF] Contemporary Logistics (11th Edition) Full Collection

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