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Life Is What You Make It is a novel by Preeti Shenoy. The book was in “Top books of ” as per the Nielsen list which is published in Hindustan Times. It was. Life is What You Make It book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereThe hear. So, if you are one of them or know someone who has these kinds of problems, then Life Is What You Make It should be one of the first books on.

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Life Is What U Make It Book

The second book by Preeti Shenoy, Life Is What You Make It, was published on January 1, and it turned out to be a national bestseller. The book has also. The story is all about a happy living girl Ankita and how she reaches ups and downs in her life and how she overcomes obstacles in her life. Life is what you make it [Ms. Preeti Shenoy] on Her first book '34 Bubblegums and Candies', a creative non-fiction made it to the national.

It was also on Times of India all-time best sellers of This is a book of love, hope and how determination can overcome even destiny. The story revolves around protagonist Ankita who is in her 20s and has some issues from the past which haunts her. The story begins with schooling from a town where she gets into a relationship with Abhi and Vaibhav. Her thoughts get divided and confused at is going around. Ankita gets into B-School and starts working hard, becoming very competitive in nature. At college she gets cosy with another guy and starts liking her, meanwhile her parents find the secret letters written by Abhi and those letters are burnt off in front of her giving warning. Ankita gets very disturbed with events turning out in this way and get affected by bipolar disorder and the story is all about how she handles the situation and with sheer determination she overcomes all challenges to make life the way she wants.

Life Is What You Make It by Preeti Shenoy – Book Review

While it took me just two hours to read the pages story. What was remarkable was the effect and impact it had on me as a reader.

The story goes from one city to another and Ankita with all her hard work and determination makes it to her dream of becoming an MBA. But life has something else in store for her.

At this very point is when this mundane love story takes a twist. This is where the title plays its role. This makes you question your own self and self-beliefs. This very simplistically written novel tells us about the growing up phonomime and it is so deep and inspiring that the after effect makes you ponder over life again and again.

Life Is What You Make It by Preeti Shenoy – Book Review

This novel gives us the way and meaning of life. It motivates us to believe that life is truly and indeed what we make it. For me, it has such a deep impact that have already recommended the book to not one but almost all my friends, and to all reading this I would recommend to interpret it the way it serves us.

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Justice Wargrave: Blore Ex inspector, Mr. Armstrong, Fred Narracott, U. Owen, and Tony Marston. All the arrangements were made by the Owen and the guest was traveling by train or by car to dock. From dock to soldier island by a boat which was already been waiting for them.

On 8 th August all guest gathers up at the dock as per details mentioned in the letter. Two guests Mr. Rogers reached two days earlier than others as they were hired as housekeepers. Vera Claythorne who received a job letter to be a secretary of Mrs. Owen was also considered as an employee. Justice Wargrave, General Macarthur, Mr. Armstrong, and Fred Narracott as their main guest. As they travel towards the island, each has a brief moment of remembering a traumatic experience from their past.

When they arrive at the island, the character realized that they have not actually met Mr. Owen and the servant had only been hired a few weeks ago. After that Mr.

Vera discovered an old piece of rhyme which talk about actions and deaths of Ten Little Indian Boys. Each of them is killed until there were none. At the dinner time, suddenly a booming voice echoes through the room.

That voice charges all the guest with the list of indictments. Each guest is named under implicated in the murder of a person. Rogers fainted upon hearing the indictments the voice made. There was a panic, sudden anxiety, and terror in the guest voices. In the next room, the guests find a gramophone with a record on it.

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Each guest has a reasonable explanation, though it is obvious some are wracked with guilt over the incidence. The first victim in the novel was Anthony Marston.

Rogers told the group that it will be morning before the boat returns with supplies for the island so we just need to stay here till morning to get out of this island. As he says this, Anthony Marston takes a sip of his fresh drink and starts to choke.

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Book Review: Life Is What You Make It, by Preeti Shenoy

In the unlocked dining room, they discover that another of the Indian figures has been broken. Soon they discovered that Rogers is dead too. The final chapter of the novel is a confession letter signed by the killer.

He explains that he motivates to killing the guests. He tells them that he had always had a keen sense of justice. So he had wanted his act of murder to be a grand piece of art and for the world an unsolved mystery. He had killed the guests in order of their guilt, using the nursery rhyme as best as he can. The killer tells them that Armstrong ends up trusting him.

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