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“WC 4 Lesson 1 - AT THE PARTY B. CHOOSE THE RIGHT WORD (Answers on p -rm: SLANGMAN GUIDE -ro STREET' SPEAK ti D. IS IT " AT. The Slangman Guide to STREET SPEAK 1 takes you through the colorful and popular world of everyday American slang and idioms used by. The Slangman Guide to STREET SPEAK 1 takes you through the colorful and popular world of everyday American slang and idioms used by all native speakers.

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Slangman Guide To Street Speak 1 Pdf

The Slangman Guide to Street Speak 1 teaches you slang and idioms that you are sure to hear every day! Slang and idioms can be very confusing for. The Slangman Guide to Street Speak 3 - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) In regard to the ~ublect matter covered It 1<; sold with the understanding thilt. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications.

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How is the lemon sponge cake in the bakery department? If you prefer to make the cake yourself, does the market have what you need? We need to some like lettuce, cucumber, and tomatoes for our salad tonight. At my store, everything is so expensive. What a!

Hey, I have an idea. A checker works in a bank. TRACK 15 2. A hundred dollars for a candy bar is a rip-off. J True J False 3. If you paid a lot more this week for the same item last week, the market is slashing its prices. J True J False 4. The smell of hot bread cooking in the oven will make your mouth water. J True J False 5. J True J False 6. People who hate to bake prefer to make cakes from scratch. J True J False 7. People prefer to shop at stores that have rock-bottom prices.

J True J False 8. A person who never eat carrots, corn, broccoli, or celery prefers to eat veggies. J True J False 9. A bank teller will ring up your order. J True J False You can pick up a loaf of fresh bread at the bakery.

J True J False Q37 This cake is delicious! Did you make it fr? That dress is beautiful! IY; LE? What a horrible actor!

What a great movie! The critics loved the movie. They even gave it two thumbs up. What a bomb! The movie was supposed to start ten minutes ago. The movie is going to be very popular. That unpopular movie surprised everyone. It turned out to be a sleeper! I have too many lines to memorize! George and David are at the movies.

It's a good thing we got tickets early. The movie is a sellout! They must have been plugging this movie for weeks. The critics must be surprised that it tumed out to be a sleeper.

I'll say. They said it was going to be a bomb and that the performers couldn't act their way out of a paper bag. Well, yesterday I saw a write-up where the reviewer gave it two thumbs up. He said there were a lot of funny lines. Reviewers never seem to agree on anything.

The Slangman Guide to Street Speak 1 (PDF)

When is this thing going to start? It should have started an hour ago. They must have been promoting this movie for weeks.

The critics must be surprised that it tumed out to be a success after starting slowly. They said it was going to be a complete failure and that the performers couldn't act well at all. Well, yesterdayl saw a review where the reviewer gave it high praise. He said there were a lot of funny phrases in the script. The cridics must really be saprised thad it turned out ta be a sleeper. Well, yesderdayl saw a wride-up where the reviewer gave it two thumbs up. Reviewers never seem da agree on anything.

Letters in an unstressed word when the voice lowers in pitch are often dropped when preceded by a stressed word when the voice rises in pitch as can be seen in the following example: They must have been movie for weeks! The up arrow Indlcates a Stressed Word and the down arrow indicates an unstressed word. They must have been plugging this movie for weeks! They must hav been plugging this movie for weeks!

I always stressed and have 18 not. The h They must luw been plugging this movie for weeks. Unstressed short vowels such as the They mustabeen plugging this movie for weeks! They must uh been plugging this movie for weeks! Note that one or more of the words in the list may be used more than once! She in the shower. You been there. The movie was great! Look at all those packages. Lee been shopping for hours!

Tom Cruise an academy award for his last movie.

It was horrible! If they had called earlier, they gone with us. You bought me such an expensive gift for my birthday. Butt lying or he so nervous. E31 I saw a terrible movie on television last night. The actors couldn't act their way out of a paper bag! I saw a terrible movie on television last night. The actors were horrible! You have to go see the new movie that just opened. Synonym 3: The movie. She produced a movie with her own money and it turned out to be a bomb.

Poor Gina. She produced a movie with her own money and it turned out to be a complete failure. That movie was fantastic! The last. I saw was a bomb. I can only stay at this meeting for thirty minutes, so let's get the show on the road. When I got hired to act in the movie, I thought it was going to be a very small part. But when I received the script, I discovered that I had pages and pages of lines! But when I received the script, I discovered that I had pages and pages of phrases to memorize!

When the actor was interviewed on television, he plugged his new movie. When the actor was interviewed on television, he promoted his new movie. I saw a commercial on TV plugging. All of the tickets have been sold!

N are: It should be really good. The critics gave it two thumbs up! The critics gave it a favorable review! The cridics gave it two thumbs up! This expression comes from a popular television show featuring the two well—known critics, the late Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, who gave individual critiques of movies.

Many times the critics were not in agreement. However, when both gave a favorable review, the audience was shown two thumbs up. I give the movie two thumbs up! I would give the movie.

Congratulations on your play! I read a great write-up about it in the Los Angeles Times! I read a great review about it in the Los Angeles Times! I read a great wride-up aboud id in the L. The answer is. They loved it. They gave it two thumbs up. It was a sellout. We have to get the show on the road. I heard it was a bomb.

But it turned out to be a sleeper. I Did Henry invite you to the opera? I Did the critics enjoy the movie? I Were you able to get tickets for the play? I Were you able to make a reservation at the restaurant? I Do we have time to eat something before we leave? I Would you like mustard on your sandwich? I Do you listen to classical music? I Do you want to go see the new musical Felines?

I Is your piano brand new? I That movie was a failure, wasn't it? I That movie was very long, wasn't it? I Look at the long line! I thought you said this movie wasn't popular.

Do you think they still have tickets left? Do you mind waiting to download a ticket? Use each group only once. You are reviewing a fantastic new Broadway play. You want to convince your best friend to go with you to the ballet. Your friend wants to give you tickets to a concert.

You want to see a comedy but your brother wants to see an adventure movie. Explain why going to see the comedy would be better. Instead of a hotel, let's stay in a B and B. Let's go to the pool and take a dip. I watch television: I go swimming Have you been soaking up some sun today? I leave town: I go into town.

The hotel didn't have any rooms left. They were booked solid. In New York, you can either take the subway or grab a cab anywhere. I went to bed early: I stayed awake until verylate I went sightseeing today.

What a beautiful city! Chris and Marie are on vacation. All the hotels in town were booked solid. So, what should we do now? Maybe we can go sightseeing before dinner. Then in the aftemoon, we can take a dip and hang out by the pool. And tomorrow night, we could take in a movie! All the hotels in town were completely filled. Maybe we can go visit the interesting places before dinner! Then in the afternoon, we can go swimming and relax and do nothing by the pool.

And tomorrow night, we could go to the movies! Q0 That's why context is so important, as seen below. To add confusion, the preposition "in" is also pronounced '11 when it follows a word. It all depends on the context.

Karen and Steve are coming to visit. At the , I saw lions and tigers and bears. Tom is in Paris this week. Let's go in the house before it starts raining. For example: The following words and expressions were used in the previous dialogues. We stayed in a charming bed and breakfast in London last summer.

If I owned a B and B, I would name it. I wanted to stay at the famous Ritz Hotel in Paris, but it was completely full. I wanted to stay in a hotel in. Do you want to join us? Wanna join us? I usually hang out at. I have an idea! I like to hit the town and. I have some friends there who can put us up for the night. I have some friends there who can accom- modate us for the night. When I go to. I like to sleep in until. The party went on for hours! We stayed up till all hours of the night dancing!

We stayed up all night dancing! I stayed up till all hours of the night doing. Last summer I took a dip when I went to. The last time I took in a movie, I saw. It was the only vacancy in the entire city! He mu' t be fifteen robbing the Iaclle. I heard your boyfnend popped the statement interjection. Up 1 3 Old you see Jody? She's pregndnt l Who knocked her up. They never stopped makmg in. That s her pepper.

Rob the craclle. When dId they ' tart going.

Slcve er new B. I il Ron n Emlly were an oyer eac: The Thrill of the Relationship! JIIl dnd Steve do everything together.

SIeve her new B. Also bring home the bacon to expo to cam a living and suppon the family by working at a job 1wo n an abbreVIation of "brother' Mn': WW Hey. Curl thinks his new G. Do you need some help with your homework?

Sally'n I woke up It seven a'c1ock. IJlW fnend. Have you ever had sex the back seat of il car? Have yd ever gone an the way n the back. IS the most beiludiful girl n the world. Carlthlnks 'is new G. We dldn' like each other 1l firsl b t now we really ged along.

Synonym Have you slarded going out with Stan on a regular basis? J small child also used dS an Insult for d short man. Srtta Iil lIllqlt: That guy over there s Jan s hUbby I"n' 'c mtc? Are you two an item? NOle In the eXJmple. Jj Jlm s constanlly horny All e ever does ez talk about sex' Synonym horn dog n. Jlm is constantly horny All hf' ever does is talk about sex' " Ml. Wl "Jole Whcn used in jest.

I year fhls Cl my woman We ve b n dadlng fcr a yeur 'il. It's probdbly lust Tec. It's prob'ly jus -n'. Cralg and I have been seeing each other for nearly a year pressed up against each other. He" so young n musculcr l. I yedr Il WI. Sweetie could you pick up some groceries for me al the market on your way home tonight? My dear one. Look at those biceps! Big muscle. NOle Many years ago. See If you can understand the conversation Note: The tramlation of thc words in boldface is on the right hand page Jenmfer I ]W.

I don't thmk they'll cver be able to patch things up either With Jane. With Jane there are no second chances Well. She busded 'im whcn she walked mdiltheir bedroom n found 'Im Wlth some tramp Kenny How horr'ble l Jdne must 'a been so upsct' She sher was She dumped 'im the nex' day I I don t thmk they 11 ever be able da patch things up either With Jane..

TUCK n affair to have an n. Carol discovered Henry doing something improper She caught him kJssing another woman' Las' night.. W Janiee busted me beeause. Carol busded Henry She caught 'Im k..

Bill got caught Iymg to his WIfe l: W'l'l I always thought that Mr. Uti Aftcr YCdr! Lucki[y they had a pre-nuptial agreement! Don t let your hu! Angela and Tony dre getting a divorce.. LuckJly they had d pre-nnp. Qvered that her husband was dating another woman she divorced him and took him to the cleaners 11 t.

J to have a romantIc relationship WIth someone other than onc.: FallY lJId ha sa. Now kt's get tntUTlfd! C Why? Did yoU both sign a pre-nup? D Of coure.

H Really? When did they break uP?

I dropped him like a hot potato 02 0 3 Poor Ahce Her husband Ju.. Kenny Well. The End of the Relationship y The slang terms and expression.

When e left er it broke 'er heart. W ' When he left hcr It hurt her very deeply John w z the love ev Marsha s life. John was the love of Mdrshd 5 lifc.

M Old you hear the news? Rob waS tlrrested last llIght for being a deadbeat dad. He owes 'is ex Wlfe tcn thousun dollers' Variation 2 See: Synonym J Synonym 2 dading another woman fer years! I m gonna drag tim inta court n ged a divorce! Anthony j! R11 "! After being divorced for a year Betty and Victor decided to give it another shot. ItS synonym to peler DU! WIl W J '11 R". I Aftel being divorced for a year again They just staned dating Greg.

ICrday' Betty and Victor decided 10 try "Uj. It the rcslaurunt last nIght It was so embc. Rachel and Rac. M Jerk n. Ya npver assume any rec. William and I used to be great mends but now we're on bad terms '1 tl'Jli W: Ibout this for an hour' Can't you just compromise? You and Brian have been elrguing elbout this for an hour' Cm't you just meet halfway?

Jell is an unfaithful jerk! The 11 I I t Into someol! Met rot Own and HcG. SCC 11 you can guess the meanmg of the new slang words and expressions On the opposite page by uc.

J fair behaVlor 4 9 Gilbert refuses to pay me the money he owes me Well. He's such an animal! The 6. Tom my court now Hcy. I dgree you need to tackle the problem but don t sink down to hiS level You re nght Okay 1 m gOing to give hIm a call nght now III touch base with you later tonight Bill: Tom in the towel Bill: Ifhe wants 10 compete aggressively. I agree you need to attack the problem. I never trusted him Well. I m ready to retaliate I It's my turn to respond to the situation Hey.

If e wants ta play harelbaU. I m ready da seddle the score' The ball's 'n Bill: Tom Bill: Tom Diy conrt now Hey I dgree ya need da tackie the problem. Tom I know I may be way oH base here. That's dirt31 pool! Cary 'n I were haVIng d roman t lc dinner ddgcther when all 'ev a sudden. W- I fell in love With the hou. W- Grant got me fired from my Job. John p'a3led hardba" with me when we. Are you kJdding? She didn t even invite me up to her dpartment. Old you succeed in seducing her lasl night?

She dldn even invite me up to er apartment score big to exp.

The Slangman Guide to Street Speak 1 (PDF)

In football, cl player who tdckIes a member of the opposmg tCdm removes that person who could be a problem from the action. After being unsuccesfal at J finall31 decided to throw in the towel. He tned to snore score tackle WIth my mother l 8 I know I mdY be way off, on np base, but IS Jerry dating our math tCdcher' I saw them go Into the movie theater last night ' 9 Jdnet rCdlly tossed hit, threw me a curve when she said she was movmg out 01 the city We've been best fnends for ten years.

I thought he was going to ask my adVIce on what to get his wife for thclr anniversary Instead he told me thcy're going to get dlvorced l He really threw me 11 curve Anne s comment about my weight came out of left A contact each other B Instantly C compete aggressively D get revcnge 2 o o fie'd' It was so inappropnate' 1 If you thmk you Can slart a company WIth no money you re off blUe' I know you and Ron are competing for Ihe Same lob but I think he ha' dn advantdge.

We need to tllchle this problem nght away My new nelghbor IS a great guy We became friends right off the bllt I 10 It's hiS turn to respond the siruation admit defeat by qUlttmg 8 K badly mistdken o o 9 argue M ' urpnsed me In a negative WdY N ended the relationship 0 k. Well I'm going to settle the score nght now I'm going to tell hi.

If Ihe pldyer carrymg the ball IR jt"Wxi! Mark spen hour. IJlW Mark. You promIsed you d water my plant'. L haIIpark ad] approximate. W l'b Shlrley went out last w0ek WIth my ex-boyfriend bUl I retaliated by doing something equal to what was done to me by gomg out WIth her ex husband Shirley wen out las' week w th my ex boyfnen b'd I evened up the score by going out WIth er ex husband. WI'd In order to be successful In thiS company you have 10 forget about being uncooperative and learn to be a person who works weD with others.

Jim J. I think I m out of my league I iUSl graduated college last week! Fred could never get a date' bU! M When I was about 10 gel fired my manager went to bat for me and convinced Ihe boss to keep me employed way out in left field to be to be totally ilnd completely mistaken Beyond the baseball dIamond which is where most of the c. She s So beilutiful! It wasn' evcn in the ballpark! I told him he was out in left field'.

If we don't play baD Wlth thc board of education we 11 never gctthe moncy we need for the after-school programs 51 71'n. I know that Pete w. I m nervous about my audllion but I'm going to give it my best shot Mclybe III clctually get lhe role l strike out to v 10 fall -ilt: You gotlhp job?

It IS consldercd -if": Karcn told Mark exactly what she though! Ongm Hoxers only fight opponents In their same' weight clilSS such as bdntamwetght.

Hob told the boss that I have a drinking problcm so thut he could get thc promotion Illsteeld of me He certainly hit me below the belt li ' j pun any punches not to r. I vulnerable arec. Ongm During c. JUil Bob told the boss th d I have a dnnklng problem. Since y'r new here roD with the punches to exp. There s Pam and she s coming thiS way! If she sees u!: Then wc're going to hc.. If she see!: She got stopped by some guy Saved by the belli -. Look' She gal slOpped by some guy We got out of that bad situation by luck' -P': I know the boss IS always mean to you but lust try to roll with the punches lie s retiring In Just one more week Uti lit!.!

I have free rein da hire any assistam I want Ongln When el horse S reins are pulled back.

I am aDowed to hire any assistant I wanl without having to get permission the ball 'n run w'th it Ongrn Once the ball IS passed 10 the plelyer known as the receiver. OkdY ev rybody. II j fm.. In my new Job..

The Slangman Guide to Street Speak 1 : David Burke :

My boss offered me a promotion 10 Vice president of the company The only problem IS that I would have to move to a different City. M Okay. M In my new Job. It the beginning of a race has an advantage over Ihe other horses accept the opportunity and make the most of it free rein to have expo Ii.

When the gates open and the long shot n Sdld of something that IS nol likely to happen -p': W Do you mmd pullmg over dllhe next gas station? I need a pit stop to You ve got to stop dlsugreemg with everything thc boss does He c: I need to use the lavatory. Ya mm pulhng over It the nex gas station? I necd da make a pit stop Ongln In a game of pool. She s the only onc Wlth cxperience Ongln caD tile shots to exp to be melke decisions In charge and In race car dnvmg..

She's the only onc with experiencc Wl "m j: Wj 1think Carolinc's gonna get the Job b cuz she has the inside track.. WM You ve got to stop disagreemg Wlth everything the boss does He' c: Debbie took the wind oudda my sails when shc tol me she w'z planning on murrymg someone else Ongm Without wind a satlboat SlOps und cannot continue its course o SWIN4ING smooth sailing [ahead] exp said of a situation whieh presents no obstacles.: My new nClghber doesn' have both oars 'n the wader Ev ry morning.

Aa' '18' i! WM Congratulations on your new Job as an executive. W ltttlJil: Wj I thmk wc should hlrc Nlchalas fer the lob. It s going to be cl lot more work fur you. He htls a good track record in this type of work I thmk wc should hire Nlcholac.

After working In a stressful Job! Jt' w: I hetlr th t cher brothcr made a splash n Hollywood' IZl! He has a personal. And you weren t even vcry gung-ho ilbout gomg to the mtelVlew You were so blase about It Are you kJddmg? I figured 1l was gomg to be ltke all the other mwlVlcws I ve been on this week Either III be mterviewed by a prima donna or some macho guy who think! And you weren t even vel ' enthusiastic dbout gomg to the mtervlCW You were so casual about It Are you klddmg?

An you wem even very gung.

Street speak 1 + Audio mp3

I w z full evangst I ahwee7 feel like such workmg behind a coun er Isn exactly my forte So what happened It il Marge klntz 'Id m'elVlew. I figured It w z gonnd be like all the other In elVlews I ve been on thl" week Elthcr a 11 be m elVlewed by a prima donna r. W How could Iou possibl l be blase about JltW l'Jj ca m 'IU.? AW'lJuil '. She meet.. TodQ3I J.. U ttj '! He can already read and write In faCI. Jlll"ima donna n from Itahan d tcmperamental and conceited person c!


WM We were gOing to a. Be's 0 Ich a klutz! Did you Just hear II loud crash? Why are you sweating? Why are you workmg on the computer? Quesnons flying! Baking is ID' Iorte! Did your father finally arnve? Has your uncle been In town long? Why are all your employees so happy?

Why are your employees nervous around you? Why do so many people want to work for your company? Myltl'OtherlDusthave 0 Are you getting hungry? CJrt I have to leave now See you later! In fcH. Ij Consldenng Meg is so nasty Barbara's sarcastic reme. I have to leave now Toodaloo' la kahrr refers to each it0m priced separately on a menu Mttt: I had so much I med to dct so that my even as a parentc..

M Pam s parents are so bourgeois All they ever do is talk aboul theIr money more like u shah-toh th'n 'n offic. Don 1 cl good trip'" chateau n pronounced shah roh ctlstle forget to wnte Bon voyage' I Mi": It looks more like a chateau than an office bUlldl11g "t'.

I picture mc. That's life Mi": I m gonna be sent eL. I lost my favont! It's huge! Such is life. M I m gOing 10 call the concierge and usk hun to get me two tickets for the opem this evening "Mjl. M Frederick is a connoisseur of anwork He owns a very rare collection of fine paintings deja vu exp pronounced. WM Every time I walk Into my manager s office he gives me strange look! GtW- -P': III never take Jcrry 10 an elegant pany again.

We hired Jlm to work In our complain! He ast the hostess how much she paid fer her pearl necklace' He s so gohsh Mp': Murk hus charmed our whole fumily with his special je ne sais quoi. I don't know whdt Mi": Cdral s poslllve dtllrude and ioie de vivre are what keep her young "WJIJ" jj You I find th t one a the benefitS ev being n execudlve w th dr comp ny IS access ta ar goor-may dining room fer en t enalning clients " i.

You'l find that one of the benefiLc. A melee eruplCd when the police Ined to hold back rhe demonstrators Ii r! M I pdnlcd for three ddYs straIght al. He glvcs them assignments and then never Interferes WIth how they get them done. Ick It tl: Don'l you find that many of Ihe nouveaux riches like to. That's so unfashionable' "! Yu still listen da disco music? That's so pah-say' 51 tl: I'll piece de risistanee expo pronounced: The play we SelW wasn t obscene enough for lhe aUlhontlcs to close it down but it sure Wi.

Id 11 be a nice soo-ven-eer. I1 s a chicken noodle today and it's delicious Is Manlyn stupld? I bod a hddle plastic replica of the Leaning Tower'ev I1zZi.

It s a chicken noodle taday 'n it's dclicioU! IlnllS a grctlt person 10 trtlvel with because he has tremendous pronounced.. W- ability to say or do the appropriate thing and can handle any cultural misunder 'ilUnding J have somerhlng Important to ltllk abOUl with you I think it would be better to go to my oflicf' where we can be alone tlnd hdve a tete-a-tete 11 Rit"IJt1 i1 Chnt s a great person da trav.

Have Ihe soop doo joor. In R"! Iq Ii: When I went to Italy. Touche I W!! I bought tl Imle plustic replica of the Leaning Tower of Pi7. That's my enllre plan for getting the money 10 download a new house So whi1l do you think? I big sneeze I Gesundheit' I hope you re nOt catchmg a cold.. Old ar guests th 1 '. Any chtld who finishes college al ten and startS an Intemet business is truly a wunderkind.

I prafer a cake that's homemade "Gesundheit! In exclamation used 10 express succeS1: ID'lI I don't like the tu. J'11 Pasta needs to be cooked so that it has some firmness "Wiji": My Wlfe knows me So well th t when I go oudda town.

She W'? IR '''Iq'':. W 11 AJexundrd IS d sensation as a pianist. W Stclla's garden is full of so many dIfferent kmds ot flowers. Bill 'n Jane! Fa Once a year. M If Cdlvm Ii I. IS being nasty to you that's his alter ego lalking He s usually very sweet If Calvin is bemg nasty to you. Ihal s is ahl-ter ee-goh talking He's ulally very sweet i "I. Bill and Janel gave me a bona fide ussurunce thdt they would download my house That s why I didn t sell it to the next people who wanted to download it.

Wllh praise -P': W Sc m was alway. M Once a ycar. I don t even like bemg near him unymore l.. I don't even like being nei.! It"jgl i! Grant s ego s gotlen ouddu control now th'd 'e s rich n famous I don even like being near 'im anymore' ete.

Conl1le and Ernest are a bad pillr She has a huge libido and he doesn t like sex Mi" I m only mt rested n soshalizlng w th people 00 ave the sume mt'rests ez I do. I hear there s a mOVle star staying n ar hotel.

Gold per se hc. He wc. She ustc. Sully ha.! She used 10 fail all her subJecls bUI now she gets perfecl grades -i"N! W I thmk very highly ot Rochelle and vice versa. I nped il hy loddy repon I I need It by daday "'. IJlM I ve got to leave now Rasta la vista'. I got I rn-co cah doh unable to be contacted c.:!. There aren t many places ta get lunch uroun here b'd we c n ged a san wich n a b0er 'It the kan-tee-nab padre n pronounced I Slay completely dry when It rains.

There aren t many pluces to get lunch around here but we can gel a sandWlch und a beer at the cantina. You reully IIkc Ben? He s mucbo strange! I USed to tell all my problems to the padre. When I waS In the army. He s moo-choh strange l 1k.

If I wear a hat n bOOlS with my pabn-choh. He s very. W Oh! You'll hurt yourself Let me do it for you 51 tl'! I'll Make sure you get bagels doughnuls.: Wl Oh'ee l. Oy' Is thiS gIVing me a headache l. I want to get that Job but que sera sera I '''''!! Ed thought I won't sUrvive until dmner l "tt1lWtl'11 I ve gal 10 have a snack or dmner' r '" m.

It seven hard da find a place tu si' down l verkiempt ad pronounced fer klempr emotional -p': I think that s Just er shtik when she WdnlS somethmg from you. I dunno how she keep! Helene uscd to be so elegant but ever since she gOI married she s become such a sloppy-looking person 1jI1I!

What a heaUtlful. Jj My mother ulway. I It's hclrd to find a place to Sit' J little things thill she has collected o expensive furniture 9 I never wedr! J dIrty home Don't believe cverythlng a car salesper! J talks nonstop 12 o o very dlrty CJ completely clean 3 After Don was told he won the tonery he couldn t stop grinning from ear to earl o smlhng d little o smiling widely 8 My aunt's house IS filled WIth lmiek-lmae'l.

For ESL English as a Second Language students, this book equals years of living in the USA and will help you to quickly integrate into the American culture by learning not only the slang and idioms, but we'll also take you through the contractions and reductions used by everyone such as I dunno "I do not know" and D'jeet jet?

Entertaining dialogues, activities and games will make sure you have a blast "have fun" and don't sweat it "get tense" as you get up to speed "become current" on all the typical slang and idioms used by virtually every native speaker!

So chill out "relax" , kick back "get comfortable" as you learn the real language spoken by virtually all of us in the USA! Audio CDs sold separately. His love of language inspired him to delve into the intricacies of words and led him to become a prominent author of more than books on understanding slang and idioms in different languages, as well as books that teach kids foreign languages through fairy tales.

Having been trained since the age of four as a classical pianist, David became the in-house music director for the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee where he composed and scored documentaries, commercials, and public service announcements featuring top stars in Hollywood.

In , David founded Slangman Publishing which specializes in materials that teach children foreign languages, as well as products teaching teens and adults slang and idioms in a variety of languages. In , David became known as Slangman to an audience of over million people in countries due to his regular 6-year segment on Voice of America VOA , the broadcast network of the United States government.

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