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Spanish To English Dictionary Pdf

Key Guide. Touch Keys. Conjugates a word. Toggles the entry language between Spanish and English. Goes to the dictionary. Goes to the Exercises menu (for. English Translation of “PDF” | The official Collins Spanish-English Dictionary online. Over English translations of Spanish words and phrases. English-Spanish Dictionary of Health Related Terms. Diccionario de Términos de Salud en Español e Inglés. California Office of Binational Border Health.

Using this book This book contains over 2, useful Spanish word, with pictures to help you remember them. To help you identify words, nouns naming words are printed in roman lettering el libra, book and verbs doing words , adjectives describing words and phrases in italics grande, big. Contents 3 Using this book 4 Meeting people 6 Families 8 Appearance and personality 10 Your body 12 Houses and homes 14 Dining room and living room 15 the kitchen 16 the garden 18 Pets 20 Getting up 22 Clothes 24 Going to bed 26 Eating and drinking 28 downloading food 32 Pastimes 36 Going out 38 At the zoo and in the park 40 In the city 42 Shopping 46 At the post office and bank 48 Phonecalls and letters 50 Out and about 52 Driving 54 Action words Grammar hints Phrase explainer English-Spanish word list Spanish nouns are either masculine or feminine this is called their gender. The Spanish word for "the" shows which gender a noun is. In the plural el becomes los and la becomes las. Sometimes the following abbreviations are also used: In Spanish, nouns that describe what people do or what they are e. When they appear in the illustrated section of the book only the form which matches the picture is given, but both masculine and feminine forms are given in the alphabetical word list at the back.