LibriVox recording of The Book Of Jasher by Anonymous. For more free audio books or to become a volunteer reader, visit Jasher (The Sefer haYashar (first edition ) The Hebrew title may be translated Sefer haYashar - "Book of the Upright" - but it is known in. The Book of Jasher () by J.H. Parry & Company *BEST* READ ALONG TEXT New Audiobook!Many have heard of the ancient Book of.

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Book Of Jasher Audio

Book of Jasher Audio Version i read this, wanted to read it again, so glad to find the audio. Book of Jasher. YouTube audio book links (below!) Notice - Here are links: 1) To my analysis of the apparent date problems found within the Book of Jasher; and. The Book of Jasher and Holy Bible The Book of Jasher (also, Jashar) or the Book of the Upright or the Book of the Just Man This is one of the apochrypal Books.

And the sun and the air were darkened because of the smoke of the well. And out of the smoke locusts came out onto the earth. And they were given authority, as the scorpions of the earth have authority. And they have as a king over them the messenger of the abyss, whose name in Hebraic is Abaddon, but in Hellenic he has the name Apollyon, but in Latin and English he has the name Destroyer. Now there are clear allusions from Enoch in Revelation of John, exactly as there are many illusions in Revelation of John from many other Old Testament prophets. And I saw the heavens above, and behold, a star fell from the heavens, and it transformed and was eating and pasturing among them. And in the midst of those calves they transformed into bulls, and they pastured with them in their midst. Why are there all these demonic beings in the center of the earth? Where did they come from? Enoch [from the same symbolic vision above] And I saw one of those four who had come before; he seized that first star which had fallen from the heavens, and he bound it hand and foot and threw it into an abyss. Now that abyss was narrow and deep and desolate and dark. And when their sons perish and they see the destruction of their beloved ones, bind them for seventy generations in the wooded-vales of the earth, until the great day of their judgment and consummation, until the judgment of the age of the ages is consummated. Now according to Jude , Enoch is the seventh generation from Adam. Jesus is the 77th or 76th generation.

The Book of Jasher has a long history of publication—one that no modern scholars believe involves the true ancient book quoted in the Old Testament.

A detailed accounting is available in the articles by Chiel and McClintock and Strong There are several as many as five separate works by this title, all composed much later than Biblical times. This particular one is a translation of a Hebrew book printed in Book of Jasher - Audio Book - adamoh.

YouTube audio book links below! Notice - Here are links: 1 To my analysis of the apparent date problems found within the Book of Jasher; and. Jasher is an In the bible there ars only snippets of stories and for me this book feld the gap of some of these.

For me this book was a great read and would recommend it highly. Audio Book Of Jasher. The Book of Jasher - What is it? Should the Book of Jasher He did not state whether all of the Book of Jasher is accurate, its origin, or whether it should be in the Bible. The second place the Book of Jasher is mentioned is in 2 Samuel Full text of "The Book Of Jasher. Live Music Archive. It also tells us that in the days of "Peleg," not only were the nations at Babel divided and scattered, but the earth itself was also divided What About the Book of Jasher?

Therefore it was important to bring it into conformity with rabbinic tradition and their decisions about the Torah. The book that is available in English by that title today is not the same book. This is one of the apochrypal Books of Jasher. Esau marries a Canaanitish Woman. Jacob by deceit obtains his Brother's Blessing. Esau again marries a Woman of the Land. Jacob returns to his Father, but being still threatened by Esau, is advised by his Mother to go to her Brother Laban, in Haran.

Jacob Obeys and goes from Laban. Rachel Steals her Father's gods, that he may not know where Jacob has fled. Laban Pursues him, but establishes a covenant of peace. Jacob sends a Message of Peace to his Brother, who rejects it with contempt, and Advances to Destroy him. Hosts of Angels cause the Fear of Jacob to come upon Esau, and he goes to meet him in peace, in answer to Jacob's Prayer.

Jacob Wrestles with an Angel of the Lord. Jacob goes to Shechem. Prince Shechem defiles Dinah the Daughter of Jacob. Shechem desires her for a Wife. The Perfidy of Shechem. The People of Canaan conspire to avenge the cause of Shechem. Isaac and Jacob Pray for Succor. Jacob and his House goes to Bethel, where the Lord appears to him, calls his name Israel, and Blesses him. The Generations of Jacob and Esau. Jacob Returns to Shechem. The Kings of Canaan again assemble against Jacob.

Being his Father's Favorite, his Brethren become Jealous. Joseph is sent to Visit his Brethren. They conspire against him, and at the Suggestion of Reuben Place him in a Pit. Joseph is sold to a company of Midianites, who in Turn sold him to the Ishmaelites, who take him down to Egypt.

An account of his Journey thither, and of his Affliction on the Road. Reuben's Anguish at not Finding Joseph in the Pit. Jacob's Anguish at the loss of his Son. Joseph is sold to Potiphar, an Officer of Pharaoh. Is Falsely Accused by her and is brought to Judgment. An Account of the Families of Jacob's Sons. Joseph Interprets the Dreams of his Fellow-Prisoners. Isaac Blesses his two Sons and Dies.

His Property is Divided. Pharaoh's Dreams. Joseph is Brought before the King, who Relates his Dreams to him. Joseph, by the Gift of God, Interprets them. A great Famine Predicted. They Object because he cannot speak all the Seventy Languages of the Earth. An Angel visits Joseph and teaches him all the Languages of the Earth. When brought before the King, Joseph's Wisdom and Knowledge please Pharaoh and all the Princes of Egypt, and he is appointed the Second to the King, and all authority is given him.

Joseph is made Wealthy and clothed in Princely apparel and proclaimed Governor of Egypt. Is given the Daughter of Potiphar for a Wife. Joseph goes to help the Ishmaelites against their Enemies. Great Plenty prevails in Egypt as Joseph predicted. Joseph's Two Sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. Joseph stores up Food throughout Egypt. That stored by the Egyptians is spoiled. The Famine prevails over all the Land and Joseph sells corn to all the Egyptians and the surrounding Nations.

Knowing that his Brethren will have to come to Egypt for Corn, he arranges to meet them when they come.

The Book Of Jasher

Tells them not to enter in at one gate but to go in Separately. On the way they Covenant together to seek for Joseph, and if they cannot ransom him they resolve to take him by force. They enter in at ten gates, and spread themselves to seek for Joseph three days.

Joseph, in the meantime, has his men Seeking them. When found they are brought before Joseph who accuses them of being Spies. Joseph sends his Brethren home with corn, while Simeon is kept as a hostage till they shall again come to Egypt with their Younger Brother.

They are astonished to find their Money in their sacks of corn. Jacob's sorrow at the absence of Simeon; Refuses to let Benjamin go. But when he and his Household become pinched with hunger, Judah pleads for Benjamin. Jacob consents and sends his Sons again to Egypt with a conciliatory Letter and Present to the Governor. Jacob's Sons again go to Egypt for Bread. Benjamin is presented before Joseph.

Joseph's Cup.

Free mp3's Lost Books Bible Apocryphal Enoch

Joseph's conduct towards Benjamin by which he makes himself known to him. Resolves to prove his Brethren by taking away Benjamin from them, and puts his Cup in Benjamin's sack of corn and sends them Home to their Father.

An Officer is sent after them who accuses them of purloining his Master's Cup. Brings them back to Joseph. Benjamin is taken from them by force, and they are told to go on their way.

Judah breaks through the Door to get to Joseph and Benjamin. He recounts the many Mighty Deeds of his Brethren and threatens to destroy all Egypt if Benjamin be not released. Joseph wrangles with his Brethren and accuses them of Selling their Brother. They commence to war upon the Egyptians, and frighten the whole Land. After satisfying himself of their repentance for selling their Brother, Joseph makes himself known to them, and bestows presents upon them.

Jacob's joy on Learning that Joseph is still Alive. Joseph and all Egypt go to meet Jacob to do him Honor when he arrives. The Land of Goshen is given to him and his Children. All the Kings of Canaan come up to do him Honor.

The Book Of Jasher

The Sons of Esau make war with the Sons of Jacob and are smitten. Some are taken captive to Egypt. Esau prevails and utterly annihilates the Children of Seir. The Children of Esau again come Against the Israelites, and are again smitten. Jacob's Posterity in Egypt. Being afraid of their power, they afflict them in order to lessen the Number of the Children of Israel.

Aaron is Born. The King's counsellors devise another plan to lessen the number of Israel by drowning them. The Lord finds a means of preserving the Male Children. Moses, a Child of Promise, is born. The Egyptian Women acting as Spies.

Moses is discovered, and placed by his Mother in an Ark of Bulrushes. Moses puts the King's crown upon his own head. Baalam and the Wise Men make this a Pretext against him.

When grown up, Moses visits his Brethren, and learns of their Grievances. Moses obtains a day's rest on the Sabbath for all Israel. Chapter 71 - 80 Moses slays an Egyptian and being Discovered flees from Egypt. Aaron Prophecies. Moses flees to Cush. At the Death of the king, he is chosen in his Stead. He Reigns Forty Years in Cush. The Reign of Moses, and his Strategic Warfare. War in Africa. Moses leaves Cush and goes to the Land of Midian. Reuel, taking him for a Refugee, keeps him in prison for Ten Years.

Is fed by Zipporah, the Daughter of Reuel. Pharaoh smitten of the Plague. Slays a child of the Israelites every day. Adikam Pharaoh Afflicts Israel more than ever. Moses obtains possession of the Stick Jehovah. Moses has Two Sons.

Pharaoh withholds Straw from the Israelites. Aaron meets him. Israel on hearing of his Mission greatly rejoices. Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh, who calls all the Magicians to meet Moses. Pharaoh, not finding the Name of Jehovah on any of the Books of Records, says he does not know who He is, and will not let his People go.

Moses and Aaron teach Pharaoh, but he will not hearken, but causes the labor of the Children of Israel to be increased. Moses being discouraged is told by the Lord that with an outstretched hand and heavy Plagues, Israel shall be Delivered. The Lord afflicts Egypt with all manner of Plagues and Afflictions.

The First-born of all the Egyptians is Slain. Pharaoh sends the Children of Israel away, and all the Egyptians rise up to urge their Departure, but they will not go in the Night.

After the Egyptians bury their First-born, many of them go after the Israelites to induce them to return. But they refuse to return, and fight the Nobles of Egypt and drive them home. Pharaoh resolves with the Egyptians to pursue Israel and compel them to Return.

The Children of Israel are divided some wanting to go back. Moses prays for deliverance. The Lord tells him not to cry to him, but proceed. The waters of the Red Sea are Divided.

The Israelites proceed on their Journey, and are fed with Manna.

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