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Codex: Dark Angels is the definitive guide to collecting, painting and playing with a Dark Angels army in the Warhammer 40, tabletop Wargame. Citadel & the Citadel logo, Dark Angels, Eavy Metal, Games Workshop & the Games Workshop logo, Space Marine,. Tyranid and Warhammer are trademarks of. Citadel, the Citadel Device, Codex: Dark Angels, and aJI associated marks, logos , names, battlefields of the Warhammer 40, universe.

All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the publishers. This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental. British Cataloguing-in-Publication Data. A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. Pictures used for illustrative purposes only. Certain Citadel products may be dangerous if used incorrectly and Games Workshop does not recommend them for use by children under the age of 16 without adult supervision. Whatever your age, be careful when using glues, bladed equipment and sprays and make sure that you read and follow the instructions on the packaging. Building and painting Dark Angels is a unique and exciting as well as matched play points. As impressive as these To play games with your army. To find out more about Warhammer colours and heraldry. This section provides additional rules. Every model in the range is collection of miniatures into a deadly Dark Angels army.

They must therefore be unquestioning in their faith. Grand Master Ravenwing insignia is worn upon the left shoulder pad. The Ravenwing are ideal fast-moving attack vehicles. Every warrior of the company is utterly devoted. We of most Space Marine Chapters. Their reputation is such that the mere sight of their bone-white armour is enough to put many foes to flight. For this reason. No foe is too great for them to subdue.

Only Dark Angels who have shown incredible skill at arms and total loyalty to their Chapter can undergo the exacting rites of initiation required to join the Deathwing.

Those who survive the mental. Brother Rimmon. As they learn more and more of the tragic events. Unlike the elite battle-brothers past.

There remain defenders well over a thousand to of Terminator armour. The hammer of the Inner Circle. Lord Dharcron. Alpha Legion wealth of relics hidden within the Rock.

The left shoulder guard Those who enter the Deathwing may bears the Crux Terminatus. Deathwing Terminator. In battle this knowledge makes the Deathwing beacons of righteous fury.

As events hurtle towards the close of the 41st Millennium. Calls loyalist forefathers upon for Inquisitorial censure Caliban. Squad battleline Squad battleline. They aided and stubborn refusal the Ultramarines to retreat is well Primarch Roboute documented.

Even They exhibited not for Adeptus Astartes. This means reports of further that they possess all misdeeds from reaching the drive of the other Terra. Alongside the Dark Angels themselves. Their Founded in the darkest banners. First Legion. They defeating their foe. I do not know what end game Azrael is playing. Rumours manner of ancient relics abound over their and holy patterns of creation.

Inquisitor Hallex. They revered heirlooms of the bear reliquaries to war. The cryptic that have never been Chapter wields all disclosed. It is as though they were created for the the Consecrators have pursuit of the renegade inherited the most known as Cypher. It is not known from conquers. Only a to lead them to safety. Only orders them to the Eastern Fringe on the far their flawless battle record and eagerness side of the galaxy. Horus themselves under increasing scrutiny. Cypher is involved.

Always the secret hunt for the Fallen drives them. With the Emperor grievously wounded must establish new recruiting worlds for His rapid deformation convinces him to by Horus and confined to his Golden themselves and their newly separated pass the Lion Helm to a successor. As the Imperium tightens its controls following the Great Scouring and the The Horus Heresy ensuing consolidation of power. Hampered by distance.

Dark Angels for millennia to come. In the final battles. The Deathwing Unleashed fragment of the planet remains. Caliban is torn apart. The Dark Angels the times to their advantage. The Great Crusade of their Primarch. The Ravenwing is world. Legion plays a significant role in these numerous planets. It is while reclaiming Librarians briefly register the scattered driven from their strongholds.

Death Guard. The claiming more victories than any other other successor Chapters soon follow suit. The Amalgamation Schism rebellion there. Many lives are lost before the war the Altid Crusade. Known of the Rock annihilates their capital ship drive the xenos back below ground and. The battle is won the Deathwing. Only a timely engine rooms. In remnants of his Chaos Space Marine allies.

Despite manually triggers the blast. The arrival of the space hulk Amalgamation respond. They ends with the destruction of the artificial that ends on the colony world of Altid run their quarry to ground just as he is moons of Ixx.

The sudden appearance The Forlex Rescue Fallen are captured amidst the ensuing of the Rock and the Dark Angels fleet tips A Necron stasis-crypt awakens beneath carnage.

The the Imperial colony of Forlex. Official alongside elements of the Ravenwing to snatch Neziek and drag him into the reports detail that nigh on two hundred and the 5th Company.

His death is not an easy one. In truth. The Deathwing are massive space docks of Midpoint in the deployed in response. Hrakon the depths of space just outside the docks. The discovers strong elements of the renegades desperate duel with the Grand Master of Dark Angels task force sent to investigate known as the Cleaved.

Fighting wrathful Space Marines at bay long enough rebel tyrant of Dominus Prime. Astartes of the Alpha Legion. The Angels of Vengeance they search for signs of the Fallen. To this day. The rebelling populaces. The Fallen Dark Angel questioning. Before The Lost Hope of Perdition traitors and any unfortunate enough to be they can apprehend the governor for A Dark Angels investigation of a space in their vicinity.

Dark Angels are involved in many battles. Mystery shrouds the of Nephilim Jetfighters engage in furious Grand Master Azrael to launch a crusade architects of this catastrophe. Hive Fleet Leviathan as they spread deeper forces split across the Cadian Sector. Sword an ambush and slain by Chaos Space causes both Chapters to briefly engage. Angels 3rd Company under the command The 13th Black Crusade recidivists are eventually wiped off the face of Master Belial succeed in defending the A vast tide of Chaos worshippers pours of their world.

A strike force under Chaplain Asmodai rivals the Space Wolves as part of a larger battle a Commorrite host in the shrine-city scheme orchestrated by Magnus the Red. This action raises protests from again. It is revealed that the Daemon has been several other Chapters.

Master of the Dark Angels — is led into a dispute over a Black Templars prisoner where they and their strike cruiser. Their governor of the toxic world of Sephlagm. None are ever seen Changeling is detected aboard the Rock.

Increasing warp storm The Death of Naberius Dark Angels on the world of Parabulus in activity ensures the different forces cannot Hot on the trail of the ever-elusive Cypher. Over two dozen Fallen are and fell portents.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Dark Angels(8E)

He sees the Fallen in Groblinik. Most of these visions are seized. Several Dark Angels strike forces join the the Unforgiven to join them in a headlong the Ravenwing hunt the possessed battle against the far-reaching tendrils of assault against the renegade forces. Gutgouger from Koris. Grand Master of Librarians.

The of Defiance. Dark Vengeance itself into his mind. On the surface of Faze V the Dark Angels must be overrun. The Waaagh! The Dark Angels Dark Eldar portals and end the nightmare. Faze Uprising of Gothala. Nazdreg invades Piscina IV. Groblinik agonised screams for many months.

Seeing no other recourse. Azrael leads the Deathwing to incident is reported. Despite their brief alliance. Asmodai holds his force together. Luther had rebuilt to know their darkest secret — the Dark the entire First Legion on Caliban.

Master Korahael arrives on Cadia itself. The Dark In a gruelling campaign. The Galaxy Shakes shadow-shrouded conflict now known Even protected by the psychic shielding of as the Rhamiel Betrayal. For this and The Rich Prize the Rock.

A Dark Angels strike force explores a upon the Space Marines from squirming A full-blown daemonic invasion of the region of the galaxy previously engulfed portals of sentient shadow.

In the galaxy. At a brief war council. Although tensions between the suddenness with which they manifested. Azrael can the Noctis Aeterna passes. There is one. Roboute Guilliman. So do Azrael of many of the Fallen. Azrael alone leads them to a secret teleportation device. They speak of a gathering original contingent of a thousand manage to serve the Emperor well. Dark Angels and Space Wolves are high. Cypher and the Daemon Prince Marbas. Chapters to the new Imperium.

In the darkest reaches of the galaxy. Only the unexpected appearance of Angels has been set free. What follows is the of the updated Codex Astartes. Chaos Space the Indomitus Crusade. Fighting takes place along is when Azrael finally decides he can wait Unforgiven Chapters join the campaigns the docks.

Commander of the Imperium.

Azrael suspects hidden past. The Inner Circle remains companies from the Angels of Vengeance. He also speaks Rumours. Entire successor The Changeling instigates uprisings all is invaded. In the deepest worst — that the newly returned Primarch are swiftly recuperated.

Debating whether to order the the Space Marines to safely withdraw. Initial losses that knows otherwise. It is not Marines. It for invasion. A Daemon army led by the Chapters become lost in the warp. The Dark Angels and several asteroid base. The scattered astropathic summons — though beleaguered populations. On worlds across the galaxy. Whether quelling the rebellions of heretics and renegades. Azrael must contend with a galaxy deeply changed by the events Following in the footsteps of every prospective Supreme Grand surrounding the Cicatrix Maledictum.

It was in that role that Azrael famously led the assault that slew the Daemon-possessed planetary governor Although stern. Grand Master had used Luther as an oracle. In a close-mouthed Angels against a red tide of daemonic invaders. Azrael was accompanied by high-ranking one that the traitorous Luther not just survived to see. Perhaps the greatest example of this occurred on. That the Dark Angels forswore his past for a life of service to the Chapter.

The Supreme Chapter that eschews self-aggrandisement. He dropped dynamic leader. Many fall at this final hurdle. Azrael was chosen as his successor. His ability to manage macro-level strategies Since he was freed during the attack upon the Rock following as well as the tactics of individual squads is extraordinary even for the Noctis Aeterna.

Azrael confess. Master of the Deathwing. Azrael has proven to be a spoke of events that were. Amidst many vows and and the diminutive Watchers. Although solemn monastery. Down the ages. Azrael was led down long hallways until. It lies beyond dozens of he came to the Arch of Truth. Luther screamed. Like the Dark Angels Primarch. This hidden agenda is always at the forefront of that he was inducted into the Chapter from the wild.

In this. From out of the shadows came the mysterious Watchers in the Dark. When coherent. Luther even claimed that the Lion rapidly changing realities of the field and orchestrate his forces to was close at hand.

Whatever his origin. This position of knowledge are strengthened by their mental ordeals. Typically constructs attached to their power armour. In this process. Those aspirants amongst the Dark Angels who prove strong enough to survive the process. It is for this reason that the Librarians because psykers are naturally unstable. The mind Space Marines. Space fortitude or immense willpower to control their mental forces. Such precautions are warranted. Most doing great evils or.

While Dark Angels Librarians wield bolters and blades on the battlefield in the manner of their brothers. As such. Yet some of the recruits as those initiated into the Deathwing. Worst of all. To Marine warriors capable of wielding awesome mental powers. All that can be sure is that the winged Daemon Prince speaks too much truth. Some few threatening planets and entire star systems. Terminator armour. To prevent the spread of mutation. Most recruits who do earn their place are utterly incorruptible and completely are ruined in these stages.

Opening their minds to the warp on the battlefield leaves them vulnerable. In such cases.

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While Cypher is foremost amongst them. Cautionary tales persist. Ezekiel has fought in thousands of campaigns. In this book are the names of the Fallen that have been captured. Seeing Ezekiel toppled. Ezekiel is no and menace that surrounds these strange beings is only less terrifying a prospect. It is his burden to carry the keys that unlock all the doors within the depths of the Rock. Ezekiel also holds the title of Holder of the Keys. When it was discovered that the Librarian still lived.

They come Although some say this is down to austerity. For some. It is this trait that puts him in good stead as the final arbiter of whether a Dark Angel is worthy enough to enter into the Inner Circle. When behind them during their archaic rites.

The Ork Warlord. Waiting only for a simple bionic replacement to be figures. As the Grand Master of the Librarius. Ezekiel returned to the fray in time to rally the beleaguered presence is solemnly accepted. Their fitted. None can say for certain what seethed with impatience as the shell and the remains of his eye manner of creature lies beneath the robes of these strange were removed.

As a brothers. Although the majority of those within the Chapter do not understand the true significance of the bound volume. It was on the fourth day of the conflict against Waaagh! Groblonik that Ezekiel was felled by an Ork bullet. Ezekiel wears the same crude bionic Watchers haunt the lowest reaches of the Rock. The air of mystique the sanity of every enemy on the field. These diminutive. It was Ezekiel himself that slew the manifestation of guilt clad in cowled monastic robes.

In the flesh. For most.

Interrogator-Chaplains are in their commitment to compel contrition silent and intense. Interrogator- on they become shadowed mirrors of their Chaplains must weather heretical ranting previous selves. When the Fallen are their own battle-brothers with their silent though certainly these discoveries assail captured and brought back to the dark cells scrutiny.

Confessions are as hard-won as they are rare. This Test of Faith. Upon promotion to his role. The cause of this shift in demeanour is not Interrogator-Chaplains into such grim Chaplains of the Dark Angels unsettle even simply the revelations of the Inner Circle.

From that moment not an easy burden to bear. Master Molocia — an exemplar of his grim profession — died after over three hundred years of service with only ten black pearls. This treasure is stored within the Reclusiam. The black pearls themselves can only be found on the planet of Malmar. Like any most successful Interrogator-Chaplain. In his excesses. No Dark Angel better exemplifies and become a killing machine.

Whether on the battlefield, at council to add another black pearl to his collection. While his of Silence upon the 7th Company. For a wires, mysterious technology that amplifies determination to force those that fall into standard Terran year, the formation was pain beyond endurance.

None who feel its his clutches to speak their secrets has aided unable to utter a sound save for hymnals touch live to tell of it. In part, this is due to the Imperial Creed and the dominion of the and punctuating his sermons with deadly protective nature of not only their ceramite Adeptus Ministorum.

As a result, every strikes from his blazing crozius arcanum armour, but also their rosarius — an amulet Space Marine Chapter had its own cult — the skull-headed cudgel that is both that serves as another mark of office. A practices and its own attendant priests. Its energy field writhes around that can deflect blows and shots that would Marines are known as Chaplains, and for the weapon in crackling arcs, boosting its destroy a ferrocrete bunker.

The Chaplains of the Dark Angels are Whether using a jump pack to descend the keepers of the Reclusiam, the central onto the battlefield like a shadow of shrine within the Rock. They often vengeance, or marching alongside their emerge from that hall of relics to preside brothers on foot, Chaplains are utterly over ancient ceremonies — inducting neophytes into the Chapter with Rites of Initiation, steeling the hearts and minds of recruits and veterans alike with the Vows of Intolerance, and leading all through prayers of dedication to battle, Primarch and Emperor.

In this way, a Chaplain instils strict discipline in his brothers, armouring them within through tenet and catechism. The monastic Dark Angels are inundated with rituals, a bewildering array of ancient rites and traditions, from the Feast of Malediction and the Rite of Sins Renounced, to the three-day Mindchant of the Iron Penance. Many of these rituals involve only small groups of robed and hooded figures, but others are delivered to whole companies or even, very rarely, the entire Chapter.

Some of the observances are instructional, some involve oath-taking, while others are mysterious, leaving the neophytes in awe at the unusual proceedings. All such liturgies reinforce loyalty to the Chapter and the Emperor.

A Chaplain does not just deliver inspiration, however, but also rebuke. Chaplains are daunting figures, for their jet-black livery is adorned with icons of battle and mysterious tokens of ritual. Their skull helms at once evoke the stern image of the immortal Emperor and the grim promise of death. In the midst of conflict, a Chaplain is truly in. Nowhere is this calling more essential performing complex surgeries on grievously wounded warriors, than on the battlefield; amidst the hell of shellfire, explosions and Apothecaries train initiates, tend to the gene-seed databanks, and ceaseless combat, an Apothecary is an unparalleled medic.

Treating the body of a member of the Adeptus Astartes is quite different than administering to a non-augmented human. Only once the heat of battle has dissipated will a Space Marine allow himself to acknowledge the severity of his injuries, and it is then an Apothecary will take them into their longer-term care.

Whether carrying out his work in the small operating space aboard a Thunderhawk gunship, or in the larger apothecarium of a strike cruiser, an Apothecary will lead a team to effect more thorough post-battle surgeries.

Taking out his reductor, the Apothecary commences his most important task, using the specialised device to remove the gene-seed of the dead. From the secrets held within each of these organs, future generations of Space Marines are created, and the continuation of the Chapter is assured. They must show superlative leadership and tactical skills.

Many elements of earlier marks for these battle-brothers to become Masters. Many Battle Companies frequently divide into two Battle Demi- companies. Typically such men served in the Deathwing. Mk X Gravis armour. The position of Lieutenant gives rising leaders vital X Tacticus armour offers substantial protection while allowing experience in command.

To lead the Dark Angels requires a battle-hardened veteran. Where the lauded Captains of other Space Marine Chapters deliver rousing speeches to coalition forces of the Imperium. Mk replace them. None can claim to be more disciplined than the Dark Angels. Yet for all their silent reservations. Such leaders are not only superb strategists. A Company Master meets each challenge with the same intractable resolve. For instance. The longest serving of power armour can still be recognised in all incarnations of and most honoured Lieutenants of the Dark Angels are presented Mk X armour.

All Dark Angels are taciturn and monastic in nature. With a signal. These officers serve as the right hand of their Company Masters. Each Company Master bears additional honorific titles. They shun highly visible. Almost soundlessly. Each of the ten companies of the Dark Angels is led by such a Master. The Dark Angels and their successor Chapters have readily Mk X armour does not have a single appellation.

Company Masters are no less commanding. The most honoured of all Company Ancients is promoted to Chapter Ancient.

Every son of the Lion. After each engagement. Taking after the Company Masters. Many are the acts of extreme their company during the ceremonies accompanied by a hand-selected squad heroism that have been performed by held in the Great Hall of the Rock.

The fought between their respective Primarchs winners of such competitions represent nearly ten thousand years ago. On the use these seasoned soldiers in a variety battlefield. The Codex Dark Angels in the shadow of such ancient individuals embody the honour of their Astartes sanctions the formation of these standards. These of specialists and veterans. Not for them the gold-encrusted armour of an honour guard or the ostentatious plume to denote to all onlookers their exalted station.

Veterans renounce the garish. To be acknowledged before the assembled might of the Dark Angels is a proud and humbling moment — for each of the battle- brothers is.

Should the Dark of their elite nature. While the Legions did of dozens. Roboute Guilliman overlapping fields of fire that won over is girded for war with the finest equipment remembered well the success of single many of the brethren. Intercessor Squads had to prove that they Each member of an Intercessor Squad were as adept in close quarters as they carries some variant of a bolt weapon.

It was during the defence The standard armament is the bolt rifle. The upon his return came the Intercessor squads are each led by a Sergeant. The entire swords. It is common for one or hab-block by hab-block. Here was a centre for any battle line directs his warriors to flawlessly execute the — a core of warriors that could lay down orders of his superiors. Whatever the particular demands of an engagement. During the Battle of Heltopia.

Such as to provide greater battlefield flexibility. After quelling the two members of an Intercessor Squad to swarming advance at one intersection. Intercessor Squads would reboard and race allowing them to fire their explosives towards their next location.

This loadout allows so successfully countered the slow-moving Intercessor Squads to lay down a punishing but inexorable foe. The auto bolt rifle lines. Many Intercessor Sergeants but cannot be fired on the move.

With no time to establish firing Adeptus Astartes bolter. On the armament squads from the days of the battlefield. By the Since the inclusion of Intercessor Squads. Dark squads. Although now Tactical Squads of a battle will dictate the course of action This grim determination has been displayed must share their role with the Intercessors.

For the Dark Angels. Upon some of these recruitment worlds. Time and again. At need. Nachtwald was originally the main home world of the Lions Sable. Tactical Squads often allowed reinforcements to arrive and secure could be asked to hold ground. Dark Angels fight with tenacity. A Tactical Squad tail end of the battles of the Scouring. The most feral of these planets have nothing but legends of visitors from the sky appearing at regular intervals.

Over time some recruiting worlds have been lost — either permanently. Other planets have smaller outposts. As befits its needs. Whereas other Space Marine squads No matter the foe. The circumstances outgunned. A Tactical Squad skills remain sharp.

When they ran out of ammunition. Although there are many Unforgiven recruiting worlds — the full number of which is known only to the Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels — the majority of them are feudal worlds. Every battle-brother is fully trained the Dark Angels used their boltguns as Tactical Squads are composed of versatile with the entire arsenal.

These orbit. Engaging their jump packs. Such dangerous deployments take a toll. Although capable of besting foes in hand-to-hand combat. Inceptor Squads are the perfect complement to the rapid-strike style of the Space Marines. These Primaris Space Unforgiven due to their affinity with the dangerous and powerful Marines are equipped with Mk X Gravis armour and heavy jump technology behind their creation.

It is the role of the close support squads to crack open the enemy lines and to deliver the blow that breaks them entirely. Common tactics include landing alongside a Drop Pod assault to blast out a beachhead. To this end they frequently employ jump packs. With the foe overwhelmed. The distinctive sound of their high calibre shots is swiftly answered by Formidable on their own. This means that the Inceptor Squads when their wearers launch themselves back into the skies with a are capable of putting out enough firepower to halt a charging bounding leap.

In place of howled battle cries. To make such attacks. Plunging deep behind enemy lines. They are often unleashed as the vanguard of an attack. Despite the ground- A single such firearm can stitch a pattern of death to scythe down shaking force with which they land. As Assault Squads carry little in the way of ranged weaponry. Against weaker-willed or for any Company Master. It is their role to sow fear aircraft of the 2nd Company suddenly Even amongst the grim and shadowed and confusion amongst the enemy forces.

A single Reiver mere presence of Assault Squads on the of Mordian. So were the cult armies mistake. Once they reach their destination. There is no site upon into flight. Their streamlined armour has been designed to dampen both noise and resistance as they freefall into battle. Nothing at laying the groundwork for the killing can prepare a foe — even one standing blows that follow.

Using directional fins. As suits their aggressive style. Some Reivers are equipped with grav-chutes. The element of surprise is key to any Reiver Squad.

Wh40k Codex Dark Angels 2017 ENG

Even a single Assault Squad is too dire a bearing silent-firing grapnel launchers. Here are terror troops. On Urkrask they aural assault. They are masters of travelling of all. Reivers control their plummet. Such mobile threats present a drainage tunnels or scaling seemingly unnerved by the sudden and horrific wealth of formidable tactical possibilities impossible heights.

Each member of this Primaris squad is outfitted in Mk X Phobos armour. Droning over the screams of the dying Not all Reiver Squads deploy by air. Squads are regarded as the most sinister squad within the Chapter. The augmented battle cries of the Reivers threat for a foe to ignore. Reivers often go to war wave-amplified muzzle blasts roaring. With the worked their way behind a Death Guard less trained foes. Even enemy ranks. Gone are their silent sound spreads a pall of dread over the across the battlefield to get into position.

A Hellblaster with such a weapon must remain stationary if before them. With a blazing roar. They stand as a hallowed and eternal reminder to multiple blasts. Deployed at the right place and in this manner. Both it and the standard plasma incinerator are the living that no cost is too high to pay for victory. The Hellblaster Squads harken back to days of glorious legend. Each member of a Hellblaster Squad done only in the direst of circumstances. In addition to targeting armoured. These units provide covering fire for their battleline and close support brethren.

As they have done since they first claimed the Rock as their home world. Enemy battle tanks are reduced to blazing wrecks still. Their names are chiselled into the Pillars of Conflagratus that line The assault variant sacrifices a little range for its ability to fire the Hall of Fire. Devastators are the most heavily armed of all Dark Angels Space and its incandescent bolts of plasma strike with more power Marines.

Not even the thickest armour plating can withstand such starburst of self immolation. Typically this is deadly plasma weaponry. All variants of the plasma incinerator can be supercharged. In the wake of such A Devastator Squad commonly carries four wide volleys of explosive bolts. While an Armorium Cherub can ensure weapons are rapidly reloaded. To aid him in this task he will use a signum to scan the area. Each of these Primaris Marines is clad in heavy Gravis armour and equipped with a pair of gauntlet-mounted weapons.

Many Squads were pivotal in clearing the dense power fists. Quickly identifying and destroying targets is key. This is certain death for tightly satisfaction as their fire sees a particularly advancing between two formations of packed enemies. Devastator Squads are ideal for upon Mordian. Any Devastator battle-brothers not equipped with heavy weaponry carry boltguns. A Devastator Squad is at its deadliest when it can fight from a defensible position that overlooks the battlefield.

Armed with boltstorm that thought to take refuge behind thick gauntlets. An Aggressor Squad can wade into the largest of enemy hordes. Stubborn and Aggressor Squads have proven effective with flamestorm gauntlets. Should advancing battleline or close support across open terrain. During the battles any foes live through such a hurricane troops. Once entrenched in such a site they can dominate the foe. Kaligar was a long-sought member of the Fallen. This powerful vehicle is protected by the Shield It bears front-mounted storm bolters and an underslung of Night.

Sammael dwells endlessly upon the ones that got the Dark Angels Legion was reformed into Chapters. It is a task that has grown much harder since the opening performs. The aerial stunts Sammael performed while leading the 2nd Company in the war against the Orks of Charadon are legendary.

Despite his well-noted audacity. Although masterful at orchestrating distracting manoeuvres and feints. While over two dozen have Master Sammael. The last beacons in the very midst of the foe than Grand Master Sammael. Many times Corvex has been thought lost or destroyed. Sammael much prefers to take matters into his own hands.

Grand Fallen hunts in so short a space of time. Grand Master Sammael cuts down any foolish enough to face him. The present leader of the Ravenwing. The Grand Master of the Ravenwing. Through blood-flecked lips. What makes Grand Master Sammael such a masterful commander of the Ravenwing is that he knows when to temper his penchant for close combat and when to call in aid. Whether the Dark Angels Although the Ravenwing are known across the galaxy as the most maintain a cache of relics or have long-lost STC material is elite mobile strike force in the Imperium.

Brother away.

Sammael and his trusted Black Knights know the full details of. From the saddle of Corvex. Sammael is bold to the point of being reckless — a trait required in order to head a mobile company whose success depends upon speed and hard-hitting surprise. When swung. Given the black-clad hunters never learn too much about the nature of their number of dangerous battlefield roles the fabled 2nd Company quarry.

Though it was never revealed. The blade — one of three forged from a meteorite that struck the Rock long ago — has a razor-sharp edge that never dulls. In battle he wields the razor-honed Raven Sword. They also form a rallying point. Ravenwing Blessing. Whether deployed on their own. Their riding skills are They speed towards the foe. Many such Apothecaries have Dark Angels rarely recount battle deeds or been seen steering their bikes one-handed heroic tales unless doing so addresses some while they effect emergency surgeries special need.

All solemn ritual that culminates in the Vow bears an ancient power weapon drawn are proven Black Knights. If they can pass the Seven opponents. Final verse of Corvus Sacramentus. These may individually join a detachment who are initiated into the Inner Circle.

Although utmost trust. Against more formidable the next level. They are skilled riders as well Knights are the ultimate weapon of the as medics. While the entire 2nd Company is Dark Angels. Known collectively as the Ravenwing. These are further supported by The reconnaissance. This fact is not known to the majority of the Dark Angels.

For speed. This is their specialty. They typically occasionally deployed in a single action. Given the dark nature of each element works with the synchronicity of thousands of drills their unknown mission.

With but a signal flashed across the comm-net. The warriors of the they are tasked with seeking out and pinning down the foe until 2nd Company do not use the green panoply of the majority of the the rest of the Chapter arrives. Ravenwing Attack Squadrons often break They are trained to unquestioningly obey orders.

Attack Bike. As they streak into battle. As the Ravenwing range ahead of the main force. They are organised entirely into fast. Like the Dark Angels. Even foes that seek before summoning the Deathwing. Mounted in a Land Speeder outfitted with additional auspex leaving their battered foe bewildered. In the brutal city-fighting on the toxic world of Sephlagm. Most often. Land Speeder Tornados mounting heavy flamers cleared the streets.

The Attack yet. Ravenwing and other such companies is known as a Talonmaster. Achieving this requires a fluid style of attack. All have performed admirably.

The Ravenwing ride down temporary refuge in the densest of terrain are spotted. Equipped with teleportation homers. Some Attack Bikes are outfitted with a multi-melta: The Space Marine bikes lay in place the new Lieutenant rank. In the Guardians of the Covenant. On Straton. Land Speeder Typhoons worked in unison to lay down a missile barrage that blasted a lane through the swarming Tyranid creatures. Land Speeders form highly mobile support for the 3rd Passage ground-bound bike elements of the Ravenwing or larger Dark Angels strike forces.

Ravenwing Catechism of the Hunt. While part of the Ravenwing closes with the enemy. Although they are considered officers within the company. The Stone Guardians. The collision of that statues — carved figures from a past age. Although the Dark armoury. Its relics deployed on the field of battle by the Early in that catastrophic tumult. An answer to this quest came haze emanating outwards from the ancient lightnings. Even the blazing beam of a lascannon can be swallowed by that gloaming field of eldritch power.

In battle. Those stone eyes had seen the tragedy that its deadly plasma storm battery. Specialist Detachments are an upcoming type of Detachment that will be added starting in the Vigilus Defiant campaign supplement by use of stratagems that costs CP. These Detachments are custom made for specific sub-factions which grant them access to a new key word as well as additional Stratagems, Warlord Traits, and Artifacts.

No other army so far has access to them either, so where there is no difference between a human-scaled Boltgun and a regular Astartes Boltgun; Primaris weapons are always improved in some way. Now, relics just replace an equivalent weapon, making them functionally free. However, only 1 Relic may be taken per army unless you spend command points, and the weapon relics still require you to pay for the weapon that the relic will replace.

Note that characters in the Elite slots can only take Relic weaponry if they start with or download the weapon to be upgraded, as they have less options compared to HQs who have access to just about everything. Note Successor chapters including custom successor chapters lack access to special characters as explained on page 74 of the DA codex.

Forgeworld FAQ [3] updates the relic rule for LoW, effectively you can get one with no pre-requisites but further ones will still require the 'non-relic' tax. On the other hand, who would even need to bring 4 Lords of War into a game? These vehicles act exactly like other passengers and are subject to the usual restrictions for embarking and disembarking, meaning they can detach while in Supersonic mode at the end of the movement phase.

Transported vehicles can carry units at no additional transport cost to the Thunderhawk, so feel free to deep strike 25 dudes in a Spartan PLUS 15 dudes in the Thunderhawk itself. The cost of this unusual ability is the loss of ranged firepower - the Thunderhawk Transporter is armed with 'only' 4 Twin heavy bolters and a Hellstrike missile battery. It's much cheaper than the Thunderhawk Gunship, but its usefulness is somewhat questionable, cool as it may be.

Placed here separately, because: They're Dark Angels, whether or not they have the key word. Because Deathwing units and characters get bonuses against them. This is actually not as heinously abusive of the fluff as it sounds, bear in mind that Cypher and the occasional Fallen cough - Astelan have been let out of their cells to go on missions with the Dark Angels from time to time, though usually under excessively heavy guard and threat of death and torture if they step out of line.

Cypher even shows up to offer snarky pointers every now and then. While essentially space marines with a twist, the Dark Angels do have some different tactics, mainly because of the ravenwing and the named characters.

Look for this section to be updated with the Codex. Use the above mentioned units and some of the Dark Angel named characters to enhance your army, but don't rely on just the Dark Angel only units. A predator, intercessor squad, normal lieutenant or dreadnought is still a great unit and will serve you well. Jump to:

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