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Bv Raman Astrology For Beginners Pdf - astrology for beginners by b v raman pdf free download give more informtion on astrology. Astrology For Beginners [B. V. Raman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Astrology For Beginners by B. V. Raman is a book that has been . Download Astrology Books by b v Raman. Astrology in Predicting Weather and Earthquakes Astrology for Beginners Ashtakavarga System of.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language. I Prasna Marga Vol. Raman All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher. Experience has convinced me that a book free from controversial matters is an absolute necessity to meet the growing demands of the educated public. Whilst this little treatise, as its name implies, contains nothing that is difficult to follow, the pre- sentation is bound to make a fascinating appeal to the advanced students as well. It is earnestly hoped that Astrology for Begin- ners will be of considerable assistance to those who contemplate an initial study of Astrology.

That is, according to the Hindu horo- scope if a planet is in 20 degrees Cancer, it will be situated in the 12th or 13th degree of Leo according to Western Astrology.

Why there should be this dif- ference is within a matter a beginner need not concern himslelf with. The difference referred to above is called Ayanamsa or Precessional Distance. Erect a horoscope as per rules given below and subtract from the positions so obtained, the Ayanamsa for the year of birth and the Hindu horoscope needed for our purpose, is obtained. See Appendix I for determining Ayanamsa for the year of birth. Indian Standard Time I. Therefore, if birth time is given in Local Mean Time L.

For births west of Greenwich, add four minutes for every degree of longitude to the Local Mean Time of birth. For births east of Greenwich, subtract four minu- tes for every degree of longitude from the Local Mean Time of birth. The result is the Greenwich Mean Time of Birth.

Example Bom on 2nd November , Saturday, 5—20 ajm. Longitude 5 hours 10 minutes 20 ses. For this, if birth is a. If birth is p. This difference is the motion of the planet in 24 hours. From this, the proportional distance cover- ed in the G. In the example, we have obtained the birth time as 0 hours 10 minutes a. Since the birth has occurred before noon, the difference between the longitudes on 1st November G. The number of hours from G.

To obtain the Nirayana or Hindu position of the Sun, the Ayanamsa for must be deducted from the Sayana longitude. Repeating the same process with regard to all planets we get their positions thus: This is given for 12 noon Greenwich Tin e. If the place of birth is east of Greenwich deduct at the rate of 10 seconds per hour for every 15 degrees of longitude or 1 hour in time and if the place of birth is west of Greenwich add a similar quantity.

This quantity represents the Sidereal Time at the moment of birth and when this is converted into degrees it represents what is called the R. The Ascendant and the cusps of the 10th, 11th and 12th houses will be found marked. Considering the same illustration we proceed thus H. Raman and R. The table of houses for Madras Lat. Having found the nearest time corresponding to 8 hours 1 minute 24 seconds namely, 8 hours 0 minutes and 24 seconds under the column Side- real Time we see in the next column 10 the sign Cancer and number 28 opposite the Sidereal Time showing the 28th degree of Cancer is on the cusp of the 10th house.

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In the next column 11 we find Leo 29 degrees ; 30 degrees Virgo in the 12th ; 29 degrees 31 minutes Libra on the Ascendant or the 1st house ; 29 degrees Scorpio on the 2nd ; and 28 degrees Sagittarius on the 3rd. The cusps of six houses are thus obtained and adding degrees to each of sZ: Xti of the 10th house that of the 4th can be found and so on. From the Ascendant so obtained and the Lagna or Ascendant 23 cusps of the houses deduct the Ayanamsa, namely, 21 degrees 30 minutes and the houses Bhavas and the Ascendant Lagna of the Hindu zodiac are obtained.

Cusp of the Western House less Ayanamsa will give the Bhavamadhya mid-point of the house of the Hindus. Similarly deduct the Ayanamsa from the cusps of the other houses obtained above and you will get the corresponding Hindu Bhavamadhyas mid-points of houses.

The zodiacal diagram regarding the horo- scope illustrated is given below along with the Navamsa diagram which plays a unique part in Hindu Astrology. It has a great bearing on the interpretation of horo- scopes. This means the seventh Navamsa. In Libra the lord of the seventh Navamsa is the lord of the seventh from Libra, that is lord of Aries, viz. In Hindu Astrology constant reference is made to Navamsa positions of planets. In a way Navamsa is much more important than the usual Rasi or zodiacal diagram.

Therefore, the reader should know how to con- struct the Navamsa diagram. The diagram below Rasi can be read thus: Lagna is Libra. Sun is in the 1st house ; Jupiter in the 2nd ; Moon, Mars and Rahu in the 3rd ; Saturn in the 5th ; Ketu in the 9th ; and Mercury and Venus in the 12th.

Sun and Venus are debilitated ; Mercury is exalted ; Saturn is in his own house ; Mars and Jupiter have exchanged places. With this data before you, study the chapters. Venus Lagna Rahu Moon Merc. In a book of this type, I wish purposely to avoid as far as possible highly technical aspects of Astrology. Six sources of strength and weakness Shadbalas should be determined for each planet in order to evaluate the worth of a horo- scope properly.

For the information of the reader, I shall make a passing reference to these sources of strength. They are 1 Sthanabala: This is the strength acquired due to residence in friendly, own and exal- tation signs not only in the zodiacal diagram Rasi Chakra but also in the Navamsa and other subdivisions. Jupiter and Mercury are powerful in the Ascendant.

The Sun and Mars get directional strength Digbala in the 10th house. Saturn is powerful in the 7th house, and Venus and the Moon become strong in the 4th house. The Sun, Jupiter and Venus are powerful during the day. Mercury is always powerful. Malefics and benefics are powerful during dark half and bright half of the lunar month respectively. Planets in their weekdays, months and years are said to be powerful.

In the first ' chapter, a reference is made to the significance of aspects. Aspects of benefics give full Drukbala while aspects of malefics take away Drukbala.

The Sun is the most powerful and Saturn is the least powerful. It is possible to measure these various sources of strength numerically. Full details are given in my book Graha and Bhava Balas which may be studied with advantage. The judgment of a horoscope forms the most important and difficult task of an astrologer. It must be borne in mind that, at the outset no hard and fast rules can be laid down for the guidance of the reader. In order to examine a horoscope, good power of judgment is required.

The strength of planets and Hints on Judgment 29 their aspects play an important part. To start with, the astrological student may reject the whole thing as unprofitable.

But patience, perseverance and experience will help him to find an easy means to arrive at the result in no time. The following rules will be found to be of much use in arriving at a conclusion. Unskilful manipulation of co-ordinates employed may lead to erroneous conclusions.

The lords of trines are always auspicious and produce good. When benefics own quadrants, they produce evil. When malefics own quadrants they produce good. The good and evil planets become more and more powerful as they are lords of the 1st, the 4th, the 7th or the 10th houses. Lords of 3, 6, 8 and 1 1 do evil and cause miseries. The lords of the 2nd and the 12th houses give good results if they are in conjunction with favourable planets.

The lord of the 8th, if he chances to be the lord of the 1st or is in conjunction with a benefic becomes good.

Pahu and Ketu produce good results when they are posited in the sign of the benefic planets. Jupiter and Venus owning quadrants become very inauspicious. Mercury as the lord of a quadrant is less malefic than Jupiter and Venus, and the Moon lesser than Mercury. Mars does not become good when he owns only the 10th house. He must own the 5th also to become thoroughly good.

If the lords of Kendras quadrants 30 Astrology for Beginners without being associated with the lords of other houses, they become powerful in producing good results. Each Ascendant has a key planet, Yogakaraka Planets causing beneficial results and Maraka death- inflicting planets. The following Table will be useful to the reader: Astrology for Beginners Yogas Yogas are formed when one planet or sign is related to another of the same or different kind by way of aspect or conjunction.

In forming a general judgment of a horoscope, it is important to examine that the Ascendant and its lord are powerful, well associated, and have no malefic aspects. A similar examination with regard to the Moon is also essential.

If the Ascendant is hemmed in between two malefics, such a combination goes under the name of Papakar- thari Yoga. Benefics on either side will give rise to Subhakarthari Yoga. The former tends to subject the native to a chequered career and the latter will augment the good. If the lords of the trines combine with the lords of the angles, with some connection with the lord of the 1st house, it leads to a Rajayoga indicating high power and authority.

From the Table given on pages 30—31 it is evident that each Ascendant has certain planets which act in a dignified manner and hence called Rajayoga karakas. The proper situation of such planets in Rasi and Navamsa results in a Rajayoga. Important Yogas 33 fame, influential relations, general success, head of a political, social or religious organisation. Adhiyoga—Benefics in the 6th, the 7th and the 8th house from the Moon.

Sunapha — Two or more planets excepting the Sun in the 2nd house from the Moon. Anapha—A combination similar to the above in the 12th house from the Moon produces this Yoga. Durdhura — Planets on either side of the Moon I give rise to this Yoga. Kemadruma —Absence of planets on either side of the Moon results in this Yoga.

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This Yoga gets counteracted if there is a planet in a quadrant from the Moon. There are any number of Yogas in relation to the Sun, in relation to the Moon ; in relation to the Ascendant and in relation to the planets and so forth. We maf make a passing reference to some of the important Yogas whose presence in a horoscope is indicative of good fortune. Adhiyoga — Benefics in the 6th, the 7th and the 8th house from the Moon. Kemadruma— Absence of planets on either side of the Moon results in this Yoga.

There are any number of Yogas in relation to the Sun, in relation to the Moon ; in relation to the Ascendant and in relatio To include so forth. Although these Yogas override several minor influences, yet we must not lose sight of the fact that they are but one element though a strong one in the co-ordinates which make up the final results. In the consideration of the Yogas too, the strengths of the placets, aspects, elevations, etc.

Mutual exchange of houses between lords of the 9th and the 10th houses goes under the name of Parivarthana Yoga. A person bom in this Yoga be- comes great and powerful.

If the lords of the 1st and 10th interchange their houses, the native attains fame, victory and lands. These also indicate prowess, wisdom and good fortune in general. One of the most important factors that distin- guishes Hindu Astrology from the Western system is the consideration of these Yogas. When a horo- scope is presented to a Hindu Astrologer, he scans through the whole of the diagram and tries to locate the Yogas-a correct interpretation of which will reveal the worth of a horoscope.

If the strength of the lord is full, there will be in general a good influence on the house. Among the many events crowding a house, those are to be selected with which the planets are most concerned naturally for the time being. The beneficial or auspicious nature of the aspects have to be taken under ail conceivable relations, both natural and temporary. Apart from all these, the Moon, the Ascendant and the lUth house must be well disposed in good signs and Navamsas and have beneficial aspects.

Innumerable combinations are to be found in ancient works for the determination of longevity. If the Ascendant and the Ascendant lord are powerful, good longevity may be pronounced.

If the Lagna, the Sun and the Moon are all afflicted then the child will have a very poor span of life. Combination for Balarishta 1 The Moon in the 8th house, Mars in the 7th and Rahu in the 9th cause early death of the child. The strong positions of Jupiter, Mercury and Venus act as antidotes for Balarishta. According as the benefics and the lord of the Lagna are all posited in Kendras angles , Panaparas succeedent houses and Apoklimas cadent houses the life of the native may be pronounced as long Pumayu , Medium Madhyayu and short Alpayu respectively.

If the lord of the 8th house and malefics occupy similar positions, the reverse should be pre- dicted. Ascertain the friendship or otherwise of the following pairs 1 Lord of the house occupied by the Moon and that of the 8th from the Moon, 2 Lord of Lagna and that of the 8th house from the Moon and 3 Lord of the house occupied by the Sun and lord of the 8th.

If they are friendly, the native will be long-lived; if inimical, short-lived ; if neutral, medium life. The 3rd and 8th are houses of longevity. Saturn is the indicator of life AyusUkaraka. The strength of the 8th house, the 3rd house, their lords and Saturn and Ascendant will add to long life.

The conjunction of the 8th lord with Saturn is also good for long life. Saturn, when he gets the power to kill, inflicts death in preference to any other planet see Chapter X for calculating Dasas. These relations and inter- relations should be measured in the Rasi as well as in Navamsa diagrams and from the Ascendant as well as from the Moon. Here is a Balarishta Horoscope. Satum Ketu Jupiter Boy bom at Mars aspects the 8th and lord of Ascendant An Illustration 39 is in the 4th with lord of the 2nd and the 11th.

The Ascendant is aspected by lord of 8th. The child died on Three benefics Jupiter, Venus and the Moon are in angles. But the 3rd is occupied by Rahu. Therefore middle life 33 to 75 is indicated. Saturn is lord of the 7 th and 8th and occupies the 8th from the Moon. Hence he is capable of killing. The sub- lord Jupiter is lord of the 3rd from the Moon both in Rasi and Navamsa and occupies the 8th in the Navamsa from Lagna.

The enjwjtisbfeOek'St? When benefic 40 Astrology for Beginners planets occupy these houses you may judge that the end will be peaceful and normal and that death will take place in the midst of congenial surroundings. Countary will be the result when the 8th house 22nd Drekkana is afflicted. Rahu in the 8th denotes danger of long suffering, and simulated death. Saturn Pro- duces death by chills, colds, long suffering, heart failure, etc. Mars induces death by fevers, inflam- matory action and by haemorrhage.

Planets in fixed signs in the 8th show death from heart, throat or excretory troubles. In cardinal signs, death will be caused due to disease of the head, stomach, kidneys or skin. In common signs, lungs, bowels and nervous system become affected. Rahu produces death by assassination. Mars by cuts, accidents, burns and effusion of blood. The nature of planets and the nature of signs should be blended together. Thus Saturn in watery signs produces drowning.

How, when and where death would be caused and all other particulars relating to death are elaborately discussed in Chapter 25 of my book Hindu Predictive Astrology. In the example given above as Saturn is in the 8th from the Moon, death occurred by heart affection.

The following are the effects of. Broad thighs, big face, happy in life, forgiving disposition, endures hardships, prominent eyes, obstinate, behaves like a bull, practical ability, bad temper when aroused. Gemini Curled hair, black lips, skilled in interpreting other people's thoughts, an elevated nose, likes music and home-keeping, rail, slender, errect figure, arms and fingers long, quick sight, manual dexterity, shy.

Henpecked, fleshy neck, elevated buttocks, crooked in views, short in stature, fast in walking, jyotishbooks. Reddish eyes, large cheeks, broad face, arrogant, angry at trifles, firm-minded, tall, generous, candid, honourable. Shoulders and arms drooping, truthful and kindly, limited number of issues, dark hair, good mental abilities, methodical and critical.

Lean and frail body, fair appear- ance, impartial in argument, brave, merciless, body slender in youth but tends to corpulence, round face, good complexion, features regular. Round loins and knees, broad and expansive eyes and a broad chest, suffers from disease in early age, will do cruel acts, self-reliance, courage, envy, endurance and executive ability.

Long face and neck big ears and nose, short stature, great strength, liberal, cheerful, enterprising, humane, good-hearted, likes physical culture and travelling. Weak in the lower limbs, good strength, indolent, vindic- tive, devoid of shame, prominent nose, profile, self- possessed, humaneness absent, persistent. Generally commits sinful deeds, tall, sometimes stoop- ing, fair looking, big buttocks, intellectual, hair dark, inclined to occult matters, forgiving temperament.

Symmetrical and shining body, fond of wife, learned, loses vision if Sun is afflicted, small and short limbs, indolent, reserved, diffident, and dependant. Sidereal influences find their manifestations in terms of personal appearance, character, wealth, health, happi- ness, debts and diseases. No cut-and-dry rules can be laid out for evaluation of these factors as sometimes there will be contradictory forces operating for whose proper reconciliation and interpretation experience is the safest guide.

Above we have simply given the probable results of different signs becoming Ascendant. They are liable to be modified by the qualities of planets posited in or aspecting such houses. The native will corres- pond in his appearance to the lord of the Navamsa rising or his appearance will be similar to the strongest planet in the horoscope. Generally speaking, Jupiter, Venus, the Sun and Mars, either as lords or close to or aspecting Lagna, impart to the person their respective characteristics.

The Sun: Adds nobleness to the figure and increases health of the constitution. The Mocm: Indicates better proportion and greater deli- cacy of figure. Gives a fair ruddiness to the person, healthy constitution, sturdy figure and a tem- perament principally of heat and dryness.

Makes the stature proportionate, well shaped, bodily temperament chiefly hot, yellowish complexion. Black and curly hair, tall figure, inactive and narrow chest. In regard to the mind the Moon's position is important. The Moon in conjunction with malefics and otherwise afflicted will make the subject inclined to insanity, pessimistic and always worried, wicked, morally degraded also.

To recapitu- late, the affliction of the Moon and Mercury is co- existent with a quick, restless and imaginative tem- perament most liable to mental disturbance.

It holds equally ture of the affliction of the Sun and Ascendant as regards the physical constitution. Regarding char- acter the nature of the signs and planets rising will have a large bearing. Movable signs indicate executive ability, pioneering spirit, ambition and capacity to make headway against difficulties.

Fixed signs indicate stability, patience, endurance, diplomacy. Persons bom in these signs will have a fixity of purpose and determination.

They make pages of history. Common signs indicate versatility, flexibility and lack of origin- ality. The native will have superficial knowledge of many things but lacks persistence.

If the majority of planets are in fiery signs, inspirational and ardent temperament is indicated. Intellectual temperament is shown by the planetary majority in airy signs. Watery signs show jyotishbooks.

Venus Lagna Rahu Sun Merc. Strength of the Ascendant Aquarius, a fixed sign, rises. Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn aspect Lagna.

The Lagna is fairly powerful. Lord of Ascendant Lord of Lagna, Saturn, is in the 4th in conjunction with the Moon exalted and aspected by Jupiter, hence good. Hence he is fairly strong. Lagnakaraka Thanukaraka is the Sun. He is the lord of the 7th and is in the 6th which is good and is aspected by Saturn and Jupiter. In the Navamsa his situation is not good. Conclusion The first house is fairly well situated. Good character, sweet manners, patient with much endurance, of quick temper, forgiving and found in progressive and res- ponsible movements.

The Ascendant and the Sun, well disposed, assure sound health. The twelve signs of the zodiac commenc- ing from Aries in general and from the Ascendant in particular govern the twelve important organs of the human body, viz. Malefics in the 6th always indicate illness. Enteric and bowel disorders are brought about by the Sun in the 6th house aspccted by malefics. If the Moon is in Cancer or Scorpio in Rasi or in Navamsa and is powerfully aspected by maiefics, the person suffers from diseases in the anus.

Ketu, Saturn and Mars in the 6th, 7 th and 8th from the Lagna give rise to consumption. The Moon in the 6th and the Ascendant hemmed in between Rahu and Saturn indicates consumption. Weak Moon in the 12th with Saturn will bring about insanity to the native. The Ascendant must be powerful and should not be connected with the 6th house or its lord in any way ' jyotishbooks. In the example given above, the lord of the. The lord of the 6th is in the 12th with Rahu.

From the Ascendant Ketu, Saturn and Mars are in the 6th, 7th and 8th respectively. The native died in her 25 th year after suffering from con- summpdon for nearly one year. The 4th house indicates intelli- gence.

Malefics in the 4th signify broken education. Jupiter and Mercury well situated give good knowledge of men and matters. Jupiter in the 4th or the 10th gives high legal education. If the lord of the 2nd is well disposed, the person becomes a good speaker and lecturer. Mercury in an angle or Venus in the 2nd gives good knowledge in Astrology.

Mars in the 2nd and Mercury in an angle make one a good mathemati- cian or give him skill in engineering. The Sun or Mars as lord of the 2nd in conjunction with Venus or Jupiter gives proficiency in logic and mental sciences. Jupiter and Venus in angles aspected by Mercury indicate good insight into philosophical subjects. Jupiter and Venus in angles will make one a versatile genius. The lord of the 4th and Jupiter should be free from the influence of the lords of 3, 6 and 11 to indicate a sound educational career.

If a benefic be in the 2nd, particularly Jupiter, and the lord of the 2nd is in a trine or quadrant or in conjunction with bene- ficial lords or is in the 11th, there will be considerable wealth. Any planet in the 2nd and 11th house badly aspected and the 2nd lord in cojunction with the lords of 3, 6 and 11, or otherwise afflicted, will produce difficulty in getting money and there will be stress and even poverty. Saturn in the 2nd is indicative of reversal of fortune.

Such persons, no doubt, earn a lot of money but they will lose everything. The lord of the 2nd in an angle from the Ascendant lord, or the 2nd lord being a benefic and exalted, indicates signs of good fortune and success in life.

If Jupiter be the lord of the 2nd, occupies the 2nd or is in con- junction with Mars, then considerable fortune is indi- cated. Mercury in the 5th and the Moon and Mars in the 11th give rise to immense wealth. The lord' of the Ascendant in the 2nd, lord of the 2nd in the 11th, and the lord of the 11th in the Ascendant give rise to immense wealth which will be self -earned. The source of earning should be gleaned from the situ- ation of the 2nd lord.

If, for instance, the 2nd lord is in the 9th,inheritance is shown. Legacies are shown by good planets, gain by marriages is shown by benefic planets, particularly Venus in the 7th house. The financial aspects of each horoscope are capable of being increase?! MOSOk to thT sources Source of Earning 51 of gain, as shown by the conjunctions and aspects of planets in the various houses.

Thus it happens that people rise in position and affluence through association with those whose horoscopes are in harmony with theirs. Rahu, Ketu or Saturn in the 2nd shows compli- cations and an involved state of finance, and frequently it shows loss by fraud and imposition, many ups and downs of fortune and unexpected rises and falls.

Example 52 Astrology for Beginners In the example horoscope, the 2nd house is aspect- ed by exalted Jupiter and the Moon. Mercury is exa- lted in the 10th. The Sun though debilitated in the 11th gets cancellation of debilitation.

Venus is in the 11th in his own house. From the Ascendant Venus is exalted in the 10th. All these combinations are indicative of immense wealth. Especially in Venus period, the subject amassed a great fortune. Generally the profession that one pursues is derived from a consideration of the 10th house either from the Ascendant or from the Moon whichever is power- ful and its lord, planets in the 10th house, the domi- nant planet in the horoscope and the situation of the 10th lord in Navamsa.

Suryanarain Rao has made a thorough exposi- tion of it in his immortal English translation of the Sarwartha Chintamani. Waterly signs in the 10th house produce sailors, navigators, admirals, inn-keepers, wine and fish mongers.

Earthy signs give rise to landed properties, agriculture, cloth shop, trade, gardening, etc. Airy signs indicate orators, journalists, astrologers, and avocations connected with technical knowledge. The indications of signs get modified by the indications of planets aspecting or posited in them.

The Sun denotes kings, members of the political department, ministers, magistrates, lawyers and civil servants. The Sun favourably situated in relation to the 10th house bestows professions of the above nature.

The Moon rules over nurses, midwives, jewellers, dealers in pearls and precious metals, and also governmental activities. Mars produces soldiers, warriors, carpenters, mechanics, surveyors, chemists, lawyers, bankers, commanders, insurance agents and butchers.

Mercury gives rise to preceptors or school- masters, mathematicians, authors, printers, secretaries, booksellers, accountants and insurance agents. Jupiter makes one a priest, a lawyer, a councillor, a judge, scholar and a public man.

Venus produces, artists, musicians, actors, perfumers, jewellers, wine sellers and solicitors with a keen intellect. Saturn governs different kinds of professions involving responsibility and subordination, mill hands, compositors, hawkers, factory coolies and scavengers. Means of Livelihood 55 find out the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 10th.

If such a lord be the Sun, the native will be a trader dealing with drugs, chemicals and gold. If the Moon is the lord, he will be an agricul- turist, deals in pearls, etc. If Mars be the lord, he will be an officer, mechanic, dealer in dangerous weapons, etc. If Mercury is the lord, he will be a writer, author, mathematician and sculptor.

If Jupiter, a preceptor, priest, lawyer or a solicitor. If Venus, dealer in cattle, dressmaker, dancer, artist, etc. If Saturn, a menial and subordi- nate officer. If two or three planets join, appropriate blending of the influences must be made and then the nature of the calling or profession determined.

The 10th house is Aquarius and it is an airy sign. Three planets are placed there. The native was a great historian, astrologer, once a lawyer and was always held to be a preceptor.

He dealt with bookselling, printing and other similar trades ' on account of Saturn being the lord of the 10th. The 4th house rules mother and the 9th the father. The good disposition of the 4th house, its lord, and the Karaka are important for getting a good and long-lived mother.

The same argument applies in the case of the father. Malcfics in the 4th and the 9th certainly affect the planets. The Sun afflicted brings trouble to the father and through him to the native. This may indicate a cold severe father. The presence of the Sun in the 9th with Saturn indicates early death of the father.

Likewise tne presence of Saturn in the 4th with the Moon denotes early death to the mother. Afflictions to tlie luminaries i. The financial affairs of the father, for instance, can be judged by studying the 2nd from the 9th, his ills, the 6th from the 9th, his profession, the 10th from the 9th and so on. If tne 9th house or its lord being in a moveable sign is occupied or aspected by Saturn and if the lord of the 11th house be strong the child bom is sure to be adopted by another. The third house rules brothers and Mars is the Karaka indicator of brothers.

The 11th rules sisters. The presence of Mars in the 3rd does not indicate many brothers. The good or bad disposition by way of aspect, conjunction, ownership, etc. The number of brothers may be ascertained from the number of Navamsas gained by the lord of the 3rd or by Mars whichever is stronger.

The 6th house governs enemies and debts. Presence of malefics in the 6th gives success over enemies and redemption from debts. If the 6th house is not occupied by any planet, either good or bad, such a combination suggests absence of enemies. If the lord of the Ascendant joins the 6th aspected by the lord of the 6th, the person will suffer much from the machinations of cousins and enemies.

If the lord of tne 4th is in conjunction with the lord of the 8th, then the native is likely to be charged for criminal offenccss. If with the lord? Redemplion from Debts 59 Debts will be incurred either during the periods Dasas or sub-periods Bhuktis of planets ruling the 6th, the 8th and the 12th or of those planets who may be in conjunction with or aspected by the lords of the 6th, the 8th and or the 1 2th.

Ketu is in the 9th house and the 9th lord is in conjunction with the 11th lord and again aspected by Saturn. Father died early in life. The lord of the 4th is in Lagna in conjunction with exalted Jupiter and aspected by Saturn, a natural friend. The Moon, lord of the mother, is free from afflictions.

Mother lived till 60 Astrology for Beginners about the 47th year of the native. Brother Mars, lord of the brothers, is in the 2nd. The 3rd house lord Mercury is in conjunction with the Sun and Saturn. The lord of the 3rd has passed one Navamsa. Debts and Enemies The lord of the 6th is also the lord of the 9th and is in exaltation.

The 6th is free from occupation or aspect of any planet-good or bad. No debts or enemies. Rolled in wealth. Incompatibility of temperament is often alleged to be the cause of separation of married couples. By means of this science such incompatibility should be discovered before the knot is tied. In judging the affairs of marriage, consideration should be bestowed upon Venus as he is lord of the wife or husband Kalatrakaraha and the 7th house and the lord of the 7th.

The Sun in the 7th house gives a proud, firm-minded partner. There will be delays in marriage. The Moon , kind and domesticated partner with a wavering mind. Mars, a quarrelsome domineering wife or husband. Likelihood of fre- quent separation by quarrels and misunderstandings. Jupiter, a good wife or husband and, in general, a happy marriage.

Venus, the marriage is likely to be happy if Venus is not afflicted. Other- wise, always quarrels. The native becomes highly jyoti hb ok; Astrology for Beginners: C attracted towards the opposite sex. Saturn, difference of age or station between native and partner. Generally an unhappy married life. Rahu and Ketu give tragic conditions. The lord of the 7th should not occupy the 6th, or the 8th and the 2nd should not be aspected by malefics to assure marital happiness.

If the 7th house is hemmed in between two malefics Papakarthari Yoga , then married life proves burden-some and miserable. If Venus be afflicted by Mars, we are likely to find tumultous feelings and little emotional calm or happiness with prolonged separation. Bad aspects between the 5th and the 7th lords may denote life- long celibacy. If the Sun and Rahu be in the 7th house, it denotes loss of wealth through the associ- ation of women.

If malefics should occupy the 4th, the 7th and the 12th houses, one will be bereft of wife and children. If the lord of the Ascendant be in the 7th subject to benefic influence, the native gets a wife or husband from a respectable family. Venus well disposed in the 7th denotes good fortune after marriage and the enjoyment of all the fruits of married life. Marriage and Issues 63 a significant part.

Malefics in the 8th particularly Mars bring about early widowhood. Saturn in the 8th makes the married life unromantic and charm- less. When the Moon along with Saturn occupies the 7th house, the woman concerned will have more than one marriage.

If the 7th house happens to be a common sign Dwiswabhava Rasi and Venus is there in conjunction with malefics, more than one marriage is invariably indicated. If the lord of the Ascendant and that of the 7th are close to each other, marriage takes place early in life. A similar result may be predicted if benefics are posited in the Ascendant, the 2nd and the 7th. Marriage may occur during the Dasa period of the planet 1 posited in the 7th house ; 2 Venus and the Moon ; 3 planet aspecting the 7th house; or 4 owning the 7th house.

Issues The 5th house rules children. Jupiter indicates progeny and the 5th lord is also connected with issues. Favourable disposition of all these three factors is a great asset for getting good, long-lived and obedient children. When the 5th house is occupied by malefic planets or has other heavy afflictions, opposite results will be produced.

Illustrious children are born when the ruler of the 5th house is in elevation, well aspected and in a congenial sign. When malefic planets are in the 12th in a female's horoscope, there are dangers in confinement. No children should be predicted if Jupiter, the Ascendant lord and lords of the 7 th and the 5 th are weak and otherwise afflicted.

If Saturn be in the 5th house and the lord of the 5th be in conjunction with Rahu, the native will have no surviving children. If the 5th house and its lord be placed in a male Sign or be in conjunction with or aspected by male planets, then most of the children will be males. The birth will be of daughters if the said house or its lord be in a female sign, or be associated with or aspected by female planets. The number of issues should be determined by a consideration of planets in the house, or those that are posited along with the lord of the 5th house, as to how many of them are in friendly, inimical or depression Navamsas.

The number of Navamsas, gained by Jupiter or lord of the 5th indicates the number of issues to be bom. Birth of children may occur during the Dasa or Bhukd of Jupiter, or lord of the 5th from the Ascendant or from the Moon 1 "4 ft cting the 5 th.

Sun Born at p. Moon Jupiter Ascdt. Ketu Venus. Mars Jupit. He is in conjunction with the lord of the 3rd. The 7th house, the 7th lord and Kalatra-karaka Venus are all hemmed in between Mars and the Sun. Considered from the Moon also, the dispositions are highly unfavourable. The couple are practi- cally divored. The lords of the Ascendant and the 7th are very near each other.

Marriage took place in the 15th year of the native. Venus is in the second Navamsa. Hence more than one marriage is clearly indicated. The 5th is aspected by the Moon. Hence children are indicated. Mercury, the lord of the 5th, has gained seven Navamsas. Birth of seven children is denoted, out of which surviving will be five or six as two njalefics intervene in between Aries and Libra in the Navamsa diagram jyoti hb ok; CHAPTER X Timing Events HINDU Astrology has achieved remarkable success in the matter of timing events, as to when the different indications of the hoioscope— marriage, birth and death of children, death of parents, financial gains and losses, access to wealth, loss of reputation, increase of fame and many other events occurring in our daily lives, wculd fructify or happen.

Hindu Predictive Astrology enables one to time and predict events with considerable accuracy. In this book however we shall give the merest outlines, so that readers are given an insight into the vexed question of timing events. It is not in the province of our discussion to investigate into the rationale of the Dasa System but our task consists in giving a faithful account of what in our humble opinion has a sound basis in actual practice and can be relied upon safely.

There are any number of Dasas in vogue in India but we propose to deal with Vimshottari or Udu Dasa, In the choice of any particular type of Dasa, the guiding factor should be experience. Vimshottari, in our humble opinion, has been built upon a firm foundation. In their over -enthus- iasm to modernise Hindu Astrology, they forget the value of experience which should of course be the true criterion of all knowledge.

In this system there are nine main periods, each presided over by a planet. The Antaras are again subdivided into Antarantaras and so on till Swara or the period necessary for the inhaling and exhaling of breath is reached. Nevertheless for all practical purposes the sub-period will be found to be quite j sufficient.

In order to calculate the ruling period at birth and date of its commencement it is necessary to obtain the position of the Moon at the time of birth. To determine the asterism at birth observe the exact longitude of the Moon. We know that s. Each asterism being 13 degrees and 20 minutes we must find out what will be the period for 9 degrees and 15 minutes, in Venus Dasa, passed or elapsed. This period has expired before birth and from the time of birth only the balance of yrs.

After finding out the Dasa, the sub-period in each of this particular period must be thus determied. Multiply together the number of years of the Dasa period of the planet by the number of years of the Dasa period of the planet whose sub-period is desired. Then cutting off the last figure of the product, multiply it by 3 and keep that figure as days, the other figures in the product will be months.

Suppose we want to find the sub-period of Saturn in the major period of Mercury. We know from the above how to find the un- expired balance of Dasa at birth.

With the expired portion of Dasa there are certain sub-periods ruling under the period which have also expired. Add together the Bhuktis from the begin- Sub-Periods 71 ing of Janma Dasa ruling period , one by one, till the total is a little in excess over the expired period of Dasa at birth. Diminish the aggregate by the expired Dasa and the remainder gives the balance of unexpired Bhukti of the planet in question at birth. Judgment There are several considerations to.

Astrology for Beginners The general results due to a planet should be carefully weighed and incongruous results, wherever they occur, should be avoided. The relations between the lords of the main period and sub-period should be considered when predicting events during their time.

It is cer- tainly difficult to lay down any particular result which will apply to all. Conclusions should be drawn having regard to strength and propensity of the planet. The prediction should always be consistent with the person for whom it is intended, under the condition of life in which he is brought up as well as the physical possibility at the time. As a general proposition it may be stated that a planet during its Dasa generally gives the results pertaining to the houses it rules or aspects.

Provided the lord is well placed, that is, in its own sign, exaltation, moolatrikona or friendly house, or conjunction with a yogakaraka or otherwise powerful, it will give rise to good results during its Dasa. Thus when the lord of Lagna is strong, the native will, during the Dasa of the lord of Lagna, have physical happiness and will be happily placed in life.

His prosperity will be on the increase. Provided the lord of Lagna is in debilitation and in conjunction with lords of 3 , 6 or 1 1 , the native will suffer ailments during the Dasa of the lord of Lagna, will become unhappy and will suffer miseries. Let us take a con- crete case. In the adjoining horoscope the Jesuits of Jupiter Dasa have to be judged. Venus Jupiter — Ketu Jupiter is the lord of the 2nd and the 11th houses.

He is placed in the 10th. Jupiter owning the 2nd is good for wealth. Jupiter here is aspected by Moon lord of the 6th , Satrun lord of Lagna and 12 and Mars lord of 3 and Whilst Jupiter will give, during his Dasa, majority of results pertaining to the 2nd wealth, family and influence and the 10th houses professional advancement, means of livelihood, etc. Thus the native will amass considerable fortune.

There will be considerable professional success. Jupiter being indicator of children, the family will increase. As he occupies the 10th, the native will have some pilgrimage. The fourth house rules anded properties, education, etc. Jupiter is aspected by the Moon and Saturn from the fourth house. Hence the subject will download landed and house properties. From the above it will be seen that a planet is capable of producing different kinds of results which depend upon ownership, aspect, location and aasso- ciation.

Therefore in interpreting results of Dasa and Bhuktis one should exercise very great care in analysing the quality and quantity of effects produced by a planet in the course of its Dasa. The lord of the Dasa has a quality of its own stamped upon it. This will again be modified by the nature of the house, the nature of the aspecting bodies, the favourable and unfavourable situation of the lord of Dasa in Navamsa and other factors.

The same argument applies when deciding the results of Bhuktis. In the latter case however the relations and interrelations between the lord Dasanatha and the sub-lord Bhuktinatha will be the deciding factor. Thus 1 The Dasa periods of the lords of the 6th and the 8th produce harmful results unless they obtain beneficence otherwise.

Thus the Sun and Venus, although natural enemies, may be respectively in Leo and Libra, in which case they are in temporary good relation occupying the? Judgment is made accordingly, but it is to be understood that a temporary friendship will not entirely overcome a radical and constitutional enmity.

During the Dasa of the lord of the 2nd, one can expect success to the family, marrige if not already married, good earnings and generally favourable results. During the Dasa of a planet that is strong and owns the 3rd house one can expect help and co-operation from brothers and other relations, attainment of honour and approbation from others. Help to relations, acquisition of vehicles, land and houses and higher status may be anticipated during the Dasa of the lord of the 4th.

Merriment, birth of a son, and general jyotishbooks. One may prodict enjoyment of good health, success over enemies and litigation in the course of the -Dasa of the 6th house lord. Marriage if not married, or marital happiness, pleasure trips and family happiness, 8th lord: Discharge of debts, acquisition of amenities and general good.

Enjoyment of prosperity, birth of grandchildren, happiness and wealth. Professional pros- perity, pilgrimage, reputation, respect and realisation of ambitions. Influx of wealth, domestic happiness, gains. Spending money for good purposes and religious inclination. The above results hold good provided the planets are strong and favourable.

If they are weak and unfavourable, the predictions have to be modified. Thus the lord of the 6th ill-disposed gives rise to diseases, debts and machinations of enemies. Whatever natures, characteristics, diseases, etc. Rahu and Ketu give effects, good or bad as the case may be, according to the nature of the planet they associate with or the planet in whose house they may be situated.

The Sun when related to lord of 2— becomes rich, earns money, secures property, gains, favours from influential persons. The Sun when debilitated or occupies the 6th or the 8th house or in cojunction with evil planets— con- tracts evil diseases, loss cf wealth, suffers from reverses in employment, penalty and becomes ill.

The Dasa of the Sun in deep exaltation: Sudden gains in cattle and wealth, much travelling in eastern countries, residence in foreign countries, quarrels among friends and relations, pleasure trios and picnic parties and lovely women. Birth of children, much respect from high personages , gains in cattle and money, acquisition of power and political success. Respect from kings and noble person- ages, righteous conduct, birth of children and respect among children.

Astrology for Beginners B v Raman

Reduced to poverty, always troubled by enemies, failure in undertakings, death Astrology for Beginnere of property and wealth. The Sun in conjunction with the lord of Lagna gives good gain in the latter half of the Dasa, pleasant functions, vehicles, travelling and respect. The Sun in the 2nd or 7th: Accidents, illness, and other bad results. Gets riches and happiness, secures reputation.

Earns well, learns, and becomes successful. Unfriendly, vexed by family, loss of money in disputes. With an exalted planet: Contented and happy. Evil planet: Suffers loss from fire, stealing and judicial orders. With good planet: Happy and successful.

Moon in the 2nd house: Increase in family and addition of riches. In 3rd house: Happiness to self and brothers, good earning. Death of mother if afflicted, earns by cultivation, and attains good name. In 5th house: Gets children.

In 6th house Becomes unhappy, and gets into litigation. In 7th house: Marries if not already married, mentally worried. In 9th house: Happy, wealthy and honoured. In 10th house: Easy success and wealth, popularity, becomes trustee of religious institution.

In 11th house Reputation and friends increase, gets landed properties. In 12th house: Suffers much. Addition in wealth, success in litigation, unexpected finding of treasure, travels.

Scorpio Fear from political heads, destruction of relatives, disappoint- ment in every respect, loss of wealth, liberty and honour at risk and much mental uneasiness. Neecha debi- litation: Losses and troubles from various sources and mental worry.

Moolatrikona Respect from sovereigns, many gains, acquisition of landed pro- perty, much happiness and sexual enjoyment. Unhappy due to dis- putes, entails the displeasure of superiors and bodily infirmity. With debilitated planet: Good earning and reputation. Aspected by a good planet: Happy and good effects. By evil planets: More wisdom Astrology for Beginners by B. Click to enlarge. Detailed Product Info: Astrology for Beginners Author s: Raman ISBN: Paperback Language: Customer Reviews of Astrology for Beginners.

Review by murugesh: Vedic Books Sales Rank: Vedic Books Product Explorer Explore more books in. This title is being reprinted at the moment. It is available on backorder only. Customers who bought this product also downloadd Health In Your Hands: Acupressure and Natural Therapies 2 Vols. Sri Hanuman Chalisa. Sanskrit text with English Translation. Bhrigu Sutram. Brihat Jataka of Varahamihira. E-Mail Address:. Tell someone you know about this book.

Astrology for Beginners.

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