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The hints at a blending of Anglo- and Hispanophone worlds that Diary has granted thus far will now be fleshed out as more quotations and literary figures merge in the text.

In keeping with the literal and figurative transitions that characterize the text, many of the poems in Part 3 are written from carriages, trains, or taxis. Blanco sucio y negro sucio, con la hermandad de lo astroso. Dirty white and dirty black, in a brotherhood of the shabby.

Nothing gives the impression that anywhere — within, up above, on the edges — there is life with thinking or a semblance of colors, with corporal senses. Everything is confusion, diffusion, monot- ony, barren, cold and dirt at one and the same time, white and black, which is to say, black, timeless and incommunicable.

Without trees. New London!

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New York, marvelous New York! In your presence, I forget everything else! The juxtapositions and lines of connection among these poets and places will be elaborated in his critical outlines of modernism: modernismo and modernism, reconfigured as they both are in Diary, will find their dialogic expression, he believes, in his own poetic idiom.

New York is his inroad to American modernism and its diverse sources. I am whole! The backdrop for these insights and these sometimes frenetic alternations between Spanish and American literature is, at the same time, an otherwise tran- quil spring day. The vision leads him to blend further Spanish and U. One colorless color more to fabricate a flag with even fringes — the emblem of mortality — with the blue curtain over a third of the window, and two-thirds up, the yellow curtain.

He again dedicates many poems to the sea and to the night, adding in several nocturnes, but the mood is altered. Now we are!

Now I am! His memories of the U. He is appalled that its members, who are half-rate poets, believe themselves to be modern-day versions of Poe and Whitman, while dispar- aging Robinson, Frost, Masters, Lindsay, and Amy Lowell.

Furious, he even imag- ines burning the place to the ground. This cacophonous mixture of registers and sites concludes the book. His critical accounts, that is, constitute an expansion of the open-ended text that he abandoned in — But from to when the Spanish Civil War forced him to flee the country , he published no books of new poems, only individual verses in periodicals or collections of anthologies.

Lowell also declares her affinities with Parnassianism and vers libre in this preface. Estos poetas [Frost, Robinson, et al. These poets [Frost, Robinson, et al. He combines this circum- stance with his momentary position in the U. Ultra-conservative and Francoist critics in Spain had distinguished clearly between modernismo and the peninsular Generation of , denigrating the former as excessively hybrid, cos- mopolitan, and peripheral, and elevating the latter as a serious, uncontaminated, proudly national project.

In expression. In the new form of expression; one can no longer write as before, there are limitations that are completely grammatical or philological, but are not poetic in many cases. For this reason, it has had so much success in Spanish America, where it emerged as something completely new.

Poe, Baudelaire, and the sixteenth-century Spanish mystic St. John of the Cross all performed similar roles in their times and places.

Poe, by contrast, incorporated in his writing everything from African-American spirituals to Southern lyric forms to incongruous rhyme schemes. Whitman and Dickinson, meanwhile, both broke the paradigms of form and enabled American free verse.

And because the literary establishment of the U. Augustine, Florida, to California , just as Spain linked the two Americas. All of this paved the way for the American modernism of the s, which is also the most international of U. Writing from within the U. Thus, Eliot is the flip side of himself, a part of a Spanish-language tradition to which he did not apparently belong.

He also visited Pound at St. Elizabeths and taught Spanish to Henry Wal- lace. But, despite his efforts, he would not achieve recognition in the Anglophone world until , when the scholar J.

Trend published his Fifty Spanish Poems in translation. Two years later, Poetry dedicated an issue to him, and in came the Nobel Prize. We can, nevertheless, take his theorization of his different literary crossings as a means to reinvent genealogies of contemporary literatures see Santos and Schacter. Neruda, Vallejo, siguen siendo modernistas. Ahora sigue siendo actualidad. Se llama postmodernismo o ultramodernismo pero es modern- ismo todo.

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Now [in ] it continues being one. His critical writings not only are self-serving, but also reinscribe a form of colonial domination and elision onto a movement that was strongly Spanish-American — and often anti-Spanish — in its origins.

We can read this sensibility back, then, onto his claims to see a precursor to symbolism in the cross-lingual Arabic-Andalusian poetry of medieval south- ern Spain, whose multiple cultural roots prefigure those of French symbolism. Scholars of modernist studies in a number of languages must use such exchanges to map an interrelated web of modernist conjunctures and distinctions across a critical field whose very terms remain productively unsettled.

New York: Cam- bridge UP, Bretz, Mary Lee. Lewisburg: Bucknell UP, Durham: Duke UP, Cardwell, Richard A. Berlin: Col- loquium Verlag, Cardwell, Richard, and Bernard McGuirk, eds. Nueva encuesta, nuevas lecturas. Castillo, Homero, ed. Madrid: Gredos, Eysteinsson, Astradur. The Concept of Modernism. Ithaca: Cornell UP, Eysteinsson, Astradur, and Vivian Liska. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publish- ing, Gabilondo, Joseba.

Una rosa

Geist, Anthony L. New York: Garland, Direcciones del modernismo. Madrid: Alianza, Mexico City: Aguilar, Hanneken, Jaime. Francisco Javier Blasco Pascual. Salamanca: U of Salamanca P, Arturo del Villar. Michael Predmore. Selinsgrove: Susquehanna UP, El Modernismo: Apuntes de curso.

Jorge Urrutia. Madrid: Visor, Madrid: Alianza Editorial, Transcript of recorded lecture number 3. El Modernismo: Notas de un curso. Jrade, Cathy. Austin: U of Texas P, Kirkpatrick, Gwen. Berkeley: U of California P, Llopesa, Ricardo. Modernidad y modernismo. You bet!

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