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Download epf form here like EPF Registration form, epf withdrawal form 19, pf transfer pf transfer form and others important forms download here in pdf format . FORM NO. – 19 (PF FINAL SETTLEMENT)/10C (PENSION WITHDRAWAL BENEFITS)/31 (PF NON-REFUNDABLE ADVANCE)]. 1. ाािा विसके वभए. In the matter of Introduction of Composite Claim Forms (Aadhar and Non-Aadhar) to 19, 10C & 31 with a view to simplify the submission of.

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Form 19 And 10c Pdf

In certain browsers, the claims form 19 & 10C will be indicated separately and Online Claim Submission process completed & PDF Generated By PF Portal. Hi Rajesh, Find enclosed the FORM 19 and 10 C.. Even you may upload it from the link given below.. osakeya.info Regards, Amit Seth. 25th. If you meet any of the above conditions, kindly send your following duly filled forms (Form 19 & 10C). Form Provident Fund. 1) Name of the Member.

As of now, it is mandatory to get your EPF claim forms attested and signed by your employer. Kindly note that you can withdraw EPS pension benefit only if have not completed 10 years of eligible service as on date of leaving. Latest Update Feb EPFO has introduced new composite, single page and common Withdrawal form for all types of Withdrawals. The new PF claim forms are very simple and easy to fill. You can also submit these new forms directly to the EPF Commissioner online. Click here to locate your nearest EPFO office. Latest Update August The EPF body is planning to launch the end-to-end online PF withdrawal facility during this fiscal year. Sreekanth is the Man behind ReLakhs. The main aim of his blog is to "help investors take informed financial decisions. These should not be construed as investment advice or legal opinion. Connect With Me: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. I have resigned in one firm and my epfo is not settled.

But once this online submission form will take start, one can easily apply transfer of their EPF account from a previous employer to current employer.

This will further reduce the transfer process fast which is currently 30 days. I will try to elaborate all in one line. I created the link to view the respective forms as and when I mentioned them. Hope this will simplify the understanding of all forms related to your EPF account.

Basavaraj Tonagatti is the man behind this blog. The purpose of this blog is to "Spread personal finance awareness and make them to take informed financial decisions. These should not be construed as investment advice or legal opinion. Dear Mahesh, They are misguiding. I have worked for 2 years 6 months in a MNC. I want to withdraw my PF before 5 yrs of my date of joining,whether it is taxable or not?

Sir i have resigned from my first company in april ,but after april my company changed its name so i have to wait for my my both pf and pension transfer,now on june l filled my both pf and pension withdrawl form but still now my amount has not yet credited in my account how to check online pls reply,how much time it takes for settlement.

Sir i have checked in EPFO grievance cell as u told me earlier but in my claim status nothing is updated pls give me other solution.

Sir i checked my claim status but no results found comes on the screen after submitting my pf account number,pls give me suggestion how to check. I have resigned from pharma company after working there for 11yrs from my passbook i got my epf balance but how can i check my pension status,according to u how much amount should i get of my pension is there any table to calculate,pls reply.

Venkatesh-It shows in passbook. If not, then contact regional EPFO for the same. It is hard to say how much you get. In passbook pension contribution shows as but how can i get such less amount for 11 yrs service how to check my pension status. Hi sir I have worked private company for less than 5 ,years. Jan i left job. My salry id less than 10k. Can I withdraw pension part amount also? I wethere I want to submit tax deduction forms kindly suggest me.

Thank you. Hi, I have around 4. What does that mean? Please help me. I found that company is now shutdown and I dont have any documents apart from joining letter, appointment letter.

So how can I withdraw money from that PF account? Dear Kunjan.. You can submit your request using EPFO in-operative help desk , they will guide you. Last year, I applied pf transferred from old company to new company. After one month only employee and employer.

EPS was not transferred. I called to my previous employer and asked about it. They said that EPS amount can not be transferred so at the time of pf withdrawn, you will get this amount. Dear Yogesh, Yes, it is correct. The amount will not be transferred and not be reflected in Passbook. I have one more query. I want quick answer.

Dear Ajay.. Else, you have to submit old forms through your employer. I have resin. Dear Anil.. I am unable to understand your query. If you have submitted all the documents, you will get your PF amount. You may track your claim status here, click here..

Dear karan …You may track your claim status here.. I worked 4 year for A company and 1. PF of A company got trasnferred in B company. I am on notice period in B company. I have few questions as below:. Can I withdrawn full PF amount in new company as recently I took home loan and want re-payment of it. If no then what I need to do 3. Can I use same UAN number in new company. Dear Arnav, 1 — You can withdraw full Balance after 60 days of being unemployed and if you do not contribute to EPF scheme.

You have to link Aadhar number and it has to be verified by your employer. What happens if two UANs are allotted? Dear venu.. Are you contributing to EPF scheme now? But i submitted forms 19, 10c,15G and declaration form and all, whatever they asked document i provided them including bank statement and cancelled cheque.

After that they told me we submitted ur withdrawl form to K. Can You please tell me why they rejected is their any reason in that. You can check the claim status here.. Dear Sreekanth, Just wanted to clarify 1 point that under the new UAN based withdrawl scheme is it still mandatory that we can apply for PF withdrawl only after a gap of 60 days after leaving the organisation.

I am withdrawing my epf amount through form 10c and form 19…. My employer contribution is rs. And employee contribution is rs. And pension contribution is rs. My service period is 4. Dear Arvind.. You might have received the EPS amount. You will receive the EPF amount soon.

My name is Anand, m from Bangalore. My wife had left her job months ago and now she is not willing to work further more. Can you elaborate if we need to fill form 15G and 10C, please? Also please let me know after filling these forms, where should we post them? Also, enclose cancelled cheque leaf and pan card copy.

How to fill Form 15g? You may just say employed in abroad. Please help me out of this. Dear Hitesh..

New EPF Withdrawal Forms-Withdraw without employer signature

Kindly leave the Part-II blank. It has to be filled by the institution who deducts the TDS. In this case it would be EPFO. Hi dear sir I am murali n, I worked for 9months and I discontinued my job I going for higher studies, can I withdraw my PF and may I know what will be the procedure and which form I should fill.

Dear Murali.. Yes, you can withdraw full PF balance. You need to enclose — PAN card copy, cancelled blank bank cheque and form 15G if required. My question is how long it will take for PF office to approve and make payment. Please provide some info about the same. Dear Nikhilesh.. I have transfered my PF account balance from my previous company PF account to new company PF account through online and i can see status as Current Status: Your claim has been settled and credited to new account.

I am unable to see the updated amount in my UAN account. Can you please let me know how can i view my current PF account balance? Dear Satish.. I believe that the balance will be updated soon. Else, you can submit your grievance to EPFO, click here.. Thanks for the link and for the information provided by you.

Its been almost 2 months that claim has been settled and how long should i need to wait to raise the grievance? Dear Sumit.. I left my company 2 months before and I am not in India currently. I would like to withdraw PF fully. Dear Srinivas.. Kindly let me know how to submit the Form, once been filled, is that through postal Address Needed or via online portal Link Required. My service is for 2. Is there any criteria for the Limitation, my Balance now is , how much can i avail.

Dear Sumit, The online facility is not yet been made available. If you would like details about partial withdrawals or advances, kindly read: Can I email the forms? Dear Shyam.. One can post mail the forms to EPFO directly and kindly note that online facility is not yet been launched. I have submit our pf widrole form in pf office haldwani without employer signature in July month, but my claim was not settled.

What I will fill up this form for widrole our pf. I am not sure of this From What should we do with this form? Dear Ravi Ji, Kindly read: Online withdrawal facility is not yet launched.

Dear pushp.. Hi, Anyone requires assistance in withdraw their pf with or without employer signature In karnataka can contact us for the same. I have 2 pf account on same UAN number, now i want to withdraw from my previous pf account without employer involvement. Which forms i need to fill except 19 and 10C? Is form 31 is also required? Dear Priyanka.. My company has asked me to fill Form 19, Form 10C and Form 11 and send to the company itself.

Is it the correct procedure? Dear Pratik.. My old company made a fraud and it is closed so there is no body to sign my PF claim form. In that portal I have uploaded Aadhar Card and it is verified by my current employer. I worked in previous organization for 6 years and in current organization for 1 year, if I transfer my PF amount from previous to current, is still TDS applicable for withdraw on total amount as my service is only 1 year for current organization or EPF will calculate my service as 7 years.

Please help me to understand this. Dear vamshinath, No TDS is applicable. If you transfer epf then total number of service years will be counted as 7. Each contract is of one year and Now I wanted to withdraw my PF balance. Plz help.. How to consolidate old EPF accounts?

Inoperative EPF helpdesk portal. Can you please correct me. I left my job on 30th July and joined a new org by Aug 1st but my org does not have PF for employees. Dear parikshat.. As commented before they not processing this new form claim as my UAN has 2 pf accounts in which old pf if transferred to latest one. Hence, it is requested to submit normal claims through your Employer for settlement.

Seriously stupid move. This was sent to me by Mr. Only my bank account is verified in kyc document by the employer. Dear Ricky.. You can submit old EPF withdrawal forms to your ex-employer and get them processed or you may ask them to approve your Aadhar card also. Dear ricky.. Dear sir My uan number kyc updated but my adhar no approved my employer pls help us how to withdrawal my pf. Dear shubhranshu.. You can submit old EPF withdrawal forms to your ex-employer and get them processed.

Hi, i sent the new UAN based form and pf office is saying it can be withdrawn using only the old forms as i have 2 pf accounts linked to my UAN. I had already transferred from old to new around 4 months back but pf office helpline saying it cant be done using new method. Now what do i do?

Dear puneet.. So probably the Transfer might not have had happened. Dear Mr Sreekanth — My transfer did happen succesfully. I had done it using OTCP portal 4 months back.

Old account does not have any balance and new account passbook has entry of transfer success as well. I have raised a grievance for it on the grievance portal of pf but dont know if any positive response will come. I was releived from my previous organization in JAN and the company has been closed.

Now I want to withdraw my PF and employer not available. Kindly advice, how do i proceed. I have the forms form 19, form 10c and form 31 with me.

I wanted to withdraw my pf amount and my last working day on August So What all are the procedures needed to do for my pf withdraw. Kindly enclose PAN card copy, cancelled blank cheque and form 15G if required along with the forms. And i received the amount for for form 10c but not received the amount of form But my friend received both the form msg of amount credited and i just got half amount credited.

And when i checked claim status Claim ID: Payment is under process. My PF withdrawal application was rejected with the below reason: What else needs to be submitted. Dear Ashly..

Probably, Form 15G. I had completed more than 5 years in the company. It will take maximum how long to get the money? And is there any way to check my status? Dear Anand.. Probably around 30 days if all the documents are in place.

You can track the status online.. I worked in firm for 7 months and put papers ,without completed notice period i quit the company. Now im jobless since 3 months. Dear Rajashekar, 1 — Yes.

TDS will be deducted. Following details are already verified by my employer 1. Pan card 2. Ration card 3. Bank details. Dear Aarthi.. You can upload Aadhar details and aadhar card on UAN portal and get it verified by your employer. My PF Form rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch. Please help….

My company is closed worked form aug to apr How to approve KYC digitally by employer???. Already updated KYC details but it shows verification pending……please help. Kindly check this link, click here.. Please guide me for withdrawal of PF without the signature of employers. I was working for a Company A from July to 10th October , mumbai based pf office latter I joined a new Company B from 18th October till 31st May, Chennai based pf office. I received the uan no.

Hm... Are You a Human?

However the new company has not linked the UAN no. The problem now is both the companies have been closed down and there is nobody to assist me. I had submitted the form twice to my old company but they have not done anything yet. Understand that unless the kyc is verified by the employers I cannot withdraw the PF. Presently I am unemployed for more than two months and that is the reason I want to withdraw the amount to support my financial needs. Please guide me to get the funds at the earliest.

Ashish Sreedharan. Do you currently have two UANs? Dear Ashish, UAN is mandatory now. Thank you firstly for the infomative post. I downloaded new 19UAN , 10cUan forms to withdraw my 1 year pf. Since total amount in pf and pension is under 30ooo i dont need 15g nor i need 31uan as i want full amount only.

My UAN portal shows my aadhar and bank details verified by employer. Please correct if i am wrong in any point. Do i courier to peenya or bommasandra? I have completed my 4.

In that case what forms i have to fill and submit?? Dear Jisha, You can withdraw full PF balance subject to taxes. Dear Sir, Plz help me. My uan has been activate and aadhar, bank passbook, pan card activate in my uan Id.

My employer not sign to my epf form. Can I submit new 19,10c uan form to direct withdraw epf office without employer sign? Dear salim.. I am working in a private company for about 7 years, I will be soon resigning from the company and would like to withdraw full money for my personal use.

If not please suggest the procedures to withdraw the money after resignation. I am 39 years old. Dear VJ, The new rules have been cancelled. If you remain unemployed for min 60 days, you can withdraw full PF balance. Am presently in bangalore, so can I use a different bank account from a different state and update the same on UAN portal and apply for PF withdrawal?

Dear Sitlhou, 1 — Yes. You can apply for withdrawal through UAN based forms directly. Thanks so much for the clarification. Sir, can I just submit a copy of the bank statement without a blank cheque and get the PF?

Dear Sitlhou.. You can submit Passbook first page copy. Could you help me with my query. I worked with a company A during 3. I forgot to attach 15G forms for both companies but mentioned my PAN number on form 19 and form 10c.

Are both PFs taxable both above ? Dear Mahi.. If you are employed and contributing to EPF, your withdrawal application can be rejected. Need to Withdraw PF partially for Home restoration. Then The University terminated all employees. What can I do?

Need the money As my Home Leaks in the smallest rains and floods up.

New EPF Withdrawal Forms-Withdraw without employer signature - BasuNivesh

I have worked with an Organization say 01 from Apr to June Joined New Company in July and on rolls now. My new company say 02 has generated one more UAN No.

I completed 5 yrs since Apr Will this be allowewd…?? What forms I need to submit.. How long it may take for the PF office to settle the account….?? I was with my earlier employer for 2. Now I have joined job overseas.

If I withdraw my PF after 2. The 5 year lock-in period is the age of PF account or period of service. There can be 2 cases — Case 1. I join some company in India before 3 years I will be getting interest on the PF amount till 3 years Case 2. I join some company in India after 3 years My PF account will become dormant. Dear Rohit, In both the cases interest would be paid this is as per the latest notification.

I am asked to submit the below documents for employer attestation: Could you please let me know if I will need to submit all the below property documents as well and how long will it take for the amount to be credited to my account?

Dear Prakash.. Suggest you to kindly read this article: Partial PF withdrawal rules. Sir, I have worked for 2 years 8 months and quit my organisation. I have now filed a of claim for withdrawal but now it says Status: What does this mean? Do I get absolutely no money I have no information about 10c being rejected 2. Do I have to file my claim again so that would mean the entire process all over again at their own sweet time?

Hey I have also received the same notification. Kindly share if you get any updates on the same and I shall also update you if I have any. So, probably looks like some issue from your employer side. Kindly check with your employer too. I want to withdraw 50K from my PF account from the total current ammount of 55K. Is it posiible. Dear kubra.. Hi sir I send form 10c uan 31uan 19 uan and two copies of 15g and 2 copies of 15h form and a bank statement and a clecel cheque and a copy in which clearly shown adhar pan no and bank account approved by employer so I want to know that this is the right forms and process and how many time take this process I send forms on 12th July I want to know that aprox which date I got my pf amount in my account I sent the documents by currior and when I call the pf office they said me we open currior in one and half month is that a process to open currior I sent all documents on 12july please sujjest me aprox date when I got my pf.

If i submit the forms in August firstweek, Please let me know when i will get my PF amount credited to my account approximately. Also please clarify more on about EPS …. Thanks in Advance!! Dear Sir. My First company total epf amount transferd to my new company epf account.

My previous epf balance 3. In new company i have just complete 4 years. May I eligible for withdraw amount For land download? How much can I withdraw at present.? Dear Sajal.. Employer alo sent a declaration form that Declaration regarding not being a PF member at present-reg. Do i need to fill the declaration form as i am currently the PF member.

Also It requires the UAn no. Please help. Dear Uma.. Yes you can dear Uma. Do i need the approval from old company if i need to Consolidate PF Accounts to the current one. The main purpose is to have one EPF account.

Yes, your ex-employer s have to approve the request. EPFO will also provide assistance in this regard. One of my company has approved the transfer claim. By when amount will be credited in my account. Do i got any confirmation message or mail. However, on home loan she has post marriage name. In this case, can we withdraw the amount by sending marriage certificate? Also, in this case of Home loan repayment to Bank, the cheque would be issued in the name of Bank or her?

You can get the name correction done through UAN helpdesk portal.. Kindly let your employer know about this request. Kindly suggest for withdrawal of my pf amount. I have alloted a pf no. As I have not completed my resignation period due my bad health so my employer dont want to settle my pf issue. After 60 days of leaving your job, you can submit new UAN based withdrawal forms. How to generate UAN online? Dear Srikant thanks for replaying.

Kindly guide me. You may request them to verify your KYC documents. My employer submitted my forms on July 4, Along with the PF claim for withdrawal, my employer has also submitted a letter for name correction with proof. Does this mean that my forms have not been submitted? Suggest you to wait for some more time before raising your grievance.. Dear Yashdeep..

I have filled the PF withdrawl form, however I have not seen even a single blog on where to send these details. Whom should I adress this to? I am staying in Bangalore. If I send it to Bangalore regional office, whom should I write it to? Who is suppose to collect the form? PF toll free number is not working and tell me any contact number and what documents required with UAN withdrawn form plz reply. It is Possible. Please revert me.

Dear prakash.. I started my career in and there after i changed my job twice. So its — with a firm to in second firm may i joined new firm. I withdrew my pf from first firm in when i resigned. Now my queries are: Dear Vipin, 1 — UAN is a new provision which has been recently launched. You can have cumulative service period of around 4 years. Hi sir I send form 10c uan 31uan 19 uan and two copies of 15g and 2 copies of 15h form and a bank statement and a clecel cheque and a copy in which clearly shown adhar pan no and bank account approved by employer so I want to know that this is the right forms and process and how many time take this process I send forms on 12th July I want to know that aprox which date I got my of ammount in my account.

Dear Sonu.. You may mostly get the PF amount in 2 to 4 weeks time if all documents are in place.

PF Withdrawal Form – Download Form 19, 10C, 31, 15H, 16 & Others

Could you please let me know the URL. Dear Susanta, There is no online provision to submit the forms as of now. You have to post the forms to the concerned Regional PF office. Hi, I have worked 5. And I have resigned and joined new company. Is it possible to withdraw my PF? In case, you are employed in another organization in India you can initiate transfer process from current employer.

Please confirm whether i can withdraw my PF. Expecting ur reply. Its urgent. Also, If i say that currently i am unemployed will it be a problem. Dear Subbu, No.

Suggest you to transfer the monies. So, EPFO knows that you are employed, can reject your withdrawal application. Thanks for your quick response. But I need my PF Amount hardly urgent commitments and also for medical exp.

I do not want to transfer the PF Amount. Is there any possible way I can withdraw my PF Amount. Please assist me. I need it urgent to get process. Dear subbu.. I have not transferred my PF money from company A to company B.

Dear Divya, Both options should be OK after 60 days of unemployment. Kindly do this only if you are confident that your current employer is very supportive.

I am now aware if EPFO has issued any new template decl form. Did you get to know whether we need employers signature on Declaration form in partial withdrawal via UAN based Form Also, can i send my forms through registered post?

If I have to submit the forms for PF withdrawal directly, to which office should I do so? My account is in Bandra. Should I mail it to the Bandra PF office addressing it to the commissioner? I quit my company in January and relocated out of the country.

Do I need to submit the form 15G as well? Dear yashdeep.. UAN helpdesk portal.. How to read the PF account number format? Dear Prafulla.. Thanks Sreekanth for your reply. Is it possible to partially withdraw from company A in my scenario? Kindly go through the articles. There are certain conditions for making partial withdrawals. Hi, I have worked in a company from Nov to July I have activated UAN. What are the forms I need to send to EPF? New EPF withdrawal forms.. This is Md Vajeed.

I resigned my previous organization in oct I want to withdraw my PF balance online. Could you please help me the procedure to withdraw my PF and also plz do let me know the time taken to transfer the same. Dear Vajeed.. Dear Padmavathi..

Sir i applied for transfer of my fund to new account, my current employer approved but previous employer not approved till now. I have two UANs now. I cannot register one of them because my number is registered with the other.

How do I merge both the numbers? Your friend has to get one of the UANs The old one deactivated. Later you will be required to submit your Claim to get transfer of service and fund to new UAN. I am downloading a new flat for the same purpose I want to withdraw my maximum amount of PF under form no 31 as I had already completed 5 years in current company.

I have some queries, kindly guide me regarding the same. I am aware that according to rule I can withdraw 36 fold of my basic salary however please let me know that if I calculate 36 fold of my basic salary the amount exceeds 5 lakh rupees so shall I get more than 5 lakh rupees or it is mandatory that I should have 5 lakh rupees already in my PF account.

I have to give details of whose account no? So if they are depositing amount in house owner account then how it is possible after downloading the flat I we have to pay all the amount to house owner before downloading? Dear Sunil, 1 — Kindly read Table Num 1. It clearly states that least of the three basic wages or total balance or actual cost.

Hope you r doing good.

But my name is not printed on my bank cheque leaf, can I submit cheque leaf along with bank statement where all details got mentioned like name, ac no, ifsc code etc. Dear Pavan.. IF it is possible, kindly visit your bank and get the new Cheque book which has your name on the Cheque leafs.

My ex employer says that due to finalisation of accounts for FY to , the PF office is not accepting the claim forms. I called the office and they say that they are collecting the forms; it could have been a miscommunication or are there times in the year when PF offices do not accept claim forms. Second query. However, on the UAN portal my initials have been expanded to show my surname.

Will this be an issue if I apply on my own? My passport has my complete expanded name. My employer has been very cooperative until now, but I need the funds urgently for personal issues. But now, they are accepting the forms and servicing the claims.

UAN helpdesk for name corrections.. What is the way to create my UAN in this scenario? I really appreciate the service that you are providing.

My question is as below.

I really hope you can help me with the same. I want to use From 19 UAN. When I go to my UAN it says that employer has validated it. If I am to understand this must be my current employer. As UAN is already active it should not really matter who has validated it correct? Dear Pallav.. All you need to know about UAN. I am Yousuf Shaik from Kadapa. I have worked in a company for 2.

My PF regional office is Kukatpally. Dear Yousuf, 1 — Yes. TDS is not applicable in your case. Thank you for your prompt response. After resigning my previous job, I had joined with a new company in April Dear Yousuf..

Is it the date of joining that of the last job? Dear Swetha, I believe that they are Dates related to your Employment. You may also re-check with your ex-employer.

Can I withdraw my of amount with new form 19 uan and 10 c uan. My Previous employee is HCL tech. My account number is same but IFSC code has been changed. Dear Sundeep.. Are you employed now and contributing to EPF scheme? You have to request your Ex-employer to approve the same.

Has your Aadhar been seeded to your UAN? For old UAN, only bank account and pan card has been approved. Do i need to map aadhaar as well. If yes, Will it affect my new UAN? Becoz adhaar is mapped to my new UAN. Kindly note that an employee can have only one UAN number.

I was told that once withdrawn you cant generate a UAN based on that. Is that so. If so, what I can do for generating UAN. Kindly advice. How to generate UAN number online? My name is Amit. Sreekanth, I have information about new form 31 [UAN enabled one] but i want to know where should i submit it. Can i submit it online, if yes, where? OR do i have to submit it manually to regional PF office? Dear Louis.. As of now online provision is not available. You may have to send it to your Regional PF office.

So just to be clear. I am filling Form 31 UAN enabled. Along with Form 31, I have also download the declaration form [wherin I need to furnish the site related details]. Declaration form has asked for Employer signature also, with this new UAN enabled form 31, do we need to get employer signature in declaration form? I am downloading a flat, which is still being constructed and I only have agreement for the same. Does that mean I just need to ignore this point?

Dear Louis, 1 — I believe that it is not required. But it is better you re-check with your employer too. My KYC are updated and approved by my Employer, but i can see 2 bank account details that have been approved, but i am not using both the bank account mentioned on the UAN. My New company has provided me a new salary account, so do i need to update the new bank account and then get it approved and then apply or can i apply and send the cancelled cheque for the new bank account where i want the cash to be transferred.

If not, then you can submit online Transfer request. I am very confused with taxability on Partial Withdrawal of PF. I want to withdraw from my PF Account, which is over 15 years old, for download of a flat. Will I be taxed on the withdrawal? Request your guidance on this. Dear Namgya..

May I know which consultancy? You may submit your grievance at this link.. Read your post, comments and advises. You are awesome. But I was unable to get a clear picture that would help me out. Please try to help me. I was working for a company from May to October They have deducted my PF however there is a glitch. When we the employees would ask them why are they deducting two times from our salary, instead it is the company who should be equally contributing to it, they would say that the is a cost company is paying for you.

So it is a CTC and hence will be deducted from your monthly salary. I was asking them to provide me PF Number for last 1. Just today they gave me PF number. I was able to get my UAN number too myself and logged in to the website.

However it says it will take 4 days to show up my Passbook after activation of UAN, so i got to wait. From November to May I was unemployed. Again I was unemployed till February February till date, I am employed but my current company too does not have PF scheme.

I would like to withdraw whatever amount is there in my PF Account which I have contributed from May to October I have spent enough time on the government websites and also private websites which say they guide in withdrawing PF. But here is my finding: There is no option to withdrawn the PF and get that money in my bank account on the government website.

However my current company does not have PF scheme. So I cannot do this. I know I can download PF withdrawal form online, fill it. But where do it send it? My ex-employer with whom I have contributed to that PF, is not co-operative and is not helping me withdraw it.

Based on this, can you help me find address as which I need to send Form 19 after filling it? Really looking forward to your help as I can then guide many more people who are confused like me. Appreciate your time. Even if this is not the case, you can first try submitting your grievance with EPFO at click here.. Click here to locate your EPF office. My employer has approved the same.

I need to do a partial withdrawal of my PF for my marriage. Do i need to submit any supporting documents with form 31 UAN. Like a wedding card or that is not required now. And can i submit the form online. If yes how and where. Would i be eligible to withdraw that amount also? Could you please help me as well.. My self Manjeet Kumar and i joined a company in April and left the company in May After leaving the company I joined an University for further study and since then i am unemployed.

I need to withdraw my pf amount and I have been unemployed for past 5 months now. My adhaar is not seeded, but I have my UAN no. I want to submit the request for withdrawal online. Can you please help me with the procedure. Dear Anushree, As of now, online Pf withdrawal facility has not been launched.

Thanks a lot for providing information regarding epf which was a black box for me before visiting your blog. I need some information regarding partial withdrwal of my pf amount. I am downloading a house and I have submitted the required documents to pf office for partial withdrawal. I have almost 7 lakhs in my PF account and in the form I have applied for 7 Lakhs as the advance requirement. Will I get 7 lakhs as it is there in my PF account.

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