Lines For Changing Minds. The MAGIC of. Conversational. Reframing. Neuro- Semantics and the. Transformation of Meaning. By L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. MIND-LINES Lines For Changing MindsThe MAGIC of Conversational Refrainingand the rmstion of MeaningBy L Michael Ha. NLP Mind-Lines. Pages The Book of Joy. mind design tricks of the mind mind reader speak your mind mind.

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Mind Lines Pdf Mind-lines: Lines For Changing Minds (): L. Michael Hall, Bobby G. Bodenhamer: Books. NLP Mind-Lines - L. Michael Hall PDF - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. View from ACCOUNTING Intermedia at Hofstra University. MIND -LINES Lines For Changing Minds The MAGIC of Conversational Refraining.

Mind Lines. Lines For Changing Minds. Bobby and L. Michael Hall Bodenhamer. Bode n ha me r, D. Publications P. No part of this may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, etc. Neuro-Linguistic "Magic" 2. Three Facets of Neuro-Linguistic Magic 3. Conversational Reframing Patterns 4. The Formula 19 31 53 63 Directions For Reframing 5. Deframing 6. Content Reframing 7.

Materials Materials comprised six sets of printed photograph cards, and each of them described a distinctive temporal progression e. Each set consisted of four pictures describing different stages of a temporal sequence e. Procedures A round piece of white cupboard with a diameter of Participants were told that they would be given six sets of cards separately, one set at a time. They were instructed to look through the four pictures of each set and arrange them on the cupboard in the correct temporal order, from the earliest to the latest state.

After receiving instructions, participants were handed the six sets of cards one by one in random order, and each set of shuffled pictures was presented separately in a stack.

Upon finishing the arrangement of one set, participants were given the next one. Results and Discussion We observed two arrangement orientations of cards by participants: horizontally from left to right abbreviated as HLR , vertically from top to bottom VTB.

X-axis plots the number of participants who created the distinct patterns as indicated by each stacked bar. It should be noted that we did manipulate such factors as culture elements in our materials, because two sets of cards displayed cultural-specific content i.

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However, the findings of Experiment 2 provide counterevidence about Miles et al. These space-time mappings in cognition can be approximately predicted by patterns in Mandarin spatiotemporal metaphors.

Given these observations, we conclude that a Mandarin speaker possesses both a horizontal and a vertical MTL, not because he or she has acquired L2 English, but because there are two time lines in Mandarin linguistic structures.

In particular, this study provides some counterevidence about the argument that Mandarin speakers tend to think about time vertically Boroditsky, You can save your work into local storage, in the cloud, and print or export finished mind maps as an image. You can even manipulate the fonts and positions within each node, add images and text, and share your maps through your social media connections.

MindMap allows real-time collaboration and embedding within websites or blogs.

Wisemapping Wisemapping is an online, open source mind mapping editor for both individuals and businesses to share with collaborators, embed in blogs, and easily import and export.

If security is important and you don't want to use the browser-based app, you can download, install and configure WiseMapping on your own server. The tool allows you to invite team members to view and collaborate on your mind maps and export maps to Freemind, PDF, SVG and other image file formats.

Wisemapping also features an embeddable mind map viewer for use on other websites or blogs. MindManager MindManager from Mindjet is a powerful mind mapping tool that lets you organize your ideas in a single view, where you can easily drag and drop to gather and prioritize your ideas. Adding images, video, hyperlinks and attachments is simple, and the project planning tools make it straightforward to turn ideas into action.

MindManager also features automated calculations to help evaluate and analyze data. Freeplane Freeplane is an open source application that runs on any operating system with Java installed.

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It can also run locally or portably from a removable storage, such as a USB drive. You can freely position, order, classify, group or connect any node and style the map using shapes, colors and edge type — or even according to hierarchical level. You can structure nodes in terms of content, such as text, formula, icon, image or hyperlink. Mind maps are password protectable, and you can make full use of the drag and drop functionality, search, publishing and sharing options available.

It's more than a mind mapping application in that it allows you to visualize all of your tasks, ideas, projects, documents and notes in one convenient place. You can store an unlimited amount of information, which is available on both the desktop and mobile devices, using a simple drag and drop interface.

The Brain focuses on helping you build meaningful and dynamic connections that give you a greater insight into whatever idea or project you're working on.

LucidChart LucidChart is a powerful diagramming application that helps you quickly capture and organize ideas during a brainstorming session into a single useful mind map. It features a suite of tools including real-time collaboration, built-in Google image search, custom themes and social sharing.

The auto-spacing of mind mapping nodes, hotkeys for quick mind map creation, collapsible branches, auto theming and chat feature all give you the flexibility to create and customize your mind map. Scapple Scapple is a mind map app for OS X from the developer of the popular longform writers tool Scrivener, and it's specifically directed at writers.

It provides a space for mapping out your thoughts in a free way, without conforming to a single idea or goal. You can start typing anywhere, link ideas, build relationships, and adjust or expand everything. Your notes can take the form of text, pictures, a PDF or any other type of file you choose.

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You can stack related ideas into columns for better organization, while the appearance of notes can be easily changed through the font choice, colors or border style. Mapul Mapul is a web-based tool powered by Microsoft Silverlight, which allows you to generate mind maps without leaving your browser. It's an evolution of MapMyself and provides a free or subscription-based account.

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It features a quirky, hand-drawn interface and has the option to save or export mind maps. You can import images and style your text with various sizing and color options. MindApp MindApp is a mind mapping tool available in-browser or as a Windows desktop app. It features a drag and drop interface, keyboard shortcuts, children's options, and map and text formatting.

You can save mind maps online in your free personal account or as images on your desktop, which can be used in other applications.

The map can be styled to suit your tastes and includes shapes, lines, alignment, size, color, borders and background options. CoMapping CoMapping is an online mind mapping application to take notes, plan, organize and share information, with multiple people able to work collaboratively on the same map. The Formula Directions For Reframing 5. Deframing 6. Content Reframing 7. Pre-Framing and Post-Framing: Analogous or Story Reframing: The Magic of Language Into the Fray of Mind-Lining How To Do What When Getting Into A Magical State Fun to read, and valuable to use, this book invites you to play with language.

Language makes the bond between us, how we relate to each other and even if we do relate at all.

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