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Feature Manager: Install Automatically great Features to your Mybook, with a NOTE: IF you own a Mybook World White Light or a Mybook Live, use the You will be redirected to the Western Digital "Shared Storage Manager" interface. The MyBook Live is delivered with a Lenny linux based system. from the system (exemple: udev), or related to WD Web System Management (//yourIP/UI ). Hi, I'm having alot of trouble installing the Feature Pack Manager provided by the guys over at osakeya.info I'm following his instructions to.

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Western Digital My Book Live Manager

Has anyone updated their My Book Live to download torrents? the following steps to add the feature pack manager to the WD My Book Live. Managing Your Drive With WD Quick View Installing WD .. you log in, WD 2go mounts My Book Live to your computer like a local drive and provides. Warning: By installing OpenWrt, you will lose all existing data on your disk(s). Their MBR (master boot record) containing the partition table will.

Next up is the actual file share name on the NAS and I have used a custom them instead of the default of Public. After that, you have to specify the file system and it is cifs instead of more conventional alternatives like ext4 or swap. After this and before the final two space delimited zeroes in the line comes the chunk that deals with the security of the mount point. What I have done in my case is to have a password protected file share and the user ID and password have been placed in a file in my home area with only the owner having read and write permissions for it in chmod-speak. That file then is populated with the user ID and password like the following. Of course, the bracketed values have to be replaced with what you have in your case. First, there is the character set of the file usually UTF-8 and I got error code 79 when I mistyped this and the security that is to be applied to the credentials ntlm in this case. To save having no write access to the mounted file share, the uid and gid for your user needs specification with being the values for the first non-root user created on a Linux system. After that, it does no harm to set the file and directory permissions because they only can be set at mount time; using chmod, chown and chgrp later on has no effect whatsoever. Related posts.

I ordered a my book live 2tb super cheap and it will be arriving today.

I have been looking for a way to install appache or LAMP. The feature pack seemed easy when I came across it.

Good to see some real world experience as well. Did you get the free version or the donation version? Also after 2 weeks how is it working for you? I went with the donation version first, to see how it went.

FeaturePacks - Hacking WD MyBook World Ed

New firmware is stable as a rock. The Twonky media server streams nicely. I would recommend the device now. Support Downloads Knowledge Base.

German Spanish Italian French. HGST Support. My Cloud - Personal Cloud Storage.

Western Digital My Book Live ("Single") / My Book Live Duo

My Book Live. OceanOver October 15, , 1: Copy the following line in your clipboard: Is it just me, or is the Feature Pack Manager unable to be installed anymore?

Although an official Please see also the notes for MBL Duo below. Download the OpenWrt firmware image to your host computer and gunzip it to receive the image file ending in.

Warning: This overwrites the target disk with a new MBR master boot record and a new partition table.

You will lose all existing data on the target disk. If you choose the wrong device, you may accidentally overwrite your system disk or another disk you may care about, so double and triple check to make sure you are writing to the correct disk.

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Re-insert the disk into their enclosure. You can now proceed to configure OpenWrt to your liking, further partition the disk and install additional packages.

It will fail to boot boot loop if two disks are used and either contains anything other than the two default OpenWrt partitions. If both disks contain OpenWrt, all changes to its configuration will be made to the disk in the right bay. It is actually possible to hot-plug a disk into the other drive bay on a running system, but keep in mind that if you hotplug to the right drive bay, device enumeration will change after a reboot.

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