It is the story about a couple coming from two different states in India, who face This is his fourth book after Five Point Someone, One Night @ the Call Center. Chetan Bhagat's "2 States:The Story of My Marriage" Welcome to 2 States, a story about Krish and Ananya. They are from two 47 A Thief My Book of Bible. 2 States book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers . Love marriages around the world are simple: Boy loves girl. Girl loves.

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2 States Story Book

Other Books · India Positive · The Girl In Room · One Indian Girl · Making India Awesome · Half Girlfriend · What Young India Wants · Revolution · The 3. Free download of 2 States by Bhagat. Book Description HTML the story reminds me my marriage, another 2state marriage, that I wanted to but could not . Welcome to 2 States, a story about Krish and Ananya. To convert their love story into a This may be the first time in the history of books, but here goes.

The writer took inspiration from his own life, but the novel is a work of fiction. The novel is based on the story of a couple, who belongs to different states, castes and religion and wanted to get married. How they meet at IIMA campus and the way they convince their parents for their marriage is the actual plot of the novel. Soon they become good friends and their friendship turns into love and they start to live together. After the course both of them get job in the companies they have wished. Then Krish proposes to Ananya for marriage. While both of them were ready but not their families as, being from different states opposition from the respective families is obvious in India. Both of them irrespective of their own state and caste specific culture are not stereotyped. They are liberal in their thoughts. Finally Krish manages to convince them.

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They never accept each other without prejudices and find reasons to blame always. Diversities: They have diversities in their languages e. Tamil and Punjabi , customs, and rituals e. Where ever the novelist wanted to discuss the multicultural nature of these two characters, he takes a new thing. Like at the beginning, he insisted the dressing difference i. I was seeing her after two months.

She wore a cream coloured cotton sari with a thin gold border. The characters stress on the importance of these two and confines strictly to themselves that their argument is correct. A middle aged man with neatly Combed hair rationed his gin. He wore a half sleeve shirt with a dhoti in most of the pictures. He looked like the neighbor who stops you from playing loud music.

No, nothing cute about him. I scanned the remaining pictures taken on festivals,weddings and birthdays. When Krishna, the protagonist meets his mother at the railway station, he finds her with a complete pattern of North Indian style from top to toe.

After receiving their parents, both of them, Krish and Ananya wanted to convey the fact they were in love and they would like to get marry. Both are worried to convey this to their parents.

So they thought to convey it after the convocation. They planned to arrange an introductory session with both the families. Hence, the protagonist narrates the dress appearance of them. I came first to get good seat. Ananya wore the same peacock blue sari that that she wore to her HCL interview. He wanted to say her gradually by conveying Ananya as her best friend. See the girl dancing in the baraath next to the horse.

She is wearing a pink lehnga I saw a girl in pink Leanga her face bearly visible under a lot of hair P: 57 After conveying his m other Krish decides to join in Citi Bank first and then convincing of his mother later after the settlement of his love and marriage. He takes appointment and joins in Citi bank and takes an apartment with co-employees. At that time he observes the way of dressing and casual wear of Tamilians and narrates in this way: I nodded and reached my apartment.

Ramanujan his roommate saw me place? He here and then meets Ananya and enjoys the romantic life with her. So he feels happy with that but in the meanwhile he is furious to observe that there is a match who comes to Ananya where her parents insist to make her sit and see the groom before checking the horoscope.

Krish gets worried and annoyed with this. It has been slowly recognized by Krish and he feels happy and conveys the same to Ananya too. There they want to talk to the office authorities.

2 States The Story of My Marriage by Chetan Bhagat - PDF Drive

Now the author Chethan Bhagath showS how the youth like to go faraway places on bike drive with the example of these two lovers Krish and Ananya. Boy's family has to love girl's family.

Girl and boy still love each other. Then they get married.

In his novel Chetan Bhagat portrayed the Indian marriage scenario and the grip of the youngsters is 21st century. The subtle style of Bhagat's writing will continue to win him accolades from all over. He sensed the nerve of the youth of the perfection.

Their love story was the inspiration for the book 2 States. When the novel open, we find Krish in a psychologists clinic to get counseling and here he narrates his story. In the first few pages we are introduced with the campus life of IIM Ahmedabad where Krish see Ananya and fall in love with her at the first sight as in looks, she is a real traffic stopper. As happens in college life they start messaging each other and start hanging out.

Time passes by very speedily and now it is the time of placement. Both the lovers with the intention to getting their families familiar with decide to invite their parents for the convocation.

Ceremony as it is very necessary in India that parents must approve your love relationship. Here we are introduced with Krish's mother and Ananya's parents.

Krish's father does not come for it because the relationship of Krish with his father is very tense. The light friction between Ananya's mother and Krish's mother get started in the ceremony itself and the dream of the lovers to get married shatters. Krish tries hard to convince Ananya family for marriage, but all his attempts are in vain.

Then after with a view to being involved in the family of Ananya, he takes the tuitions of her brother, prepare a presentation for her father, but it does not yield any profit. Krish did not lose hope and carries on his desperate attempts to win the love of Ananya's family members. He also helps Ananya's mother to present herself at a concert organized by his own bank. Ananya's mother's talent in music is appreciated by all and she becames the centre of attention in the concert.

Then after a dinner party is arranged by Krish exclusively for Ananya's family. Here he proposes to accept him as their son-in-law. The emotional appeal of Krish is really heart touching "I Krish Malhotra would like to propose to all of you. Will all of you marry me? Now comes the turn Ananya to win the love of Krish family members.

Then they tried to convince Krish mother. The problem was Krish mothers relatives who do not quite like this. They say that should not marry a Madrasi but end up agreeing with them when Ananaya tries help one of Krish's cousin to get married. Ananaya also win the hearts of Krish family but what about the families union?

Krish arranges a meeting of two families in Goa, but there also Krish mother verbally explodes and the relationship of Krish and Ananya is in jeopardy.

Ananya decides to break off with Krish. Krish tries his best to convince Ananya that everything can be fixed up again. But Ananya does not show any affection of him. At that time Krish's bad father' comes to his rescue and goes to Chennai and convinces Ananya's family without Krish's Knowledge because now he does not want to miss the opportunity of helping his son. He missed the opportunity for once and still he pays a heavy price for that.

Review: 2 States by Chetan Bhagat

When Krish gets a call from Ananya, he is very much surprised and want to hug his father. Father son relationship is always incredible. Finally the two families are reunited and Ananya and Krish get married to each-other.

The marriage ceremony held in Tamil style is also full of comical elements.


It is really true that love marriage around the world are simple but as mentioned on the back cover of the novel the scenario is totally different when it comes to India. Thus novel is a humorous and witty take on cross culture love marriage in India, citing the numerous awkword situation that both couple in love as well as their families has to pass through before their wedding can be finalized.

Chetan Bhagat has written some good funny one linear about what North India feel about South Indian and what the later feel about the former. He brings out pretty well the contrast between South Indian vs North Indian cultures and the mutual disdain these two groups have each other.

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