promise for an all-Egypt trip is to visit in spring (March to May) or autumn . suggests: provides heaps of travel tips and water-sports information and links. ERC is the only travel centre in Australia with its own office in Cairo, Egypt, ensuring . After your buffet breakfast, your tour guide will accompany you for a great. Egypt (Arabic: مصر; officially, the Arab Republic of Egypt) is in north-eastern Africa with its capital Your book will be sent in PDF format readable on any device.

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Egypt Travel Guide Pdf

Create your own Egypt travel guide! All you have to do is select the type of places you'd like to include (restaurants, museums, etc.). When you're done, you can. Christians. Tourism is Egypt's biggest money earner and visitors to Cairo come for the Egyptian holiday makers travel on packages and organised tours. Our 8 days tour of Egypt takes you right through from. Ancient to Tour. Individual/Private guide/. Group tours / Group guide. Group Tours / Group guide.

Tips For What Travel Guides To Use In Egypt To get the best out of your holiday in Egypt it is highly recommended you look at various travel guides to plan your trip Using Independent Online Guides written by Egyptian locals can often be the best way to experience a city Crowdsourced Travel Guides such as TripAdvisor are great as they have everything a Canadian tourist wants to know Miscellaneous Travel Guide Websites are highly popular with young Canadian travellers Traditional Travel Guide Books are good to use when looking for Egyptian museums, tourist sights and attractions Inquire essential information on travel guides for Egypt, such as how to find the best travel guide and where to look for them prior to leaving Canada. Use the flight search tool on this website to find, compare and book the cheapest flights to Egypt. It is very easy and quick to find the best flight deals from Ottawa to Egypt where many airlines fly to major cities around the globe. You can search many internet flight websites to book the best flights to anywhere in the world. Alternatively use flight booking websites like Sky Scanner, where you can search flight offers from airlines and travel agents in one place to get the best flight deals. There are many ways to find, compare and book the cheapest hotels. If you need to stay at an airport in Egypt for one night or you have an early flight, why not take a look at the cheap airport hotels deals in Egypt from the Airport Accommodation links on this web page to find the best airport hotel room option to suit your needs. Find the best hotel room in and around Egypt which best fits your requirements. Book Here Want to rent a car in Cairo or other cities in Egypt? There are many ways to find, compare and book the best car rentals. Our secure car rental booking system lets you compare the latest deals in an instant and find a car hire that suits your budget. Rent your car now, then relax!

Modern Cairo is a city with well over 17 million inhabitants, skyscrapers and restaurants can be found along with world heritage monuments. On the eastern bank, the modern Downtown of Cairo is built under the influence of French architecture, you may find lots of historical Islamic sights as well as business buildings and shops.

On the other hand, the western bank of Cairo is the home of lots of modern concrete and business, but it also houses the great Giza pyramids, and Saqqara and Memphis if you travel further to the south.

Travelling around Cairo may not be easy, but you would definitely discover more pleasures as you dig deeper and find out the hidden gems of the city.

You can get around Cairo through various modes of transportation, including the metro, taxi, and bus. The metro system in Cairo is fully functioning and cover most areas that tourist wish to visit, the flat rate fare costs 1 LE per trip, making it a good bargain.

However, it is probably better if you could book taxis via your hotel for major trips such as paying the visit to the great pyramids , although this could cost you more, taxis that are affiliated with the hotel are generally more professional and have better drivers.

Egypt travel guide

Cairo is chaotic, charming and alive in every sense of the words. With over 20 million residents and tens of thousands of travellers present at any one time, this thriving metropolis has much to offer people of any taste, interest and desire. From the famous Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza, to the Pharaonic Village and of course, the grand Egyptian Museum that allows you to view famous historic artefacts.

These activities are fun for children too. Those who enjoy shopping can experience the Citystars mall which is quite westernized, or for a local taste, frequent the Souks which are outdoor markets where you can haggle for the best prices. It owns over , artifacts and many of it are on display, the most attractive displays in the museum are arguably the mummies, the Royal Mummy Room displays about 9 mummies and one of the nine is the newly discovered- mummy of Queen Hatshepsut.

Aside from the mummies, the museum also displays a great variety of important artifacts of ancient Egyptian history, and a great number of treasures of King Tutankhamun.

Not all items are on display, with much of it stored away safely out of view of the public. But there is more than enough on display to satisfy even the most keen Egypt history buff.

Ultimate Guide to Visiting Egypt (& Not Just the Pyramids!)

These are located on the first floor of the museum. Of course, the famous Gold Mask of Tutankhamen is a stand out display and one of the most recognisable history pieces on the planet. Giza Pyramids Visit to the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx is definitely a must! A travel to Egypt without visiting the Pyramids of Giza is never complete, the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx is the only Seven Monuments of the Ancient World that remains until today and it represents the quintessential of ancient Egyptian civilization.

Domestic flights in Egypt as affordable and great.

Their buses are very comfy, cheap and easy to book on the website or app on your phone. Sleeper trains are another popular way of traveling, but since my flight to Luxor cost me the same as the sleeping train would have, the choice was obvious. There is a cruise on the Nile that starts in all of the touristic cities, and most tourists decide to do it. I opted for a cheaper version staying in local guesthouses.

The most popular and best places to visit in Cairo are spread throughout the country. I would propose this itinerary:. Day 1: Day 2: Afternoon visit to the Egyptian Museum. Flight to Hurghada.

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Day 3: Hurghada Snorkeling with dolphins wild, not captive , afternoon desert ATV trip. Day 4: Hurghada to Luxor Morning relax at the hotel. Afternoon transfer to Luxor. Day 5: Overnight in Luxor.

Free Egypt travel guide in PDF

Day 6: Luxor Early morning hot-air balloon flight. Visit Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple. Afternoon relaxing felucca. Day 7: Domestic flight to Cairo for those finishing the tour here.

Ramesses II built two profoundly captivating temples. They were carved solely out of a mountainside in order to immortalize himself and his much-beloved wife Nefertari.

The four 20 meters high colossal of the Pharaoh himself is dazzling. The inside hall is supported by 8 gigantic Osirid pillars, all 18 meters long — walking down this hall in an enthralling experience itself.

Egypt Travel Tips: 24 Essential Things You Should Know Before You Visit Egypt

Day Aswan Transfer to Aswan from Luxor. Late flight to Cairo. Final departure from Cairo. Ultimate Guide to Visiting Egypt Share this: Share Facebook Twitter.

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