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machine that is “Global Wireless E-Voting“ machine we can determine the secured in the vision of modern technology we are “Global Wireless EVoting”. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Global Wireless E-Voting system | In the current system of technology, the voting machine is not much secured. 82 INterNatIONal JOurNal Of COmPuter SCIeNCe aNd teChNOlOgy. Global Wireless E-Voting system. osakeya.infoa, osakeya.infoika. 1,2Dept. of CSE, Panimalar .

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Global Wireless E-voting Pdf

global wireless e voting is an era of new technology that make possible for voters to vote online from anywhere. Get More Information about Global Wireless E-Voting PDF Abstract by visiting this link. In Global Wireless E-Voting system we are using a. Introduction to make it secured and efficient in the vision of modern technology we are “Global Wireless E-Voting”. User can easily voting no special skill and.

And if correct decoding key i. In this case if you want Basaveshwar Engineering College Bagalkot the data corresponding to the second node then simply multiply the whole equation with the k2. So by this we can show that any numbers of nodes are allowed to send the data, the server will accept all the data and which ever has to be extracted will be just multiplied with corresponding key. This gets the corresponding data. Hence the concept of Multiple access. Geographical Problems This is the problem regarding the area where technical facilities like mobile tower or Internet service is not present. In this case will convert the vote and retina pattern into the electrical information and pass it through the electrical conductors until we can reach the area where the technical facilities like internet or mobile tower is available, and if only internet facility is available is then we can convert this electrical information to digital means and with these data using computers connected to internet we can pass the vote and retina pattern. Here the eye scanner will be web cam. Future Enhancements This project can be enhanced to work over the mobiles that is voting is made possible through the mobile through SMS. Conclusion Thus this machine can be used for any level voting purpose. The machine provides high level of security, authentication, reliability, and corruption -free mechanism. By this we can get result with in minute after a completion of voting..

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Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Global wireless e voting 1. One can shop online — So what makes Voting via the Internet so difficult? Is it legally possible to vote via the Internet? Contents- i. Introduction ii. Present System iii.


Disadvantages of the present system iv. Proposed system v. Block diagram vi. Voting machine vii. Block diagram of the Client Side Circuit viii.

Eye retina scanning ix. Interface device x. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Thank you!


Published by Alexis Shepherd Modified over 3 years ago. User can easily voting no special skill and technology required. One user can use only one time in one election. Every where in world to easily voting any register user. Machine check biometric symbol like that eye retina , thumb etc. Electronic voting includes voting by kiosk, Internet, telephone, punch card, and optical scan ballot One hopes that in this way the voting process becomes faster, cheaper. Uniqueness — no voter may cast his vote more than once.

Accuracy — voting systems should record the votes correctly. Minimum skill requirement for voter.

In our system we trying to keep counting of votes in to a remote secured system. Here we need not to go for the re election even if the machine is damaged.

Global Wireless E-Voting | Radio | Image Scanner

Whenever voters enter to voting booth then he will be instructed to directly look at retina scanning machine at this time the machine scans the retina. Benefits can include reduced tabulation times and an increase of participation voter turnout , particularly through the use of Internet voting.

It is not yet clear whether the total cost of ownership with electronic voting is lower than other systems. Since now days voting system is replaced by electronic machine to carry out voting. Now in a present system each and every section is given a electronic machine which stores the votes of the people who have voted for the particular candidate.

Control of present system is given to the in charge officer. He only check for the eligibility of the candidates and allow for the voting. Finally we collect all the voting machine at a place and go for counting. The machine is not able to recognize the eligibility of a candidate, so the corrupted officers may misguide the people. Required fast speed internet. During transportation of the machines the in charge person can change the status of machines and even may destroy.

This project can be enhanced to work over the mobiles that is voting is made possible through the mobile through SMS.

Multiple election with voting can possible. Online voting possible with website. The machine provides high level of security, authentication, reliability, and corruption -free mechanism.

By this we can get result with in minute after a completion of voting. Minimum manpower Utilization, hence mechanism is error free. Election Night Results and Reporting Webinar 1. Application Overview Election Results Reporting provides an easy and just-in-time reporting of Statewide.

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