This is a list of well-known as as similes. There are more similes, of course, some common and others less common because anyone can make a simile at any. AS Similes ( This is a list of well-known AS AS similes. There are more similes, of course, some common and others less common because. Need a list of similes and metaphors? Read the following article for some of the best and most educating examples that similes and metaphors.

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List Of Similes Pdf

List of AS AS Similes. This is a list of well known AS AS similes. Simile. Meaning as alike as two peas in a pod identical or nearly so as big as a bus very big. Simile examples for kids is a great way to teach them about this figure of speech that compares one thing or person to another that is View & Download PDF. These examples of similes will help you see that a simile is one of the most common forms of figurative language. Similes can similes. View & Download PDF.

Contact Author Using animal similes can add great color to the English language. Speakers and writers used them to highlight details or features an idea, it is a brilliant way to add character to the description. When using animal similes, remember that some animal similes can add an insult or some can add an uplifting character. It is a very powerful descriptive tools that writers, poets, orator and even you can use in your writing. Here are some examples of animal similes. As busy as a bee Source Source As angry as a hornet As bald as a coot As blind as a bat As brave as a lion As busy as a bee As crazy as a loon As dead as the dodo As drunk as a skunk As eager as a beaver As free as a bird as fierce as a tiger As graceful as a gazelle As gentle as a lamb As happy as a lark As hairy as a gorilla As hungry as a horse As brave as a lion Source Source As gentle as a lamb As lame as a duck As meek as a lamb As meek as a dove As naked as a jaybird As mischievous as a monkey As playful as a kitten As poor as a church mouse As proud as a peacock As sly as a fox As strong as a bull As tall as a giraffe As timid as a rabbit As weak as a kitten As wise as an owl As quiet as a mouse As sick as a dog As slippery as an eel As slow as a snail As strong as an ox As stubborn as a mule As sleepy as a koala Popular.

Similes can be used by children when they are to write poems or short stories. They can also use it even in their everyday conversation with the people around them.

List of Animal Similes

Using similes can help kids in making their written compositions engaging. It will also make their conversations fun. Anna is as sly as a fox.

Her skin is as dry as a bone. Her attitude towards him is as cold as ice.

The test questions were as easy as a pie. The office is as clean as a whistle. She is as strong as an ox They were as different as salt and pepper but they are still together.

The troops sent to the war were as brave as lions. When I gave her the present, her eyes twinkled like the stars. Maria was so exhausted from work that she slept like a log. The pilot maneuvered the plane like an eagle. Simile Examples for Kids. Retrieved April 15th, , from https: By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please set a username for yourself. People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards.

Simile Examples Kids can have fun using these simile examples that begin with "as": Sing like an angel Act like an animal Eat like a bird Fight like cats and dogs Work like a dog Work like a dream Soar like an eagle Sound like fingernails on a chalkboard Swim like a fish Racing like a scared bunny Have eyes like a hawk Eat like a horse Sleep like a log Gravitate like a moth to the flame Eat like a pig Smell like a rose Sound like a screaming baby Shine like the stars Meander like a stream Exploded like a volcano.

Simile Sentence Examples Did you have any favorites from the list above? During the house fire, my Dad was as brave as a lion. Sunday is cleaning day. By the time we're done, the house is as clean as a whistle. But then he rejects this idea and says that his beloved is better than that.

List of AS...AS Similes

This is an example of an extended simile. Is there such a thing as day? Could I see it from the mountains If I were as tall as they? Has it feet like water-lilies?

(PDF) Reductive and Nonreductive Simile Theories of Metaphor | Lynne Tirrell -

Has it feathers like a bird? Is it brought from famous countries.

The poet has used trochees, giving a strong rhythm to the poem. Notice in this first stanza , the accented syllables are emphasized.

Charles Dickens, in this excerpt, uses a simile in the last line, indicated in bold. It is the cause. Emilia: Thou are rash as fire, To say that she was false: O she was heavenly true.

In both cases, these are very good similes to reflect the character of a person. Simile Meaning and Function So what is a simile and its purpose?

From the above discussion of simile examples, we can infer the function of similes, both in everyday life and in literature. Using similes attracts attention, and appeals directly to the senses of listeners or readers, encouraging their imaginations to understand what is being communicated.

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