RUBY RED REBELS “I need that bracelet,” she said. “I'm not leaving here without it.” “You goin' to tell me why?” “You Ruby Red (Girl About Time). The Ruby Red Trilogy has 6 entries in the series. Ruby Red. The Ruby Red Trilogy (Series). Book 1. Kerstin Gier Author Anthea Bell Translator (). Read Ruby Red (The Ruby Red Trilogy #1) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. Ruby Red is a Young Adult novel by Kerstin Gier.

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PDF | On Aug 21, , Leila Jahangiry and others published Red Ruby. Read Emerald Green (The Ruby Red Trilogy #3) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. Emerald Green is a Fantasy novel by Kerstin Gier. Original Story in Kannada 'Daalimbeya Ruchi' by Jayashree Deshpande. Illustrations & Design: Srikrishna Kedilaya. 'Ruby Red, Rosy Red' - English Translation.

Historical Review quote "Humorous, romantic and suspenseful, the plot is fast-paced and impossible to put down. The final romantic cliffhanger will leave you thirsty for the next book in this 'jewel' of a series. The gene was supposed to have skipped Gwen, but sneaks up on her unexpectedly in the middle of class one day and hurls her way back to the 18th century, where she meets an insufferable-turns-lovable time-traveling boy named Gideon. Both will leave readers anticipating the publication of the next installment, 'Sapphire Blue. Adventure, humor, and mystery all have satisfying roles here. There's something here for everyone. Bell's deft translation captures an engaging heroine with a cell phone and a sense of humor, an emerging romance and a complex, unresolved time-travel mystery spanning four centuries. It's a fun, engaging read that will be an easy sell for teens wanting to time travel with a delightful narrator. It will mostly appeal to teenage girls who have a preference for reading romance. Gier's characters and plotting are first-rate, creating an adventure that should leave readers eager for the rest of the trilogy. Gwen, an outsider in her own family, is the perfect spunky, skeptical heroine. Superbly romantic, witty and--thank God--only the first part of this emotional time travel trilogy.

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Kerstin Gier ,Anthea Bell Publisher: Square Fish Pages: Paperback Brand: Publication Date: Book Details Author: A surprising number of successful authors already use Ruby to drive their e-publishing toolchains.

This post looks at a two of these systems: Kitabu and Bookshop. He gives a more detailed explanation of how he uses Kitabu on his blog than I will go into here.

Training Ruby

Installing Kitabu Installing Kitabu is slightly complicated, due to its dependency via the eeepub gem on RubyZip. RubyZip's interface changed in version 1. To install Kitabu: gem install rubyzip -v 0. Once installed Kitabu has some nice features. Not installed.

Ruby Red (Ruby Red - Trilogy)

KindleGen: Converts ePub e-books into. If installed, replaces CodeRay. If your goal is to produce print-ready PDFs then investing in Prince shouldn't be too onerous. It would be nice if Kitabu could default to an open-source PDF generator e. Prawn in the absence of Prince, but pretty much all PDF generating gems have their own interfaces and it'd be a lot of work to maintain support for both. It's also possible to nest sections within chapters.

There are various config files available to tweak, but that's beyond the scope of this post. Kitabu's implementation of syntax highlighting is quite novel. If you are working on a technical book this would probably prove handy, in that you can keep all your source code examples separate from the main text.

Another nice feature is kitabu stats. Running this command against the Tachypomp contents ported to Kitabu produced the following report: Chapters: 8 Words: Images: 0 Links: 2 Footnotes: 0 Code blocks: 0 If you're wanting to keep tabs on your progress, I can see this being a handy feature. Kitabu uses Sass under the hood to manage CSS. This is a must, given ePub 2's limited support for CSS.

Stimulated Optical Radiation in Ruby | Nature

Kitabu has some built-in commands for generating content. It may very well be possible to generate other common content using erb. I'm not sure if I did something wrong, but running Tachypomp through Kitabu generated an ePub document with a garbled front page.

Looking through the unzipped ePub file doesn't reveal anything, so I suspect this is an issue with Calibre not rendering. The generated HTML ends up being in a single page. While useful for debugging, I wouldn't want people to have to download an entire novel in one hit.

Not sure if there's any way to change Kitabu's behaviour, but it doesn't seem likely. There's also no built-in mechanism for deploy HTML to a server, though writing a simple rake task wouldn't be too difficult. Though I didn't install Prince or.

Summary The framework isn't as extensible as either nanoc or Jekyll, but it's a purpose-built tool that does one thing well. Kitabu would be ideal as the main components of a publishing pipeline targeting off-line reading system like the Kindle or PDFs. The inflexibility in managing HTML content, and the lack of nanoc-style filters to refine the generation of content, would drive me away from adopting Kitabu, but it's a nice and simple pipeline for producing e-books out of the box without having to write any custom code.

Compared to nanoc, which requires a reasonable amount of configuration e.

In particular I like the kitabu stats command and would probably consider writing something similar as an extension to nanoc. As for Jesse Storimer, Pat does a much better job than I going through the ins and outs of using Bookshop.

I will, however, endeavour to give it my best shot.

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