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34 Books By Indian Authors That Everyone Should Read Why you should read it: Cuckold is a novel based in 16th century India, dealing with the lives of a very powerful ruling family. .. The 24 Best Fiction Books Of The Guide is a novel written in English by the Indian author R. K. Narayan. Like most of his works, the novel is based on Malgudi, the. Books shelved as indian-authors: 2 States: The Story of My Marriage by Chetan Bhagat, The Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi, Five Point Someone by Ch.

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Famous English Novels By Indian Authors Pdf

What is the best site to download free PDF of novels by Indian Writers? Views Where can we get the latest novels (PDF) of Indian authors? Views. Here's a list of 20 Gems of Indian English Literature You Must Read. The book was also included in the List of Best Novels of all time. The book was published in and won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the. But when it comes to this, I've noticed that the Indian authors are mentioned less as compared to the 2. English, August: An Indian Story by Upamanyu Chatterjee The novel examines issues of religion, caste, loyalty, corruption and poverty in India. These are the books that are best, according to me.

Why you should read it: Not Only The Things That Have Happened tells the story of a mother who loses her son, and of how the boy becomes a man. The most engaging part of the novel is that it's told over a 36 hour period, in which time acts as a sort of narrator, taking us through decades and back. Cuckold is a novel based in 16th century India, dealing with the lives of a very powerful ruling family. The novel stands out among others like it because of its raw representations of sex and scandal. Nagarkar constructs a story that is ostensibly about love, but allows the reader to explore the internal struggle of a man when faced with betrayal, loss, and war. Its protagonist, Mohan Biswas, is a classic anti-hero, simultaneously despicable and compelling. Ghosh brilliantly intertwines the traditions, cultures and histories of people from across the world, and paints a picture of a combined consciousness. Chronicles Of A Corpse Bearer opens its readers' eyes to the lives of a near invisible section of Mumbai's Parsi community. Mistry gives us a glimpse into their often alienated and poverty stricken lives through a story about forbidden love. The novel shocks the reader into realising that there are highly complex questions one must think about when it comes to religion and politics. Serious Men is a unique blend of witty and observant sarcasm, along with a retrospective like no other. The novel manages to capture the essence of Bombay, full of people with lonely hearts and burning ambition. The God Of Small Things is a cleverly written book which explores the full range of human emotion, pivoting around tragedy and hope.

He is the author left office following his party's defeat in the of three bestselling novels, The Rozabal general election. All these three books are based on India.

It was originally modeled on Adiga's historical, theological and mythological hometown of Mangalore, but was themes. He is the author of the new era of substantially changed to make room for more retelling Indian history or mythology in a diverse plots and characters.

The stories contemporary context. Chanakya's revolve around different classes, castes and Chant won the Vodafone-Crossword Popular religions in India.

In each story, a new set of Choice Award for His Last two novels. Amish interlinked short stories. It tells the story of a Tripathi - , is a novelist and his first struggle for a slice of shining Mumbai real novel is The Immortals of Meluha The protagonist of the novel is a His second book is The Secret of the Nagas retired school teacher named Yogesh.

And the third is The Oath of the Murthy is affectionately known as Masterji. Vayuputras The trilogy is a re- A prominent builder offers to download out the imagination of the Hindu deity Shiva's life entire apartment block.

All of the occupants and adventures. This creates Sarnath Banerjee - is problem for the builder and the other an Indian graphic novelist, artist, and film residents. His novels speaker, and a novelist. He has five novels to are Corridor , The Barn Owl's his credit. Graphic novels are another Center , The 3 Mistakes of My version of postmodern narration.

Life , 2 States , Revolution Aravind Adiga - is a journalist , He is a commercially cum writer. He currently lives in Mumbai, successful novelist rather than a literary one. He carries dual citizenship of India and The film adaptations of his novels are Hello Australia.

Naipaul, another Marriage. His second novel is Manu Joseph - is a journalist and Between the Assassinations The title writer. His debut Cite this article as: Subha, M. He Holmes published in the U. Sherlock Holmes: The Missing Years. The Anurag Anand - is a Banker, novel is an account of Holmes' adventures in Marketing Professional, and novelist of India and Tibet where, posing as Norwegian general and historical fiction.

Second novel The Quest Anil Menon is another leading writer for Nothing is a contemporary story of speculative fiction of s, as well as an of a young and ambitious couple and their eminent computer scientist. After working conflict between their personal and career for several years as a computer scientist, he accomplishments.

The third novel Reality started writing fiction. In , Zubaan Bites is a youthful love story set in a Books, India's leading feminist press, high school hostel. It was fiction on the courtesan Amrapali who lived shortlisted for the Vodafone Crossword in the kingdom of Vaishali around BC.

Book Award. Her first novel, Difficult Daughters, traces the transition of an innocent, small- won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize. Her novels are Difficult Daughters cricket journalist and novelist. He currently who has served in Turkey, the United resides in New Delhi. The Africa and Japan and now in Delhi.

He currently lives and works international bestseller has been translated in Delhi, India. It was voted winner of the Cite this article as: Subha, M. Film4 of the Thousand Chances. Kavery Nambisan is a UK had optioned the movie rights and the novelist and surgeon.

20 Must Read Gems of Indian English Literature

Her career in medicine movie titled Slum dog Millionaire, directed has been a strong influence on her fiction. The the US to great critical acclaim. Vikas Swarup's most recent emerging postmodern women novelists. Her novels are The Better Man R. Tulsi Badrinath is Remembers another contemporary novelist and classical Cite this article as: Subha, M. In , Ambai by C. He is a Shiv K. Mayyazhi is a Malayalam novel by M. Contemporary Indian Language Fiction Mukundan.

Widely regarded as the author's Translation into English masterpiece, the novel vividly describes the Translation is a very vital secondary political and social background of Mahe creative activity as far as any language is Mayyazhi , the former French colony, in the concerned.

Iliad and Odyssey were translated past. The novel was translated into English into English. As the order of the day is and French, both the versions have been reversed that the English Language is winning accolades. The translator of Tamil fiction into English. Her following novels won Vodafone Crossword most prominent works have been her Book Award for best translations. It is Sundara Ramasami, C.

Lakshmi, Baama translated into French too. In , Karukku, and Imayam.

Bama's Sangati , Madhavayya's 7. She has bagged the art of fiction writing.

121 Best English Books by Indian Authors: The Must-Read List (2018)

Those who have the following laurels 1 Vodafone - migrated abroad have also studied the Crossword prize in the Indian language Creative Writing Courses offered in the fiction translation category for Karukku — foreign universities and have cultivated their , and for In a Forest, A Deer — , 2 passion for authentic story-telling in the Iyal Virudhu Lifetime Achievement Award Universal Language. The other contemporary awarded by the Canada based Tamil Literary writers are predominantly from the academic Garden — , 3 Fellow, The Royal and journalistic fields.

On the whole, writing Literary Fund at University of East Anglia, novels is one of the most profitable fields of — Jatindra Kumar Nayak is a translator, Postmodern Indian novels in English explore literary critic, columnist, editor and Indian life in India and abroad, handle magic educationalist from Orissa. He has translated realism and historical romance very well and several works of Oriya literature into the most successful themes turn out to be English, including Yantrarudha, an Oriya social reality and Indian Mythology.

Best Love Story Novels By Indian Authors: 25 Books You Must Read

Nayak is a co- reader, who is perplexed with new issues translator of Fakir Mohan Senapati's Oriya every day. These novels are readable, novel Chha Mana Atha Guntha. The English enjoyable, and appreciable. Her life is in danger. Someones been following her around, watching her every move, trying to get control over her life.

As one corpse after another turns up in the unlikeliest of places, maverick investigator Chandrakant Rathod has to pit his sharp instincts against the machinations of the sadistic, ruthless killer.

34 Books By Indian Authors That Everyone Should Read

The suspects — her house guests, and Kimaaya herself! As bodies begin to pile up one after the other, and it becomes clear that a serial killer is on the prowl, Inspector Borei Gowda recognizes a pattern in the killings which no one else does. His full name is Trilokeshwar Shonku, and by occupation, he is an inventor. Professor Shonku was translated into English by Sukanya Jhaveri in The trilogy narrates the reawakening of the terrible rakshas, Danh-Gem, and the arrival of a hero to face him.

The story revolves around Sivagami, a character of Baahubali. It also tells the readers more about Kattappa, another important character of the story. It features Shape-shifters, more specifically werewolves, and explores the concepts of love, cannibalism, and what it means to be human. It is told in a multi-layered manner, alternating between different time periods and perspectives.

They have their own council, police and justice systems. It narrates the story of Anantya Tantrik who struggles to stop the madness of White and Red Tantriks who are facing off, and of a Black tantric who is brewing some dangerous shakti. Now twenty years later, Akila has mysteriously reappeared, grown-up and gorgeous.

She tells him of surreal worlds, her travels between them and her encounters with strange creatures. But a vengeful ancient spirit has returned to shatter the peace. With the help of magical powers, he has possessed a young man and mobilised black yogis to destroy the NINE. At the same time, children are vanishing from the slums of the capital and nobody seems to care. Share On facebook Share On facebook Share. Share On vk Share On vk Share.

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