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LASER B1 plus- TB page -original LASER B 1 plus-TBpage Sb tapescripts-original LASER B1 plus- TBpage Tests. Laser B1+ Student's MB. Laser B1+ Teacher's MB. Laser B1+ Workbook MB. Laser B1+ MB. Laser B1 - Teacher's Book - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Laser B1+ Teachers Book Pdf

Laser B1 Teacher's book - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. English book. Download Laser B1 - Teacher's Book KPG B1/B2 Students Book English LASER B1 Plus-TB Page Sb Tapescripts-Original. Taylore-Knowles Steve. Laser B1 is designed to bridge the gap between B1 intermediate and B2 FCE level English. It provides comprehensive coverage of the.

Family Ties Target Language Grammar: Begin by asking if they can tell you what the title of the magazine article means and if it tells them anything about the types of families that they are going to read about. Ask students to read the article. This can be done individually or as a class activity with different students being asked to read different sections aloud to the rest of the class. Remind students that at this stage they do not need to understand all of the vocabulary as items will be covered in the Word Box section. Elicit answers from a few students as to which family sounds most like theirs and why. Write the phrase family ties on the board. Ask students what they think the title refers to. Explain the meaning of the phrase family ties. Write the example sentence given above on the board. Elicit suggestions as to what the unit might be about. Look ahead Aim: The key words have been underlined in each sentence. Scott White 2 Who has a step-mother called Tina?

He caught me and went mad. The speaker mentions speaking to his father and the fact that his uncle helped Josh the brother move into his new flat. Its not expensive make-up, but thats not the point. Its really annoying when Im going out and I cant find it Mum says, We dont need to take presents, so it cant be her party.

It cant be the speakers brothers party because he has already had a party. Ask students to look at the first two options and tell you which they would say in an interview. Ask: Why is My family consists of three members. Although the sentence is grammatically correct, it is too formal to sound natural. Divide the class into pairs and ask students to work together to choose the correct answer for the remaining two options.

Laser B1+ Student's Book

Elicit answers, asking for justification. Explain that they will hear someone say ten words and that they should write down the number next to the word that they hear to reveal a ten-digit number.

Elicit the answer, checking pronunciation. Students now get the chance to play the game. Each student should write down a ten-digit number and, using the words from the Students Book, say the corresponding words to their partner or to the whole class. Remind students to use the phrases to help them and to expand on the phrases to add some details of their own. Is it a habit or a temporary situation?

Is it a regular habit or an annoying habit? What tense do we use for annoying habits? Unit 1 Aim: All the verbs here use up and they all have something to do with things appearing or being made to appear. Which phrasal verb might mean to have a sudden idea? Students should find the following adjectives: Encourage individual students to come up and write their ideas on the board.

Remind students, however, that in exam-type word formation exercises, they will need to work out whether the word required should be positive or negative. Get students to compare the lists they have come up with. If I get angry easily, I might be described as what? Track 2 Aim: Divide the class into pairs and ask students to work together to choose the correct answer for the remaining two options.

If you do this exercise as a whole-class activity. Play the listening text. Ask students to read what Julie says about her family and tell you if there is anything wrong with what Julie says. For students at this level of English it is most likely that they will be in the second or third year at secondary school.

Remind them that they need to learn the English words for the schools they attend see page What might the teenager say to his friend if B was the correct answer?

My dad came home and I was watching TV instead of doing my homework. He caught me and went mad. Track 3 Aim: These include prepositions. The first is incorrect because taste here should be used statively. This cake is tasting really delicious! Here it means meeting. The second is correct. Grandad danced! It was so much fun. You may wish to set a time limit of seven or eight minutes for this. Do you remember Fluffy. Encourage students to make a paragraph plan before they start writing.

Have you started your exams yet? Good luck! Ask students to look at the letter again and to work in pairs to replace the pieces of family news that they underlined with family news of their own. The big news is that Uncle Tom got married! Can you believe it?

Dear Tina. All my love.

Ask students to exchange letters and invite one or two students to read them out to the rest of the class. He starts next week. We all miss her. Do you know the old shopping centre in town? We all went to the wedding and had a wonderful time. We all miss you. One last thing. Ever ybody sends their love. It was great to hear from you! They should start and end the letter correctly and include at least three pieces of family news where they think appropriate.

Brown and Green. Will you be writing to your pen-friend or your brother? Which country are you staying in? Students are writing to their brother. Cambridge and Manchester. Lots of love. Common English surnames include Jones. Write to me soon. See you soon. Ask students to read the passage. Then ask them to tick those means of transport which are public and those which are private.

Listening Part 2. Two American brothers. Elicit answers from a few students to the questions in the Start thinking!

Reading skills: Listening skills: Speaking skills: Writing skills: FCE skills: Man first landed on the Moon in Elicit from the students which means of transport they would put into each category. Background information A space shuttle is a vehicle which travels into space regularly and.

Germany 4 When was the wheel invented? Wilbur and Orville Wright. Use of English Part 2.

Laser B1+ Teacher's Book with Tests CD

You might need to offer a few suggestions. Several high-profile multi-millionaires. Begin by asking them to predict which means of transport they might read about.

Public transport refers to means of transport that are used by the public and are often paid for by the government in some way. A space tourist is a person who pays to go into space in order to enjoy the experience. Write the phrase the open road on the board. Speaking Part 2.

Explain the meaning of the phrase the open road. Reading 3 Exercise 1 Aim: Private transport refers to means of transport that are owned by individuals and includes cars. You may wish to set a time limit of one or two minutes for this.

Could people travel fast before the wheel was invented? Did they invent the wheel or skis first? They might also be able to work out from the passage which three options could not be the answer.

Kirkpatrick McMillan.

Students then swap their definitions with a partner and try to guess the means of transport that is being described. Were the roads good when the wheel was invented?

No — this means that option C must be the correct answer. We drove along the road when one of the tyres burst.. How many things are happening in the sentence? What tense do we use for an action in progress when another action happened? If not.. Is it a single completed action or a repeated action in the past? The story could then be rewritten correctly in their notebooks.

What tense do we use for single..

I was watching.. Sentence 4 is correct. I noticed.. One action is in progress when another action happened. Meeting Grandma. A journey may be longer. The word taxis suggests that the answer may be taxi rank. A trip may be shorter and usually refers to the period of travel. If time allows. I believe you want to be a train driver. Probably formal because this is a job interview. Elicit the answers. You might like to set a time limit of three or four minutes for this.

Track 6 Aim: Kathy Walker: Track 5 Possible answers: They both carr y passengers. Go round the class monitoring and helping where necessary. Elicit ideas. Divide the class into pairs and ask them to make notes about the things that trains and buses have in common.

If they are not certain of an answer. Explain that they will hear four words and should circle the two words which have the same vowel sound. The first time they listen they should take notes and the second time they listen they should check their answers. Possible answers: Trains are faster than buses. What kind of information should you be listening for to complete number 1?

Students may work individually or with a partner. The first is incorrect because be used to means to be familiar with something. My grandfather used to take me for rides in his old car when I was small. Flying a helicopter is difficult at first. My grandmother was used to read me bedtime stories when I was younger. Do the first one together. My grandmother would read me bedtime stories when I was younger.

When she was four. Because it is an essay which is meant to be read by a teacher. The government should raise taxes to pay for the service. The government has a responsibility to encourage the public to use buses and the underground more. In conclusion I would argue that a clean. To sum up. People need to know that they can get to work on time. If it was free. These might be connected to traffic problems in cities.

Encourage them to visualise where the words and phrases should go. Brainstorm ideas. In the first place. But there are a number of changes which need to be considered. Ask students to read the model answer in exercise 4 again and replace some of the phrases that they underlined in exercise 4 with the phrases given here. There is no doubt that traffic adds to pollution.

Firstly public transport should be made free. In addition the ser vice must be clean and reliable. Remind them that these are words and phrases that they can learn and use in appropriate essays. The government should take action on this to prevent environmental damage. What is more. Public transport offers a possible solution to the problem. They also need to know that their journey will be comfortable.

To conclude. I believe. Look back Aim: Set a time limit of ten seconds for this. I am convinced that. In conclusion I would argue that. Will you be writing about the history of transport or about whether you think the invention of the car changed the world? Will you be writing an essay or a formal letter? Should you express your personal opinion? There are websites on every hobby.

Use of English Part 4. Write the phrase killing time on the board. Begin by asking students to guess what hobbies they might read about. Listening Part 3. Speaking Part 3. Elicit answers from a few students. Explain the meaning of the phrase killing time.

I had two hours to kill before my train left so I went shopping. Explain that it is also very common to use the phrase to have time to kill. Elicit which word or phrase might act as a clue to which gap the sentence fits. Word Box Aim: This is the first time.

Is this a feeling or a situation? Has the situation finished or is it continuing? What tense do we use for a situation that continues up to now? Is this a situation or an action? Is the time when the action took place mentioned?

What tense do we use for a single. Is this a situation or a series of actions? Did the series of actions finish a long time ago or recently? What tense do we use for an action over a period of time that has recently ended?

Sentence 3 is correct. The verb live should be in the present perfect continuous because it refers to a situation which has continued up to now. Present perfect continuous for actions continuing up to now 4 T: A completed action when the time it occurred is not important.

Present perfect continuous for actions continuing up to now 2 T: Present perfect rather than simple past. I am living in Athens for two years. All the verbs here use down and they all have negative meanings. Remind students that they can say either. The verb go is used with horse-riding rather than the verb do.

Emily has been doing horse-riding for three years. If my time is valuable. Which phrasal verb might mean to think you are better than someone? B basketball: You might want to set a time limit of three or four minutes for this.

[PDF] Laser B1 . Teacher's Book and Tests Audio-CD | Free eBooks Download - EBOOKEE!

Mum suggested going to visit Grandma at Christmas. Mum suggested a visit to Grandma at Christmas. Track 9 Aim: D karate: What words might someone use if they were talking about learning about other cultures? Words might include: Mum suggested that we should visit Grandma at Christmas. A watching TV: E drawing: Do we need to put an article before: Which phrase from exercise 3 means.

Ask individual students to read their sentences out to the rest of the class. I used to play the guitar. Student B writes five sentences using the phrases a-d. Student A writes five short sentences using the verbs Suggested Homework 4 Hang-gliding is great fun. They will need to use between two and five words. I listen to the music. Students can expand on the information. Yes — this email would get a good mark in the exam.

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