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Published under Pop Fiction/Summit Media Publishing Company. "I know I'm not the type of girl that you usually go out with. I'm not sexy, I'm not attractive and. MUST DATE THE PLAYBOY instructions guide, service manual guide and maintenance manual guide on your products. Before by using this manual, service or. Fill Must Date The Playboy Pdf, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software.

She's nothing close to my type. She's dull and boring, not to mention, a bookworm geek. But looks-wise, she's not that bad, she's somewhat I lay down on the bed and stared at the ceiling of the infirmary. It's been a re ally long day. I don't understand what that girl's up to. She really hated me ye sterday, and now she's claiming that she likes me? That girl has some serious is sues. I'll treat this as our little game Victoria Peige. It's been boring lately and I wanna do something fun. She's right though. I've never dated quiet girls before, not even a bookworm and a geek, they're just boring the hell out of me. How long will these acts going?

Of course there wil l be conditions in return. I'll do everything to get Chloe. And I'll use you, Vi ctoria Peige, to win my girl back. First I have to rest for a while. That Nathan's a wimp! He hits like a girl. Tha t's what you get when you hang around too much with a geek.

Why is he worried ab out that girl anyway? Perhaps he likes her?


I thought he likes Chloe? Oh this is gonna be fun. I'll have Chloe and revenge on Nathan by having his girl. By then, I started to feel the heaviness in my eyes. I closed it and slept. Half hour past six already? Why didn't the nurse woke me up? Oh Crap! I sat up and noticed a piece of paper on the desk beside me.

I opened it and rea d the message. You look like you were having a good sleep and I didn't want to disturb you so I went home on my own. Take care. Didn't I tell her to wait for me? How impat ient. I'm disappointed in you, Tori. I grabbed my phone and scrolled the contacts.

Oh yeah great, I didn't get her nu mber. She left me alone and then she didn't even bother to leave me her number? What the heck! By that, I decided to call up someone I know who will help me. The re's someone I want you to find. It's Victoria Peige. You heard me, right? Find out where she lives. Tell me as soon as possible!

Get ready, Peige. I'll give you your first heartbreak tomorrow. It's time for a little experimentation. I thought that she's living at their hotel but my guess was wrong.

I can say that it's not quite bad , for an heiress, she sure knows how to pick the right building. Boris did a goo d job finding her address.

I walked out of my Sedan and headed my way in. The bellman greeted me and I nod in return. I made my way to the elevator and pushed the button where Tori's apar tment dwells. After a few seconds, the elevator opened and I moved towards the d oor.

I knocked and a maid greeted me. I smirked at her and answered. I'm here to pick up Tori. I knew the maid might be suspicious of me so I'll try charming my way in.

She's expecting me. Besides, I wouldn't want her to get mad at you for makin g me wait here. And then it c licked. I'll just call her okay? What an easy girl. I stepped inside and scanned the area. Modern contemporary, so that's her style. Her designer sure gave a nice touch to this apartment and the furniture, well n ot bad. There, I saw a woman in a maid uniform staring at me. I thinks s he's in her late thirties or early fourties.

She's kinda old to be a maid I gues s. Where is she? Call her now or we'll be late. That's not the proper way to talk to a woman. And by that answer, I didn't control the upcoming burst of laughter. A nanny? Tori's freakin' old to have a nanny! Who a re you anyway? I saw a woman in a maid uniform staring at me.

Modern contemporary. Aren't you proud that you're dating Zachary Anderson? It's a once in a lif etime opportunity. What are you doing here? And then it c licked. I'm your boyfriend remember? I thinks s he's in her late thirties or early fourties.. I gazed at her and she didn't answer. I made sure that I to ok emphasis in the word boyfriend in case she had forgotten.

I stepped inside and scanned the area. She's kinda old to be a maid I gues s. And by that answer. I wouldn't want her to get mad at you for makin g me wait here. Her designer sure gave a nice touch to this apartment and the furniture.

Who a re you anyway? We're late. There was a pause first and then she started to speak. I haven't told everyone about us.. I give her that. I've invited a friend of mine and she's riding with us.

Then I handed her my phone.. Now stop asking non-sense questions and enter your number. I didn't think you'd do that for me. Hope you don't mind. I smirked inwardly at this. Ever heard of it? Her eyes are making my conscience scream!

The elevator opened and we both stepped in. I told you I didn't want to wake you up and" "Well. She sure knows how to flirt. You game? She was busy scrolling her IPad reading something. This is really fun. And I'm eighteen thank you for asking.. I was at school the whole night searching for you!

I was worried sick! She tried to open the front seat but I stopped her. It's time for your first heartbreak. She seriously doesn't care what' s happening? Good girl. She pressed the ground button. I immediately looked away. I don't want you hanging up on me. She immediately took out her phone from her purse and handed it to me.. She opened the door at the back and I sat at the driver's seat starting to drive. Are you coming with us later? Lizzy's having a pool party. How old are you again?

I saw a tinged of pink forming in her cheeks then she looked at me. Nice to meet you. That made me stop. But why are you handling it to me? Usually girls start asking questions and freak out b ut she gave her a handshake and a smile? Does she have any idea what I am planni ng or is she really being true to her words that she's being understanding? I started to drive and I examined Tori with the help of my rear-view mirror.

I looked at the rear-view. Give me your phone. I never got it. We stepped out and started to walk out the building. I felt guilty lying to her. Let's just do it okay? Share your thoughts: Thanks a lot. Her smile's kinda different compared to my other exes. Don't worry. Girls like her are disgusting! At least know some boundaries. What was that? I was annoyed. Fine I'll go. So she's not listening? Or she's pre tending not to listen!

What was that smile all about? Was it r eal or fake? Was she hiding the fact that she was hurt? What kind of girl are you Victoria Peige? Samantha's right. She won't know. I'm not in the mood right now for this stuff. How annoying. No need to shout! You heard what Samantha said? Does she even know what this is about? Smiling is n ot the expression I was looking for!

Is she really in love with me? She didn't c are that a girl just kissed me! This is no fun at all! It's me who's getting fru strated. I said leave okay!

I have a girlfriend now. Thanks for the ride and nice to meet you Samantha. Just leave Samantha. She's odd.. We finally arrived at the school's parking space and Samantha's still clinging t o my arms. I'll go on ahead. Nice catch there. Usually when I pull stunts like this. It's not fake or slutty or sarcastic. I'm pretty sure Tori saw that one. She's not even looking at us. What a bitch! I was still bothered at Tori's reaction. I can't read her!

Is she deaf or something? I might be late for class.. Then Samantha shrieked and kissed me on the cheek.

Must Date the Playboy

I looked at the mirror again and saw that she 's looking at me. I'll ask her. And why'd she just smiled earlier? Is she messing with me now? I think I'm not yet ready. I always dreamt that one day I'd find the courage to c onfess my feelings to him. I know that day won't come since I'm doing all this f.

True to what Zach's had been predicted. I've been ignoring Nathan and Chloe's phone calls all night. Lunch time. At least they' re not doing something stupid. I might be late for class. I still have no idea what to say to them.

What should I do? What should I tell him? How do I convince him that I love Zach? There's just nothing to love in that s elf-centered jerk! I don't know him at all! This is going to be hard. It really pains me to tell Nathan that I'm in love with Zach even if deep inside.

I'll wait for you till you come. Third period is almost over which means it's lunchtime. She knows me too well to see if I'm lying or not. I guess I have a few more hours to think of something.

Don't think of not showing up. The glares and whispers were. Was he trying to make me jealous? After that I walked dow n the hallway and I heard my phone beeped. I'm still thinking of what t o say to Nathan later. Yesterday was a hell of a day. I headed towards my locker to collect some of my things. And I'm not really so surprised by that.

Must Date the Playboy

It was a message from Nathan.. I grinned to myself. I'm really receiving a lot of odd looks today. Chloe's happine ss. He'll just hurt your feelings! And before that I think there's something you should know Tori. He's sitting at one of the stone benches reading something.

But I'm already hurt. The school bell rang signaling the end of third period. But I won't let that happen. In fact he went to the apartment to give me a ride. I was lost. Nathan is already there when I arrived. And I saw his face softened a bit. I don't know how to put it.

It's part of life right? When that day comes. For a second there. I know it's sudden b. All I can do now is lie. I'm gonna miss hanging out with him. Of course he's not nice! I can't th ink of any good qualities about that creep. I tried to tell him before but decided to let it slide since Nathan won't recipr ocate the feelings I have for him. How am I going to lie in front of a guy I like for years and professing m y likeness to other guy?

This is insane! But I have to shake that thought away. You expect me to really believe yo u like him? You said you were serious.

Nice guy? He's toying with you Tori! Everyone knows that Z ach's a player. He' s really nice. He's just trying to get you into" I cut him off before he could finish his sentence. I have to think of Chloe.. I know it was sudden but I've liked Zach as long as I remember. He's really a nice guy once you get to know him. He's just. I've made up my mind. I thought you wouldn't c ome. No need to worry. I just hope I can convince him th at I really like Zach. I have to hurry to the c ourtyard.

I h ave to set aside my own emotions so that Chloe will have the love story she dese rves. He closed his book and beamed. Now care to explain everything? And I mean everything. What you hear d are just rumors from his ex-girlfriends. I took a deep breath and walked towards his direction. He looked at me and held my hands.

I don't want to sacrifice our friendship with some false hope that someday he'll see me as more than a friend.. I don't know how to start. I guess my world should rev olve around Zach starting today.

If I get hurt then so be it. I just continued to chuckle. He appears angry. It's really rude to interrupt two people having a conversation. This is bad. Zach dashed towards ou r direction. I scanned the area and there I s aw Zach standing ten feet away from us. What an impatient guy! Are you kidding me? How selfish! No wonde r he doesn't have a decent girlfriend. Natha n looked at me.

It's like you have an affair. He's like a little boy asking for his mommy. I nodded and smiled at him. He's demanding too much. They might continue the fight they started yes terday and Chloe's not here to stop them. Are you trying to ma ke me jealous? I fou nd it really funny. He's just my friend. I don't object when you're with another girl. He looked away. I don't like this. This guy is getting on my nerves. I'm not jealous okay!

Who do you think you are? You're the one w ho asked me to be my girlfriend! Nathan's been my friend for years. I gave Nathan a reassuring smile an d by that he finally lets go of my hand.

That made me chuckled. He's still avoiding eye contact. Did the angry devil a while ago smiled back? Why were you with him anyway? And of all the places.

Then I saw him smile. Zach and I continued to walk away from him. His face looked like they lost something. Let her go! It's like our small meeting pl ace. I wanted to take this opportunity to kno w you better. You think I'm that thick? I already covered everything. I don't know if I should be angry or happy. I'll stop laughing. You're really funny. I halted and made him look at me.

But I'm a fraid I'm feeling the latter. What's with this guy? I gue ss he's not bad after all? He wants to know me more? I've always wondered what it felt like ditching class with my future boyfriend m uch like what Chloe's been doing. I could hear my heart beating fast.

Do you expect me to skip the rest of my class? We still have classes. Loosen up! We're having lunch somewhere. He's really embarrassed. Thanks a lo t. He smirk ed. Your life is too boring. This is a first. This guy is really easy to read. I asked for any special assignments that you might need to a ccomplish but they told me it was okay. Is the adrenaline really exciting me or the fa ct that I'll be having a date with Zach? What am I thinking!

Zach's nothing seri ous. Let's go. I looked for your schedule and told all your teachers that you're sick and you'r e going home early. Zach on the other hand is busy ordering. I give him that. He really knows the dishes here. How desperate.

The Kiss? I've never been her e before considering my long residence in the Big Apple. Whe n she's completely gone. I wond er if he had any idea that the waitress in flirting at him.

Is he really that desperate trying to make me j. She even winked at you. I bet he's regular here and he's always here with h is ex-girlfriends. Most of my girlfriends f reak out every time Natalie does that. What a creep. We headed inside and a waitress approached us. Now it's his turn to laugh.

I started to chortle. She gree ted us and gave us menus and that's where I noticed something. After he completed t he orders. It's very entertaining. I just found it very funny. She's talking sof tly to Zach. Zach really knows to im press a girl. Pray tell. She kept on doing this mannerism of tucking her hair back to her ear and batting her lashes. For me. I looked up and saw a very pretty girl standing beside Zach.

Is that you? Yes it's you! You're still handsome as always. Maybe I'm just not used to that type of reaction. Who am I to call that waitress desperate? He might realize that I'm just faking it. Why do I always have this feeling every time he says nice words to me? I don't even like him. I can't look at him. She looked away and turned her attent ion back to Zach.. I'm really starving. I was shocked. Pretty girl like that.

Then our food was finally served. I'm not usually wrong. By the way this is my girlfriend. There was a pause but then he softened. Introducing me as your girlfriend is enough for me to calm down. I wonder if she's one of Zach's ex-girlf riends..

My heart is beating fast. She stared at me while her left brow rais ed. Guess I have to eat here alone by myself. She's tall. I'm here with my girl. Why should I? I'm all alone. Did you see the way she l ooked when you said I'm your girlfriend? I thought you didn't want a nagging girlfriend. Victoria Peige. She immediately looked at my direction with a serio us face but I just replied with a smile and then she retreated.

We have a lot o f catching up to do. I turned away and continued to be silent so they won't notice I'm here. And boy if it is. I'm starting to think you really do n't like me at all. You're still smiling? After all.

Playing and breaking this girl' s heart? What was he thinking? I'm curious what the others look like as well. Maybe I went a bit overboard. When the waiter rev. I guess this is one of th ose decisions I won't regret. I looked away and felt my cheeks getting warm. Why do you have to be so cocky all the time!

Th e person I'm having lunch with right now is totally different from the guy I usu ally see at the cafeteria surrounded by girls. I hate those pretentious girls. He can be a totally different person. I didn't want to be late for my next class.

I've never been late nor absent in my whole life. Even if I'm sick, I still insist on going to school because for me, education is very important. After grabbing my things, I was about to run as fast as I could to class when so meone grabbed my waist and lifted me. Wait a minute? Is someone trying to abduct me? Are you kidding? This is a private school and this is supposed to be a secu red place. Totally shocked and speechless, the next thing I know is I'm in an empty classro om with a tall man with blond messy hot-looking hair and perfectly curved lips s miling at me.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing must date the playboy pdf He's standing right in front of me, so close that I can smell his captivating scent.

I've never been this close to a guy before, not even once. I looked closely at the tall guy and when I finally realized who this is, my eye s widened, I stepped back away from him and pointed my fingers at his face.

How dare you touch me! Because the way you looked at me at the c afeteria earlier I wasn't checking you out! I was cursing you, Zachary Anders on! I tried to make my way out of the empty room but Zach grabbed. I flinched at his stupid q uestion. I'm going to class you jerk! And thanks to yo u I'm already late. I missed English literature!

I rolled my eyes at the most stupid retort that I've ever heard in my entire lif e. I have to go. Not until I said so. I was really annoyed. My first absent and of all the people to be stuck with, him! Unless that's what you really wanted. No way. He wouldn't dare! Not my first kiss. I will never give it to a guy like him. I pushed him hard and distanced myself from him. I hate you! He sat on one of the desk and looked at me from head to toe. And then he laughed out loud.

Look who just said the A word? It's Miss Prim and Proper Victor ia Peige, the daughter of the rich and famous owner of Prestige Hotels, one of t he prominent hotels in the world.

But not impressive enough to top ours. According to the latest world's most famous and pre stigious hotels, ours definitely topped the chart! Ten of our hotels defeated yo urs!

Get your facts straight! But he just laughed at t his. We'r e not competing. We both know that if we wanted to be on top, our company would definitely have it.

Guys like you make me sick! He stood up and walked towards my direction. I don't recall doing anything to you. Or is that the reason why you des pise me so much? You want me, do you? As he gets c loser and closer, I continued to step back away from him. His eyes never leaving mine and it's full of nuisance.

Where's your brain, Zach? Hiding inside that bushy bl ond hair of yours? Please, you're doing me a favor. Don't hit on me, nothing wou ld make me happier. Besides you're not my type. That chick-flick Nathan? Oh my! He knows I have fe elings for Nathan? But how? Am I that obvious? Tough love. That m tone. I couldn't stand lying to her.

I totally forgot about Nathan because of that stupid Zachary Anderson! I should text Nathan right away that I'm already home. Could you bake some chocolate chip cookies. Take care: I shouldn't have said that. I pity you. I went to my room and texted Natha n. I'm so into him right now. You'll hav e all the stuff you want but you can't be with your parents all the time. I've got to get out of here. I'm so dead. There's no n eed for me to stay here. If only she knew about Zach's schemes.

That s ucks. What am I going to do. But I shouldn't say that to her. I promis ed Nathan. I immediately went outside and hailed a cab. I've gotten used to this situation. And where is Nathan? He's always dropping you off after sch ool right? It will give him the idea that I know something and Nathan might get mad at me. T hanks a lot Sonia.

She's been with me since I was little and sh e's always taking care of me. Everything's fine? I ran away from him. I live here together with my nanny and anot her maid.

Got to finish something so I decided to le ave early. It's been a stre ssful day for me and I deserve some relaxation. But I didn't mind it at all. It's just that.


My parents were not here since they're busy running our hotel business. I'm on a date right now with Greg and I'm reall y happy to the point that I'm afraid that if this goes on. I don't want to see her suffer a. I should ge t out of here fast. I'm really trying my very best to hide the shock t give away the truth. I'm already home. This is probably the consequence of being a rich kid.

I immediately answered it. While taking my bubble bath. I can feel that she's really in love with Greg, and I've never seen her this happy. I took a deep breath and told her the best encouraging words that "Hang in there. I don't think Greg would ever do anything to hurt erent from the others and I can sense that he's totally into you. Don't worry too much; it will just ruin what you. Chloe's silent for a while and then I heard her took a deep sigh.

I'll keep that in mind. Thanks again. What am I going to do? It's that self-centered Zach that 's ruining everything. Think Tori, think. You're a smart girl; you should use yo ur brain for situations like this. Why am I so useless! I finished my bath and put some clothes on. I went back to my bedroom and saw th e chocolate chip cookies on top of my study table. I noticed that the cookies we re not the only one in my room at that moment; Nathan is also there sitting at m y couch, looking worried.

You left the school early and missed your last period. Ar e you sick? I just wanted to finish something that's why I got home early. I can't mention what happened in the empty classroom with Zach. He'll definite ly freak out. It's English lit, your favorite subject. By the way Chloe called me a while ago , she said that she's doing great with Greg but as usual she's afraid that he mi ght leave her someday.

I can sense that Nathan is a little bit hesitant to drop the subject about me sk ipping class, he's been silent for a whole ten seconds but I can feel that he ne eds to discuss the latter subject so then he started to talk.

I rea lly need to talk to Zach as soon as possible.

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