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The Return of Sherlock Holmes (Short stories written in ) 7. The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes (Short stories written in ) 4. Kannan Inside Photo: Wikimedia R. J¸ ÷©õvμ® C¸ öPõø»PÒ Oru Mothiram Iru Kolaigal by Arthur Conan Doyle Tamil Translation © Badri. Oru Mothiram iru kolaigal (Beeton's Christmas annual - A Study In Scarlet @ world Lock&Co) Puththagathai thaluvi edukkapattathu. Click here. Oru Mothiram Iru Kolaigal - Tamil Novel - Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Complete Sherlock Holmes pdf, complete sherlock holmes the.

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Tamil Sherlock Holmes Pdf

46 Oru Mothiram Iru Kolaigal Tamil Novel Sherlock Holmes. December 25, | Author: Suneri | Category: N/A. DOWNLOAD PDF - KB. Share Embed. SHERLOCK HOLMES. SHORT STORIES. Sherlock Holmes is the greatest detective of them all. He sits in his room, and smokes his pipe. He listens, and. Tamil Sherlock Holmes Novel - 07gdlvf- pdf download] tamil sherlock holmes novel Tamil Sherlock Holmes Novel pursuing for tamil sherlock holmes novel pdf .

Shelves: indian-authors I can read and write in Tamil. I studied Tamil in school from the age of 6 till I was I have read poetry and classics, I have written essays and speeches. I should be proficient. But I never read in Tamil. Newspapers, fiction, jokes, gossip - I just avoid Tamil. I have no clue why I do it. It is my goal to overcome that in Given the back history, I was pleasantly surprised to hear about this book on NPR during my commute one morning couple of years back.

The cover Front and back scream Tamil pulp fiction. I thought it was because I have seen Tamil pulp fiction covers before.

Oru Mothiram Iru Kolaigal - Tamil Novel - Sherlock Holmes

But my 3 year old has asked me more than once if I was reading a Tamil book on seeing the cover. What is in the cover that screams Tamil that even a 3 year old can pickup? So the review - the book is a collection of translated stories by famous Tamil authors and titbits of information about Tamil pulp and the authors. I actually enjoyed the titbits part quite a bit. Having never read Tamil pulp before this book was very fascinating.

It was sort of like watching a Tamil movie - in the story Tokyo Rose originally by Tamilvanan I expected the lead pair the detective called Shankarlal who has a big fan following in Japan - the Japanese police even consult him and his wife Indra , who goes around calling him Aathan to break into a dance any minute among the locales of Japan. I have always been told Ramanichandiran books were the Tamil equivalents of Mills and Boon romances and I see the connection. Soft love stories with happy endings.

I loved sci-fi touch Rajesh Kumar's stories brought in. Indraa Soundarrajan's story about rebirth and the divine reminded me watching a Tamil soap on TV.

Murder, Crime and detectives who are in relationships yet continue to drool behind other women seem to be a common theme amongst the stories in this collection.

Infact the book's back cover describes the book "Mad scientists! Kaniyan finds that it is a 9mm bullet which had been ricocheted from Nemo. At the crime scene, he finds a tooth, with which he tracks its owner as Swarnavel Ashvatt , who was formerly a university physics professor who divorced his wife because he blamed her for the death of their son.

Now, he is living alone and working as a stockbroker. Meanwhile, Kamalesh John Vijay visits a travel agency to deliver a sofa stashed with money to five members who run the agency and are believed to be assassins: Devil Vinay Rai , Muthu Bhagyaraj , Pritha Andrea Jeremiah , a stout man Dheeraj Rathnam , and a bald man Siddhanth Venkatesh.

Kaniyan recollects a news article about an incident that involves the deaths of Dhivakar and his son and goes to Mrs.

Dhivakar's Simran house, where she reveals that thunder occurred in the beginning, followed by lightning , which struck Dhivakar and their son. Kaniyan finds that Swarnavel was present in a nearby construction site on the day of the incident.

He concludes that it was artificial lightning devised by Swarnavel to kill Dhivakar. When the assassins learn that Kaniyan is on their tail, Devil disposes of the body of Swarnavel, who was killed earlier. Kaniyan and Manohar visit Dhivakar's office and learn that a tender which was to be awarded to Dhivakar is now with Ram Prasad Jayaprakash , the chairman and head of the company that Dhivakar competed with.

Before they could reach Ram, he is assassinated. Infuriated that their client Ram had to be killed, Kamalesh hires Chinese mercenaries to kill Kaniyan.

The Blaft Anthology of Tamil Pulp Fiction, Vol. I by Rakesh Khanna

Kaniyan defeats them and gets to know about Kamalesh, but Kamalesh is killed by Pritha before they arrive but is seen by Kaniyan while leaving. A police chase occurs as Pritha and the bald man try to escape but are later cornered from all sides. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified download.

Sherlock Holmes Books

As it was difficult for me to read it in English, I have read the Tamil translation. Very good novel.

I could guess the end. Good book Njoied reading it.. Sherlock Holmes is my favorite series of all time.

I very happy to found this book on tamil. Good work by translator.

Good Tamil translation. Very Nice to read sherlock stories in Tamil. Expecting all sherlock stories in Tamil.

Good Book. Paperback Verified download. Need to tamil translation for other parts in paperback format. Sherlock is always awesome.

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