Hell House was originally published by The Viking Press, Inc., in This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this novel are either. RICHARD MATHESON I Am Legend PART I: January Chapter One ON THOSE CLOUDY DAYS, Robert Neville was never sure w. Hell House. Home · Hell House Richard Matheson - Hell House · Read more · Matheson, Richard - Hell House. Read more.

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Richarad Matheson's Hell House is one of those horror novels that readers proclaim as blog, we take a deeper look at the novel Hell House and its shadowy. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Hell House is the scariest haunted house novel ever written. It looms over the rest the way the mountains loom over the foothills.". 𝗣𝗗𝗙 | On Nov 1, , S. Brent Plate and others published Hell House: “Based on a True Story!”.

Plot[ edit ] The story concerns four people — Dr. Lionel Barrett, a physicist with an interest in parapsychology , his wife Edith, and two mediums Florence Tanner, a spiritualist and mental medium, and Benjamin Franklin Fischer, a physical medium — who are hired by dying millionaire, William Reinhardt Deutsch, to investigate the possibility of life after death, with a time limit of one week. To do so, they must enter the infamous Belasco House in Maine , regarded as the most haunted house in the world. The house is called "Hell House" due to the horrible acts of blasphemy and perversion that occurred there under the silent influence and supervision of Emeric Belasco. Fischer is the only survivor of a failed investigation attempt 30 years earlier.

Though not a physical medium, Florence begins to manifest physical phenomena inside the house.

When, after a quarrel with Tanner, Barrett is attacked by invisible forces, he suspects that Florence may be using the house's energy against him. Meanwhile, Fischer remains aloof, with his mind closed to the house's influence, and is only there to collect the generous paycheck.

Ann Barrett is subjected to erotic visions late at night, which seem linked to her lackluster sex life.

Hell House

She goes downstairs and, in an apparent trance, disrobes and demands sex from Fischer. He strikes her, snapping her out of the trance, and she returns to herself, horrified and ashamed. A second incident occurs a day or so later; this time, she is awake but uninhibited due to alcohol.

Her husband arrives a moment later to witness her advances to Fischer.

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He is resentful, and spurns Fischer's warnings that the house is affecting Ann, claiming that "Mr. Deutsch is wasting one-third of his money!

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Florence is convinced that one of the "surviving personalities" is Daniel, Belasco's tormented son, and she is determined to prove it at all costs. She finds a human skeleton chained behind a wall.

Believing it to be Daniel, Florence and Fischer bury the body outside the house and Florence performs a funeral. Nevertheless, Daniel's "personality" continues to haunt Florence; she is scratched violently by a possessed cat.

Barrett suspects that Florence is mutilating herself. In an attempt to put Daniel to rest, Florence gives herself to the entity sexually, but the entity brutalizes her and possesses her body.

Richard Matheson - Hell House

Barrett's machine is assembled. Possessed by the malevolent spirit, Florence attempts to destroy it, thinking that it will harm the spirits in the house, but she is prevented from doing serious damage.

She enters the chapel, "the unholy heart" of the house, in an attempt to warn the spirits, but she is crushed by a falling crucifix.

As she dies, she leaves a symbol written in her own blood. Barrett activates his machine, which seems to be effective. In return for his money, he wants to know definitively if anything lives in the Belasco house in Maine dubbed Hell House. He agrees to go to Hell House with a couple of stipulations: Deutsch is to finance the completion of a machine Dr.

Barrett created and calls a Reversor and his wife is to join him.

Deutsch happily agrees and tells the doctor that he will be joined by a spiritualist and a medium - Benjamin Fischer, the lone survivor of the last encounter with Hell House. Aptly named, the house is full of surprises for its newest troupe.

Hell House Summary & Study Guide

Before one seemingly simple week is over, two of the professionals will die and the two that survive will come very close to losing their lives on more than one occasion. The house is haunted by Emeric Belasco who evades the removal of his temporal spirit by way of Dr.

Barrett's Reversor because his remains are sealed in a lead walled room behind the alter in his chapel. Emeric returns after the house has supposedly been cleansed, and takes Dr. Barrett's life, but not before he reveals himself just as he had to Reverend Florence Tanner before him.

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