Stephanie Laurens, Gaelen Foley, Loretta Chase (A Return Engagement; The Imposter Bride; Lord Lovedon's Duel) · Read more. DOWNLOAD EBOOK: 4 BOOKS: LORD OF FIRE; LORD OF ICE; LADY OF. DESIRE; ONE NIGHT OF SIN (KNIGHT SERIES, 2,3,4,6) BY GAELEN FOLEY. PDF. FOLEY PDF. Often, checking out 4 Books: Lord Of Fire; Lord Of Ice; Lady Of Desire; One Night Of Sin (Knight Series,. 2,3,4,6) By Gaelen Foley is extremely dull.

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Lord of Fire (Knight Miscellany) [Gaelen Foley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gaelen Foley has become one of the hottest new writers. Knight Miscellany 02 - Lord Of Fire by Foley, Gaelen and many more for free Type: PDF. Posted by: zorrosito. Download this file. More books by this author. lord of fire knight miscellany 2 gaelen foley | Get Read & Download Ebook lord of fire knight miscellany 2 gaelen foley as PDF for free at The Biggest ebook.

In my opinion, it was a little light on the romance, with the historical and suspense elements being given almost equal weight, but it was still a wonderful and engaging book. I did not find this to be a predictable read at all. There were several times that the direction of the story surprised me, but none more so than the ending or perhaps I should say endings. The main plot of the story climaxed Reviewed for www. The main plot of the story climaxed about forty pages or so from the end of the book and then turned in a completely unexpected direction, actually giving it a second ending of sorts plus an epilogue. I'm not really sure this second ending was necessary, but it did give another slice of life scenario to this appealing couple. I loved the warm family atmosphere surrounding the Knight clan.

Indeed, he would make them come to him. Suddenly, a round of cheers broke out in the ballroom below and rippled through the crowd.

Well, well, the conquering hero. Lucien leaned forward and rested his elbows on the railing of the balcony, watching with a cynical smirk as his identical twin brother, Colonel Lord Damien Knight, marched into the assembly rooms, resplendent in his scarlet uniform with the stern, high dignity of the Archangel Michael just back from slaying the dragon.

Damien had always been the favorite of the gods. Lucien shook his head to himself. Though his lips curved in wry amusement, pain flickered behind his haughty stare. It was not jealousy that stung Lucien, however, but an almost childlike sense of having been abandoned by his staunchest ally. Damien was the only person who had ever really understood him.

For most of their thirty-one years, the Knight twins had been inseparable. Officers of the line, as a rule, deemed espionage dishonorable, ungentlemanly. To Damien and his ilk, spies were no better than snakes.

Damien was a born warrior, to be sure. Anyone who had ever seen him in battle, his face streaked with black powder and blood, knew there was no question of that.

No matter, Lucien thought cynically. She smiled slyly, revealing the fetching little gap between her two front teeth as she took his hand and let him pull her up close against his body.

She groaned softly under his kiss and melted against him, the black satin of her gown sliding sensually against the white brocade of his formal waistcoat.

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Last night it had been skin to skin. Though the twenty-seven-year-old baroness wore mourning for her late husband, Lucien doubted she had shed a tear. A husband, to a woman like Caro, was merely an impediment to her pursuit of pleasure. Her ebony gown had a tiny bodice that barely contained her burgeoning cleavage. The midnight fabric made her skin look like alabaster, while her crimson lips matched the roses that adorned her upswept, chocolate-brown hair.

After a moment, Caro made an effort to end their kiss, bracing her gloved hands on his chest. When she pulled back slightly, he saw that she was gloating, her cheeks flushed, her raisin-dark eyes glowing with amorous triumph.

Lucien masked his insolent smile as Caro coyly lowered her lashes and stroked the lapels of his formal black tailcoat. And if you do visit, why not drop me an e-mail? I love hearing from my readers!

Thank you, as always, for spending time in my little corner of the Regency world. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Gaelen Foley

Moving to sultry, exotic India, Foley fills her latest with historical color and cultural details, then adds suspense, passion, and hold-your-breath adventures. The plotting and dialogue are excellent, the characters vibrantly alive…. Her Secret Fantasy is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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Damien and Miranda were a memorable hero and heroine. Damien is an intense, tortured alpha with the call of the warrior in his blood and an extreme case of PTSD from the time he spent in the Peninsular War fighting on the front lines.

After an incident in Lord of Fire, where he lost track of where he was and came back to himself with weapons in his hands, he decided to live a solitary life for the safety of his loved ones.

The psychological pain Damien experiences is so intense that he has thought of killing himself more than once, and he has a few flashbacks that were violent enough to make me a tad squeamish, one involving a horse, which as an animal lover, was particularly disturbing.

Miranda is a strong, independent-minded young lady, who is a spitfire without being shrewish and is gentle and sensitive without being a push-over, which is an amazing balance for an author to be able to strike.

At first, I found myself thinking of Miranda in a childish way, but perhaps that was a stroke of genius on Ms. Foley's part, since that is what Damien had initially thought as well. She was a very smart girl, who always seemed to know when to cut her losses and simply tell the truth. Miranda had been through tremendous pain in her own life. My other favorite scene is when Miranda tried to get a rise out of the buttoned-up Damien by saying some rather scandalous things, which made me laugh.

Miranda is not afraid to go after what she wants, and that, she discovers pretty quickly, is Damien. She is almost the exact opposite of Damien, but is deftly able to handle him, even in his darkest moments.

I loved her fearlessness, determination and loyalty to her man, and how she never gave up on him, even when he tried his best to drive her away. The personalities of this couple reminded me a great deal of the hero and heroine from Loretta Chase's Lord of Scoundrels, so anyone who has enjoyed that book, should like this one and vice versa.

The cast of secondary characters was superb with all the Knight siblings playing fairly significant roles except for black sheep, Jack, who has yet to make an appearance.