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Breakout sensation Monica Murphy takes the romance genre by storm with the deeply emotional, completely addicting story of Drew and Fable. Temporary. One Week Girlfriend book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Temporary. That one single word best describes my life these. Three Broken Promises. One Week Girlfriend Quartet (Series). Monica Murphy Author (). cover image of Four Years Later.

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He needs someone to play the part of his girlfriend for one week. In exchange for cash. As if that's not weird enough, ever since he brought me into his world. Editorial Reviews. Review. “A sweet and sexy read with a dash of angst. It will hook you from One Week Girlfriend: A Novel (One Week Girlfriend Quartet Book 1) - Kindle edition by Monica Murphy. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. Editorial Reviews. Review. “A sweet and sexy read with a dash of angst. It will hook you from One Week Girlfriend: One Week Girlfriend Book 1 by [Murphy, Monica]. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading Loading.

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Then she sends me back out into the shop so I can be trained. By Blake. I pick it up pretty fast, which fills me with relief. I notice those are the theme colors of the store. Or put on the toppings. The customers do it themselves and bring their yogurt to us, where we weigh it and collect the money.

Easy peasy. How hard can this job be? I hate it. I hate that he brought Tuttle up, yet I also feel responsible for it. Blake shrugs, his cheeks coloring. Next time, right? I feel like I need to make it up to him. Pointing out what everything is, he explains I need to make sure to keep everything well stocked.

Replenishing the toppings as often as I can is crucial to keeping the toppings bar in good shape. The more they pile on their frozen yogurt, the heavier their cup weighs, and the more we can charge them. Though summer is dwindling, which causes the frozen yogurt business to slow down—at least according to Blake.

I sort of am, but frozen yogurt really is delicious and my stomach is growling, which is embarrassing. His face is so red I feel instantly sorry for him. I was just teasing. Guess he was just saved by the bell. White-hot rage rises inside of me as I walk over to join Blake behind the counter. I want to sock her in the mouth.

Punch her in the stomach. Slap her face as hard as I can. All she does is make a face as she shoves her cup under the nozzle and adds birthday cake flavored frozen yogurt to it. Blake never moves away from the cash register, and I scowl at him. She even yawns. Again, I want to punch her. Besides, she has no idea what she did to Tuttle and me. Or does she? Gritting my teeth, I set her yogurt cup on the scale, stick an orange spoon in it since orange is my least favorite of the plastic spoon colors available, and I punch in the price.

She hands me a five and I hand back her change, telling her to have a nice day. For the first time since she walked in here, she actually meets my gaze and recognition dawns, the dollar bill and loose change spilling from her hand and landing on the counter.

But maybe that was only in your imagination? I imagine leaping over the counter and taking her down to the ground. Wrapping my fingers around her neck and choking her out, Blake cheering me on. But maybe that was the truth? The flicker of hurt on her face, in her eyes, is there and then gone in a flash. She swipes her yogurt from the counter and stomps out of Yo Town, leaving her change behind on the counter. Did he not just hear the awful things we said to each other? A heavy sigh escapes me.

It was mean and ugly and I sort of lost myself in the moment. Now I feel guilty as crap. Do you mind if I take a break? You get fifteen minutes. Livvy jumps into my car the next morning, fully decked out in a PINK sweatshirt with matching leggings, her makeup perfect and her long, dark red hair pulled back into a high ponytail.

She looks great. Every day has a theme for homecoming week and I decided to have some spirit.

Who wants to turn down the chance to wear pajamas all day? Well, maybe not this exact outfit.

I like the braids. Taking a deep breath, I tell her everything. How awkward Blake and I were working together, how Em came into the store and I said awful things to her. When I finish, Livvy looks… Impressed? Just to hurt her. You never know. And I said it in front of Blake. What if he tells a friend what happened, and then the friend tells someone else, and then it spreads like wildfire all over campus? I do care about her. Since when is it okay to toy with his heart? Are you serious right now?

That was sort of rude. What do you want me to do? Tell Ryan? Are you kidding me right now? I caught my best friend with my boyfriend and they were actually having sex. Naked, penis-in-vagina sex. I saw it with my own two eyes, Olivia! All three of you have this messed up friendship. You do realize that, right? We remain silent the rest of the car ride and when we arrive at school a few minutes later, Livvy climbs out of my car without a backward glance, slamming the door so hard the entire car rattles.

But I had to say it. Not that they paid me any attention. Though I swear I hear a low whistle and when I glance over my shoulder, I see Tuttle following a considerable distance behind me. I glare at him, wishing I had laser eyes—a wish my younger brother Trent makes on an almost daily basis—before I turn and practically run into the senior building.

Man, I hate drama. I turn off the faucet and dry my hands, waiting for her to say something, but she remains quiet for so long, Brianne nudges her in the side with her elbow. I nod and stand a little straighter. And that was a shitty thing I said to you yesterday. I deflate the second the door swings shut, bracing my hands on the edge of the sink and staring at my reflection. That was…hard. She tucks a chin-length strand of highlighted golden blonde hair behind her ear and looks around before her gaze meets mine once more.

I continue eating my carrots, pointing at the open snack bag as an invitation and she takes one, dips it into the tiny plastic cup full of ranch dressing and pops it into her mouth, chewing loudly.

They have major crunch.

Donahue has run the school library probably longer than all of us have been alive. Blowing out a loud breath, I turn to look at her. Em raises her eyebrows in real surprise. This is so not my style. No one pays attention to me at school. Not usually. But maybe you have a secret. That maybe under the good girl exterior is a bad girl on the side who goes by the street name Stella in the House?

Donahue will probably kick me out. Em shrugs. Hiding out in here when you could be hanging out in the quad with Jordan Tuttle. Why oh why does everyone mention his name to me? My heart trips over itself at her words then I tell myself to get over it. Because he so has. For biggest school slut? But can you, um, tell Livvy hi from me? And that I miss her? This makes me feel bad, especially after all the horrible things Livvy said about Em. Questions she might not want to answer.

Slow and reluctant and ready to duck and run at the first opportunity. I fall into my chair, drop my backpack at my feet and smile at Mrs. Meyer when she makes her appearance at the front of the class. The next fifty minutes should pass fairly easy without Tuttle around to distract me. When the bell rings, Mrs. Meyer immediately starts talking about our group projects.

Their deepest, darkest thoughts and secrets, I want to see it all on the page. Meyer starts passing out a sheet of paper to each of us. You can choose someone from the list, or you can come up with your own. I just need to approve each couple first before you can proceed with the project.

How are we going to choose our characters? Maybe I could do it on my own and not even give Tuttle the choice. Meyer laughs.

Romeo and Juliet. Star-crossed lovers at their finest. A tale of passion and sadness and lust and loyalty and, overall, young, tragic love.

That could be But would it be smart to work on a romantic project with Tuttle? Or would that only end up driving me crazy? I can literally feel his eyes on me, seeking me out. Meyer says, not a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

No one can have the same couple, so the results will be varied. He settles into the empty desk next to mine, his gaze sweeping over me, taking in every detail, and I practically squirm in my seat, the longer he studies me. I look sloppy and comfortable. The longer the day goes, the more comfortable I look too.

Just last weekend we spent the night together. Jordan and I in a giant yet cozy bed, our bodies wrapped all around each other, my head nestled against his broad shoulder. We talked a little.

Kissed a little. Touched a little. And then we eventually fell asleep. Wishing I could clear out this awkward moment between us. It was as if he touched my bare skin. Gets too hot, wearing clothes. I will not think of him wearing a pair of black boxer briefs—my imagination goes to that image because I know for a fact he wears black boxer briefs— and nothing else. Worse, his teeth graze my skin—lightly yet with just enough force that I feel it pulsate all the way through me.

I immediately drop my hand from his face as if I were burned. He scans it thoughtfully, and I remain quiet. I want him to make with his own decision. My breath catches at the gleam in his pretty blue eyes. He has such long, thick lashes. This gives me time to look at him, and look I do. Yet this all works for him. He waits, ready for me to challenge him, and I wonder at his choice and his motives behind it. I wonder if he chose them for the same reason I did. I sort of melt inside.

Make sure no one else has chosen them. Meyer is standing by our desks within a minute. You know who you want to do your project on? Did Mrs. Meyer just embarrass him? Meyer turns to me. What do you think?

Forever (Just Friends #3) - Monica Murphy - PDF Free Download

Our assignment just turned into the two of us basically writing love letters to each other. Meyer walks away from us. He leans across his desk, his fingers going to the end of my braid again. They brush against my chest and I feel that touch through my hoodie, my T-shirt, all the way down to my skin.

Janet Mock

And it burns. Makes me want more. Am I bothering you? He trails a finger along my plaited hair. It feels like my vocal cords are paralyzed. But then the bell rings, and I grab my backpack and bolt out of the room before I say something stupid. After school I head toward the senior parking lot when I sense someone falling into step beside me.

Best to confront the issue and get it over with. You were just so… awful this morning. The truth can hurt. I was spending time with Ryan, which you have to admit, you pushed me to do.

The word hovers on the tip of my tongue, but I swallow it down. Going to see Tuttle for the pure joy of watching him play football is not allowed anymore. What would it matter if he saw me watching him? If I want to watch our football team practice, I should be able to. Like old times. That was only a few weeks ago. You will not want to miss this book and this author. The perfect book that would make the world stop for a few hours and suck me into another universe completely.

The perfect book that would make my heart race and stop all at the same time. This book is that book! This book is perfect! Monica Murphy is a writer, a wife and a mom. She drinks too much coffee and spends too much time in front of her computer. She likes to read, she watches bad reality TV and she sometimes acts younger than she really is.

Though most of the time she's sure her kids think she's a complete buzz kill.? See all Editorial Reviews. Product details File Size: Headline Eternal August 27, Publication Date: August 27, Language: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

More Than Friends (Just Friends #2) - Monica Murphy

Read reviews that mention week girlfriend monica murphy chance boyfriend second chance new adult next book even though girlfriend for a week second book fable and drew really enjoyed football player thanksgiving break looking forward home for thanksgiving fake girlfriend wait for the next quick read must read younger brother. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified download. It was a heartbreaking read, but I loved seeing Drew and Fable grow closer and help each other through a difficult time, especially for Drew.

Drew was the one who approached Fable about accompanying him home for Thanksgiving. The attraction between Drew and Fable was there early on, their relationship grew gradually and quickly become intense. It really saddened me to see what Drew had to endure and I just wanted to reach in there and hug him! Monica Murphy is an author that I have become to enjoy. One Week Girlfriend had heartbreaking moments, but there were sweet times between Drew and Fable that I loved.

One person found this helpful. This book was soooooo good!!!

One Week Girlfriend Series by Monica Murphy ePub Download

The writing completely sucked me in. The premise was fresh - took a plot that has been overused but tweaked it slightly so that it was completely different. It was unique and unpredictable.

Drew is sexy as hell. He's a star football player in college, comes from a wealthy family and keeps out of trouble. Appearances lead you to believe that he has a perfect life. Fable is a strong female lead. She works as a waitress at a local bar, has been around the block a time or two and has no idea who her father is.

From the outside, you might think she is a shallow slut. Looks can be deceiving. This book stayed with me after I read it. I had a complete book hangover. I wanted to jump into the book and drop kick Adele. And Drew's dad for that matter. While I'm making a list, let's add Fable's mom to those in need of an butt kicking. When Drew and Fable get together in the most unorthodox way, they discover what's underneath the surface.

And they realize that even though they run in different circles, they do have a connection. They get each other in a way that no one else does. I love the chemistry between Drew and Fable. I love watching them grow. And I will never hear the word marshmallow without thinking of this book or these characters. Thank you, Monica Murphy, for such an awesome book!!

This one is on my re-read list!! Great concept of a story and loved how the author had both of the characters having their own chapters so we can see what they both think. She works at the local bar and is a townie. She takes care of her younger brother since her mother is a alcoholic who never is home.

Her family needs the money she can't turn it down plain and simple. Welcome to the Twilight Zone It takes Fable 1. The picture perfect life Drew has is a facade and in reality is not all it's cracked up to be. In fact as the week goes on she realizes that something is wrong. And she is afraid of what may have Drew so on edge in his own home.

That was my first thought as the story unfolded and I realized what was going on. I had to pause The deeper into the plot the more I became enraged. I thought.. On constant repeat. Then Suddenly Dear readers I love love loved this book. I cannot say much more without giving away the plot.

Check it out! Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it on Goodreads! For more reviews go to http: View all 87 comments. Maybe we're supposed to help each other cope. Drew Callahan and Fable Maguire come from two different worlds and yet they seem to have so much in common.

Drew is the popular college football player and Fable is a waitress at the local bar in town that all the college kids hang out as.

She's got quite the reputation around campus, and she doesn't even attend the school. Fable's home life is less than perfect. She works two jobs to support her and her younger brother, while her mother goes out and drinks and sleeps around with different men. Fable turns to guys for affection.

Always searching for that closeness to make her feel the love she clearly never received at home. Her reputation is also exaggerated just a tad!! Drew's family life is beyond heartbreaking and dysfunctional.

He goes through life trying to avoid the guilt and shame of his past. Football and school are his escape. Now Drew is faced with a dilemma. He's being forced to go home for Thanksgiving week and he decides to approach Fable, who he has never spoken to, and asks if she will come home with him and pretend to be his girlfriend for the week.

At first things are awkward since they hardly know each other but as they spend time together, feelings are clearly starting to develop between them. I have to say this story was very predictable to me. I knew right away what was haunting Drew and that huge reveal at the end?? I saw that coming a mile away. Although I think that someone is telling a huge lie!! BUT , even though it was predictable, I really did enjoy this story so much!

I loved how at times some of the writing was very poetic. I also found myself falling for Drew. These two have some scorching hot chemistry and I am so happy that I decided to read this when all the books have already been released because that cliffy at the end has me dying to get to book two as soon as I can!!

View all 81 comments. Jan 13, Debra rated it really liked it Shelves: It'll be a lie. I might've hated you before all this, but now I think I'm falling in love with you.

That way, he can show them that he is in fact capable of keeping a girl for a longer amount of time, and he hopes this way his father and stepmother won't bother him too much while he's at home. But that's not the only reason why he's so dreadful of going back to the place where he grew up.

Thank God for Fable. She has no clue how much she's helping me. She can never know either. No one really seems to care about her. She's from the "poorer" side of town so she has to work extra hours to keep up with paying rent and taking care of her little brother, since their mother's almost never home. So, when Drew Callahan, the university's golden boy and star quarterback offers her dollars to be his fake girlfriend for a week, Fable decides that even though it makes her feel cheap and used, that amount of much needed money, makes Drew's offer one she can't refuse.

It's so stupid, but I let guys use me because for one fleeting moment, when he's focusing all of his attention on me and no one else, it feels good. It helps me forget that no one really cares.

What neither of them expects though, is that although their relationship is based on "appearances", slowly but surely they begin to rely on each other more and more.

They realize that they're not so different from each other, that they're both broken deep down inside and that maybe their "temporary" relationship can become something much more permanent. Then there's the fact that neither of them is fully sure of the other one's feelings, they're both unsure whether the other one's feelings are real are just part of the act, part of the "fake" relationship they've gotten their selves into. No matter how good it feels.

Seriously, about halfway through the story she was already getting on my nerves and I just wanted her to leave them alone! And then, the ending. Don't expect it to be a happy one Drew did some things that made me a little angry.

But Drew, I understand why you did it and I forgive you and I just want you to be happy because And to be honest, the ending gave me hope in a way too View all 46 comments.

I did not expect to enjoy this book so much! I found myself smiling and swooning and gasping and cursing…. My Drew: My Fable: Drew is a gorgeous all-star in college. Fable is the small-town slut. Drew convinces Fable to be his pretend girlfriend for a week over the h 4.

Drew convinces Fable to be his pretend girlfriend for a week over the holidays. He has an aversion to most girls, but Fable seems to get under his skin…in a good way. I love Drew. I love Fable. Excited to read the next one! View all 15 comments.

Every now and then I pick a book listed in the news feed on the home page and immediately read it. A blogger had just reviewed this book and I thought , hmmm I love the cover and she said it had angst I love it, and to know what I am referring to you must read the book.

The premise of the story doesn't seem to be too unique upon first glance, but its exactly what the title implies and yet is soooo much more and better. I did not expect to find such emotion and even some angst Every now and then I pick a book listed in the news feed on the home page and immediately read it. I did not expect to find such emotion and even some angst in this story but was pleasantly surprised when I did.

The story is told from alternating POV's which quite honestly I don't normally like, but in this story it is done perfectly. The reader is continually drawn into what the other character is thinking due to the deep and emotional story lines taking place. Thats right there are real true deep back stories in this book, but I can't tell you what they are due to spoilers. Fable is the lead female character and yes her name is quite distracting but fitting.

She is strong and not a whining virgin. I love that she is sassy with a backbone. I love that she is the one that is strong over the big hunky jock that is Drew Callahan.

So unexpected. Not only is he hot he is deep. A fine ass football jock with He is so surprised by Fable and all that she can give him its touching. Not many young male lead characters grasp the need for this. My favorite sceene The back and forth is typical as they get to know each other and reveal their insecurities.

Typical but I loved every single moment. Great job Monica Murphy! I hope she gets hers in book two View all 19 comments. Aug 07, Saffron rated it it was amazing.

Loved this one!! On to the next View all 7 comments. Meine Rezension gibt es hier: This was like taking a step into the unknown for me. Drew is our hero — all American college football star, born with a whole silver d This was like taking a step into the unknown for me.

Drew is our hero — all American college football star, born with a whole silver dinner service in his mouth. I really felt for him — at first, I had absolutely no clue what was driving this guy to deceive his family that he had a girlfriend and, even as I guessed some of it, nothing would have prepared me for the whole shocking truth. So he decides to hire Fable to be his one week girlfriend to take home to his wealthy family to spend Thanksgiving with them.

Fable is most definitely from the wrong side of the tracks and, due to her loser and often absent mother, has taken on whole responsibility for raising her wayward thirteen year old brother. At first, I wondered if he was gay but his obvious attraction for Fable convinced me otherwise.

I really liked Fable. It was so lovely to see how these two travelled the road not yet taken — two kids from totally opposite backgrounds finding something in common and solace in one another's arms. View all 4 comments. Jan 13, Jennifer Kyle rated it really liked it. What would a handsome guy like Drew need a pretend girlfriend for? Fable is a terrific character! She has her own baggage but together they make the perfect couple. I hated him on sight.

I did this only for the money. I thought he was a fucked up mess. But so am I. We can be a mess together. I want to heal him. I know I can heal him. Please note that the role of evil stepmother will be played by…Adele. Yep the woman is EVIL!!! The couple has great chemistry and they both find someone to rely on and trust. When the week is over their lives will never be the same.

The ending leaves us with a "hopeful" cliffhanger. This is a story of Drew A boy who needs a girlfriend for a week When he goes to his parents for thanksgiving Drew doesnt do relationships, he needs some to help him with his lie And he goes to find Drew tries to forget the past, secrets that eat him He never lets anyone in his life to get close to him.

But Fable is different and Drew knows it. He tries to not have those story feelings for her in fears he will run away. Fable wants drew to open up to her They falling for This is a story of Drew They falling for each other very fast. Drew opens up with Fable and let's her in He tells her of the secrets that haunt him And to mourn his sisters passing.

And he finds out a shocking truth!! He pushes Fable away And leaves her with a note.. He wants to push her away but also save him I cannot wait for the next book!

View all 12 comments. Jan 13, Christy rated it really liked it. Drew Callahan is a college football star. He appears to have the perfect life. He seems to have it all together, but it is all a facade. From the outside, my family looks perfect. Well, as perfect as a family can be with one dead mother, and one dead sister. A fucked up stepmother and a cold This man came into my life for some reason.

A fucked up stepmother and a cold as hell father. Real perfect. Drew has to go home for Thanksgiving. So he decides to bring someone with him Fable is a local in the college town Drew lives in. No time or money. She works two jobs to help support her younger brother. Fable has a bit of a reputation from working at the local bar, and 'hooking up' with some of Drew's team mates.

Drew decides she would make the perfect candidate for his one-week, temporary girlfriend. When Drew approaches Fable, she has no idea why he would need her help. Drew should have no problem bringing home a real girlfriend. That has never been the problem for Drew. Girls always want to date him. But he can't do it.