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Swinggcat's Guide to Real Wцrld Seduction. Introduction. In the last few years .. Step 2: Assume the meta-frame in advance. So remember, men who are the PRIZE do not go into her world but make her come into their world. In other. Swinggcat - Real World Seduction - Download as .rtf), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Author: Swinggcat; Type: Downloadable PDF; Size: Kb; Downloaded: times; Categories: Art Of Seduction; In the last few years several books have.

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Swinggcat Real World Seduction 2.0 Pdf

Real World Seduction's Real World Seduction reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of Swinggcat's advice. Home · Swinggcat - Real World Seduction Swinggcat - Real World Seduction Click the start the download. DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Superior Living Inc, All Rights Reserved. 1. Real World Seduction presents Special Report # 2: Breaking. Down Vibing. By Swinggcat.

Many a man has been at a bar, spotted an attractive woman, and thought to himself, Wow, she really works those breasts, bouncy bouncy. In an attempt to get to know the woman behind the mammary glands or just to take a closer inspection , he moseyed on up to her. But within the first 30 seconds of conversation, he went belly up as she hammered him to jelly. He walked away hunchbacked and long faced, wearing an existential funk 10 times the size of his deflated ego. When he returned to his friends, they harangued him with the confidence crushing words, Why do you waste your time on girls like that? You need to go for someone in your own league. On an emotional level, he agreed. Did his looks or age turn her off? Its easy to think so. Many women yap on and on about how important physical appearance is. If youve perused online personals, youve probably seen the heaps of female profiles warning: If you stand below six feet, rake in under a hundred grand a year, and sprout more hair on your back than your head, dont bother replying.

His basic model of seducing women consists of getting them to see you as the 'Prize'. This is a term he uses continually throughout the book, and refers to the fact that the woman needs to see you as someone that she wants to win over.

His method involves turning things around so that you are the selector, and she is the one chasing you. While this isn't a new concept, the techniques he teaches for making this happen are perhaps the best I've come across. Essentially, he teaches you to decide what you are specifically looking for in a woman, and communicate that directly when talking to girls. So instead of trying to match up to her standards, you're qualifying her to see if she meets yours. This is where you will get a lot of the gold nuggets that teach you how to make women compelled to seek your approval.

It's very effective at creating sexual tension and will give you an edge over your competition. While in theory this should work on all women because it is based on proven psychology, in reality this is not necessarily the case. The reason being, these girls are used to getting their own way with men all the time. It's rare for them to encounter a man with unshakable core confidence and who is prepared to stand up to them. Deep down, this is what these types of women are really looking for.

Whereas most guys try to win these women over by pleasing them, Swinggcat teaches how to compel them to please you. On the other hand, women of average looks and lower confidence will often be put off if you try these techniques on them.

You will simply be bringing up a lot of insecurities they already have and waving them in their face. You risk touching a raw nerve where the girl feels that she is not good enough in comparison to other girls and she'll feel you wouldn't want to be with her. This is something that the book doesn't cover, but is extremely important to take into consideration.

To understand attraction on a more basic level, you may want to check out Make Women Want You. A lot of Swinggcat's personal experiences of seducing women occur in Los Angeles, where women are extremely attractive and get approached frequently. His tactics would be most effective in this environment.

So if you're wanting to pick up women 'out of your league' and prefer higher-end bars and nightclubs, his approach is a great way to go. If you're just looking for a low-maintenance girlfriend who you have a lot in common with then most of what is suggested in this book won't be necessary. The first half of the chapter relates to the inner game of approaching women, and contains some good advice.

But the second half devoted to the outer game contains nothing new. Some of the ways he suggests to approach a woman, such as tapping her from behind, are questionable at best. To his credit, Swinggcat suggests not using any of his own approaches word-for-word, but to learn the model and then create your own. If you are not able to approach women effectively, this is not the most comprehensive book to learn from though.

It was cool. I got the lead on some places where I can do comedy gigs. Your close: Why did you tell her you were pretty busy during the weekend? It is because you are trying to seem busy and 'in demand'. Right out of the manual. And in a small way it works. But it is shit. It is being tricky. It will hurt your game in the long run.

Instead focus on the rapport. The things I mentioned earlier. Attract in a big way. If you do this right you will not need to be tricky. It will be easy. Both of you will KNOW that you are great together. And you will both know the other knows. It will be like, "Gosh, we are awesome. Kind of scary huh? When we see each other well have to be careful we don't light things on fire.

I can't wait. But she did agree to see you. So you had a further chance to woo her. But in the future try to talk alot more about how you feel.

Swinggcat on Phone Game - Real World Seduction

Get into yourself and she will become alot more relaxed and able to get in to herself and you will begin to have amazing conversations and throw all the gimmicks and tricks aside. See Also M3 Model - the easiest way to pick-up. This is one of the most powerful ways to trigger huge amounts of attraction in women. In this chapter you'll discover how to develop your standard and then use them to challenge women.

When you do this in the way that I teach, you'll trigger attraction in women and they'll feel a need from deep within their heart - and groin - for your validation and approval. Inside, you'll learn how to use this technology to quickly kiss and sleep with females strangers minutes after meeting them. You'll learn the body language behind Push-Pull. You'll learn how to trigger attraction and compel girls to chase you through role-playing Chapter You'll learn how to identify tests women throw at you and venomous frames they try to pull you into.

Ofter women put up token barriers that prevent us guys from sleep with or dating them. They aren't real and in some ways women want you to break them down.

In this chapter you'll learn how to identify them. You'll learn a powerful technology called "reframing" that will give you the power to handle tests and venomous frames; and thaw away token barriers.

You'll get Swinggcat Seduction Formula.

This gives you a structure that takes you from the approach to the bedroom and beyond. You'll three real world field reports from Swinggcat so you can see how his techniques are applied on real women in the real world. It will not appear anywhere. Used for review validation only Enter your review's title Enter a title for the review that summarizes your opinion Ratings the higher the better Effectiveness Is the content of high quality?

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Swinggcat - Real World Seduction (361.0 Kb eBook)

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Swinggcat - Real World Seduction 2.0

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Hi Angel, As far as the experience with Swinggcat is concerned I unfortunately have to report to you that Swinggcat is disingenuous in the treatment of his customers, for several reasons this also summarizes my experience with Swinggcat; I have left out a few less important details, so you can capture the gist of the story quickly.

Swinggcat secretly tries to sell a subcription to regular series of field reports, titled "Secret from the field". The contract clause is hidden in the terms and conditions, which are inappropriately displayed in a scrollbox that is way to small. Unless the customer intentionally scrolls down the entire text and reads all of the details, he unknowingly subcribes.

The subscription is automatic and has to be cancelled by the customer. Only when I replied directly to this email, did I get an answer. And even then Swinggcat kept a tone, that seemed to me as he didn't really care about the issue. ONLY when I clearly voiced my anger about his customer service, did he apologize.

He then also offered me one of his audio courses for FREE his emphasis, not mine as a compensation for my troubles. This brings me to the conclusion that Swinggcat has no problem with customer service, BUT with business ethics and the law. This kind of behavior is absolutely inacceptable to me, and I have never encountered any treatment like this with any other Dating Skills Company and I have tried several to find something that fits my needs.

In sum I can only recommend to other potential customers to refrain from downloading at RWS and to look somewhere else. Therefore I suggest that you reconsider a recommendation for his ebook, as you potentially harm the financial interests of those who use your website to find good products.

Because that mars your otherwise excellent website, which has a been of great help to me. Yours truly, Mike Comments 0 Help other users find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you? Literraly I deleted all of other material becuase this book was a turning point for mysel because I learned not only techniques but a lot of Inner game stuff.

I know this looks like an advertisement but isn't I highly recommend this product becuase is cheap but yet extremely powerful Comments 0 Help other users find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you? They give you a 7-days trial, but if you actually want a refund, they just don't answer you, and you get billed after the 7 days. They wouldn't answer me, when I tried to unsubsribe. So I actually had to change my credit card in the end. And I'm not the only one who have had that experience.

So I recommend to stay away from Superior Living inc Even advanced guys or guys having studied lots of material will have many ahas reading this stuff. Very solid, quality stuff.

And as a sidenote swinggcaat has a hilarious writing style. There are a lot of up sells in the product page which you will have to email swinggcat and let him know that you do NOT want it. I email him twice and after more than a year he kept charging my credit card.

Finally I had to get in touch with my bank asking them to put a stop on the translation. I also got in touch with Angel which he promptly responded and also got in touch with Swinggcat. I think this website dating skills review is really well managed. On the other hand unfortunately there are no numbers or any sorts of numbers to get in touch with Swinggcat. There is only an email which feels like nobody's there to get back to you.

As a result your card gets charge over and over and over again. Dating Company: Real World Seduction Dating Coach: DSR Editor Rating. Detailed Editor Rating.

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Average User Rating. Editor Review. Overall rating. Reviewed by Jackson Hunter Last Update: April 15, The Good. There is a ton of practical advice within this book that will help you to achieve greater success with attractive women. Swinggcat uses a lot of stories and examples that put these techniques into context and are therefore easier to understand.

If you struggle with keeping a woman interested after you approach her, this book will be particularly helpful. A lot of these techniques might be considered overkill when used on less attractive women. Much of this material needs to be used with the right amount of humour and confidence to avoid getting poor reactions. Some of the language and examples he uses might be considered in poor taste, perhaps even offensive to some readers.

This is a very detailed book full of effective techniques written by a guy who knows what he's talking about. Comments 0. Help other users find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you? Conversation Escalation: The Click Magnet Dating System. The Desire System. Kinetic Attraction. The Language of Attraction. Seductive Storytelling. The 4 Elements of Game.

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