It's an ok finch book but there's too much "always" and "never" language in it, especially when I do more research and learn that when this book says "never". The many aspects explained in detail about these beautiful little birds, defines this book as the ultimate guide for the beginner and experienced bird lover. Find Zebra finch books online. Get the best Zebra finch books at our marketplace.

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Zebra Finches Book

Zebra Finches book. Read 6 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. and instruction cover proper feeding, housing, health care, training. Zebra Finches are passerine birds, native to Australia, where they can be found almost on the entire continent, including different climate zones (Immelmann. () For those serious about their Zebra finches and have an interest in showing them, this is the book for you. All the mutations that had standards at the time.

A guide for ornithologists with specific information on many of the species in aviculture. Not a picture book. Packed with information instead. A must have for any lover of mannikins or munias. Restall is also a master painter and shows the subtle differences of the many subspecies well. Excellent resource. Many species are covered and most importantly, lots of information on breeding. The only drawback for me is the lack of information on cage breeding.

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Zebra Finches in Australia : A Pleasurable and Absorbing Pastime

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You have no items in your shopping cart. Store Locator My Account. Dog Articles. Dog poo chart: From runny poo to hard poo Read More. Why super premium dog food is worth it Read More. Cat Articles. Read More. What to feed cats: The best cat food Read More. Fish Articles. How to maintain your aquarium Read More.

How can I tell if my fish tank water is healthy? Bird Services Vets. Bird Articles. Why pellets are better for your bird Read More. Bird care for beginners Read More. Reptile Services Vets. Reptile Articles. Live food options for reptiles Read More. A decent beginner's book with some photos of some popular mutation available here in the US.

This book has a major error that seems to just get perpetuated with each reprinting and brings many questions from those new to Zebra mutations. There is a photo of a white zebra near a yellow flower. Due to some bad printing an an editor's stupidity, the caption now reads 'This yellow Zebra is one of many mutations that can occur in this species' WRONG! There is no yellow zebra.

This one is enjoying relaxing in his owner's hand. Talk about stressing a bird! Other than that, there are mislabeled photos in the book and careless proofing allowed photos to switch locations in the book. Not much to recommend. Breeding Zebra Finches Mervin F.

A much better book than the first. Touches on genetics and gives a description of some of the color varieties, but does not give their method of inheritance. Makes it hard to connect the two chapters. This is the kind of beginner's book that offers no real information on care, housing or breeding. It acts as sales material for those that have not downloadd a bird, but are thinking about it.

A pet store clerk might send this home with someone, but I would never recommend it. Your Zebra Finch K. It does a surprisingly good job in its 32 pages. Correctly labeled photos was my first exposure to CFWs, silvers, fawns and whites.

Also covers Society finches and their care. Nothing new here. Same general care and the same photos that they must have rights to. While the photos and descriptions are the same as the M. Roberts books, the color varieties does at least tie in the method of inheritance. Half of this booklet is devoted to the usual general bird care and the remainder covers the known color varieties of the time in the UK.

Actually, some good descriptions for such a general book. Breeding Society Finches Mervin F. Roberts other book on breeding Zebra finches. There are more original photos of breeding Societies, but that's where the appropriate photos stop. Most of the photos are 'stock' photos from the T. They seem like filler for the book.

Finch Books

The genetics section is superficial for a species that has some genetics that is not fully understood. All in all, if you need help breeding Society finches, you'll never notice its shortcomings. It is really an abridged version of Kingston's book 'Keeping and Breeding Finches and other Seedeaters', and focuses on just the Australian Grassfinches. If you can't afford the big book, this is a decent substitute until you sell enough birds to download the big volume.

Using an encyclopedia format alphabetical listings many different topics are discussed from Accomodations to Zebra finches.

Excellent photos show some of the mutations available for the various finches, including some nice ones of Star finch mutations.

From general info like stock selection to more advanced genetics and thoughts on selection and the effects of fostering. Gouldian Finches Mathew Vriends ISBN With the domestication of the Gouldian and its availability at a reasonable price, it was only a matter of time before a beginner's book came out on these beautiful birds. If you can't be convinced to start with Zebra or Society finches or are moving from hookbills or canaries to Gouldians, this will give you a start with Gouldians.

Like many of the books in the Barron's series, the information is general and somewhat superficial, but a not misleading.

Written during a time when imports were far more common than they are today. Some of the species are no longer available or highly restricted. Most of the entries are limited to descriptions with chapter headings being more specific on what to feed to keep your imports from dropping off the perch.

The World of Zebra Finches - Cyril Harold Rogers - Google книги

Still has a place in every aviculturist's library though. General care, housing and breeding information with the second half of the book being devoted to descriptions of the various Australian finches. Plenty of photos to help identify the birds. As a kid I used to look at all the Gouldian photos and wish that I could add them to my collection. More pictures and some changes to the text, but really just another general finch care book.

It covers their neeeds in particular rather than an afterthought of most of the seedeaters books. Ideal for the estrildid finch breeder who is looking to move into the more challenging softbills. One of the few to not only show, but properly label the Timor Zebra finch.

It follows the general bird book format. First half is genral care with the second half half-heartedly trying to cover every finch species in aviculture. Interesting to read how breeding did not appear to be a priority with finches then. Reads as finches as "pets". Not much interest today other than the perspective it offers. Some of the information has an Australian slant on bird care, but it's still nice to read something specifically for this species rather than a general book with no specifics.

Short description and distribution information.

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