ALSO BY ANTHONY HOROWITZ. THE ALEX RIDER NOVELS: Stormbreaker. Point Blank. Skeleton Key. Eagle Strike. Scorpia. Ark Angel. Snakehead. The dark and shocking conclusion to the number one bestselling Alex Rider the final book in the number one bestselling Alex Rider series by Anthony. Oct 31, Online books in PDF,. EPUB, and Mobi Format. Click Download or Read. Online button to SCORPIA. RISING ALEX RIDER. BOOK 9 book pdf.

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Feb 22, 9: scorpia rising online book download, pdf download, read pdf, rider book 9 full online pdf 17,13mb scorpia rising alex rider book 9 full. scorpia by anthony horowitz pdf - wordpress scorpiapia rising is the ninth and final chronological novel in the alex rider book series. read scorpia by anthony. Mar 12, answers ar alex rider scorpia free download here accelerated reader quiz list - reading practice accelerated reader. en

He assigns the mission to new Scorpia member, Abdul-Aziz Al-Rahim, known as Razim, who suggests blackmail, attemping to almost ruin the British reputation with the rest of the world. Razim is studying the issue of pain, with the aim to come up with a unit of pain, naming it after himself, by torturing all kinds of members of society, with a teenager being the top of his wish list for a new subject. The plan requires Scorpia to build up a file, codenamed Horseman, on the subject of Alex being used as a spy by the British government, threatening to expose it, hence ruining the British reputation, unless the Elgin Marbles are returned to Greece. Scorpia also decide that the best way to start the ball rolling would be for a body leading MI6 to Cairo, where the main action will happen, to be found, and Kurst decides this is Levi Kroll, who opposed the plan initially. At Alex's school, Alex is attacked by a sniper, which give Mr. Blunt a chance to send Alex on a mission to Cairo to investigate the new head of security Erik Gunter, believing he might have somethings to do with Scorpia. Unlike in most other missions, Jack, Alex's friend and guardian, decide to come along to keep an eye on him, as well as Mr Smithers being sent from MI6 to co-ordinate the mission. The action ultimately leads Alex to a floating market, the House of Gold, which is blown up whilst he is on it.

However, this is quickly stopped by Joe Byrne, revealing that the mysterious group are the CIA, who have recognised Alex as an MI6 spy and believe he is there as an assassin.

Scorpia then begin to target Mr Smithers, who is found to have booby trapped his entire house in Cairo, from itching powder to a doormat which leads to the Cairo sewers.

This way, Scorpia can never find him, as they don't know what they're looking for. As the book progresses, both Alex and Jack are taken to Razim's fort in the Sahara Desert, where Alex is taken to be Razim's next subject. However, for the plan to work out, they cannot physically cause him pain or mark his body in any way. So Razim instead decides to use the opportunity to subject him to emotional pain. To do this, he pretends to allow Jack to escape from her cell, knock out a guard and drive off in an old Land Rover.

Unbeknownst to her, the Land Rover has a bomb rigged to it and, with Alex watching live on a camera, Julius Grief detonates the bomb, killing her instantly.

Alex's grief is too much for him to handle and he faints. Days later, Scorpia will begin their blackmail, threatening to expose their file on MI6's use of a schoolboy as an assassin unless the Elgin Marbles will be returned.

As a last request, Alex asks for a cigarette, and as Gunter opens the packet, an irate scorpion inside the packet stings him. Alex had stolen Razim's cigarette packet when at the fort and carefully coaxed a scorpion inside it when in his cell and smuggled it into the van in which they were sitting.

This immobilises Gunter enough for Alex to steal his gun and break his nose, killing him from the trauma. Alex then rushes inside, just at the time when Julius was sneaking away in order to go to his hidden sniper rifle and kill the Secretary of State. However, Alex distracts Julius just in the nick of time, so a shot is fired, alerting everyone to the presence of a sniper, but no-one is killed.

This organises the frenzy required, but Julius slips away into the crowd, leaving Alex to need to give chase or lose him again. Alex chases Julius through the streets of Cairo, culminating in a grassy verge by the side of a road, where Julius has slipped. He claims that Alex wouldn't dare kill him, but as Alex turns away, Julius goes for his gun, and is shot in turn by Alex. He then meets up with the CIA, who are forming a joint taskforce with the Egyptians to take out Razim in the desert.

Julius sat in the front. They startedup and drove the short distance to an arched entrancewayand two massive gates. As they passed into the fort, thegates swung shut behind them, meeting with a solid andconclusive thud. And now there was activity all around him.

PDF - Scorpia Rising

There was a man drawingwater from the well, another digging at some sort of salt Hell Is Waiting pile. Overhead, a rope and wooden walkway stretchedfrom one side to the other. There was no sign of Jack. Alex followed his doppelganger into a long, narrowbuilding set right next to one of the walls. There was a desk and a chairwith a Cairo College uniform neatly folded and hangingon the back. Two guards, silent and emotionless, stoodwaiting for him.

There was a movement at the door and another manstrolled in. Before the man had even spoken, Alex felt theatmosphere in the room change. The man looked toosmall and girlish to be dangerous, but Alex knew he mustbe in charge. He stopped in front of Alex and examined him. Smithers has been inCairo.

But I would advise youto cooperate with my guards or they will hurt you quiteconsiderably. We have a school uniform for you there,on the chair. As you can see, Alex, I am not a manwho makes mistakes. You are now in my power and willremain so until the end of your life. You will be given dinner and then left to sleep. I adviseyou to take advantage of it. Razim nodded at the guards, whomoved forward.

We will meet again tomorrow. The two of them left together and then the guardsbegan their work. Two hours later, Alex found himselfback in school uniform, alone in a cell that measuredabout thirty feet square with a bunk, a table, and a bucketfor him to use in the night.

There was a single barredwindow that looked onto the outer wall with a longshadow stretching out in the corridor in between. Afterabout twenty minutes, the door opened and anotherguard came in with a tray holding bread, soup, and abottle of water. This was all he was going to get for thenight. But there was no point in starving himself. Alex ate thefood and drank half the water. He curled up on the bunkand a short while later, despite everything, he was asleep. Alex looked up at the sun.

There wasa machine gun slung across his back. He signaled withone hand.

The message was clear: Come with me. As he went, he heard a familiar voice. Who do youthink you are, anyway? Ignoring the guard who was right behind him, Alexran to her. They were surroundedby armed men, but for the moment all of them wereforgotten. But I told you.

What is this place? He pointed at the door. Alex and Jackwere led out of the prison block. It was early morning, but the sun was already hot.

Alexand Jack were led past the main gate and across to thehouse where Razim lived. Alex looked around him. He hadalready counted a dozen guards and there were probablymore. This was the home of someone who liked to feelextremely secure. Ahead of them, Razim was waiting forthem on a small terrace that he had constructed in front ofhis home. There was a stone table surrounded by dwarfpalms sprouting out of terra-cotta pots.

As usual, he was wearing awhite dishdasha that looked brand-new. There wasalso a pack of cigarettes—Black Devils—beside him. Alexwas glad to see that the table was set for three. Seeing them, Razim got to his feet. Do sit down. Alex nodded andthey took their places. He fussed over them, movingdishes and pouring the tea as if they were guests who hadchanced to pop in rather than his prisoners. Meanwhile,Alex looked around him. It was already obvious that itwould be almost impossible to escape from the fort, andyet, at the same time, he remembered what Jack had justsaid.

Tea in the garden with Damian Cray. Dinner with JuliaRothman.

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All these people had to pretend that they werehuman. To disguise the fact that they were anything but. Of course I have no right to keep you prisonershere. But I am a criminal. Why not let us be honest aboutit? The law means nothing to me. I do exactly what Iwant. Please have some breakfast. Youboth need to eat and—particularly in this heat—todrink.

Jack hesitated, then did thesame. A man walked past them pushing a wheelbarrowpiled high with salt crystals. Whatever work went on here,it never stopped.

Razim licked his spoon clean. I alsoknow where we are. If you let us go now, you might have timeto save yourself. Then Razim broke into aforced, unnatural laugh. I am willingto accept that you have managed to work out at least partof what we are planning. It iscommon knowledge that the secretary of state will behere tomorrow. But it is already too late to prevent us,and I can assure you that you have no idea at all of ourtrue aims. There is what you might call a necklace ofroadside devices, similar to those used in Afghanistan,around the compound.

We can activate them the momentwe come under attack. TheIranians kindly provided us with several of their SA2medium-range, high-altitude surface-to-air missiles. At aprice, of course. But I am a man who likes to feel safe,and were any enemy forces to show themselves—in theair or on land—I can assure you that it would be a simplematter to blow them to smithereens. I have anotheridentity and another life waiting for me in another part ofthe world.

And as for you, Alex. Alex glanced at Jack, willing her to stayquiet, not to endanger herself. Speaking personally, I have no interest in revenge. And I want you to understand that I have no particularfeelings about you. You seem a pleasant enough boy. Butunfortunately for you, you are now completely in mypower and, as it happens, I am a scientist. Recently, Ihave been doing a great deal of research into the subjectof pain.

In effect, my aim is to causeyou more pain than you have ever known, more pain thanyou can begin to imagine. Razim ignored her. This issomething I have discovered through my research. I can assure youthat one of my guards will shoot you down before youcan even rise out of your chair. Alex reached out and touched her arm. She put the knife down. Now, where was I? The child who imagines thecold water, who enters it one inch at a time, has a muchworse experience than the child who simply runs off thediving board and jumps in.

You see that building over there? That is where,for you, hell is waiting. I have already made it quite clear to you that Alex Rideris nothing to me. I am not like Julius, for example, whohates him very much indeed, who is indeed consumed byhatred.

I have no such emotions. For me, hate is as much Hell Is Waiting a waste of time as love. Alex has been a useful device in aplan that I have created for Scorpia. Tonight, he will beuseful to me. That is all. I simply want the two of you toprepare. There was one cigarette left. He took it out andlit it. The salt lakes havea certain beauty, and you may like to swim.

I can lend youboth bathing suits. Do not take this as a sign of weaknesson my part. And anyway, youwill be watched at all times. As you may have appreciatedwhen you were brought here, Alex, I have reasons for notwanting to damage you.

But if you stray too far from thefort, if you attempt to do anything that gives me reasonto believe that you are trying to escape, I will not hesitateto put a bullet into your friend. Do you understand me? There wascontempt in his voice. Lunch will be served here aswell. I hope you both enjoy whattime is left to you.

Jack waited until he had goneinto the house. It was still hard tobelieve that Razim was just letting them walk out. No one will beable to hear us in the middle of a lake. Two of the guards hadfollowed them and stood watching, twenty paces away. Instead, they walked along the shoreline of one of theextraordinary lakes that had somehow sprung up in themiddle of the desert, with so much salt in the water thatstrange crystal formations were spreading out across thesand.

The fort was about a quarter of a mile away andreminded Alex of something he might have built when hewas six or seven years old. They had both heard what Razim had said. Neither ofthem knew quite what to say.

Scorpia rising : the final mission

Alex knew that Razim haddone this on purpose. He might pretend to be a scientist. He might claim to have no feelings. But deep down, hewas getting some foul pleasure from their pain.

It was Jack who broke the silence. What a little jerk! I swear Hell Is Waiting to God. How could we have let this happen to youall this time? And your uncle actually wanted you to be aspy? Alan Blunt, Mrs. But I can. The walls are brick, but the cement is some sortof mixture of salt and mud. And one of the bars of mywindow is a little loose. I can use it to cut into the brick. And if I can get the bar out, I can squeeze through. If we can get there and raise the alarm.

We justhave to make one phone call. They leave them in the cars. Everythingmade sense, and yet at the same time, something worriedhim. Three basic errors. It seemed almost too good to be true. On the otherhand, Jack could be right. Razim thought he had all theodds on his side. That could be making him careless. Alex nodded.

Alextried to forget what Razim had said. There was no sign of Julius Grief, and Razimseemed to have disappeared too. Maybe they were bothinside. The sun was blazing down and there was barelyany breeze.

But slowly the light changed. At half past three a guard appearedand, in broken English, told them that it was time to goback to their cells. I promise. Alex was taken to his cell. Before the doors werelocked, Alex was able to look around him, and he saw,with a heavy heart, that Razim was being true to his word.

He was taking no chances. A wooden chair had beenplaced in the middle of the corridor and there was alreadyanother guard sitting there. If he heard the slightestsound, he would raise the alarm. The two doors slammed shut. The keys were turned. Time slowed down. He wanted him to think about what lay ahead, andAlex tried as best he could to put it out of his mind.

What were they going to doto him? Alex remembered the scorpions that he had seenthat morning.

Maybe that was their plan. All too quickly, the sun began to set. Why was it suddenly soeager for the end of day? Darkness fell. The door swung open and Julius Griefwas there.

He had also changed into a Cairo College uniform asif determined to mimic Alex to the bitter end. Alex stood up. He had no choice. He stepped out into thecorridor. With Julius Grief striding ahead, the three of them ledhim out. He was sitting in a high-backed leather chair, strappedin place by soft cords around his wrists, his ankles, andhis neck. No matter how much he struggled, they wouldmake no mark. A series of wires ran down his nakedchest.

Each one had been carefully positioned and stuckin place by an unsmiling female technician in a whitecoat; she was the only woman Alex had seen since he hadarrived at the fort. The air-conditioning had been turned up high andAlex could feel his own sweat chilling against his skin. With its thick, white-painted walls curving around him,the room reminded him of an oversized igloo. He wasconnected to a variety of machines that were alreadymeasuring everything that was happening inside him.

The dot was moving very fast. He tried willingit to slow down, but he was no longer in control. Nothing could be worse than the horror that was allaround him.

For the moment, the television was turnedoff. Alex waited to see what would happen next. Hethought about Jack. Even now there was a part of himthat was more scared for her than for himself. He hadbeen in situations like this before. A lot of unpleasantpeople had threatened him with a lot of unpleasant things,but somehow he had always come through.

But this wasall new to her. While he sat here, she would be puttingher plan into operation, trying to escape. He just hopedshe would take care. She had no idea what she was upagainst. Razim had changed intoa pale gray collarless jacket and trousers that made himlook like an upmarket dentist. It is very unusual forme to have a teenager, and in normal circumstances itwould suggest to me many possibilities. Alex knew that hewas doing it purposefully for effect.

It was the act of abad stage magician in a cheap theater. He tried not tolook at the gleaming instruments. All he could do was sit and wait.

Left to himself, hewould, I am sure, do unspeakable things to you, startingperhaps with your toes and working up. He would haveenjoyed that very much. Unfortunately, I cannot allowhim to go ahead.

You cannot bemarked in any way. No cuts or bruises! No bits missing! And so, with regret, we must say farewell to the knivesand the syringes. There will be no bloodshed tonight.

There are two instruments that I am going to use. Earliertoday, I promised you hell. And now, my dear child, it ishere. Alex recognized one immediately. The other was similar, about the size of a mobile phone,with a single red button mounted in the center. Razimhanded this to Julius, who took it gratefully, licking hislips and rolling it in his palm.

Razim tapped his earpiece as if awaiting instructions. Jack had begun working on the bar the moment she hadheard Alex being taken from his cell. As the footstepsfaded into the distance, she felt a black steel mesh ofshock and disbelief slamming down in her mind.

PDF - Scorpia Rising

Jack hadalways thought the best of people. She had refused tobelieve that anyone could be completely heartless andevil. Her breakfast with Razim had proved her wrong. She had seen the guard sitting outside in the corridor Hell Is Here and had no idea if he was still there. Even so, she wouldhave to work quietly. And quickly. What were they goingto do to him?

How soon would they start? Jack felt thetears rising and angrily wiped them away. She had to get out of here. There were just two vertical bars, solid steel, setside by side, as if in a cartoon.

She had to remove onlyone of them and she would have enough space to squeezeout. And one of them, as she had discovered, was loose. The fruit knife that she had stolen from the breakfasttable was small, with a blunt edge.

Even if she had beenable to use it to attack Razim, it was unlikely that shewould have been able to do him much harm. But it wassurprisingly effective against the crumbling brickworkthat surrounded the bar. She was using it like a chisel,chipping away, making sure that the rubble fell into thecell where nobody could see it. The cement was very soft,almost like putty. And maybe it had rained—did it everrain in the desert?

The bar was already wobbling. Soon she would be able topull it free. But how soon? It was worse than that. Otherwise, she would be too sick to continue. She was his only hope. She was going to break out andbring help. She had scooped out a lot of the cement, forming acavity around the bar. She pulled and it came free. She waited a minute, herheart pounding. Nobody came. She pulled herself up and stuck her head out of thegap she had made.

Leaning out, Jack couldjust glimpse the main courtyard with the salt pile that theguards had collected. Therewas nobody in sight. Jack was about to heave herself up, then had secondthoughts and grabbed the metal bar and looped it throughher belt. It was the only weapon she had and she mightneed it. There was no chair. Somehow she managed to maneuver herself so thatshe was dangling half outside, and she twisted around,wincing as the loose metal bar dug into her stomach. Fora moment she thought she was stuck.

Her hips were thewidest part of her body and they refused to pass through. If anyone walkedaround the back of the storehouse, they would be certainto see her.

The thought gave her extra strength. She landed heavily, winding herself. Surely someone would have heard her. She had made somuch noise! But perhaps the guards were at dinner. I have to get help. Jack picked up the bar and got to her feet.

Now all she had to do was steal a car and drive away.

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