interview, is to collect and present on a readable way questions and tips on you google something like “android interview questions” the same set is always. Here is a list of 50 important Android Operating system interview questions with their osakeya.infod is the most popular operating system used in mobile. The caller will send this intent to Android's intent resolver, which finds the most suitable activity for the intent. E.g. opening a PDF document is an intent, and the.

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Android Interview Questions-Interview Questions and Answers Page 1 of 7 Frequently asked Android Interview Questions with detailed answers and examples. Tips and Tricks for cracking Android interview. Happy job hunting. Dear readers, these Android Interview Questions have been designed specially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during.

Remember Me Forgot Password. Interested in Learning Android? Click Here. In normal circumstances, developers will not be using this tool directly and build tools will care for the generation of DVM compatible files. No, it is not necessary. Typically, good use cases for the NDK are CPU-intensive applications such as game engines, signal processing, and physics simulation. Where will you declare your activity so the system can access it?

It is still a good idea to know what is going on though. Take a look at Overview of an AndroidApplication to understand the basics of how an Android application works. Finally, a great way to started with Android development in Eclipse is to follow both the Hello Android and Notepad code tutorials. In particular, the start of the Hello Android tutorial is an excellent introduction to creating a new Android application in Eclipse.

Question Android applications are written using the Java programming language. Android includes a set of core libraries that provides most of the functionality available in the core libraries of the Java programming language.

Android only supports applications written using the Java programming language at this time. Why Is It Required? TTL is a value in data packet of Internet Protocol. It communicates to the network router whether or not the packet should be in the network for too long or discarded.

Usually, data packets might not be transmitted to their intended destination within a stipulated period of time. The TTL value is set by a system default value which is an 8-bit binary digit field in the header of the packet. The purpose of TTL is, it would specify certain time limit in seconds, for transmitting the packet header. When the time is exhausted, the packet would be discarded. Each router receives the subtracts count, when the packet is discarded, and when it becomes zero, the router detects the discardedpackets and sends a message, Internet Control Message Protocol message back to the originating host.

TTL time to live apart from determining the life time of a packet in a network also helps in avoiding the wastage of bandwith. It is a resizable bitmap resource that can be used for backgrounds or other images on the device. The NinePatch class permits drawing a bitmap in nine sections.

The four corners are unscaled; the four edges are scaled in one axis, and the middle is scaled in both axes. IP datagram can be used to describe a portion of IP data. Each IP datagram has set of fields arranged in an order. The order is specific which helps to decode and read the stream easily. IP datagram has fields like Version, header length, Type of service, Total length, checksum, flag, protocol, Time to live, Identification, source and destination ip address, padding, options and payload.

The size can be fixed by some standard or decided at the time ofconnection. Fragmentation is a process of breaking the IP packets into smaller pieces. Fragmentation is needed when the datagram is larger than the MTU. Each fragment becomes a datagram in itself and transmitted independently from source. When received by destination they are reassembled. What Is Sticky Intent? Is there anyway to determine if an Intent passed into a BroadcastReceiver's onReceive is the result of a sticky Boradcast Intent, or if it was just sent.

Most important Android Interview Questions with Answers

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Describe The Apk Format. A project is compiled into a single. Is Sim Pin Code Working? Future of the mobile application development is bright. In the last two years, a lot of innovation has come in the mobile computing world. Apple has launched very innovative mobile phone, iphone and ipad along with app store. Google launched Android in Nov Blackberry released SDK and app world. Microsoft has come up with phone 7 framework.

Almost every type of mobile can be programmed using J2ME. Making applications for all these devices is Mobile application development. Desktop based IT application is present but the mobile is future. All the applications that were madeto work only on desk top are being ported to mobile.

In the coming 10 years, desktops will be replaced completely with mobile, and then all the applications will be designed mainly for mobile.

The demand for mobile based trained engineers are increasing every year. Now after the launch of ipad by Apple, it will be even more. Therefore; the gextgen technology will be nothing else than mobile. The demand is expected to grow 70 folds in the coming 4 years. What Is A Dalvik? The name of Androids virtual machine. The virtual machine is register-based, and it can run classes compiled by a Java language compiler that have been transformed into its native format using the included?

The VM runs on top of Posix-compliant operating systems, which it relies on for underlying functionality such as threading and low level memory management. The Dalvik core class library is intended to provide a familiar development base for those used to programming with Java Standard Edition, but it is geared specifically to the needs of a small mobile device. Generally, it's very difficult to detail them, unless there is a significant new feature in which case, that will be very well advertised!

Usually it's minor speed improvements, bug fixes etc No time soon. Folks are working on it, but you'll need a lot of patience before it if ever arrives. This is a known annoyance on some devices, believed to be related to power management switching the speaker on and off not confirmed , it actually seems worse in silent mode ironically. If you experience this, you're not alone When a fix is ready, it will be announced here. Google doesn't take a dime out of this. Explain Seapine Software?

Seapine's software development and testing tools streamline your development process, saving you significant time and money. Enjoy feature-rich tools that are flexible enough to work in any software development environment. With Seapine integrated tools, every step in the developmentprocess feeds critical information into the next step, letting you focus on developing high quality software in less time.

Clicking on the active text box will pop up the software keyboard but this will resize the list, removing focus from the clicked element. An open platform would foster faster innovation, multiple software versions, better customisation options, lower costs, which would bring down the overall service and handset costs while boostingsales.

Imagine a situation that you are in a country where no one understands the language you speak and you can not read or write. However, you have mobile phone with you. With a mobile phone with android, the Google translator translates the data of one language into another language by using XMPP to transmit data. You can type the message in English and select the language which is understood by the citizens of the country in order to reach the message to the citizens.

Developers will be able innovate rapidly because they will have comprehensive API access tohandset capabilities that are web-ready.

They will experience increased productivity because they will have comprehensive and easy-to-use developer tools. And because open source offers a deeper understanding of the underlying mobile platform, they can better optimise their applications. Finally, the distribution and commercialisation of mobile apps will be less expensive and easier. Allows an application to monitor, modify, or abort outgoingcalls. It provides screen capture, log dump, and process examination capabilities.

The following are the advantages of Android: The VM used is called Dalvik, so named after the ancestral roots of its creator, as the story goes. What Is An Intent Receiver?

An application class that listens for messages broadcast by calling Context. File - It is a block of arbitrary information, or resource for storing information.

It can be of any type. Class - Its a compiled form of. Java file. Android finally used this. It is not a file or a file type it is just a class that can be extended in Android for loading UI elements on view.

Give An Example. Specify android id, layout height and width as depicted in the following example. Android supports 4 dialog boxes: An alert dialog box supports 0 to 3 buttons and a list of selectable elements, including check boxes and radio buttons. Among the other dialog boxes, the most suggested dialog box is the alert dialog box.

Android Interview Questions - javatpoint

This dialog box displays a progress wheel or a progress bar. It is an extension of AlertDialog and supports adding buttons. In a domain, one or more computer can be a server to manage the network. On the other hand in aworkgroup all computers are peers having no control on each other. In a domain, user doesn? In a work group user needs to have an account for every computer.

In a domain, Computers can be on different local networks. In a work group all computers needs to be a part of the same local network. Press and Hold the icon or widget. Activity implementations can optionally make use of the Fragment class for purposes such as producing more modular code, building more sophisticated user interfaces for larger screens, helping scale applications between small and large screens, and so on.

Multiple fragments can be combined within a single activity and, conversely, the same fragment can often be reused across multiple activities. This structure is largely intended to foster code reuse and facilitate economies of scale. A fragment is essentially a modular section of an activity, with its own lifecycle and input events, and which can be added or removed at will.

What is difference between Serializable and Parcelable? Which is best approach in Android? You simply mark a class Serializable by implementing the interface, and Java will automatically serialize it in certain situations.

Parcelable is an Android specific interface where you implement the serialization yourself. It was created to be far more efficient than Serializable, and to get around some problems with the default Java serialization scheme.

What are the two mechanisms by which they can be defined? What specific types of launch modes are supported? Launch modes may be defined using one of two mechanisms: Manifest file. When declaring an activity in a manifest file, you can specify how the activity should associate with tasks when it starts. Supported values include: standard default.

Multiple instances of the activity class can be instantiated and multiple instances can be added to the same task or different tasks. This is the common mode for most of the activities. The difference from standard is, if an instance of the activity already exists at the top of the current task and the system routes the intent to this activity, no new instance will be created because it will fire off an onNewIntent method instead of creating a new object.

A new task will always be created and a new instance will be pushed to the task as the root. However, if any activity instance exists in any tasks, the system routes the intent to that activity instance through the onNewIntent method call.

In this mode, activity instances can be pushed to the same task. This mode is useful for activities that act as the entry points.

Most important Android Interview Questions with Answers

Accordingly, the activity with launch mode is always in a single activity instance task. This is a very specialized mode and should only be used in applications that are implemented entirely as one activity. Intent flags. Calls to startActivity can include a flag in the Intent that declares if and how the new activity should be associated with the current task. Same as singleTask value in Manifest file see above. Same as singleTop value in Manifest file see above.

If the activity being started is already running in the current task, then instead of launching a new instance of that activity, all of the other activities on top of it are destroyed and this intent is delivered to the resumed instance of the activity now on top , through onNewIntent.

There is no corresponding value in the Manifest file that produces this behavior. More information about launch modes is available here.