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Download ASP DOTNET interview questions in PDF based on Object oriented programming concept. is an open source server-side. Latest Dot Net Interview Questions And Answers Pdf Manifest 3. Explain GridView control in Answer: The GridView control displays the. Net | Interview Questions and Answers PDF | Questions and Answers | Interview Questions Pdf | Technical Interview.

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Asp Net Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

Net Interview Questions_WorkShop( questions and answers).pdf - Download Net Interview Questions Net Framework 2. C#.Net 3. 4. Web Matrix is a free development environment from support of multiple programming languages via the Common Language Specification. Question 1: What is Answer: was developed in direct response to the problems that developers had with classic ASP.

Home Categories. Follow ASPSnippets. Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has covered the list of best possible C Interview Questions and Answers of the C programming language and explain in as simple language as possible so it becomes understandable by every fellow programmer. C is an enormous programming language with many concepts which is being constantly updated by Microsoft and hence the list of C Interview Questions and Answers cannot be constant. Thus this article and the downloadable PDF file will be periodically updated with the new questions that fit best into this list of C Interview Questions and Answers. In this article I will cover the list of best possible C Interview Questions and Answers of the C programming language and explain in as simple language as possible so it becomes understandable by every fellow programmer. C Interview Questions and Answers.

But Static members cannot be accessed using this keyword. What is Namespace in C?

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Give example of in-built Namespace in. A Namespace is used to organize classes. Example of in-built. Net Namespace is the System Namespace. Fun ;. What is a Sealed class in C? A Sealed class is a class which cannot be inherited. The sealed keyword is used to prohibit inheritance of a particular class in C. A sealed class can be public as well as private. What is an Internal class in C?

.Net Interview Questions_WorkShop(250 questions and answers).pdf

An Internal class is a class which cannot be used outside its Assembly. The internal keyword is used to mark a particular class Internal i. What is an Abstract class in C? An Abstract class is a special class which is majorly used for inheritance and it cannot be instantiated. Fun4 ;. Fun5 ;. Cannot create an instance of the abstract class or interface. Fun6 ;. Cannot create an instance of the abstract class or interface 'A'.

Fun1 ;.

Fun2 ;. What is an Interface in C? An Interface is similar to an Abstract class and it also cannot be instantiated. Members cannot be public, private, etc. Fun2 '. Fun2 ' cannot implement an interface member because it is not public.

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50+ ASP.Net Interview questions with answers

Security code: The namespace provided by. It is an area of memory reserved to store the assemblies of all. NET applications that are running on a certain machine. STA or single threaded apartment model offers a message-based paradigm for dealing with multiple objects running concurrently.

2018 Latest Dot Net Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

Every thread lives within its own apartment. Net, when there is an exception, the. A user-defined data type is a named data type created by the user. It can be a structured type which has a sequence of named attributes that each has a type, or It can be a distinct type sharing a common representation with some built-in data type.

Based on this it can be categorized as,. Net base class library encapsulates a huge number of common functions and makes them easily accessible to the developer. The event bubbling in. NET is defined as the passing of the control from child to the parent is called as bubbling.

Controls like datalist, datagrid, repeater, etc. Micro-soft Silverlight is an open-source tool for making and deploying internet applications and media experiences on the web. Visual studio creates two files when creates project; App. To run a Silverlight application on a web server, you require to append the extension.

However, contents from many of these formats can be converted into formats that are supported by Silverlight like automated server function, and then inserted into a Silverlight based application. To host Silverlight applications from your web server, you need to allow the MIME type as mentioned below.

C# Interview Questions and Answers with PDF Download

NET pages? The Xaml page user control has a property known as InitParameters. From your ASPX pages, you can set a value in the form of key value pairs. Since this property accepts key-value pairs, you can pass any set of string values.

Silverlight synchronizes with existing web applications, including ASP. Apparently, ASP.

In short, Silverlight and ASP.

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