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Start Slideshow On March 10, Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans celebrated the 20th anniversary of the first airing of the first episode of Joss Whedn's beloved television series. Buffy the Vampire stayed on the air for seven seasons and even jumped networks, all while building one of the most dedicated fandoms of all time. Then it all came to an end in the epic series finale episode, "Chosen. That sounds simple enough, but that was in It's been ten years and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic book line has expanded to include multiple series and its canon now reaches across two publishers and into Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics of the past. Up Next: The 10 Best Episodes Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer If you're still excited about Buffy the Vampire Slayer these two decades later and are looking to get into the comic books, just keep reading this slideshow and we'll tell you everything you need to know. The series is "executive produced" by Joss Whedon. McDonald and Li are currently working on the third volume, "Parental Parasite," which will be released in July. That all change when Buffy's story continued in the Season 8 comics, and so Fray was written into Season 8 with a pretty significant role. Some fo the stories feature Slayers from the television show, including the First Slayer and Nikki Wood, and others introduce new Slayers.

Buffy is now leading an army of the Slayers she awoke using the power of the Scythe. Things are going pretty well until she's challenged by a powerful and mysterious new enemy called Twilight.

Fans may also notice that the monsters and battles got significantly larger since Whedon no longer had to worry about the budget. Dark Horse would continue using the season structure with Buffy going forward, even taking an "off-season" between each. That may make it seem daunting to jump into current continuity, but each new seasons' beginning serves as a great jumping on point.

Both Season 10 series deal with the impact of the return of magic to Earth. Faith, meanwhile, embarks on a quest of self-discovery. The first issue hit stands in November Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs returned for Season The season's opening story flips the script on Buffy's traditional dynamic.

A Guide To Buffy The Vampire Slayer Comics

Buffy is placed in the unenviable position of trying to keep the peace and defend the innocent demons from humanity. Angel and Faith go on several missions and acquire numerous fragments of Giles' soul using the mystical Tooth of Ammuk, and Angel's personality becomes increasingly influenced by the growing presence of Giles' soul within him. Angel and Faith are joined and supported by Giles' great aunts, Lavinia and Sophronia Fairweather, two depowered witches who used their magic to remain young and beautiful, and by Alasdair Coames, a depowered "archmage" and a collector of magical artifacts who is an old friend of Giles's.

Willow visits Angel and Faith's apartment on her mission to restore magic, and as the Scythe contains a piece of Giles' soul, is able to enlist their help. Connor was raised in the hell dimension Quor'toth, and through him Willow is able to transport them there using residual magic in the Scythe.

Once there, she regains her powers and begins an inter-dimensional journey, and Angel receives the penultimate piece of Giles's soul. Later, Angel and Faith recover a mystical item which is key to restoring Giles's corpse to full health so they can reanimate it. However, they discover he is not buried in his grave. They learn that Giles's body has been possessed by the demon Eyghon from the Buffy episode " The Dark Age " , to whom he sold his soul in his youth.

Angel reveals that he has known of Eyghon's survival, as well as his partnership with Whistler, Pearl and Nash. Because vampires are immune to Eyghon's ability to possess the dead and unconscious, with which he plans to build an army of Slayers, Angel recruits Spike to assist him on a mission to kill the demon.

The trio, supported by a band of Slayers, manages to slay Eyghon using an enchanted sword.

Traumatized by this battle and by recent losses, the Slayers who worked alongside Nadira quit to lead normal lives. With Eyghon's death, Giles's complete soul is restored, and is later transferred from Angel's body to a mystical vessel. Spike quickly departs after learning Buffy called Faith requesting help for Dawn, but Angel and Faith have no idea who Dawn is supposed to be.

The remaining group then go ahead with the plan to bring Giles back to life, using Coames's collection of artifacts to provide the required magic for the spell. The ritual is interfered with when Whistler, Pearl and Nash arrive to steal Coames' magical artifacts. The trio make off with everything after a brief and brutal skirmish. The group is astounded when Giles is successfully returned to life, but as a year-old boy with his memories intact, due to his aunts focusing on their memories of him as a child.

Giles thanks them for saving him from Eyghon but is furious at the age of his body and that they have been wasting time trying to bring him back and not saving the world from Whistler's plan. The group form a battle plan including a way to shield themselves from the plague, and accept that they all might die. The group, trailed by Nadira, confront Whistler, Pearl and Nash on a rooftop in Hackney as they prepare to unleash their magical plague by releasing an orb of pure magic into the upper atmosphere.

Angel and Faith are easily outgunned, and Nadira is gravely wounded by Nash. Giles is able to use ambient magic to attack Nash with a fireball, causing him drop the magical orb, albeit from a sufficient height to mutate local residents into all manner of magical creatures. Though burnt within an inch of her life, Nadira is able to help Faith kill Nash.

Upon Nash's death, his power is absorbed by Pearl, who escapes the scene in tears at the loss of her brother.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 – 10

Angel takes on Whistler head-to-head; he damages the orb, forcing Whistler to absorb some of its magic, which clears his unbalanced mind. Whistler realizes the error of his ways, destroys the orb himself, and dies.

Even though it is medically impossible, Nadira is still alive, but is somehow mutating. Coames worries that with Whistler's death the universe will no longer have someone working towards balance; Angel says that people will have to do it for themselves.

Lavinia and Sophronia take credit in front of the media for stopping the crisis. Faith and Giles decide to return to America, Faith thinking she may work with Kennedy 's Slayer bodyguard corporation and Giles aiming to reunite with Buffy. Angel parts on good terms with them, deciding to stay behind in London's newly christened "Magic Town" suburb where he expects many conflicts are yet to arise.

He dedicates himself once again to helping the helpless. On her travels, Willow befriends a cursed warlock known as Marrak. In a magical dimension resembling "Wonderland" , Willow is reunited with her former tutor and lover Aluwyn, the Saga Vasuki , whom she could not commune with after the end of magic. Aluwyn and her "supercoven" of witches restore Buffy's broken magical Scythe but inform Willow that opening a functional portal to her home world will be impossible because it does not have magic of its own.

At first Willow enjoys the freedom of limitless power in a magical community, but later realizes Aluwyn has secluded her to the neglect of her friends, and the pair separate.

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The experience leaves Willow with a newfound understanding of her abilities and her own nature, including the oneness of her "Dark Willow" persona and her normal self.

While traveling with Marrak again, his obsession with dark magic becomes apparent, and she realizes that he is in fact Rack , the dealer responsible for her earlier black magic addiction, whom she believed she had killed. In the story's final part, Willow and Rack battle until he is defeated, and she in turn is guided by a sentient universe back to Earth—this time, with her own magic restored and the message that it is for all the world to share.

She walks the streets of San Francisco at peace. Demons seize control of Spike's ship seeking to return to the ruins of Sunnydale, California , over the mystical Hellmouth where Buffy shattered the Seed of Wonder, bringing about the end of magic. They hope to acquire the shattered fragments of the seed, for they contain residual magic.

At the site of Buffy's battle, Spike encounters a succubus named Morgan who helps him kill his captors and explains that she, like many demons, is after these fragments as well; she plans to use them to open the dormant Hellmouth on Easter Island.

Morgan's powers place Spike under her thrall and using his ship, he transports her to the site of the Hellmouth before coming to his senses. Once there, Morgan's spell to open the Hellmouth fails, and instead brings the moai to life.

The moai later fuse into a stone giant which attacks Spike and Morgan. During the fray, the giant strikes and destroys Spike's space ship, leading all but one of Spike's insectoid crew to evacuate. A sole bug goes down with the ship, which takes the giant out with him. Morgan departs after Spike soundly rejects the chance of being in a relationship with her. The remaining bugs decide to set up home in the caves of Easter Island, and part ways with Spike.

Contemplating a return to San Francisco, Spike receives a phone call from Angel requesting his help.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9

Billy is summoned back to his hometown of Santa Rosita by his boyfriend Devon after it is overrun by zompires who do not need an invitation to enter people's homes. Anaheed travels along with him and says they can only evacuate the town; she advises him that a Slayer ought to know when to cut their losses.

Billy remembers Buffy telling him a Slayer must put the world first, above even those they love. He breaks up with Devon despite Devon saying Buffy is wrong. When zompires attack Devon and his father in their basement, Anaheed holds Billy back, believing they cannot reach them in time.