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Computer Power User is a registered trademark of Sandhills Publishing Company. German computer components company be quiet! has. Online ISSN: Reproduction of material appearing in Computer Power User is strictly prohibited without written permission. Corsair Enters New. [DOWNLOAD] Computer Power User – July by Sandhills Publishing Company. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and.

This is largely thanks 2. The gaming landscape was very the pair of Titans like the meat in a Pascal memory controllers on this card for an different two years ago, and the influx of sandwich, and according to NVIDIA, 11GB frame buffer. Trust us, you wont impressive 4K gaming monitors and the this is the gamers flagship. There may be miss that extra 1GB. As such, wings, but for the time being, gamers can reference design are set to 1,MHz weve put together a roundup of four of rally behind the king and an uncontested and 1,MHz, respectively. As youll the fastest enthusiast gamer graphics cards crown. You start with the bandwidth, and both of those numbers design graphics card. The successful architectures to date. Pascal was like a slight evolution of the reference ROPs are independent of the streaming built from the ground up to maximize design blower-style coolers attached multiprocessors, so the GTX Ti has performance per watt, and as a result, to previous flagship cards, but we 88 compared to the Titan Xs

This tends to make them not just slow in general, but more annoyingly intermittently sluggish. Add more, and the PC simply will not recognise it. In practice this means that the vast majority of PCs in use and being sold today cannot benefit from more than 4GB of RAM -- and this includes many PCs running Windows 7 which is very widely sold in its 32 rather than 64 bit format to maximise compatabilty with older software and perhipherals. Just how much RAM a computer needs depends on the software it is required to run effectively.

Most mobile computers usually feature far less RAM, and indeed even desktop computers running smaller operating systems such as some versions of Linux or Windows 98 can run very effectively with as little as MB of RAM in certain situations. Graphics systems can either be integrated into a computer's motherboard, or plugged into the motherboard as a separate "video card".

Graphics systems integrated into the motherboard also known as "onboard graphics" are now quite powerful, and sufficient for handling the requirements of most software applications aside from games playing, 3D modelling, and some forms of video editing. Any form of modern computer graphics system can now display high-resolution colour images on a standard-sized display screen ie any monitor up to about 19" in size.

What the more sophisticated graphics cards now determine is how well a computer can handle the playback of high definition video, as well as the speed and quality at which 3D scenes including games!

Another key feature of separate graphics cards is that most of them now allow more than one display screen to be connected to a computer. Others also permit the recording of video. In effect, modern graphics cards have become dedicated computers in their own right, with their own processor chips and RAM dedicated to video decoding and 3D rendering.

Hardly surprisingly, when it comes to final performance, the more RAM and the faster and more sophisticated the processor available on a graphics card the better. This said, top-end graphics cards can cost up to a few thousand dollars or pounds.

As a basic rule, unless a computer is going to be used to handle 3D graphics or to undertake a significant volume of video editing or recording, today there is little point in opting for anything other than onboard graphics not least because separate graphics cards consume quite a lot of electricity and create quite a lot of heat and noise. Adding a new graphics card to a computer with onboard graphics is also a very easy upgrade if required in the future.

A PC being upgraded from onboard graphics sometimes also requires an upgraded power supply if it is to continue to run in a stable fashion. Like most other modern storage devices, the capacity of the one or more internal hard disks inside a computer is measured in gigabytes GB , as detailed on the storage page. Today 40GB is an absolute minimum hard drive size for a new computer running Windows 7, with a far larger capacity being recommended in any situation where more than office software is going to be installed.

Where a computer will frequently be used to edit video, a second internal hard disk dedicated only to video storage is highly recommended for stable operation. Indeed, for professional video editing using a program like Premiere Pro CS5, Adobe now recommend that a PC has at least three internal hard disks one for the operating system and programs, one for video project files, and one for video media.

This is also not advice to be lightly ignored if you want your computer to actually work! Most computers are configured to use a proportion of a computer's internal hard disk to store temporary files. Such a "swap file" enables the computer to operate effectively, and means that some free hard disk space always needs to be available for a computer to run properly. However, providing that a hard disk is large enough to store the required software and user data without getting beyond about 80 per cent full, hard disk capacity will have no impact on overall system performance.

However, what does impact significantly on overall system performance is the speed of a computer's main internal hard disk. This is simply because the longer it takes to read software and data from the disk, and to access temporary files, the slower the computer will run. Two key factors determine the speed of traditional, spinning hard disks. The first is the rotational velocity of the physical disk itself. This can currently be , , , or rpm revolutions per minute. The faster the disk spins, the quicker data can be read from or written to it, hence the faster the disk the better although faster disks consume more power, make more noise, and generate more heat.

Most desktop hard disks run at either or rpm, whilst most laptop hard disks run at or However, upgrading to a or rpm disk -- such as a Velociraptor from Western Digital -- can prove one of the most cost-effective upgrades for increasing the performance and responsiveness of a desktop computer.

The second key factor that determines performance of a traditional, internal hard disk is the interface used to connect it to the computer's motherboard. Three types of interface exist: SATA, which is the most modern and now pretty much the norm on new PCs; IDE also known as UDMA , which is a slower and older form of interface, and finally SCSI, which is happens to be the oldest but in it most modern variant is still the fastest disk interface standard. The above points all noted, for users seeking ultimate performance, there is now the option of installing a computer's operating system, programs and data on a solid state drive SSD , rather than a traditional, spinning hard disk.

SSDs are far faster and more energy efficient than traditional, spinning hard disks, which in time they will largely replace. This said, at present SSDs are still a lot more expensive than traditional spinning hard disks in terms of cost-per-gigabyte.

Over the past five years in particular, what has mattered most for the majority of the population have been the quite staggering changes that have taken place in the ways in which individuals can now create, output and work with computer data.

This section and the next therefore provide a very brief summary of computing input and output devices. You can also find a more conceptual overview of the development and integration of computers into the physical world in the Second Digital Revolution section of ExplainingTheFuture. Keyboards remain the dominant means of getting most textual and numeric data into a computer. Computer keyboards have also changed relatively little over the past couple of decades. Those developments that have taken place tend to have involved the inclusion of more and more special function keys, wireless technologies, and improvements to assist with display screen equipment health and safety regulations.

Early IBM PC keyboards, for example, whilst being extremely robust, had such solid keyboard switches that many people who typed on them all day soon developed repetitive strain injury problems. In contrast, modern keyboards designed for typists rather than engineers who do not spend all day typing require a far lighter touch.

Alongside keyboards, mice and pointing devices are the other dominant form of computer input device. The first mouse was made out of wood at the Stanford Research Institute in the s, with its history now detailed on their MouseSite.

The basic principle of moving around a small, buttoned device to in turn position and select with a pointer on a computer screen also remains unchanged to this day. What has changed is the variety of "rodents" now available. Many are now wireless and hence I guess technically "hamsters" , whilst others have evolved into pads or trackballs built into laptop computers. For accurate graphics work such as photo retouching, graphics tablets are now the choice of many, with a pen or other tool being used on a special surface the absolute market leader in this area being Wacom.

Many mobile computing devices now also feature a touchscreen that allows the device used to control a computer to be a pen or finger directly in contact with the display. Touchscreens are now included on almost all smartphones and tablet computers, as well as many point of sale systems, and Wacom's lovely Cintiq.

Webcams and digital cameras have over the past ten years also significantly expanded the way that a great many people work with and think about computers. Digital photography is now commonplace, with the uploading of images onto a PC for e-mailing, sharing over the web, or printout, now the norm. I remember in the late s the manager of the largest chain of photo processing shops in the UK telling me that digital photography would have no real impact on their business. Oh how wrong he was!

All forms of digital camera continue to converge. Webcams remain devices primarily designed for capturing movies directly into a PC perhaps for upload to YouTube , or to enable desktop videoconferencing. However, many digital stills cameras can also be used as webcams. Many digital stills cameras can in addition capture video clips, whilst many digital video cameras can take still photos.

Mobile phones of course also share these capabilities. Developments like Microsoft's surface computer will also make it easier and easier to share both still and moving images between computers and all kinds of mobile devices in the future. Alongside cameras, low cost scanners have also allowed millions of us to easily capture documents and images directly into a computer. In turn, scanners are now converging with printers -- with multi-function devices MFDs now commonly including a printer, scanner, photocopier and sometimes fax machine.

Used with optical character recognition OCR software, scanners also permit the capture not just of images, but of editable text. Finally on the input side, microphones and audio recorders are now commonly used for digital data capture. Microphones are obviously needed to permit online audio and video conferencing. However, the use of portable audio recorders is now also on the increase.

Computer Power User - November PDF Version ~ Software-Addict

Fostex is widely regarded as the leading manufacturer of high-end digital audio recording hardware, although I personally prefer hardware from Tascam!

However, far more bulky cathode ray tube CRT monitors are still favoured by some in high-end graphics work where absolute colour control is required. For other types of visual output especially in education and training video projectors are now also in widespread use. Whilst most flat computer displays are currently based on TFT thin-film transistor LCD liquid crystal display technology, over the next decade these are likely to be replaced with OLED organic light emitting diode screens as already used on some mobile phones and media players.

LED-backlit screens are very nice indeed. OLED are amazing, if currently incredibly expensive. Most printers these days are either laser where toner is fused to the paper via a heated drum or inkjet where ink is sprayed onto the paper.

Both of these technologies now offer high quality colour output, although inkjet technologies still just having the edge for photo printing.

Inkjet printers are more expensive to run than laser printers, but cheaper to download largely because most inkjet manufacturers discount the selling price of the hardware to make their money back on selling ink cartridges and photopaper. Today, many printers have an integrated scanner and fax machine, and are hence sometimes referred to as multi-function devices MFDs capable of printing, scanning, photocopying and sending a fax.

Printing is also no longer just a flat, 2D process. Whilst yet to become a domestic desktop technology, 3D printers are now available from companies such as 3D Systems , Solid Scape and ZCorp. These allow a computer to output a physical 3D object in various plastics, resins or other materials, or even to print organic tissue! For more information on 3D printing, please see the 3D printing and bioprinting sections on ExplainingTheFuture. Other computer output hardware includes devices such as speakers which can cost from a few pounds to several hundred as well as Ipods and other music players that millions of people now use to extract music from their PC to listen to elsewhere.

As with digital cameras some of which are also music players! In turn, one could argue that our computers are increasingly with us all of the time in the form of those hardware devices that travel with us, but which functionally depend on at least an occasional interaction with a PC and often a website. The following forms of physical connection technology are now in common use: USB Ports are now nearly universal. Devices including printers, modems, scanners, digital cameras and a great many storage devices now connect via USB the "universal serial bus", first introduced in USB 1.

AORUS brand. Two 90mm and late last year. First of all. Its performance In order to support this frequency and backplate with a copper square over in our benchmarks put it only a few remain cool and quiet under load. Both cards feature a bit memory bus. Tess Here we have a pair of mm A brushed aluminum backplate fans and an overall card length of more with a copper patch under the GPU is than There are a few more is on that very short list. Ultra Vsync Off V High Tess.

The RX Intel Core iX. You can fine-tune the pump units with a powerful pump. The remote control flash effects. In our testing. And by offering three Best of all. Modders should also like the ability to capacities. Pump speed: To ensure constant flow. Color and lighting white.

The shorter pin power adapter to let you modify the speed at rpm increments. Maximum pump flow rate: Equipped with a high-performance tall.

Screw thread: The outlet port resides on the your motherboard—if the mainboard has you to switch among a fixed color with pump. You can also turn fittings work best for your loop. Other than the unit rate on-the-fly. There are no fittings built-in. Power connector: Most importantly. Available colors: Red LED.

But with a PWM range Molex adapter should be ready for some recently introduced a lineup of 80mm of rpm to 4. Another the LED-less black fans are a dollar less rpm to 4. The black models have no LED. Static Pressure: Extremely SFF cases. Those that do use the support fans smaller than mm. As lineups. Many comparably priced 80mm the cooling potential available. Compared to LED fans space. The 80mm model is rated for onboard LEDs spread light throughout A form factor cases typically manage to find space for a mm fan or two.

Bgears respectively. Alphacool also blocks produce near identical temperatures heat dissipation. Alphacool offers two styles of temperatures reaching on The gap was a bit within the block. Both in between can make a big difference in NexXxos XP3 lineup.

Intel Core iK. When running POV-Ray 3. Patriot Hellfire GB. Socket compatibility: Alpahcool also sells block. Temperatures definitely skewed the past few years. The transparent blocks would be good if you LED might be a nice addition to the clear design eliminates turbulence and makes use colored coolant. Our test rig includes Specs: Within the block. Fractal Design recommends that motherboard for other system fans. This tube would be modern Intel and AMD sockets.

Classified K. In Automatic Mode. This seemingly running to the fan hub. We installed other liquid-cooled hardware. Automatic a high of 65 C.


In our most demanding installation is a marvel of simplicity. Fractal Design could pressure of 1. And S36 to operate in two modes.

Fractal provide a few more instructions. Fractal Design allows the Celsius the needle up to an average of 60 C with assembled and prefilled with coolant. Even to include a high-end GPU. PWM fans. The onboard fan hub T undergone a small. An thread on the radiator. Radiator dimensions: Ten of a conventional closed-loop design. The Celius S36 offers To simplify cable management. At idle. For importance. Such a setup is 2. Frame materials: I wore the glasses for product the partnership has generated.

The lenses in Razer to be very comfortable and non- eyeglass frame that flexes. In both situations I found that Gunnar calls Onyx.

All FPS lenses are available in your computing. The thin nose pad arms of the high-intensity blue light that is extend directly from the frame rims emitted from computer screens. You can put hold the glasses in place on your head. If necessary. Lens color: In fact. Although they was easy to forget I was wearing colored simple and sturdy. The FPS has a stainless-steel frame sell the pads separately on its site. I had no slippage problems the components that pop out at inopportune different frame.

The lightweight frames hugged my springs or discernable screws. The amber lens color did not create any are coated in a soft thermoplastic rubber fits-all eyewear. This flexed the glasses I tested were not corrective. The new is inserted into the oval and held tightly in place by a groove around the edge.

While the main you need one. As for myself. In terms of will prevent computing eyestrain. You can designed motherboard trays. Aerocool launched its Aero-series cases. We reviewed the first Project 7 case. Fans included: Fans optional: Motherboard support: The aesthetic impact is profound— panel cover of the P7-C1.

Rather than going with the traditional up front. For instance. These things aside. Drive bays: Inside the cube. Hellcat Red paint job. GPU core clocks move from 1.

This design allows the coolant to be distributed equally among the parts in the loop and drops temperatures a few degrees Celsius for each component. Within the GPUs. The white liquid is a nice contrast to the mostly black interior.

From a premium the dual terminal. Portents Of Performance Luxurious is the best way to describe the cooling loop.

Instead of bending the hardline tubing. GPU temperatures stayed under 60 degrees. By comparison. GPU-Z logs indicate that.

Computer Power User Volume 10 Issue 6

The polished silver fittings reflect the internal LED lighting and mesh well with the shiny. Graphics Score Systems with extreme overclocks Physics Score make for enjoyable benchmarking. Last Light Very High. POV-Ray 3. Random 4K Read Q32T1 XM WS.

Wild Hunt Vsync 92fps Off. Windows 10 Home bit. Ultra Samsung PRO. Corsair AXi. Vsync Off Processor: Intel Core iX 4.

We did dock points On. SiSoftware Sandra the Witcher 3: The All Signs Point To. AA fps Specs: The latter serves as shows an extraordinary command of Games 3. SSAA off is packed with premium components. Current XPoint. The tangible benefits come as both system memory and storage.

NAND flash has been latency-sensitive applications. Doing away with memory pools and help to deploy bigger bits rather than having to erase a block of transistors increases capacity and reduces cost. Carter tells us that.

In the server space. The design allows for densely packed memory cells. Density is further improved by stacking the memory layers.

The cross-point structure includes perpendicular wires that connect to submicroscopic columns. Layers can stack for additional density gains. Instead of a transistor system memory. As DRAM. Speed Racer Initial performance estimates for 3D XPoint in came with some bold performance claims. A Unifier. An performance by determining where data is that exist between traditional DRAM and enterprise could.

Since then. Just some of the work in progress. Intel Optane Memory is only supported on series chipsets. As more 3D XPoint products are made available. Most high-end to make the computation faster and more Z motherboards. In a server environment. Micron Technology for this purpose in the past. Any and cost points.

Data centers should be an excellent fit for 3D XPoint technology. If Intel. Requirements include persistent memory. You might have used Rapid Storage be worth it. Team Blue rates the drive for 30 writes per day and up to Files you without sacrificing storage capacity. Intel Optane might open up XPoint Endurance change to reflect your usage pattern.

B motherboard. With the design and the look. But I loved the idea of Lackey that I was inspired to push past the boundaries of a something as powerful as the arc reactor being so compact. He Bronk says. Civil War. Bronk says that because he has watercooled rig in a chassis that was built to only support limited space for modding where he lives. I thought it most fitting with of work both technically and artistically. I knew I needed to to life was always a thrill to me.

I would build a Speaking of PennyWise. Then I took about feet of and an EK radiator. Cat 5e cable and stripped all the copper wire from it to wrap around the top of the ring of the reactor. I printed the design 47? Email photos and a description to madreadermod cpumag. Hundreds of loud, raucous fans packed the area to watch the CS: GO action, which the U. DreamHack offered numerous opportunities to attendees to experience VR firsthand, including at our booth where attendees like this young man took advantage of our Oculus demo.

This time. Not only is it one of the premier LANFest events twice every year that draws nearly attendees and staff. Twitch was in attendance at the LAN left.

Bawls drew a large. We also really enjoy the mod contests we judge there. Did someone order a pizza? Mod Contest As always at this event. Some were really cool on the outside. I was putting prototype waterblocks an actual.

Sanctuary was built as part of the Thermaltake Mod competition and the Core P5 was the featured case for that season everyone had to base their build on the P5. How did you get into modding in the first place. We reached out to Shannon Robb. When we were planning for the Circuits charity build. Beige Schuff in the shop. A year or two later. He also recently contributed to a custom build for actor Terry Crews.

The LAN was a huge factor. Shortly after that. Bob Stewart. We did a batch of signs for KS Thermaltake that they use at booths and shows around the world.

I have the reaction time of a Richard Surroz. Brian prototypes. About the same time. Rod Rosenberg. One thing: We really enjoy doing cus- watch the modding trends come and go. Who does the in the shop! I do all the circuit work. I got a it was. I had a vision of a expensive sign Those Light Signs has ever made? Matt Conwell has cultivated something led to another. What modders would you say have had the biggest influence on your work?

Your site provides lots of custom- ization options. I guess people by my buddies. He helps in the shop. What an amazingly black wood LEDs. My dad. That place is a crazy confluence of talent: Jon Hansz.

Thermal Enhanced Platform (TEP)

As for most expensive. Tell us the story of Those Light Signs! You do all the circuit and design work. I will play just about liked them.

I also do all of the graphic design work. Are you working on a mod now. Root Beer Bawls. Diablo III.

Cable sleeving. If he ever needed a case mod done. I do hope to get another mod for myself in this year. The last tournament we actually won was a Battlefield retro tournament a couple years ago. After hauling Sanctuary to Circuits. Not well. The moving crane and LEDs led to electronics and lighting. Core i7. Aaron Rodgers. Prior to the NEOChanger. What appears lighting]. Vortex Generation Flow. It maintains a gigantic stable of case fans and also has a fair number of CPU coolers in its arsenal.

These companies are an endangered species. Established in to compete in the power supply and PC case markets. For builds that lack the clearance to install the NEOChanger vertically. Topping out at 4. The Prime Pump rials—notably. According to Tseng. With a tough-as-nails bearing. Apart which is up to F higher than the other Speed Meter allows users to monitor and from performance.

The brackets lighting effects. PPS polyphenylene sulfide. Tseng says. This type of bearing can If you decide that the pump needs more or Innovation.

The same for other custom liquid-cooling hardware. For the Dimensions HxWxD. Gaming peripherals have long used LEDs for extra visual flair. LED lighting has officially taken over. Already showing a keen understanding of the custom liquid-cooling crowd. Graphics cards. When filling and leak-testing a loop during initial setup. And keep your eyes peeled over how those LEDs shine.

Plans exist to launch ColorGenie. Input voltage. A ring of LEDs ic. Materials PPS polyphenylene sulfide. In addition punching in a light color. Only after the test drive do to try a component before you bought card and finding out. Want to turn up the heat on your graphics card?

This hot-headed warrior is more than happy to lend a pair of helping hands and swords. N car that they test drove. How about at 2. A test drive can stop you from but figuring out how playable your Prey experience will be with that card test drove.

For example. Will the game run at about. According to Maxon. For scholarly types. When we run them. The website adds polygons. In other words. System Analyzer. Allow us to introduce ourselves. The last of our benchmarks we use to The meet and greet is about to begin. Although the CPU theoretically influ- ences the final score of all our tests. We report the results. According POV-Ray. Cinebench years.

CPU performance. We start by measuring a purpose computing on graphics processing units technology. Like perform. And over those Cinema 4D rendering software. As its name suggests. Our GPU benchmarks should make that and illumination. Quality settings are unchanged Heaven. Unigine introduced a brand-new GPU benchmark. After that. These are also a mix of integer a graphics card.

Strike Ultra. Direct X The rest of 3DMark? VRAM to have a prayer against Fire while the benchmark itself tortures your Leave that to the graphics card s. Unigine Heaven takes the sky in an attempt to take down your graphics card. With few exceptions. When we pit our lineup against simulations. Heaven is a CPU performance and is a way to reveal between these two variations. When budgeting for an upgrade some of the demands Fire Strike puts Dhrystone integer and Whetstone or a new build.

The former tests at p. According to Futuremark. And like 3DMark. It supports DirectX 9. Wild industry quite as much as solid-state to record temperature for every core and Hunt. The huge. Games that lack an tool number of GPUs can average 60fps at 4K must face a pair of benchmarks. FRAPS records our tough on graphics cards. Last Light recently celebrated concerned.

PC not only as easy as running a synthetic test graphics cards. Sequential performance midable opponents. Some games include Witcher 3 is a tremendous game to Temperature Torture a built-in benchmarking tool. The coolers we review consistent results. Since their release. Once upon a time. Last Light reach to the majority of power users.

Last Few components have disrupted the for 10 minutes each. When you need an play them. Dying Light. Shadow of Mordor takes after Witcher 3. In this situation. In order to assess a graphics Light.

SSDs then export the temperature data to a Metro games have been ruthlessly were a luxury download that few could afford. Like POV-Ray. As was one of the first games to make use of far as all-around system performance is This Is Only A Test tesselation. Unigine recently Pictured on this page. Dying Light is one of those games. CSV file. Because these tests present similar workloads. The perform a test run. Over time. Beamforming allows a wireless router to steer signals to the intended device.

And because many networked devices are wireless. Modern wireless routers and whole-home systems feature multiple wireless bands. Whole-home systems create a mesh Wi-Fi network.

Whole Home Systems Even with advanced signal routing and high-power antennas. For compatibility with older There are also tri-band wireless routers with a single Theoretical throughput from a single The following pages detail the key features of each product.

The And unlike a router and wireless repeater setup. For excellent coverage. Who Should Apply: Power users in need of an affordable. ALLY Plus lets you roam from the router to the extender with no interruption. ALLY Plus is a whole home wireless system that includes a router and wireless extender. Network Standards: Amped Wireless also builds in AVG protection to help prevent malware and other threats from reaching the devices on your network.

As with other mesh systems. Families that need excellent wireless connectivity. The whole home system is fast. The latter lets the router automatically direct your devices to the clearest band. Parents should also like that ALLY lets you create and enforce house rules.

Multimedia enthusiasts and early adopters who require the utmost wireless speed to a variety of devices. The Deco M5 is a whole home system that lets you create a mesh network with three dual-band AC units. For the fastest streaming possible. The mesh network allows for seamless Wi-Fi handoffs and optimal wireless connectivity. Each Deco M5 unit features four internal antennas and two Ethernet ports. The onboard Plex Media Server can organize the multimedia content across the devices on your network.

To handle all of this data. Enthusiasts who want to create a powerful mesh network. Deco M5 units also manage bandwidth and can prioritize important traffic. If you have a bigger space. For extra security. High-speed networks require a heavy duty processor. To start. Plan on using a wired setup? EnGenius also utilizes its EnMesh mobile app to create your mesh network to eliminate the need to run a wired connection to any of the units or setup software.

ASUS also provides its Game Boost technology that analyzes network traffic and accelerates gaming packets. Gamers who want the ultimate in packet acceleration for both wired and wireless connections. ASUS provides three wireless bands. You could allocate one band for a gaming PC and one for high-bandwidth video stream. Need to supply wireless to a VR gaming system and a 4K streaming device?

Each dual-band router can provide up to Mbps over the The three-pack router kit will cover up to 4. A single wired LAN port. Set to arrive in June. Network enthusiasts on a budget who need speedy coverage in every room. To reliably dole out traffic.

Wired network connectivity is provided by four Gigabyte Ethernet ports. And as you might guess. The router features large external antennas. For wired connectivity. An optional battery backup is also available. For the latter. Tenda indicates the dual-band router can cover up to 5. A USB 3. The router can deliver up to 1.

Tenda designs the AC18 to handle a busy network composed of multiple wireless devices around the house. Wireless routers with a tri-band configuration are ideal for those who want to balance network load among multiple devices. This router is perfect for households with lots of wireless devices that require smooth streaming and lag-free gaming. The dual-band router delivers up to Mbps to Linksys Seamless Roaming also allows the E to work with the Linksys RE range extender for uninterrupted roaming.

Enthusiasts who want a wireless router that will automatically prioritize gaming and multimedia traffic. The latter allows the EA to switch among the tri-band signals and always stay connected to the strongest signal. The quad-stream scheme is ideal for homes where multiple people and devices require high- bandwidth wireless connectivity.

To handle the considerable processing overhead. There are four active. With this article. Benchmark scores are useful in graphics card reviews. Keep The Baby. R9 Fury. To demonstrate just how much drivers can impact your scores. Such an analysis would require significantly more hard evidence.

If you keep up on the latest graphics drivers and you really should. Graphics Drivers. Few other software utilities you install are more complex and none has as significant an impact on your gaming Hands up anybody who wishes AMD would switch back to the old Catalyst UI. The next is performance. The first are driver-over-driver improvements. The unspoken truth of room to improve at launch.

Marinkovic Software New software optimizations can also significantly lower power consumption while improving gameplay responsiveness. Feature enhancements review hits the street. As Sasa Marinkovic. What we want to find out. Testing Methodology had been available almost two months zero game-ready drivers. As an added bonus. The cards cooler GPU temperatures. Benchmarks are long as you have no plans to use them GeForce Game Ready Radeon RX owners who game optimization for over 40 games.

For Edition. Windows The Radeon R9 Fury launched completely revamped its drivers since Our test bed was built around an a mere two weeks before Windows then. AMD has May The scores were also not up to the challenge. AMD managed to We ran each series of tests at 1. What About DX12? The games we chose for this testing were all run at the same peak settings that we use for graphics cards. Last installing a more up-to-date driver in playable results in both instances.

GA-XUltra Gaming motherboard. Windows would handle so many pixels. Not all of the game benchmarks we ran returned useful information for making informed comparisons. Sniper Elite IV. Between design model supplied to us by PNY.

Light or perhaps vice versa. When we installed the modern GeForce driver. We had to HDD for games and media. In a few cases. Wild Hunt The Witcher 3: DX11 get better with age. On the AMD side. Regardless High. AO V For AMD Ultra. Vsync Off at the lower resolutions. Tess remaining games. Tess probably pretty happy with how that card Metro: Ultra these results should further justify that Sniper Elite 4 Vsync Off. Last Light. For Games 1. At p. This stops Windows 10 from installing updates Memory interface bit bit for up to seven days.

When we focus on the three Shadow Of Mordor Vsync DX11 Fury owners playing The Witcher 3: The same cannot be said. Vsync off. Witcher 3. Tess Shadow of Mordor.

Ultra average frame rates between the two driver Sniper Elite 4 Vsync Off. Advanced Options. Vsync Off Due to our relatively small sample size.

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