“Creating A Bug Free Mind” is book one of a two-book experience. “Creating Your Bug Free Mind”, then the second book “Using A Bug Free Mind” will. “Creating”. A Bug Free Mind. The World's 1st. Antivirus For The Human Mind. Powered by Saltori Thinking. The Secret To Progress. Everything is just the illusion. Creating A Bug Free Mind - The Secret to Progress by Andy Shaw This is the first part of the Bug Free Mind Process which eliminates all negative thoughts.

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Creating A Bug Free Mind - The Secret to progress in any area of life to open up the pdf file of the first 5 chapters of this phenomenal book. NOTE: Over. Create a Bug Free Mind -Andy Shaw - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. A great goal to seek would be the. Using A Bug Free Mind (Chpts. ) - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) Also By Andy Shaw Creating A Bug Free Mind Money For Nothing And Your.

You are on page 1of 19 Search inside document 'Real life is, to most men Ill explain why in a little while, but this was confirmed in a survey I did to one of my mailing lists on goal setting. It was identified as the single biggest problem with it. Ive included the details of where you can access the full survey results in the appendix at the back. Then you will have access to the most powerful tool on Earth, this is no exaggeration, as I will prove soon. If you have not read the first book, then currently you are like a car parked facing uphill, you will need a lot more effort to move forward. Ive included some really good tools which I use, some are now hard wired into me so I do not need to think to use them and I will be explaining how you can do this too. Other tools I use occasionally and some everyday. However, the key element to this is how I broke down my own natural goal setting and have systemised it so that you can easily with a bit of thought replicate it. The problem is we are inherently lazy and we like everything being done for us. However, to turn on your creation machine, only you can do it. I can show you how to do it without obstacles, but only you can apply it. I will give you all you need, but its going to be down to you to push the button. This is about thinking, and it is the work that nearly all people shy away from continuously. I see people in the personal development world and they all know, or rather think they know, that they should set goals and yet they all wonder what the missing piece is.

You can say I believe and each time you do look at your need to say I believe, youll find a slow process of either knowing it is right or knowing it is wrong. Then your beliefs will become what they really are along the way, which is irrelevant more shortly, but remember how that feels. From now on watch out for when you use it and it will give you the feeling you are looking to create, the feeling is certainty.

To give you an idea of the difference in strength know is to believe, Ill use a strength scale. We will say, lets use a scale from 0 to infinite as to how powerful the words believe and know are in the attainment of the life you desire. No, other than getting us to fit in with the herd and not stand out, it gives us nothing.

And in truth why do we desire that anyway? This is obviously another area which needs to be observed. So, on a scale of strength Ill be generous and say it rocks in at a 2! Which is true and this further defines where we need to work and where we need to look. So it helps us by showing us the wrong direction. There really is no boundary to the power of this word, so Ill score it at infinite. Even the negative use of the word know is infinitely more positive than the use of I believe.

As when you say I dont know, it is certain you know that you do not know! Finally option 3, you can either know it, or not know it there is no believe And as usual with human medicine a paradox exists. Belief is just another man made mind disease. Knowing Before Seeing Marcel Proust Entrepreneurs and anyone who desires more, are the crabs trying to get out of the bucket.

The fact that you are reading this means you are one of the ones trying to get out Feel good about that as you deserve to!


You are in the minority, you are therefore a weirdo get over it as youre worth it! We change the world by changing the only thing we can ultimately control, our thoughts! To someone like me, others cannot harm me as I know the only way they can is for me to allow them to. So I simply do not allow them to. It wasnt always like that though, I used to be normal, well normal-ish. And just so you know the next bit is not a holier than thou thing, I have to still apply conscious effort to avoid these actions, though as time passes the instances grow less and less.

A quick quip remark which puts someone down like, oh thatll never work. Or I dont know why youre trying. Or I dont know why they are even trying you dont have to be with someone to put them down. Or have you simply gone out of your way not to help when you easily could if you applied just a few seconds thought or a little time?

A Bug Free Mind: Review Examining Andy Shaw’s Personal Development Program Released

You got out of helping them so that saved you time and further opportunities to help them! So you had the benefit of the time saving But then because of what you already knew, or what I wrote in the previous book you know the Universe will always give more back when you give. So you really missed out on the return of more time or more rewards elsewhere I am talking about when you see someone trying to start a business or learn something or progress in some way, instead of scoffing you can say nothing.

See them succeeding and be proud of their achievement, and yours for recognising their ability to succeed and not remain in the bucket! Wow, do you think the world would be a better place if we all did that? Again, Ill cover more on quantum physics later, but this is the part in the film What The Bleep with all the basketballs. It is also the part in the film The Matrix part 3 where we see hundreds of TV screens and Neo doing something different in each one.

Whatever you desire needs to be seen first, and by that I mean you have to know it is real.

A Bug Free Mind Andy Shaw PDF Review 1 A Bug Free Mind Andy Shaw PDF Review 1 - Page 2

I am talking about the entire world. Belief unfortunately for all of us, is an unnatural absolute weakness of the mind which does not help you to get the life you desire.

Remember what we believe is a reality to us. It doesnt mean it is a reality, it just means it is a reality to us. This false belief of needing proof before they can accept something is there is a very faulty perception. Just because we cant see something does not mean it isnt there.

The reason we dont see opportunities is not because they are not there, it is because we havent determined what we are looking for. They are real, but we have to change our reality to see them. I used to say I was plagued by opportunity, because to me it is everywhere. I know there are an abundance of opportunities, I know there will be plenty for me to pick up at anytime I choose to, I do not need to see them to know they are there do I? We experience in life what were deeply convinced is so.

Whatever we are conscious of we will experience. We will experience in life whatever we know is so and if you dont know it before you see it, then you will never see it! I have to scare you a bit now as this is designed to make you think in a different way. As depending which group of people you are in means that there is a I make the next statement with all the sincerity and depth I can, but as I seem to be the only person who has studied success to this level then there doesnt seem to be anyone to back me up Thus is the problem of a pioneer in a field And as my business mentor always told me the definition of a pioneer is face in the dirt with an arrow in his back.

So I accept what Im about to explain will probably end up being the worst thing I should tell you as you wont like me for saying it. Please dont just speed read over that last statement as I am attempting to make a point and get it in past your ego.

Maybe one day someone else will write another antivirus and then theyll be two ways on Earth that you can rejoin the successful group. But right now theres only one, and you are holding it. So what does this really mean? If you do then it would be easy for a critic to say Well Andy that person was already in the successful group then werent they?

But youll know and so will I if you were able to change groups and be the rarest of the rare creatures on Earth. Summary of Techniques Replace the word believe with know and see how it feels.

Does it feel right?

Are you lying to yourself? Time spent here is very precious as you are rooting out what is the truth to you and what you actually do not believe Consider, do you have to see it to know it is real?

Or if you are more comfortable with this do you have to see it to know it is potentially real? The purpose of this chapter was to introduce the concept of seeing it first. It was also to give any readers who are reading this book ahead of Creating A Bug Free Mind, a chance to catch up a little on the key weakness of belief and the power of knowing. Imagination plus innovation equals realization. Then it moves into demonstrating a potential new operating system, a new system of thinking.

To create by design you must have a system for doing so. If you have no system then you are creating by accident. You can check whether or not you have a good operating system by measuring just how much you have the life you desire. All of which I had been working with, adding to and taking away from since about when I first consciously used it. At that time it was still 14 years before I first heard about the Law of Attraction.

I knew my life was going to be one of success and riches, although at the time I wasnt planning for some of lifes hurdles like going bankrupt. But I knew that whatever happened I would make a great success of it and live the life of my dreams. I decided that I didnt want to find someone after I had made a success of it, I wanted to find someone beforehand, so they could share the experience; share the ride with me. After I had finished designing what I would want from someone, I also then went through it and thought about what she would want from life as well.

She would want someone tall, dark and handsome well Im still tall. She would want someone to be the husband who went out to work so that she could enjoy life. That she was looking for someone to love forever. She was looking for the perfect person and I was it.

The details went on and on. Once I had done that, I then set about looking for ways which I could find this person who, by now, I knew must be looking for me as well.

I dont know how I knew, it just seemed so obvious as she was my ideal person and therefore, I must be hers too. So I just needed to find her and I knew I would recognise her when I saw her because my great-uncle Dave had told me that I would always recognise the people who were there to help me and I always have. I designed it pure and simple, and now 22 years on through some amazing highs and some pretty desperate lows, we are still together.

We are more in love today than we have ever been and I clearly see us growing old together. Many years later in ,finally after getting my head on, I used the same system to create millions. I also used the same system to get what I describe as a miracle cure. The cure, although excellent, wasnt a miracle cure, but the process with which it came to me sure felt like it. I used this system relentlessly for several years and then stopped using it. After I stopped using it, it took a little over two years for everything I had created financially to be wiped out!

There were countless minute ways of thinking which I was doing differently. But the one thing which I had always used right up until everything was going so incredibly well, was that I remember thinking, I dont think I need to do this anymore as I dont have much time. Shortly after that it started to unravel for me. So after hitting the reset button I resolved to make this process of thought and system part of my life again. So I quickly put it back together and started to use it, except this time I was going to use it for everything.

Now, I was giving everything much more thought and I finally woke up to the fact that this wonderful system I had created, I could use everywhere to create every element of my life. So if youre ready to remove your final self-limiting beliefs and discover my operating system then lets get started Introduction Chaotic Thought - The Human Problem What they are looking for is to be good at something they currently are not good at But what they don't realise is their mind has two problems It has a virus which means that the software won't work as the person is loading software onto a computer with a virus - first the virus must be removed before you can load any software onto it.

There is no structured thinking system to apply the system in a way which would make it work This is like an operating system for a computer, without it the computer would be useless. Though with humans we think we have an operating system, which means we simply create 'chaotic thought. As the teacher's mind is not chaotic around the subject they are teaching success on it may be and is likely to be chaotic around other subjects in their life.

But around that subject they have orderly, controlled, 'harmonious' thinking. Their mind around that subject is like a perfectly balanced ECO-system of thought. If something happens to shake that ECO-system, then their mind is able to adjust it in a very orderly and calm way.

So you have two unhappy people, the person who didn't get it to work and the expert who knows his or her system works if they would just apply it. The problem is the expert hasn't fully considered the place or rather position which the student is in.

So they are giving good software out and the person looking to learn is loading this into their mind which has a virus and has no structured thinking system So they are adding a little order into a world of chaos. As with that then you can master anything. Without it then you may struggle to master anything.. You do not load software onto a computer without first installing the operating system.

People fail and will ALWAYS continue to fail doing it that way because they are attempting to put petrol gas in a car that has no engine Of course it won't EVER work. People cannot succeed at all they 'want' to succeed at in life because there is no order, and no harmony in their thinking - Chaos, and at times anarchy, reigns. The reason there is no order or harmony is that as we age our natural thinking system is taught to be ignored.

But it is not replaced with anything. So, if I am not prematurely jumping the gun, me teaching the beingness of Human Being, and Andy teaching the moves of the Wizard, we may just be able to get you to the level of Human Being, together. Do I like recommending other people's books? But I don't have anything like A Bug Free Mind, I am reading it myself, so I want you to get it and want you to join me in practicing the moves of a Wizard. You have your own reasons. Some have money as the reason, some health, some success and achievement.

And my promise still stands: If you read both books, and do the exercises, then you should know if it worked for you or not. You may use my help in any of my programs, you may need it. If you prove to me that you did what you needed to do, whether you succeeded or not, I'll refund your entire download, from my own pocket. Even before you start. The two audios are energy audios , to help you overcome the machine's insistence that you can't, that something is more important, that you want instant, that it's too much time K, here is my link: I won't be offended.

Just know, Circuitry is a law that you just violated. And you probably do it all the time. Get a Create-A-bug-free-mind pdf with the first pages of the book For the same reason after a revolution the new ruling class will start behaving exactly as the previous one. Because the skill to turn something around is not the same as the skill of building something better, of making it work They are different skills. Turning around So, as popular as this "bug free mind" stuff is, it is a knock-off of the Abraham-Hicks, The Secret, and other law of attraction books, in a way, and don't address the ignorance people have.

Ignorance, by the way, is not the same as not knowing. Ignorance comes from the verb: You are doing it. So ignorance is willful avoidance of looking at stuff, like ignoring the stop sign, ignoring the tears of your mother, ignoring the no-parking sign, ignoring learning new skills, because you think you can't, or you think they are useless to you, because you are "da prince" or "da princess" and you should be able to make a living, make it through life without skills True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar View all posts by Sophie Benshitta Maven.

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A Bug Free Mind: Review Examining Andy Shaw's Program Released

That no book can teach you to become successful! That everything you do in your life will fail!

Or will only succeed for a while before eventually failing! They failed it simply because of something they had protecting them from it! This is like trying to grow the best crops with the lowest quality seeds. You think they can right?