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Daf Yomi Shiur, and review, with the tzuras hadaf on the page. easy-to-read printable monthly e-publication (in PDF format) for children ages. Siyum in honor of Rav Grossman, Monday April 15, 10 Nisan Today's Daf is Chulin 4 days left until we start Bechoros. osakeya.info gives a daf yomi visual shiur and review with animated charts & illustration Last I checked in , the PDF was only $6, the print edition $

When were they given to Avraham Avinu? At the time that Hashem told him Lech Lecha? So when? For two thousand years the world was waste, as the Torah had not yet been given. The next set of two thousand years are the time period of the Torah. The last set of two thousand years are the period designated for the days of the Messiah, but due to our many sins there are those years that have been taken from them, i. Whenever a tanna taught this baraita, he would insert the number of years that was correct for his time. The Gemara asks: With regard to the two thousand years of the time period of the Torah, from when are they counted? If we say that they started from the giving of the Torah until now, then there is not enough time for all of these years.

On Wednesday, May 17th, they will be starting Maseches Shabbos. Rabbi Spero can be contacted at jsohr1 juno. The Daf Digest is a one-page, "Reader's Digest" style electronic mailing, which provides a brief overview of the Daf, a Halachic highlight, an insight, a story, a few short review questions. Bonayich offers a full range of educational materials for the study and teaching of Oral Tradition.

Custom-made materials may also be ordered for special groups and needs. Kesuvos and Bava Kama; Text: Truly unique in the Torah World, WebYeshiva recreates the intellectual and social atmosphere of a real Yeshiva with a focus on the student's growth in learning abilities. Using cutting edge video conferencing technology, WebYeshiva offers many powerful features that make it a unique learning environment which promises real growth in Torah study for the experienced student or the novice.

Archives now include the entire text of the Babylonian Talmud; users can download or print out the desired page for free, enabling them to study at their convenience even when they travel. In addition, the site contains links to audio English-language Talmud classes archived on the web, which can be listened to online at no cost. The Shiurim are available in MP3 format.

Jacob Shalev of the Diasoft Corporation generously gave of his time and talent to write a Masechta Downloader for these Shiurim, which makes it possible to download an entire Masechta at a time. Links to today's Daf are available from the site's homepage; access to the remainder of their Daf Shiurim requires free registration.

You are sure to enjoy these well-articulated and lucid Shiurim.

Make the best use of your time in transit with the help of Rabbi Simon's calm and clear Daf Yomi podcast. Site includes an online, printable Dafyomi calendar.

Other Daf Yomi Resources on the Web

Includes summary notes as well as flow diagrams for the Daf. Besides a picture of the Daf from e-daf , they offer typed shiurim and a recording of Rabbi Shalom Rosner's Daf Yomi Shiur which is uploaded immediately after the day's shiur has been given.

The Shi'urim are orated and explained in Sephardic tradition.

This website also displays the Daf so you can view it while listening to the Shi'ur. Archives are not complete, but the current Dafim are available. Replete with charts, illustrations and pdf's, it makes a great learning resource. Archives start from Berachos, 13th cycle. The site includes a great international Dafyomi Shiur locator, here http: It includes with Shiurim on the Daf, and shorter Shiurim with insights on the Daf. The Shiurim are aired in high quality video and feature on-screen diagrams which display a short summary at the end of each section.

All videos are iPhone and iPad compatible. In addition LiveDaf shiurim can be downloaded free of charge with options for audio mp3 video mp4 and the daily diagrams jpeg. Questions may be submitted as well. Rabbi Bechhofer has completed a set of tapes on the entire Yerushalmi.

See our Yomi Calendars page for the Yerushalmi Yomi calendar. Classes in Chumash, Halacha, Hashkofa, Gemara, and general topics are well attended by hundreds of business people, students and professionals from all walks of life.

This page contains their online shiurim on the Dafyomi, as well as other topics. Shiurim are available for download on most of Shas. The site contains all the Gemara pages translated to Hebrew, a short commentary, illustrations, and more.

For additional information, please contact yrblau verizon. The series features a minute Choshen Mishpat shiur on how the principles discussed in the Daf are applied in today's complex financial world. Shiurim are given by many recognized experts in Choshen Mishpat.

It also has material available for a shorter daily Limud program. Full details can be found in the mtrinfo. As of today Tamuz they're up to version "e", but this will change soon since the program is updated twice yearly. They are using Yemenite manuscripts of Rambam and are doing their best to correct errors that have crept into the texts of Mishneh Torah and Shas It comes with either Hebrew or English interfaces, it's compact, fast, searchable, Windows clipboard compliant and configurable.

Fully expanded, the files use approximately 28M of harddisk space.

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The index is easy to use, and is arranged both alphabetically and hierarchially, according to subject. Pages of the Talmud indexed so far are listed at http: The site enables one to view and read the actual manuscripts as they were written. The manuscripts are indexed to enable access by standard citation Tractate, Daf and Amud for the Talmud Bavli, and Tractate, chapter and Mishnah for the Mishnah.

The texts may be viewed in a variey of options. Since Avodah Zarah, the site has been updated as new Masechtos are started in the Dafyomi cycle.

Presently it has collections on all of Kodshim, Nidah, Berachos, Moed, and Nashim until Nedarim - and be'h it will continue to be updated throughout the current Dafyomi cycle until collections have been prepared for all of Shas.

Contact editor a chareidi. It is the only one that has Rashi, it includes the entire Talmud, and it is free. It is built to see Rashi simultaneously with the main text, with the option to force either the Gemara or the Rashi to a full page size. Searching can be done through the built-in Palm search. It is available for free download by going to www.

Many American Rabbis wrote Sefarim in the early part of the 20th century. They have long since passed away and in many instances so has their holy work. If you have a Sefer that you would like to put on the web please call or email: See also his English exposition of the entire Mei'ri on Kidushin initially published by Feldheim at http: Offering a wealth of otherwise unavailable Torah resources, J.

Either choose from their already extensive collection of archives, or put in a request for specific material that you are looking for. If it is available in the national library in Hebrew University, they will scan it and send it to you by regular mail or Email for a very reasonable fee. You can contact them directly at Tel: In addition, each page of the Talmud can be viewed during the lesson in a clear, computer generated replica of the Talmud page, preserving the original format of the page.

Each page and lesson may be downloaded for personal use offline. Downloading allows the Talmud pages to be printed and the lessons to be transferred to an MP3 player or CD.

The shiurim are also available in CD format, with added features. Email contact: Rabbi Shmuel Blitz blitz netmedia. She is a Kenyan socialite who ekes her living in modelling, curtain raising events, products promotions and personal business. Sferics are Very Low Frequency electromagnetic signals in the Earth atmosphere. Please call Rabbi Avrohom Herman at if you are available to assist in this endeavor.

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