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It argued 12 in favour of policies to effect successful integration of the existing Muslim popula- 13 tion and a stop to further immigration. As could be expected, the publication 14 triggered massive public debates and controversies, in the course of which Sarrazin 15 resigned from his position as Board Member of Central Bank and the SPD started 16 proceedings to strip him of his membership. Messer et al. Musolff 27 should one be ashamed of not paying for parasites who are opposed to law, 28 education and equality? This contribution became 29 the focus of a sub-strand of blog comments discussing whether the term parasite 30 German: Parasit had been used by Sarrazin himself. In the 51 following sections, we shall employ cognitive and discourse-historical methods of 52 metaphor analysis Charteris-Black ; Wodak ; Zinken and Musolff 53 to answer aspects of this question. Migrants and Minorities as Parasites in Racist Discourse 54 Current-Day Uses 55 If Sarrazin, on account of his public engagement and his glittering professional 56 career—before joining the board of the Bundesbank, he served as minister in the 57 city government of Berlin and as a senior manager of the German Railways—is still 58 regarded by many as a respectable if maverick public figure, he certainly has some 59 unsavoury ideological and discourse companions. However, the explicit use of the term 82 parasite is rare. It persists as we have seen, in extremist right-wing blogs and 83 party pamphlets, but it is largely avoided in mainstream public discourse, i. In 87 order to analyse this status of the parasite metaphor as a semi-taboo in more depth, 88 we will now consider its wider discourse-historical context, going back in time 89 beyond the post-World War II debates. Indeed, one of the Brigitte. Hitler was not alone in this, of course.

Rapport sur le savoir Paris: A Report on Knowledge [English trans. University of Minnesota Press, ]. The knowability principle, on the other hand, had informed the world-view of the educated secularists and their basically realist approaches.

In literature, the corresponding assumption had been Mimetic Realism.

Increased and improved knowledge of reality, as conveyed by literary imagination, would, of course, in its turn serve the overall end of cultural political, social, etc. All Middle Eastern literature, therefore, since the beginning of the modernization project, had always been, in one way or other, committed literature. Downloaded By: Desribe only the product and not the downloading process.

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Shereel Dupont — is de grote favoriet voor de Miss Kosmos-titel. Edges are faintly tanned else fine.

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Indeed, one of the Brigitte. Hitler was not alone in this, of course. The ideological function of the parasite metaphor in Nazi propaganda implied, as the historical record shows, a genocidal A.

Musolff programme that ended in the Holocaust of millions of Jews and other minorities. Herder did not connect the notion of the parasite plant with the idea of the nation as a human or animal body, which he had used elsewhere: to him, the source domain for the parasite image was botany; the relationship of the parasite to its host was one of contingent dependency, but not that of a deadly threat.

Direct repetitions of the Nazi metaphor version appear to be excluded from mainstream public debate.

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The import of a metaphorical mapping is not restricted to a unidirectional meaning transfer but affects both the source and target concepts, i. The scientific category parasite that came into use in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was built on a pre-existing social definition of parasite as a social scrounger.

To this day, popular medical advice websites e.

Moreover, bio-parasites A. It is still present in neo-Nazi use and it can be found generally in extremist right-wing discourse, with a broader extension covering all kinds of perceived alien or immigrant groups.

Popular scientific and medical discourses, on the other hand, seem to have undergone a metaphorical mapping movement in the reverse direction: bio- parasites are depicted as alien invaders and immigrants that purposefully occupy and then gradually destroy the human host body.

The degree of anthropomorphic metaphorisation of the bio-parasites is evident from the emotive vocabulary and ethical disapproval that accompanies their description in popular self-help literature.

They are not alone!

In other blogs, however, these conceptual boundaries seem to blur. Discourse-historical analysis can help to raise awareness of this background and also explain the aspects that make it relevant for understanding its present-day use. While extremist demagogues who use to denounce immi- grants as parasites may not be bothered about the pseudo-scientific and geno- cidal origins of this imagery, the media that disseminate their appeals and statements as well as the audiences whom they are addressing may be amenable to a sensitisation for the tacit assumptions hidden in this metaphor.

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