osakeya.info is the exclusive education portal established by Sakshi Media Group. It offers subject-wise mock tests and practice tests. In EAMCET Medical entrance exam four sets – A, B, C & D question booklet Set C pdf. Set D pdf. EAMCET Medical Answer Key by Sri Chaitanya Latest: [Download free Question Papers and Sample Paper of NEET, Click here]. EAMCET Solutions – EAMCET Medical Question Paper – EAMCET Solutions – EAMCET Question Paper with Keys and.

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Eamcet 2014 Medical Question Paper Pdf

We are providing the EAMCET medical question paper and answer key. If you want to download the pdf click on the download. Hello, Download the EAMCET medical previous year question paper with solution in PDF osakeya.info EAMCET medical previous. EAMCET Medical Question Paper With Solutions - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

Registration window will become functional from February 26, Register now! The coordinating body will release the official mock tests for both the streams. They are released for practice purpose and to give candidate a look and feel of the Computer Based Examination. Step 2: Step 4: Application Number and Password. A brief of the paper pattern is given in the following infographic. For more info you can simply log on to collegedunia. Already registered? Click Here to login. Sign In. Useful Links.

Many models of questions may be given like match the following, choose the correct statement, assertion-reason and multiple-correct types.

Students have to fill the circles given in the OMR sheet with their answer. Two or more answers or blanks will be regarded as incorrect. There is no negative marking. Coaching[ edit ] Of late, several institutions that train aspirants for the exam have mushroomed all over Andhra Pradesh.

The exorbitant fees charged by these institutions have raised concerns about education being unaffordable for many students. Of the 1. Several corporate and private junior colleges have sprung up in the last 20 years to cash in on the EAMCET craze among students and parents.

EAMCET 2014 Medical Question Paper With Solutions

They are doing whatever they can to ensure that the intermediate weightage does not pose a danger to the test in the long run. Moreover, the managements of private engineering colleges are lobbying against any increase in intermediate weightage. As many as 30, students who qualified in the EAMCET faced disqualification after 25 percent weightage was added to their score due to their inter results. Board of Intermediate Education, with appropriate optional subjects or its equivalent.

The magnetic susceptibility of a material of a rod is The rms current through the circuit is in amperes 1 3 2 2 9 2 3 3 4 6 2 Ans: A plane electromagnetic wave travels in free space. Then the ratio of the magnitudes of electric and magnetic fields at a point is equal to 1 Inverse of the velocity of the electromagnetic wave 2 Inverse of the energy of electromagnetic wave 3 Velocity of electromagnetic wave 4 Energy of electromagnetic wave Ans: When monochromatic light falls on a photosensitive material, the number of photoelectrons emitted per second is n and their maximum kinetic energy is max K.

If the intensity of incident light is doubled, then 1 n is doubled but max K remains same 2 max K is doubled but n remains same 3 both n and max K are doubled 4 both n and max K are halved Ans: The major contribution of Sir C.

Raman is 1 Principle of buoyancy 2 Scattering of light by molecules of a medium 3 Electromagnetic theory 4 Explanation of photoelectric effect Ans: A particle starts moving from rest with uniform acceleration.

It travels a distance x in first 2 seconds and distance y in the next 2 seconds. A moves with constant velocity V and B starts from rest and moves with constant acceleration. A body is projected horizontally from the top of a tower with a velocity of 10m s.

The maximum height reached is h. Then which of the following is correct? A body of g begins to fall from a height where its potential energy is 80 J.

It penetrated into the target to the extent of S meters. Keeping the mass of earth as constant, if its radius is reduced to 1 4 th of its initial value, then the period of revolution of earth about its own axis, and passing through the centre, in hours, is Assume earth to be a solid sphere and its initial period of rotation as 24 hrs 1 12 2 3 3 6 4 1. Three uniform circular discs, each of mass M and radius R are kept in contact with each other as shown in figure.

Moment of inertia of the system about the axis AB is www.

EAMCET Medical Question Paper With Solutions | Coordination Complex | Photoelectric Effect

Reason R: The correct answer is 1 A is correct, but R is not correct 2 A is not correct, but R is correct 3 A nad R are correct, R is the correct explanation of A 4 A and R are correct, r is not the correct explanation of A Ans: When 0. A saturated solution of 3 4 Ca PO contains -8 2. The solubility product sp K of 4 2 Cal3 PO at that temperature is 1 2. The wavelength in metres, of an object of mass 1.

Elements A, B and C belong to the same period in the long form of the periodic table. The nature of the oxides of A, B and C is amphoteric, basic and acidic respectively. Which one of the following is the correct order of the size of the ions? E B S 1 3 3 octahedral 2 3 3 square planar 3 2 4 square planar 4 4 2 square planar Ans: If ml, of a gas x diffuces through a porous membrane in 20min whereas the same volume of methane diffuses in 10 min at the same temperature and pressure, the molar mass in g mol -1 of gas x is 1 8 2 64 3 32 4 Ans: Identify the compounds from the following which form primary amines under suitable reduction conditions 1.

Acetaldehyde undergoes reaction in the presence of dil. Which one of the following methods can be used to separate a mixture of ortho- and paranitrophenols?

What is the name of the following reaction? Which one of the following sets of vitamins is fat soluble? The number of unpaired electrons present in complex ion is. Crystal field theory does not explain which of the following property of coordination compounds?

Among the following inert gas elements, the elements that shows highest chemical reactivity is 1 Ne 2 Ar 3 He 4 Xe Ans: Which one of the following methods is used in the concentration of sulphide ore? Which one of the following forms a negativity charged sol? The half life of a first order reaction is seconds at K. If the temperature coefficient is 3. The reduction potential of hdrodgen electrode at pH 10 is 1 The percentages of void space for simple cubic, body centred cubic and hexagonal close packed arranged respectively are 1 48, 32, 26 2 48, 26, 32 3 26, 48, 32 4 32, 48, 26 Ans: What are Y and Z in the following reaction sequence?

C-H and C-C bond lengths in pm in ethane are 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , Ans: In the estimation of halogen, 0. What is the percentage of bromine in the compound? Which one of the following sets contribute to the global warming? Which of the following is used as black pigment in black ink? Answer Key.

QP Mg Part 1 April QP Mg Part 2 April QP After Noon April QP Morning April JEE-Main April 7, Amity-JEE April 8, Graduate Diploma in Pharmacy. Sc Agriculture.

AP-EAMCET last 5 & 10 year solved previous year question paper pdf download

Free Sample Papers. Collegedunia is a one-stop solution to all your education related queries. No need to remember deadlines as I get timely updates now.

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