English vocabulary words with meaning in hindi pdf


English Vocabulary with Hindi Meaning PDF Vocabulary Meaning, Vocabulary Pdf, .. Learn Hindi, Hindi Words, English Language Learning, Word Meaning. The hindu English Vocabulary Words Download In PDF Download करें भारतीय राजव्यवस्था (Indian Polity) Notes PDF in Hindi. The Cambridge English: Business Preliminary Vocabulary list was originally Multi-word verbs are not included in the list if they have a literal meaning and are .

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English Vocabulary Words With Meaning In Hindi Pdf

Vocabulary With Hindi Meaning-इस PDF Notes में आप सभी को हिंदी meaning और english meaning दोनों साथ में दिया हुवा है| इस Notes Vocabulary Compilation of Words-Download Free PDF. Word, Pronounciation, Meaning. Eye, आई, आँख. Ear, ईयर, कान. Nose, नोज, नाक. Tooth, टुथ, दांत. Hand, हैंड, हाथ. Foot, फुट, पैर. Mouth, माउथ, मुख . Find the Important Monthly English Vocabulary PDF Download based on We have given the Vocabulary PDF along with its meaning with an example sentence. List of Important Vocabulary PDF “The Hindu” Part-1 2 Free Tests + 18 Test Series; 15 Sectional Tests; English and Hindi Language; Video Solutions.

Disruptive adjective : Causing or tending to cause disruption Synonym: disturbing, rowdy, troublesome, unruly Antonym: calming, disciplined, soothing Sentence: Bringing a disruptive technological innovation in the market is never easy for a startup company in the present era of fierce competition in every field. Precipitate adjective : done, made or acting suddenly or without careful consideration Synonym: Hasty, rash, rushed Sentence: I must apologize for my staff — their actions were precipitate. Consensus noun : A general agreement Synonym: Harmony, accord, concord, unison Antonym: Denial, refusal, dissension Sentence: There is a gradually growing consensus among the general public that the current regime has failed in delivering on its promises. Synonym: Indictment, accusation, censure, disapproval Antonym: Appreciation, exculpation, exoneration Sentence: His family members reacted in support of denunciation of his methods of achieving success in life. Startling adjective : very surprising, astonishing or remarkable Synonym: Alarming, astonishing, shocking Antonym: Expected, certain, confirmed Sentence: The startling discovery of new evidence in the murder case investigation has thrown new surprises to the police. Embody verb : Be an expression of or give a visible or tangible form to an idea, quality or feeling Synonyms: Represent, Epitomize Antonyms: Conceal, Exclude Example: A national team that embodies patriotic zeal and skill can win laurels both on and off the field in any sports. Synonym: Awkward, clumsy, inconvenient Sentence: His prose can be cumbersome, to say the least Foster verb : Encourage the development of something especially something desirable. Synonym: Encourage, promote, further, stimulate. Antonym: Block, cease, discourage.

Adept adjective : Very skilled or proficient at something Synonym: Capable, deft, proficient, skilled Antonym: Incapable, incompetent, ignorant Sentence: Cassel adept at learning on the fly. Impute verb : Represent something, especially something undesirable as being done or possessed by someone.

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Synonym: Assign, blame, lay Antonym: Defend, guard, help, protect Sentence: India is committed to respect the religious and cultural beliefs of its people and it will be inappropriate to impute any other considerations to this decision. Reliant Adjective : having or showing dependence on something Synonyms: Confident, Dependent, susceptible, subservient Antonyms: Disbelieve, Disregard, Ignore Sentence: The whole team is too much reliant on the skipper to score runs in the slog over of a match.

Pretence noun : An attempt to make something that is not the case appears true. Synonyms: Putting on an act, faking. Antonyms: Reality, honesty.

Sentence: Police in Tamale has charged the headmaster of Prince of Peace International school with defrauding by false pretences. Robust Adjective : Sturdy in construction in case of objects ; strong and rich in flavor and smell in case of wine or food Synonyms: Durable, Resilient, tough, strong, long-lasting Antonyms: Fickle, weak, frail, insipid, tasteless Sentence: They have put in place a very robust mechanism in order to detect any kind of fraud in the system.

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Daily Use English. Hotel Staff manager — The manager is in charge of many people who work in hotels. They answer the phones and greet the guests. Taking Reservations booking a room — This is the same thing as reserving a room. On their last morning, they check out to pay their bill. In the USA, state tax is different from state to state. Ask for their signature.

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