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Knotted Friendship Bracelet (PDF): The tradition of friendship bracelets states that friends wear them until they fall off. Use colorful embroidery floss to make a. Make bracelets for 12 of your closest friends with Friendship Bracelets. The Basic Diagonal Stripe. Friendship Bracelet. What you'll need: Four colors. 20 Bracelet Patterns: Macramé Bracelets, Friendship Bracelets, Hemp Bracelets, and More. Find great craft projects at FaveCrafts. 2. 20 Bracelet Patterns.

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Friendship Bracelets Pdf

Friendship. Bracelets. Make them, wear them and give them! Colorful nylon cord creates bracelets that are fun to wear. Perfect for giving to all your best friends!. To make this bracelet, wou will need yarn or threads in different colours. In this example I've used 8 threads. The length should be about 50 cm when you. Create colorful hair accessories and friendship bracelets. They're fun to design and even more fun to wear! Embroidery Floss. (10 assorted colors). Assorted.

From macrame to crochet, from bead weaving to braiding and even painting! Inside you'll find simple friendship bracelet patterns you and the kids can enjoy together, as well as adult-appropriate patterns that are a bit more on the sophisticated side. If you thought friendship bracelets were just made of string and knots, think again. This pattern collection redefines the way we think of friendship bracelets and makes them fun and accessible for all ages. You'll learn ways to make friendship bracelets using embroidery floss, hemp cord, rattail cord, silk, leather, wire, and more. So spread the love and make some of these fabulous friendship bracelets with your best pals today. Table of Contents. Letter from the Editors. You could even print out an extra copy of this free eBook collection for your BFF as well! Happy creating! Download your copy of How to Make Friendship Bracelets: Be sure to check out our entire collection of eBooks. You'll find titles such as: When you first think of friendship bracelets, you probably picture the classic embroidery floss bracelets that we all learned to make as kids.

In case your memory has gotten a little rusty over the years, you can find the full step-by-step instructions for this old-school string bracelet design when you download your free eBook. These bracelets are totally accessible for all ages, so pass on the tradition by teaching the little ones in your life how to make string bracelets with the simple patterns found in this free project collection.

Made from various knotting techniques, all friendship bracelet patterns are technically macrame, but in addition to embroidery floss bracelets, this free eBook includes macrame bracelet patterns in the traditional sense as well.

You'll find a half knot twist pattern in this collection, as well as square knot patterns, like the Jeweled Macrame Bracelet. This macrame friendship bracelet design incorporates antique jewels for a bit of glamor and lends itself easily to layering, so feel free to make a bunch and stack them up on your arm. There's even room for personalization with this pattern; you can play around with color combinations by using different gems and cords.

Embrace the full meaning of the friendship bracelet concept by making some in your BFF's favorite colors but don't forget to spoil yourself as well! Find the full tutorial for this and other macrame bracelet patterns when you grab your free copy of this collection. The beauty of friendship bracelets is that they are so quick and easy to create, and nothing could be easier than making braided friendship bracelets. No fancy macrame knotting is required with braided bracelet designs, making them perfect for lazy summer crafting days with your pals.

If you're looking for super easy patterns that require minimal effort and prior knowledge, then try some of the braided friendship bracelet patterns in this collection, such as the Revamped "Tie-Dye" Friendship Bracelets.

These bracelets keep it interesting by using different colors of embroidery floss for a fun faux "tie-dye" effect. Plus, the addition of charms leaves plenty of room for personalization, so you can be sure no two bracelets will look alike.

Play around with the classic friendship bracelet concept by trying this friendship bracelet "remix," which is perfect for kids and adults alike. Download your free eBook to find even more ways to use braiding in your friendship bracelet designs.

If simple string bracelets seem like a snore, don't despair; this collection includes beaded friendship bracelet patterns too! Working some beads into your friendship bracelet designs helps keep things interesting and amps up the style level, as with this Punch and Judy Friendship Bracelet.

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Inspired by a designer piece, this knockoff jewelry project once again reinvents the classic concept of the friendship bracelet for a look that is super stylish yet still rooted in the friendship bracelet tradition. The wire-woven beads give this pattern a loomwork feel that is oh so boho chic.

Keep it eclectic with an assortment of colors, as this design shows, or see what other color combinations you can come up with. You'll find this and other ways to work beads in your friendship bracelets among the patterns in this free collection.

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Need Help Downloading? For help downloading our eBooks, check out the FAQ here: How to Download our eBooks. Don't Miss our Other Free eBooks! You'll find titles such as:. Contact Us Call Us: About Us About Us.

"How to Make Friendship Bracelets: 12 Fun Friendship Bracelet Patterns!" eBook

Don't have an account? Your cart is empty. Cool Crafts for Kids: Bracelets and other Wristbands Written by Michele Wheat Wearing baubles around the wrist has been popular for a long time.

Visit these websites to see some of the bracelets you can make and instructions for different patterns: The "Colors of Friendship" bracelet uses hemp string and tiny beads to make a simple bracelet that many friends would like to have. You can make stripes in a friendship bracelet by using groups of strings in different colors.

Weaving the strings in and out will eventually create a fancy pattern. The tradition of friendship bracelets states that friends wear them until they fall off. Use colorful embroidery floss to make a friendship bracelet with chevron stripes.

Friendship Bracelets PDF: Tying knots in different ways will make different patterns in bracelets. After learning how to read and follow patterns, you can make many different styles of friendship bracelets. Cut eight different strands of embroidery floss, each 24 inches long. Tie the strands together and tape the knot to a flat surface. You can then twist them together to make a wristband.

Use special tools called shuttles to make a colorful bracelet.

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A Weave Wheel is one tool for making a friendship bracelet. Slip strings into the notches on the wheel and weave them by following the directions.

Choose four different thread colors and follow easy directions to make a friendship bracelet. The knots to tie include the overhand knot, the slip knot, and the half hitch. Make a friendship bracelet with diagonal stripes in four different colors. Each stripe just involves tying knots with the different strands of string. A special loom has pegs for holding rubber bands. Choose bands in different colors and follow the instructions to make fun bracelets both with and without beads.

You don't even need a loom to make a rubber band bracelet. Use a pencil and small rubber bands to make a chain. Add beads to your bracelet if you wish. To make a paracord bracelet, you will need paracord, a buckle, and scissors for cutting the cord. To make sure the paracord does not unravel, ask an adult to help you melt the ends with a lighter.

Paracord Bracelet PDF: After knotting paracord into a bracelet and attaching it to a buckle, you can wear it around your wrist.

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