Gu Family Book: Episode by girlfriday. This hour is the bookend to Episodes 1 and 2, and even though it's been a while since Wol-ryung. Gu Family Book: Episode by girlfriday. Kang-chi finally gets ready to go on his quest to become a real boy, and Yeo-wool prepares to say. June 25, at AM .. Hopefully by the ending of Jang Ok Jung and Gu Family Book that insanely good June 24, at PM.

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Gu Family Book Ep 21

GU FAMILY BOOK EPISODE Wol Ryeong is staring at Yoon Seo Hwa. He wonders who this woman is and why it hurts him just by looking. Gu Family Book EP 21 Eng Sub - Kang Chi tells Wol Ryung that he will prevent him from killing people. Wol Ryung wants to strangle Kang Chi but is stopped by . gu family book eng sub ep 21, gu family book episode 21 vostfr, gu family book eps 19 sub indo, gu family book episode 21 preview, gfb 20 gu family book.

He wonders who this woman is and why it hurts him just by looking at her. Then, at present, he sees a middle-aged, sad-looking woman calling him. He asks her who she is and if she knows him. Teary-eyed, he stressed that he will stop him. Kang Chi attacks his father but Wol Ryeong overpowers him.

That question stumps him. Lee Soon-shin repeats the question: What does the person you care for most fear more than anything?

But before he can mull it over, a group of ninjas jump out and surround them. Ah, a flashback reminds us that Jo Gwan-woong asked to borrow ten ninjas to kill Lee Soon-shin. And then his secret agent steps into the room.

We learn that he was actually a mole for Jo Gwan-woong all this time. This would mean more if he were a bigger character. The plan is for this guy to kill Lee Soon-shin, and then make it look like Kang-chi was the one who did it.

But I thought we already did that with Lord Park? Back in the present, Kang-chi tells Lee Soon-shin to make a run for it while he fights off the ninjas, but gets told that this is a planned meeting. The Japanese emissary steps out from behind his men, and Lee Soon-shin tells him they have three days to clear out and return to their country before he starts killing every last one of them.

That finally gets through to Kang-chi and he remembers asking Yeo-wool a while ago what it was she feared the most. We hang onto one woman, live or die. Promise promise? She heads outside to blow off some steam with sword practice, when Mole comes looking for her. Meanwhile Mole takes her out to the woods, where ninjas are waiting to attack. They throw a white powder in her face, and it knocks her out cold. Gon steps out in front of him to get Yeo-wool back… which is when Mole literally stabs him in the back.

He takes half a second to register that he just got stabbed in the back, and then takes two swift moves to kill Mole dead. Thanks for being the conveniently evil plot device of the day. His wounds start to take their toll, and he falls to his knees. He runs after Yeo-wool, but the kidnappers throw gas grenades in their wake to throw him off their scent. Luckily Bong-chul is in town and just sober enough to notice Yeo-wool being carried off.

Please tell me you have enough of your wits about you to follow them. Gon wakes up in the morning, and Master Dam says that Tae-seo found him in the woods. All three will die unless Kang-chi kills Lee Soon-shin by tomorrow. Ohmygah, why do we keep letting this guy threaten loved ones to get people to do his bidding? Can this pony learn one new trick, please?

Dad tells him to just let them die, which I hope is not the plan. Meanwhile Yeo-wool is tied up in a box somewhere, with incense kept burning to keep Kang-chi from sniffing her out. Everyone gathers at the martial arts school to decide their next move, and Kang-chi paces back and forth waiting for Master Dam to make up his mind.

Master Dam finally reaches a verdict and calls everyone together. What, now? You have an army of trained fighters, and this is your decision? But… that makes even less sense. The boys ask for permission to go rescue Yeo-wool. He looks around the room one by one, and lands on Kang-chi, still crying with pleading eyes.

And outside, Chung-jo has been listening the whole time. This ought to be good. Kang-chi approaches Wol-ryung cautiously and asks if this is his real face. Instead Wol-ryung tells him not to keep hate or thoughts of revenge in his heart at all. The opposite of trust is not faithlessness. They exchange one small bittersweet smile, and Wol-ryung turns to go.

Kang-chi calls out after him: Wol-ryung smiles back at him gratefully, and then walks away. Only when his back is turned does Kang-chi finally let one tear fall.

Another farewell passes by. He takes her hand and lies down next to her, and closes his eyes. That was beautiful. I…I have something in my eye. Jo Gwan-woong is still a listless zombie after losing Seo-hwa, and then we finally pick up that thread of Tae-seo being caught spying on the bad guys, which I had already forgotten about.

Kang-chi goes to see So-jung, eager to find the Gu Family Book now. So-jung tells him he has to control his gumiho form on his own first, and Kang-chi yanks the bracelet off to show him proudly. So-jung is totally taken aback at how quickly he mastered that. For one hundred days: Kang-chi is stunned speechless at that, and puts the book back down.

It sort of looks like she attacked the kitchen with her sword. Teacher Gong finds them standing in there with his kitchen turned upside-down and practically has an aneurysm. Be cool. Kang-chi argues that if something happens to her, he can just heal her with his blood. These rules, I swear. When she met him under the crescent moon hanging from a peach blossom tree, that became her fate. So-jung tells him that her fate is not something he can change by his will, and urges him to let her go.

Augh, great. He sits on the front stoop for a while lost in thought, and Yeo-wool comes out to get him, having prepared his first wish. And she pouts that this took forever, so he should appreciate it. How cute. Pil-mok and Co. Meanwhile Lee Soon-shin shows Master Dam and the kids the real map, and says the one they stole was a fake. Kang-chi takes a moment to gape at the badass model ship in the room, and Lee Soon-shin introduces it as a turtle ship for the first time, which is cool.

Jo Gwan-woong mulls it over and asks Tae-seo what he wants in exchange for state secrets. Jo Gwan-woong is skeptical that the information would be worth that much, but Tae-seo says that Lee Soon-shin has a list of names given to him by Seo-hwa… Whaaaat. Is Tae-seo seriously switching sides right now? Pil-mok demands to know why Jo Gwan-woong is murdering their allies, but he says this is their fault for not getting rid of Seo-hwa properly.

He says that power and status can be reacquired later, but right now they have to kill the others to survive. Both men race to beat the other there. Kang-chi, Yeo-wool, and Gon set out on a separate mission ordered by Lee Soon-shin, and just before they sneak into the Hundred Year Inn, Kang-chi tells Yeo-wool to wait outside. She refuses to sit out, so he pulls out one of his remaining wishes and says his second wish is for her to wait right here.

Just then a girl runs out screaming, and they find all three men dead. He thanks Jo Gwan-woong for taking care of eleven traitors so swiftly, and then Tae-seo steps out from behind him with a smile. Tae-seo smirks at him as he passes by, and Lee Soon-shin tells him he did a good job. Yeo-wool waits outside, but she gets attacked anyway by a ninja who happens to be checking the perimeter.

He manages to slice her in the stomach, so she takes off running. Kang-chi just stands there frozen, his worst nightmare happening right before his eyes. Is everyone in this universe a double agent?

But nothing happens, per the rule we just learned. Augh, this is terrible. History says: Dad runs in after hearing that she was hurt because of Kang-chi, but she swears it was just a scrape, and Kang-chi was busy fighting ninjas the whole time.

She says it was her fault for joining the fight when he told her to wait outside, and it looks like Master Dam downloads the story for now. She finds him sitting outside and he noticeably keeps his distance from her and gets up to go inside when she sits down next to him.

He asks how she could let things get this far knowing that she could die. Yeo-wool could die. We all knew it was coming, but still. I mean, your thousand-year-old father even told you not to cave to your worst fears but you did it anyway. You can still be just as idiotic, or cowardly, or both, no matter how noble your intentions. The girl you love is standing there telling you she chose you over some unknown future that has yet to be, and STILL you choose the other thing.

Drives me batty, that move. I thought the accidental claw swipe at Yeo-wool was a good setup to push Kang-chi over the edge, but I wanted it to be… bigger somehow. More dangerous, and more deadly.

I actually wanted her to be hurt so badly that she could die. The fear that he might actually hurt the one person he loves most is a fantastic thing to explore in this genre, but it felt underutilized here. Kang-chi was feeling every bit of the guilt and fear, but she got clawed in the arm and bandaged up in a jiffy, before we had a chance to concede that he might be justified in leaving her.

The ingredients were totally there, but just served undercooked. As a person, you just feel terrible for Kang-chi because the poor kid just gets abandoned in like every other episode, but as a character, it seems better that he has to forge ahead on his own.

Your email address will not be published. Also, did anyone else notice how Gon only pulled his hand back when Yeo-wool's teacher caught them? His leg stayed around Kang-chi until he stood up. OMG Tsundere I haven't heard that word in a long time Hi Ivoire!

Basicallly, it means that you're mean on the outside but really nice and cute on the inside: Hi back Blah, And thank you for explaining: That makes sense, based on what we have seen of Gon throughout the drama. I don't think he will change in the last 2 ep. Just laying there chilling on top of Kangchi while everyone misunderstands. I died. Do they give a timeline when YW is going to die. Of course she's going to die.

She's human. What are they all worried about. YW had it right before, saying, she wants to live in the present and not worry about the future. Im very disappointed in the writers with this episode. They are missing the obvious, which is common sense to us viewers. It makes me angry and I hope YW stops him because she should know all humans die someday.

So this is what it's come down to. Hijacking and cutting the line and "replying" on a comment when your comment has nothing to do with the original - just because you want your comment to be one of the 1st.

Very sad, y'all. Why don't you wait in line like the rest of us and be Meant to reply to comment 1 since it applies to all who put in random comments under Ivoire's "Thanks". I must've missed something, because didn't that ninja slice her pretty badly in the stomach?

Why did they only take care of her arm? The ninja did not slice her with his sword; he had a whip in his other hand. It was the whip that wrapped around her waist. It might have 'sliced' her clothing, but not the body underneath. Thanks KDaddict for this answer.

I didn't see that. Things were going so fast that I thought she had been sliced with a sword. I guess my comment below should not count then, and I stand corrected. It also sounds like a sword slicing through flesh, not a whip. But yeah, the next shot right after she gets sliced is her looking at her wound, and there's blood.

He did make her bleed. That's why Kangchi attacked her. He smelled blood. So even if he knew she was there it's possible in his mind that he would have attacked her if she was injured.

Ivorie, Mollee, The way the weapon landed on her looked like a whip, but the ninjas did all use double swords. And it did draw blood. There is certainly more than 1 WTF moment in this drama, as in a lot of dramas.

Just like someone asked in a comment below: Wouldn't be surprising, u know, given that he has forgotten abt whole chars, like CJ, head gisaeng. I imagine if we ask him why no one treated YW's wound on her waist, he might go: Hello Mollee, and excellent question! I saw the same thing, and I wondered: That didn't make sense to me. Those scenes were not handled well, imho. So based on what lemondoodle and Mollee added, I guess I stand corrected, again? Another reason to rewatch the drama trying to marathon it , with the hope that I will see scenes like this better this time around.

Ivoire, Hi, I replied to you and to Mollee and lemondoodle's new comments above. I think we might be tidier persons than this PD; you certainly are. So good to "read" from you, as usual: Thank you also for saying this, "I think we might be tidier persons than this PD; you certainly are. That was the only answer I could think of.

I also wonder if the PD is the only one to blame. Don't you think the writer might have some responsibility as well? After all, she is the one who writes those scenes, isn't she?

What do you think? OK, so I just wanted to add that I reread the recap, and even GF said that YW was "sliced" in the stomach by the ninja she was fighting against. So I guess she was sliced, but I didn't see the blood, and she didn't act like it hurt. Her wound on her arm got all the attention and was the focus later on and we know why. So I went and rewatched that fighting scene on Viki, and yes, YW was slashed by one of the swords on her stomach and she bled I saw that.

I think that was why I was surprised that she could continue to run the way she did, and continue to fight next to KC and Gon, because I was thinking that a wound on her stomach would debilitate her, and she didn't look debilitated at all, until KC wounded her. No attention was brought later on to that wound either. Definitely a "What the Heck" moment there, and now I understand why KDaddict said that the PD and probably the writer as well are not very tidy.

As I rewatched the last fighting scene, I wondered why KC is still wearing the bracelet. Does he have a need for it still? During his transformation for the fight , he didn't change. So what purpose s does the bracelet serve, at this point? I remember reading on a blog that LSG had said in an interview that things were going to take a melodramatic turn in GFB and this was a month or more ago , and I have to say, he was not exaggerating.

He had said this around the time they were airing the date scenes between KC and YW festival of lanterns. I do feel for KC, a whole lot. This is one character who will deserve his HEA because we know that is coming, right? I didn't understand the need for Gon to strip KC, however. Was it really necessary?

I first saw this ep. And when I saw the ep. There just seemed to be no rhyme or reason for what Gon did besides the fact that the scene called for the teacher to be extremely shocked at what she saw. I thought the fact that Gon was on top of KC so to speak would have been good enough, but maybe that's just me.

When men fought in Joseon times, did they disrobe each other as well, in the process? I have never seen that in a Kdrama an historical one , not that I have seen that many to date, but still That part felt gratuitous to me. I wonder if he will, in the next couple of episodes. I guess we will find out next week. Yes, I kind of like to know what happens, even with the tangential themes that do not seem that important to the main plot.

How would that work though, because I assumed that KC would lose his divine abilities IF he became human. Isn't that how it is supposed to work? It's like KC wants it both ways, the divine abilities of a divine creature, AND the ability to become human. Wouldn't his dna or blood type change? Or are there some loopholes I don't know about, and that SJ forgot to mention again How does that make him human then?

I thought he would have to be vulnerable like humans are, you know, vulnerable to getting sick, dying etc Viki translated it as "rice," and GF mentioned "food" in her interpretation of it 1st time. Later on though, GF wrote that KC asked for "rice. I am asking because that makes a difference. If KC literally asked for "rice," then YW was right to serve him rice, because technically, that was what he had asked for, and as she said, it was a big effort for her to cook it and it was expensive for her to cook it, considering all the dishes she broke and teacher Gong's medicine that was destroyed , and so I am with her on that one.

If "bap sp? When he asks for food, give him food, is all I am sayin'. That whole scene was funny and cute though, I loved it. Couldn't he have told them ahead of time? Rhetorical question, I know I always assumed that he would live forever, but I guess he could chose to "die" or "go to sleep eternally. So, is there a book that lists all their powers and abilities? What they can and cannot do?

That's a rhetorical question of course, but I am still curious Those are my questions, for now Thanks for reading them, and to whoever attempts to answer one or more of them. Ivoire, 1. Gon didn't "strip" KC, purposefully or non-purposefully. Just that KC was wearing this 'night-shirt' that is like a taewondo or judo jacket, which slips off the shoulders easily. The literal translation for 'bap' IS rice. But in Asian countries where rice is the main staple, when ppl eat rice, they always eat it with accompanying dishes.

So when sb says he wants rice, it'd mean he wants a meal; no one would take it to mean that he wants steamed rice alone. Part of the fun of a drama using a fantasy-based creature is that rules abt them can be made up. I am so thankful for your answers, because you seem to be able to read into the minds of the writer and the PD. I had not thought of it as simply being that the jacked came off during the fight.

I did go back and rewatched that scene, and I have to say that I stand by what I wrote earlier. I rewatched that scene several times really! I think that this is a scene where the PD did not manage to accomplish what he and the writer were trying to accomplish, really.

It seems to me that in fighting and they might have rehearsed this scene , the jacket did not come off of KC LSG , so Gon or the actor playing Gon had to take it off. The jacket was just not coming off That scene starts around 8 mns in or something like that , and around 8mns and 55 seconds, you can see more of what I am talking about.

If you can freeze or pause the ep. I also think that if we were able to see that scene in slow motion, we would clearly see that Gon is pushing the jacket off of KC's shoulder. That was what confused me in the 1st place, and I did not dream what I saw.

Thank you guys for letting me know what the intent was. I would have to say that like a few other scenes in this drama, the execution of said scene failed or was not good. It reminded me of the scene where YW took her knife out She was on top of KC to hurt him, only to realize that it was KC, once she opened her eyes.

I don't remember in what ep. I did think it meant rice, and based on your explanation, I can see why KC was stunned to only be given rice and kimchi by YW.

In my part of the world, the same would apply. If someone asked you for rice or other staples that would accompany a stew , you would not just give that person rice. You would serve the rice with other dishes and some stew, with meat or fish. Thank you again for reading my questions and for answering some of them.

I appreciate that. It was half fanservice, half Gon was trying to attack KC and the clothes come off easy. A punch to the face would have ruined the humor of the scene. Yes, his test comes next. I figured he'd be a jerk and test Kangchi's feelings for YW, but I feel it might be similar but in a way to make Kangchi get over his fears. So TS will end up being selfless and giving up on his engagement. I still think it'll come up. If you watched a few episodes back YW was still had that worried look about CJ when she came to tell him about his mother and Kangchi has yet to officially make it clear that YW is the most important person to him.

The shirt might lead to this Kangchi thought the bad fate was just because of he was not human. So even if their fate could lead to her death he could still heal her. SJ confirms it doesn't matter if he's human or not, the fate is still the same.

I don't think he would keep the abilities. SJ is kind of a jerk all around. Not only telling humans they might die but never being clear on the rules.

And thank you for taking the time to read my questions and for answering them. On to my responses then I do see what you mean here however, " A punch to the face would have ruined the humor of the scene. I didn't understand this, however "but I feel it might be similar I was not sure about what you were trying to say here. I also agree with you on TS giving up on his engagement, we already know that him and YW will not happen. I do hope that we see some resolution about that shirt.

Heck, even the governess knows though that was because YW told her herself. CJ definitely knows, because in ep. That was enough for her to know that she was out of the picture. KC just broke up with YW, for good at least as far as he is concerned , and so I think that their last reunion will be one that will make us assume that they will live happily ever after that's my take on it, at least. I can't help but wonder if KC has realized that, and if he fully understands what that means He is so used to having them, I wonder if he won't miss them he was able to do good with them.

I guess we will find out next week or better yet, in a few days: Hopefully the writer will make that point clear. If he keeps his divine abilities, then he won't be fully human. A human does not have the qualities that KC has imho. Not only telling humans they might die but never being clear on the rules," made me LOL.

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I don't see SJ as a jerk per se, but I totally relate to your frustrations. Not a well written character, if you ask me. I mean, he did try to warn WR, and he was not wrong in the end about his predictions. I can also see his need to say something to the people involved, if he knows something. We just wish he would say ALL that he knows, and not tell part of it at a time, and then doll out the rest later, sometimes when it is too late.

gu family book eng sub ep 21

So good to hear from you as always lemondoodle, and thanks again for your input. I always appreciate them I soooo appreciate your answers, and I thank you guys. I will respond, I promise.

It is just that I want to post my comments before daylights the morning comes, because I have noticed that once it is daytime, the day seems to get away from me and I don't have the time to be here and post, like I used to my schedule has changed.

So please, continue to visit the page can I say until the next ep. Ivoire, By being tidier persons than the PD, I just meant that we notice the loose ends more than he, and you are excellent at noticing them. I just don't write that every time, assuming it's understood. Many ppl respond to your Qns, as more n more ppl catch up w the viewing a few Ds after the broadcast. See u next ep. Hi KDaddict, and thanks for explaining what you meant by "being tidier," I wasn't sure of what you were referring to.

I hope I didn't offend you with my comment. If I did, I apologize. One of the things I like about KC is how he has always gone to YW when he needed to be comforted emotionally or physically or when he wanted to be around someone who would understand him, or at least around someone who would try to understand him the incident when she passed him by in the Martial Arts School yard was different.

I think KC was playful with her when he thought she was a boy, and he let her manhandle him, however, after he thought he had lost her ep. That behavior is of course encouraged by the fact that YW can read him like a book, and that she doesn't beat around the bush when she sees that he does not seem to be doing well.

I do love that she does that as well. I have liked that he doesn't or didn't, until the end of the ep. I love it when men are men enough to say or express the fact that they are hurting, angry, vulnerable, afraid, etc It is actually a good trait and a strength in my book, because tbh, we all feel those emotions, however women are expected to show those emotions, and men, not so much not manly, I guess.

Interestingly enough, KC was the same way with CJ, he didn't really hide how he felt. I do think it is courageous to show how we truly feel in front of people we love and trust, even though in doing so, we are also giving them ammunition to hurt us if they chose to do so at some point.

That trait, and how loyal KC is, are two of the qualities that I have really liked about him as a character. I think that as KC loses important people to him Lord Park, his parents, CJ betraying him [then seeing the light], Ts doing the same, the village people doing the same at some point, then rallying around him , we understand why KC would cling on to YW, though I would also argue that YW being by his side from the beginning, constantly protecting him when needed , helping him and defending him, made it easy for KC to want to be close to her, both emotionally and physically, probably also because she felt that way herself about him , before he did.

I guess another good reason is, since romance is an important part of this drama, once the OTP admitted their feelings to each other, why not have them show how much they care about each other and how much they need each other As I have been reflecting on this drama, I have been impressed by and I have noticed the amount of skinship between KC and YW since it is a sageuk, albeit a fusion one, so maybe the rules are different?

When KC thought YW was a boy, he felt free to put his arms around her neck, "fall" on top of her or tumble with her, like when they were in the forest etc And YW was an equal participant as well, touching him every chance she got, pulling his ears, hitting him sometimes lightly, sometimes hard , holding his hands, etc And I am not mentioning all those things because I am against them, it is more the fact that being so immersed in this drama has made me reflect on the Kdramas I have watched so far, making me see in which ways this particular drama is different, and in which ways it has the traits of a Korean drama.

As GF mentioned, we get the epilogue to the parents' story. I liked that their story had a beginning, a middle and an end, and I thought that as a whole, it was well done. I never saw SH as a bad person, as I have said before, more like someone who couldn't and didn't know how to handle all that came to her in that season in her life. I was glad that we saw that she had reflected on what had happened and how she had handled it, and that given the opportunity 20 years later , she sought to right some wrongs.

I really liked the scene when WR went back to MG, and she was lying down, beautiful as ever, surrounded by all those flowers. I loved that her hanbok matched the white that WR's outfit had, they looked good together as well. I really liked WR, and I loved him in the first 2 ep. I was therefore conflicted I had mixed feelings about how he "died. The people he had killed didn't have that opportunity, neither did the families they left behind. That was sad I am still impressed as in, it left me thinking by the fact that humans could not kill WR just decapitate him, per JGW , and yet he could choose when he would "die," and just do so.

I also felt that the speech he gave KC was a nice one about not keeping fear, anger, resentment and blame in one's heart , however I am not sure that his fear alone was what turned him into a demon. I think that their story was going to be tragic, no matter what angle one took or looked at. In a way, he had reasons to be afraid and to not trust her and not tell her the truth though it was wrong, and he was well intentioned , yet if he had confessed who he was before marrying her, I don't know that the betrayal her turning him in would not have happened either.

As she aptly said, she was just too young to appreciate who he was, what he did for her and what that meant, in light of her circumstances at the time.


I think that except for her escaping to Japan or being taken there when she was , there was really no one who could have effectively helped her at the time except for WR. She was a wanted fugitive, and a slave. It didn't look like she had much of a future in Joseon. WR and SH had their reunion in the end, and as we saw in this ep. That chapter was closed nicely. At some point, I stopped caring about the Gu Family Book, however, since it keeps being mentioned, I am back to being curious again.

I accepted, as some beanies had mentioned, that the book might not have existed, and that it might have been more about KC's journey as he discovered who he truly was and how he came to handle it, as well as how that transformed him mentally, emotionally, psychologically, etc Now I am not sure what to think, so I will wait to see what the last two ep. Speaking of KC, I was one of those who was hoping that there might have been a hug between KC and WR, though it made sense that it didn't happen, for various reasons.

They didn't really know each other, and they might not have felt comfortable hugging each other. Still, realizing in the last few ep. I did understand the pat on the shoulder however, and CJH really did an excellent job in that scene, down to the subtle smiles and changes on his face and in his eyes.

That scene was beautiful, and emotional as well. I was glad KC got to at least have some emotional and physical connection with his mom, while he was with her. I personally continue to like the cute in this drama, and I loved the "bed scene. That was clever I was really relieved to find out that he was still in LSS's camp.

Since he is still staying at the Inn, I wonder how he will be treated, moving forward. Granted, we only have two ep. I absolutely loved the scene about YW's cooking lessons, YW is definitely not your typical Joseon woman. I especially loved it when teacher Gong came and said, "what are you ladies doing in my kitchen? Poor teacher Gong!

That scene was funny, and well acted. I had the same reaction KC had when he saw the rice and the kimchi. Based on how much fuss YW made, I was expecting more as well. I totally understood KC's being disappointed. That scene was cute and funny.

I continue to love LSS as well. He is so smart! And considering how important he is in Korea's history, why would anyone make him dumb?

I know Hiding the real maps and leaving some fake ones laying around was genius. I look forward to whatever tricks he has for us next week and to JGW's demise, of course. I was glad to see CJ, though we only got to see her for about five minutes.

And KC frantically trying to save YW after wounding her was sad. I thought it was interesting that YW felt the need to lie to her dad. I felt that she felt the need to lie to her dad, something was not right, and maybe KC had valid reasons to be seriously concerned and afraid. Even the other people in the room looked uncomfortable about her lying.

If it was nothing, and everything was OK, why the need to lie to dad? I understand KC's fears and I find them valid.

GF wanted to see something more tragic happen, I on the other hand, was satisfied with what we were shown, as I understood what the writer was driving at. Yes, this is a case of noble idiocy, yet, it is an understandable one, imho.

It reminded me of LMH's character in CH, who also pushed the love of his life away, because her being around him placed her in the mist of some serious danger. I remember the recapper at the time either GF or JB writing that she understood that kind of noble idiocy, and she found it justifiable.

I agreed with her at the time, noble idiocy in that drama made sense, and they eventually got back together. I don't see the situation any different here. Yes, this is angst in the very last stretch of the drama, and I don't have a problem with it. YW is the most important person to KC, if something happened to her and especially because of him , he would not be able to live with himself.

By the end of ep. He doesn't know the future, he just knows what we know and what we have seen so far. With everything we are told up to the end of ep. Even I feel that yes, he could have killed her or he could kill her in the future.

I know they will be together in the end, and I look forward to that resolution. As for now, I am OK with how the ep. It made sense to me. I feel that if I were in his shoes, I would have felt the same way and I would have done the same thing. I am glad that YW feels otherwise, yet I can't help but feel that KC has some legs to stand on this time. He can't help it to feel afraid, this time around.

This is a tough situation for him at least where we are at the end of this ep. KC has not been given a caveat or a loophole, so I think he is doing what he thinks is best for YW. That being said, he will be miserable without YW, and he will constantly be worried sick if he stays with her. What if something happens to her, because of him, as he said?

I am liking this dilemma. Let's see what next week brings We need Yeo-wol to whack Kang-Chi on the head at times like this. I am glad that I am not the only one who was a bit disappointed with Yeo Wool's injury First I thought "Ack he nearly killed her right?

I do hope Yeo-wool remembers Seo-hwa's advise and keep fighting for her love. That's what I don't get, all she had is few wound in her arm and doesn't look too serious. And they act as if she's dying. Since she's bad ass, I think she had of share of wounds in the past right? It's not like Kang Chi's claws have tetanus. Well, maybe they are more of the shocked "It's me who hurt you. She'll keep fighting, but it's Kangchi who is the problem. Though we still have TS test for him.

Though who know what Kangchi is planning on doing now leave the school? But it's not like he has anywhere else to go. I still don't think how much he injured her matters.

It's just that he did and he just heard she's human so she's going to die. Though they did totally forget about her probably bigger sword cut on her stomach. He seems to like to keep them to himself with his always trying to break up their relationships with his prophecies. Why didn't I think of that?

The guy is ultra lonely in his basement library and is in love w gumihoes! Who wouldn't be, with this super hot father and super cute son duo? KDaddict, he must lived a very boring life meddling with gumihos love life and stringing bracelets.

He just kept coming up with them didn't he. Wonder where he found the time to string them with all the doomed prophecies he's been so busy handing out. Ah finally father and son moment.

Thanks for the recap dramabeans. Preparing tissues again for next week. This ep is anti-climatic after what happened in the previous one. I appreciate their father and son reunion, but the rest of it I can do without. I wonder how they're going to beat the what's "supposed" to happen to Yeo Wool per the monk - yet make it a happy ending? You know us fans. We don't like sad endings! Stay tuned, I guess. Tae Seo is definitely one of the good guys.

He's one of the four masters now, remember? The good guys basically just made him kill his own allies for them. LSS actually wants those 11 corrupt officials killed. He and TS get Evil Lord to do the dirty work instead. A clever double-agent maneuver. It ends TS's usefulness to the good guys and put him in jeopardy since he is still tied to year Inn where E Lord's base is!

I feel that this PD doesn't trust the viewers to get much of anything. Case in point: Secret my butt! WR's reunion w Monk SJ ends in a hug. The wisdom he imparts on his son is good and well, but the body language and all is kinda heart-breaking, fr KC's pt of view. After KC said: Sob sob. Given the fact the only relationship they ever had was a very abusive one I think we got the best we can expect. He didn't have a good relationship with his mother either, but she's also the only mother figure he's ever had and he deserved more answers being abandoned from her then he did WR.

I just don't think WR cared all that much about Kangchi, or obviously not as much as he cares about SH. He could have lived to be with him, but he didn't have to desire to. Kangchi seemed to accept that and I see that as why he never called him dad either. I think WR did care for Kangchi alot.

Even when they first met he was trying to keep Kangchi from being hurt like he was by telling him not to trust humans. He still didn't want Kangchi hurt while he was aware of their relationship. I don't think that WR leaving was a sign that he didn't love Kangchi but didn't want to live without SH. I dunno. I always thought the whole don't be human thing was more about WR than it was about Kangchi.

Forcing his own issues on someone like him.

Gu Family Book: Episode 21 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Though someone pointed out elsewhere that it's very possible that WR couldn't actually live for long. He had already been killed once. So if he used his final energy to say goodbye to his son and then follow his wife into death that makes me feel slightly better. It would've been nice if Wol-ryung had shown some more affection for his son.

I would've directed the scene differently:

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